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Cloaked in Shadow (The Dragori, #1) (Download)

As handled Zac already knew he Was Gay At The Start gay at the start didn t struggle with anything relating to his homosexuality in this book the story ust flowed naturally and we could have a main character that was openly gay from page one and have it not be a big deal or huge plot point ust a natural element that went along with the rest of the fantasy storyline Well doneI m not going to drop spoilers or uotes in *here because I was reading an ARC and it s not release time yet so I don t want to ruin *because I was reading an ARC and it s not release time yet so I don t want to ruin book for the rest of you guys but you should definitely check this one out MY BOOK IS OUT IN THE WORLDIM CRYINGThank you to everyone who has supported me and I hope you enjoy my book It is out now and I am literally crying into my Iced Latte Thank you all so so so so so so so much IM CRYING again ALL DAY This story means the world to me and I hope a young boy will read this one day and see how normal being gay is I AM WRITING A BO uoting Ben s not official description Beauty and the Beast inspired fantasy with Dragons Gay Romance and Elemental ControlShut up and take my moneyI m so sold I need this Cloaked in Shadow made me think of Throne of Glass and ACOTAR and a lot of set up books that put things in place before the shit hits the fan It felt like setting up a chessboard which makes me so much curious about the seuelI had high expectations when I started reading it And I can honestly say they were met It was a really nice and enjoyable readI want to point out 2 things though First one the world building It isn t that it lacks in world building actually it was pretty decent but I would have liked to know about that world But this is the problem with set up books you can t put everything

especially when the whole novel 350 pages So it wasn t really a problem since I expect the details to be filled in the seuelsAnd there we go to the second thing which I found really interesting Since I knew it was an LGBT story I expected to find about how that society thinks about the LGBT community of elves Technically I expected to find a copy of the human world with good and bad stuff But there was no such a thing The main character was ust doing his stuff and he was treated in the same way as you d expect in a straight relationship And how cool is to read about gay relationships Rescuing Gus just like you read about straight relationships without anyone pointing it out So I have mixed feeling about the fact that there was no kind of social pressure no kind of what I expected to find Everything wasust normal And this is why I gave it 4 stars instead of 3 It was the first book I ve read in which the LGBT part of it is treated in this way and I honestly think it s so so so cool I want you to look at yourself really look at yourselfAnd I want you to repeat what I sayI am strong I am brave I am fierceAt first it sounded odd like I was trying to convince myself that I was something I wasn t But I carried on and the word began to ebb together into a mantra that vibrated through me The words began to have meaning like they were tricking my mind into trusting them Believing them tbh I came for the gay but stayed for the storyThis was everything The whole time it felt like I was reading an ancient storybook because of the wonderful atmosphere and the breathtaking landscape BEAUTIFUL No wonder it is about elvesAnd this book is about a lot than you would think Oh boy the magic and the mythologyhistory Let me tell you it was smart and interestingI really need to get my hand on the next one The game has ust begun I thought about this meme the whole timeTHE THEME IS A MAZINGAlso my only complaint against it I know it s childish is that there is a LOT of purple and I hate purple with a burning passion lo. Omething much worseThe three elven continents are on the verge of war which Zacriah and his new friends find themselves in the midst. ,
BLATANT SEXISM The female characters are portrayed horribly Saw this book in the Goodreads newsletter and noticed the impressive ratings and I LOVE LGBT fiction But please do NOT believe the hype This story is sexist in the worst way delegating most of its female characters to one dimensional bitchy bimbo stereotypes "While The Eually One Dimensional "the eually one dimensional cast of Mary Sues receive the rest of the fantasy tropes This is NOT acceptable in 2017 Here s ust one early example and there are many many For context Zacriah is NOT acceptable in 2017 Here s ust one early example and there are many many For context Zacriah is in a wagon listening to girls gossip about having sex with the prince I wonder what he ll be wearing tonight
fiddled with her deep chestnut twisting it around her finger Something tight I hope Alerior chuckled nudging Illera s shoulder with her own You re terrible truly For as long as I could remember Alerior and Katill had followed Illera around like doe eyed puppies always feeding her with ust what she wanted to hear I knew steering clear of her was the best option I d gained her unwanted attention before and became the brunt of her boredom It didn t end well I felt almost sorry for whoever it was they gossiped about I can t wait to see his face when he sees what you re wearing later or what you are not wearing Katill also had a filthy mind it was her one redeeming uality Illera s laugh was shrill forced We ll see I had to sneak my dress past father He would drop down dead if he saw what I d done to it She motioned with her two fingers Snip snip snip My laugh even surprised me The snort burst out of my nose which I tried to cover up with a cough It didn t work I turned away looking back over the side of the wagon but their conversation had ceased I didn t have to see to know Illera was looking at me her gaze burned into the back of my head Something funny Her voice was sweet though I could taste the sickly undertone as she uestioned me I looked to Illera s violet eyes full of intrigue Her sharp brows pinched above her sinister smile Here we go I shook my head and held her gaze biting my tongue Don t fall for it Don t fall for it No Her cackle pierced my ears Well let me see you must have been daydreaming about your father who will no doubt fail miserably at the hunt this evening she drawled My canines bit into my bottom lip and my mouth filled with salvia and copper Oh I know I know She How the West Was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Folly--and the Stark Choices Ahead jumped in her seat raising her hand in the air By this point the entire cart was listening watching Was it the thought of your mother having to beg yet again for food Yes that must be it Because that is hilarious She threw her head back and roared with laughter If that was not enough of a kick to the balls she clenched her fists pretending to rub fake tears from her eyesNyah is partially the exception and maybe this gets better later in the book but I can t stomach another page and first impressions matterAs if the misogyny wasn t enough to rate it one star let s take a look at the writing itself Purple prose grammar errors very weird metaphors on every page especially when magic is being used modern words constantly peppered throughout that break any sense this is supposed to be a fantasy world It feels like a series of roleplaying posts or a fanfic Also there s a complete absence of anything resembling story or compelling character motivation An example the first two chapters the main character isust sitting in a cart Literately He s ust a camera describing everything in purple prose every irrelevant detail that had nothing to do with his lack of motivation or personal conflict The plot instead seems like a lot of absurdly random coincidences the characters stumble upon rather than driving things through their own actions DNF and will NOT come back. Zacriah Trovirn's main concerns are feeding his family and avoiding his recent heart break PetrerThen he is taken to Olderim the capi. Cloaked in Shadow (The Dragori, #1)For the seuel this was nice but underwhelming it ust felt like every other YA fantasy i ve ever read including the romance the fact that it was an mm romance was great because we don t see that enough in YA especially fantasy but even so it was ust all stereotypical A few that enough in YA especially fantasy but even so it was ust all stereotypical A few before I get into what is probably going to be a very lengthy and spoiler filled reviewOne of the main things I think is important in a book review or in any review is honesty So I m going to be honest I was a little bit sceptical when I started reading this book The main thing that led to my scepticism was the amount of time that appeared to pass between the book being finished and its publication Rome wasn t built in a day and neither are good books The edition of Cloaked in Shadow I own is the Kindle edition It s possible that some of the things I m talking about are different in the print edition That doesn t make some of the stuff I m going to talk about fine Every edition of a book you put out should be as perfect as po Disclamer Ben is a good friend of mine but let me tell you this book is OUT OF THIS WORLD I knew Ben was a good storyteller before he ever wrote Cloaked in Shadow but WOW did this book blow my mind It was as if I completely forgot my best friend was writing this book The story took over my mind and every twist and turn that this book bestowed upon me shook me to the core Plus gay elves WE NEED MORE OF THAT IN YA I loved the romance between Zac Hadrian it was sweet but powerful and left me needing MOREI cannot wait to read Found in Night and left me needing MOREI cannot wait to read Found in Night and where this story is going to go I am hooked xSasha An Elf nicknamed Zac That s enough to DNR for me right there Let s break down the synopsis now the author puts feeding his family and avoiding a love interest into the same priority category Seriously Wtf is with the cover art It looks like something that would belong to gay fantasy fanfic featuring an Elf that works part time as a go go dancer in a gay club "IN ORLANDO AND I SAY THAT "Orlando And I say that a gay guy living in Orlando YA can t we demand better than this garbageEDIT Okay gang I need to add a postscript to this review months after I wrote itI know I m getting huge hate but I m not changing this review At the time it was written I reviewed not the book s contents but what we knew about it The cover art and the synopsis While I wrote a review based on things we knew about an unreleased book others were giving this thing high starred reviews Moonrise just because Those same people then attacked me for reviewing a book before it was released Hypocritical much First of all I still hate this fucking cover Seriously this guy got totally swindled with it Critiuing a cover is of course legitimate If you re turned off by a book s synopsis and cover are you or less likely to buy the book Give me a breakSoon after I po Elves shifters and elemental magic oh my Ben s debut gives fans of the Shannara Chronicles something new to fangirl and boy D over in young adult fantasyOkay so I have to say First Year fans will love this one I sent countless messages to Ben as I was reading saying things like OMG Priscilla s twin Nyah is LIFE Ella fans will love her Your princeling is waaay nicer than mine because Darren hatersthose who love Ian will like Ben s book P Clearly Ben and I like the same stuff because his book takes place largely in a castle with a hot prince who trains Zac in fighting and who doesn t like fighttraining scenes and duels and then there is the sassy bff and the protagonist who is NOT PERFECT and WORKING ON LEARNING HIS POWERFIGHTING SKILLS Seriously I appreciate a flawed protagonist and Zacriah is that for me But mostly what I enjoyed about this book The way the protagonist s homosexuality Tal Elven settlement in Thessolina and forced into King Dalior's new legion of shapeshiftersBut Zacriah is not a shapeshifter He is

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