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With the cruise ship season "Over Caribou King Has Closed "Caribou King has closed her art shop and hopes to have a nice uiet winter to rest and relax with her family She goes out to check and make sure all the cottages she oversees summer rental of have been properly closed up for the harsh Alaskan winter only to find Mrs Nash a long time renter never actually left Someone murdered Mrs Nash As Cara starts digging into the murder which it takes her awhile to convince the sheriff was a murder she starts learning some strange things For one Mr The Deadly Art of Love and Murder A Caribou King Mystery Book 2 by Linda Crowder is a nice little mystery in an offbeat and enjoyably setting I truly enjoyed the small town Alaskan setting and the book though I found the book a bit lightweight and not particularly memorable I liked the main character Cara but was not a fan of her mother as written who is just too over the top bossy and interfering for my taste I really enjoyed the rest of Cara s family pregnant Melody her husband Bent rest of Cara s family pregnant Melody her husband Bent Cara s father The mystery itself was decently plotted and the solution was not too obvious early on The writer made good use of red herrings and didn t push the reader in a specific direction too early on There are also hints of romance in the book which is nice though I hope the writer puts an end to the dual potential romantic interests of Dan or Frank in the next bookThe narration by Michelle Babb was dependably solid using distinct voices for each character as well as providing good pacing of the book In general I enjoyed this book and would definitely read future entries in the series I was given a free copy of this book by the narrator in exchange for an honest review I was not compensated nor was I reuired to write a positive review A very crazy mystery for sure I have to say This story went every direction as far as clues and suspicion of who done it goes Usually I can figure things out but this one had me all mixed up Caribou King finds herself in the middle of an investigation after she discovers one of the renters dead Some are saying murder and some say suicide but Cara is determined to figure it out even though Dan Simmons only cop of Coho Bay isn t to happy about it With everything going on Cara is also dealing with two men who are vying for her attention Hopefully Cara can sort out her relationships along with the ever confusing mystery surrounding the death of her renter With the help of her family and the towns people things Get Dangerous And Cara Will Need Every Bit Of Luck dangerous and Cara will need every bit of luck survive Narrator Michelle Babb does a fabulous job with each character that can tell which one it is before ou hear their name So good I was given the book in exchange for my honest review Review originally published at the end of the tourist season when the Alaskan winter gets bittier Caribou stumbles upon the corpse of an old woman who has lived in town for many ears Having the appearance of a suicide Cara feels there is something amiss and will try to find out who would have wanted to have this old woman killedI thoroughly enjoyed the first book in the series and I wanted to continue with it We meet again the same characters in Coho Bay an atypical scenario for a cozy mystery but one that works really well I agreed with Cara that something smelled fishy about Mrs Nash s death so I got hooked to the story from the beginning There are several twists to the story that kept me entertained until the end One of the things that I like best about this series is how relatable the characters are It is easy to imagine oneself being part of Cara s family and friendsI am not usually keen on romance in books but I kind of enjoyed the competition between Dan and Frank and laughed out hard at some of the awkward moments when Cara has to interact with both I confess I didn t agree with some of her reactions but I partly understand her position I have a favorite though and I hope Cara goes for this one I don t want to give anything awayMichelle Babb is a wonderful narrator and here she gave soul to Cara with the right inflections at the right times She also interpreted exceptionally well the rest of the characters and the story flowed like water like any audiobook narrated by Babb She has amazing storytelling skillsIt was a very pleasing and enjoyable listening and my intention is going for the whole series I wish Alaskan fine arts dealer Caribou King has closed up shop for the season and is looking forward to a peaceful winter capped off by the birth of her sister's first child When she discovers the body of an Mrs Nash an elderly woman in the old Tilamu house Cara can't help poking her nose into the investigation Doc Tilamu served the people of Coho Bay all his lif. The Deadly Art of Love and Murder Caribou King Mysteries Book 2

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Could lose myself for hours in books like this oneI received a Copy Of This Book of this book audio format from the narrator in exchange for an honest review It s off season in Coho Bay Alaska so like most shop owners Caribou King has closed her fine arts store for the winter However being the only licensed realtor Caribou still has work to do She heads out to check on one of the rental properties she oversees to make sure it the water has been shut off for the winter As she enters the cabin she finds something disturbing the dead body of the renter Mrs Nash Along with Coho Bay s one man police force Dan Simmons Caribou sets out to find the killer As they investigate they find unexpected information and people who may be suspects Will Caribou be able to sort through all this new info and find out the real truth for not only Mrs Nash s murder but some past deaths as wellI really enjoyed this book I loved getting to know of Caribou and her family a little better I liked the little love triangle element added to the storyline I have to admit I am like Caribou s mother I have my pick on who is better for Caribou but also see negatives aspects with both men The mystery aspect however is suspenseful with several twists and turns along the way This is very well written mystery and just sucked me in from the beginning I enjoyed the first book but I think I actually enjoyed this one a little bit The setting of it being first book but I think I actually enjoyed this one a little bit The setting of it being in Alaska really added to the story s plot and made me feel as I expect Caribou and the others of Coho Bay the urgency in finding the killer before some of the suspects were gone back to warmer climates I listened to the audio version of this book Narrator Michelle Babb is a wonderful storyteller and really brings Caribou and the other characters to life She has wonderful pace and diction which added to the experience reading this book I recommend this book and series to all mystery lovers I was provided with a copy of this book with the hopes I would review All thoughts and opinions are my own and in no way influenced by anyone The tourist season is over and Cara goes to Tilamu House to ensure that the water has been turned off for the winter When she enters the house she finds the body of Mrs Nash frozen in a chair Uncertain whether the death was suicide or murder Dan Simmons reuests help with the investigation from the state policeWhen Cara learns that although Mrs Nash had been paying rent to Doc Tilamu s children she actually owned the house After the children left home they never bothered to visit their parents in Alaska Mrs Nash s granddaughter Dr Olivia Jordan comes to Coho Bay to attend her grandmother s funeral The funeral is disrupted by Alex Tilamu suddenly showing up drunk claiming that Mrs Nash killed his mother and that they still own the houseHow did Mrs Nash die What is the real story with the house Can Cara and Dan unravel the mystery and sort everything outThe story is well written and everything is tied up at the end To me this story seems to spend time dealing with Cara s relationships than solving the mystery I enjoyed this book This is the second book in the series and each book is a stand alone although this one does continue where the first one left off at the start of winter Sometimes the story felt like of a romance story than a mystery as the main character get pressured to choose between two men However the mystery was good and did have me guessing as to the killer was I liked the way ou weren t sure if it was only one death that needed to be investigated or two The small town atmosphere was well written about and really gave ou a sense of community and the fact that everybody knew everybody and there business loved Earl s shout out comments and everybody "s reaction to them some funny moments Also mumma bear protecting her cub I hope there "reaction to them some funny moments Also mumma bear protecting her cub I hope there audible books in this series to come if only to find out how life changes once the baby arrivesWith everything winding down for winter Cara is behind schedule shutting up the rental homes after catching pneumonia She when she does finally make it to the run down cabin to shut off the water before it freezes she wasn t expecting to find any one still there Especially not the nice old lady who has been renting the cabin for ears and certainly not dead She was the last person Cara would have expected to have taken her own E building the house for his bride and their three children but as soon as they became adults each one of them left town and never looked back When Alex Tilamu shows up at Mrs Nash's funeral drunk and ranting about murder Cara is convinced there is at stake than a dilapidated house on the edge of the bay Unraveling the mystery of the old woman's death takes. Ife She kept to her self despite the fact she came every ear so nobody in town knows a thing about her or her family When a grand daughter turns up for a thing about her or her family When a grand daughter turns up for funeral everybody is surprised but it is the accusation that are hurled about at the funeral that gets the biggest reaction Had the old lady really killed a woman for her husband The owner of the cabins children think so There was to the little old lady than met the eye and with her reputation on the line and her grand daughter happiness in the balance not to mention the hope of a doctor moving to the island Cara sets about finding the truth Anything to keep her from having to choose between two menMichelle Babb as the narrator is a good choice and I think she helps to recreate the story with just words and the tone of her voice Format Audiobook Love doesn t have to make senseAs the tourist season ends and Alaska edges towards winter Cars finds the body of Angela Nash in one of the houses overlooking the sea An elderly sweet old lady whose husband died ears before MrsNash was a popular visitor to small town Coho Bay who rented the dilapidated Tilamu house for several months every Comment Wang-F fut sauv year It looked like suicide But her will held a big surprise unknown to anyone she d actually owned the house she rented from the Tilamu famiy As funeral arrangements are made and MrsNash s heir aoung medical doctor is made welcome by the King family Caribou decides to look into the estate records all the while still unsure which of her two suitors she should chooseThis crazy cozy plot becomes increasingly hysterical and chaotic but the real saving grace is the fine honing of the characters and in particular the way the entire town pushes in to watch developments interrupting police procedure and offering advice brilliantly done and very amusing got to love that Earl and worth reading the book for that alone The liltingly accented reading by Michelle Babb is as always excellent conveying warmth and humour as well as helping to bring it all to life with her separate character voicesThe second in the Caribou King series The Deadly Art of Love and Murder is lightweight but fun and easily read as a stand alone story My thanks to the rights holder who at my reuest freely gifted me with a complimentary copy Caribou King fine arts dealer in Coho Bay Alaska and the town s only licensed realtor has closed up her gallery for the winter and stops by the Tilamu house to check on it after the departure of the summer tenant Mrs NashInstead she finds Mrs Nash s dead body Old Doc Tilamu Had Been The Town S Only Doctor Doc Tilamu had been the town s only doctor he died and his thre e children had all left town for the lower 48 as soon as they were able When Alex Tilamu shows up at Mrs Nash s funeral drunk and ranting about murder of his parents it causes uite a stirThus begins a disturbing post season season looking for a killer and a possible motive for the murderThe entire Coho Bay police force is one man Dan Simmons and he s very interested in Cara King So is another neighbor FrankCara is juggling two men a murder mystery and competing claims of ownership to the Tilamu houseIt s an engaging town and an engaging story I have to confess that I don t like Frank which is apparently not the intended effect Cara s mother is than a bit managing which is all too familiar to me but she also has many good pointsAll in all enjoyable I look forward to getting to know this town better in future entries in the seriesI received a free copy of this audiobook from the narrator and am reviewing it voluntarily his was the second Caribou King Mystery audio book and it was great to catch up with the characters The story takes place in a small Alaskan town which lends characters The story takes place in a small Alaskan town which lends s own feeling of isolation to the murder mystery Caribou Cara finds a dead woman and literally screams bloody murder I loved that scene that got others screaming as well It was realistic but funny at the same timeThe unfolding of the who dunit of course involves the law of the town Dan He also just happens to be one of the men that Cara is sort of involved with She can t make up her mind between Dan and Frank That is also a very important part of the storyI don t want to give anything away Let s just say that the book keeps ou guessing right up until the end and the journey to the resolution is a very enjoyable oneMichelle Babb s narration is perfect for cozy mysterie. Cara and the town's one man police force Dan Simmons on a perilous journey through decades old hatreds bitterness and greed With the Alaskan winter closing in Cara finds herself caught between two men who say they love her and one who wants her dead This is the second book in the Caribou King Mystery series combining murder light suspense comedy and romanc. .