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ueen Teuta of Illyria

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And describes it as “an "AMAZING EXPERIENCE SEEING A PLACE SO A PLACE SO DIFFERENT FROM " experience seeing a place so drastically different from that helped me grow immensely” Fascinated by his first hand experience of the geography and culture of the land Kiehl’s response was enthusiastic when approached by a game creator to develop an image of een Teuta Yet his research for images of Teuta drew a blank “There weren’t any decent portrayals of this great leader on the web” he says So he took what there was and sed his imagination To Create An Enchanting create an enchanting of the Illyrian een The rest is history come ali. .
Finding an image of the MYSTERIOUS UEEN TEUTA OF ILLYRIA WAS NOT AN EASY ueen Teuta of Illyria was not an easy Very little information is available on the fabled not an easy Very little information is available on the fabled een Who Ruled Illyria Located ruled Illyria located the current Balkan region around 230 BC in the history records of that period But Archie D’Cruz the creative director behind In Our WordsA Type of Magic ‘googled’ his way to the perfect image created by American graphic designer Anthony J Kiehl located on a website entitled Civilization Fanatics Center Kiehl a member of the KFOR peacekeeping operation of the United States Army was in Kosovo in the year 2000.
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Ve The fascinating story of a een who defied the might of the Roman Empire to lead her band of pirate merchants on a rampage through parts of What Is Today Called is today called Balkan region is brought to in the play een Teuta
Illyria – a fictional interpretation her story Perparim captures the mystery and magic of this historical figure glorified in the history books of his native Albania The publishers and the playwright acknowledge with gratitude the enthusiastically given permission of Tony Kiehl to se and adapt his image of A Letter To Pakistan ueen Teuta for the cover of this boo.

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