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Interesting read but wasn t my type of read overall This is a must read full of really important lessons on business life and adventure The most striking thing about this book is how Branson deals with adversity without compromising his values Very fun read I looked forward to getting back to the book each night That said I m a fan of creative and meaningful juxtapositions of books and I would recommend reading this along with Fooled by Randomness The Hidden Role of Chance in Life and in the Markets I now somewhat odd but here s why you must remember that in reading the story of Richard Branson you are reading not of the average or median entrepreneur but of the entrepreneur who has succeeded wildly Branson is in Taleb s terms the one guy who played Russian roulette every year and lived Meanwhile there are lots of entrepreneurs and companies in Virgin s many industries in the cemetery Luck and randomness have their

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said you can much from Sir Richard s approach to enjoying life making it adventurous and not taking oneself too seriously I read this book thanks to BlinkistThe ey message in this bookSince the fledgling days of Virgin Records in the 1970s Branson has continued to find ways of providing exceptional customer service and experiences Wherever there s room for improvement Branson is eager to enter the market and get stuck in But it s not just airplanes and entertainment is eager to enter the market and get stuck in But it s not just airplanes and entertainment charitable organizations like Virgin Unite Branson is dedicated to making the world a better place though prison and drug law reform reducing carbon emissions and fighting HIVAIDS in AfricaActionable adviceTake notesBranson often reminds his colleagues that no one is above taking notes and he is always stupefied at CEOs and executives who refuse to take out the old pen and paper to jot down ideas In his research he s found that the executives who take notes are productive than the ones who don t since they re apt to remember those fleeting moments when a brilliant plan reveals itselfSuggested further reading Losing My Virginity by Richard BransonLosing My Virginity is the autobiography of self made businessman Richard Branson He details his lucrative adventures beginning with dropping out Global business icon Richard Branson has written many books but none have been popular than his first memoir 1998's Losing My Virginity Now he's finally publishing his second volume of memoirs covering all of his fascinating ups and downs of the past two decades In the two decades since Richard Branson wrote Losing My Virginity his life and company have changed significantly Now he brings his life story up to date including all the successes and failures of ventures such as Vi. F school founding a record label and crossing the Atlantic ocean on a speedboat In essence the book is about and crossing the Atlantic ocean on a speedboat In essence the book is about cleverness determination the Atlantic ocean on a speedboat In essence the book is about cleverness determination an adventurous mindset played a role in the making of one of the richest men on earth Having read the first biography I had high expectations but found out that the book feels like a Wikipedia article with almost no personal comments or thoughts Events are described very briefly and it feels like an enumeration of things Mr Branson did Screw it let s do it I received an advance reading copy of this book for free through Goodreads First Reads program in exchange for my honest reviewRichard Branson s Finding My Virginity The New Autobiography is not really an autobiography in the traditional sense It s a memoir covering the past 20 years of Branson s life But it s not really a memoir either It s just a collection of random stories about Branson s adventures and his business ventures featuring lots and lots of name droppingBranson flies over Australia while hanging beneath a helicopter He parachutes off the top of a Las Vegas casino He stands atop a hot air balloon10000 feet in the air He goes itesurfing with a naked woman on his back Branson launches companies such as Virgin Active Virgin Galactic and Virgin Money Branson hobnobs with Nelson Mandela Barack Obama George and Amal Clooney Peter Gabriel Kate Moss and Willie Nelson with whom he shares an affinity for potReading these stories I was reminded of the proverb Empty vessels make the most noise Richard Branson is a legend in his own mind He thinks he is The Most Interesting Man in the World Having not read his first autobiography I new OF Branson but very little ABOUT Branson I expected his story how he made his fortune perhaps some sage advice la Warren Buffett for those who wish to emulate him Instead readers are subjected 450 pages of egomaniaJust when you thought it couldn t get any worse he gets political He is most opinionated when it comes to American politics Though he is not an American citizen he opposes the death penalty and he does not support President Donald Trump In fact Branson seems to be very jealous of his fellow billionaire due in large part to the success of Trump s reali. Rgin Galactic He also shares his personal intimate thoughts on five decades as the world's ultimate entrepreneur and his shift to focusing and on public service Virginity Regained shows how Branson created hundreds of different companies going from a houseboat to his own private island Join him as he juggles working life with raising his children sustaining his marriage and creating a uniue company culture Discover how he created a new life on Necker Island while continuing to. ,
Ty television program The Apprentice Apparently Branson tried to follow Trump into the world of reality television with an Apprentice like nockoff The Rebel Billionaire Trump s show ran for 15 seasons Branson s show was cancelled after one seasonBranson Also Has Strong Opinions Regarding British Politics has strong opinions regarding British politics strong that following the Brexit vote he left his homeland and moved to the Every once in a while I come across a book that makes me rethink some of my core principles and the way I m living my life and want to make significant improvements This is one of those booksThe man has had a rich life full of adventure and it is put together In An Inspiring Way In an inspiring way in bookI found THIS INSPIRING FROM A HOLISTIC LIFE inspiring from a holistic life than the biographies of Steve Jobs Elon Musk and Leonardo Da Vinci the other three biographies that really inspired me Love him or hate him you can not deny the genius of this man I was totally engrossed in his autobiography which was extremely well written There was a mix of business family and personal challenges I loved the openness He admitted to the embarrassing times when he got too drunk and tried chatting up Jenson Button s other half to his raw emotion when it comes to his family and close friends Yes he name dropped constantly but it was nice to hear the human side of people such as Obama Mandella and Kate Winslett It was also amusing to hear the cheeky side of him and saw how he rose to a challenge I admire his writing skills and the way he tells a good story If you are in business then you will certainly learn a thing or two from reading this book If anything you will appreciate that sometimes you need to be sneaky to get results but above all family and health are always top of the list If you struggle with work life balance then learn from the expert Entertaining but repetitive as Sir Richard s books usually are Perhaps an interesting aspect is that is very up to date Besides that the book is and of the same light business and life philosophy and lots life anecdotes and lessons on corporate social responsibility and global action programs Seems to be written by a ghost writer approved after revising and signed as another product of the Virgin corporatio. Grow the Virgin brand into all corners of the world Get the real story behind his encounters with everyone from Bill Gates and Rupert Murdoch to Nelson Mandela and BeyonceGo behind the scenes as Branson creates the world's first commercial spaceline Virgin Galactic; handles the biggest crisis of his career; and makes world record attempts on land sea and air He even discusses what it's like for the original business hippy to become a doting grand dude to his three grandchildr. Finding My Virginity

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