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Pdf [Voices from Captivity: Interpreting the American Pow Narratives (Modern War Studies)]

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Popularized by books and films like Andersonville The Great Escape and The Hanoi Hilton and Recounted In Innumerable Postwar Memoirs in innumerable postwar memoirs POW story holds a special place in American culture Robert Doyle's study shows why it has retained such enormous power to move and instruct usLong after wartime memories of captivity former wartime prisoners their families and their society of captivity haunt former wartime prisoners their families and their society the continuing Vietnam MIA POW controversies and raise fundamental uestions about human nature and survival under inhumane conditions The prison landscapes have varied ramatically Indian villag.


Es uring the Forest Wars; floating hulks uring the and War of 1812; slave bagnios in and hotels and haciendas uring the Mexican War; large rural like Andersonville in the South or converted federal armories like Elmira in the North; stalags in Germany and eath ridden tropical camps in the Philippines; frozen jails in Korea; and the Hanoi Hilton and bamboo prisons of Vietnam But as Doyle Women and Sustainable Agriculture: Interviews With 14 Agents of Change demonstrates the remains the sameDoyle shows that though setting and circumstance may change POW stories share a common structure and areriven by similar
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