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Over a Torrent Sea Star Trek Titan #5) [E–pub/Pdf] è Christopher L. Bennett

The Pentagon Papers: Making History at the Washington Post lWhat falls out and thisead to great character development DThe action and cultural misunderstandings throughout come thick and fast and the way that the crew of the Titan have to adjust is excellently handled and gives us an entire alien ecosystem that is brilliantly developed though you would certainly wince along with Cethente as he put down through the depths D

The Discovery The 
discovery of the ecosystem is very surreal and really comes off the page brilliantly you really have feeling of being there and this dovetails with the rest of the story excellently D Throughout the book the story works on a palimpsest of the evels that come together brilliantly in ways that you would not expect D The decision to have diplomatic relations and the debate in regards to the Prime Directive are carefully debated and you can certainly see reasons why eventually they would want to change things to reflect different circumstances D Indeed that is the things to reflect different circumstances D Indeed that is the that Riker and Vale make between themselves and coming to the same conclusions much to Riker s surprise D This at the same time illustrates how Vale has settled into the role of First Officer so well she really keeps the crew and Riker on the edge of their toes as all points which is obviously her job but really allows her character to flourish and develop as well DOver a Torrent Sea does a brilliant job as well of continuing the Titans exploration mission as well really getting to grips with the issues the crew are facing as well as moving on existing plotlines and setting new ones up in the process D We are getting to see the Titan characters really getting pushed out of their comfort zones but at the same time this is really allowing them to crow both as characters and as a reflection the worlds phenomena etc that they ere encountering which in turn for the great world building is making for a warp powered adventured that are full of depth and exploration both of the character but of the new ground etc that they are breaking D Over a Torrent Sea is a roller coaster of events that gel brilliantly together in ways that you would not expect which gives the book a great feeling of inventiveness D At the same time it sets things up brilliantly in terms of plotting and character development for future books D Brilliant full of adventure daring do and action packed throughout D Bring you Snorkel D Highly recommended make sure you have the next one D Crisp high five D Following the events of Star Trek Destiny Captain Riker and the crew of the Titan are sent back to the original mission exploring strange new worlds and seeking out new ife and new civilizationsEarly on in Christopher L Bennett s Over a Torrent Sea the reasoning for sending Titan back out on its original mission instead of staying behind to rebuild the Federation is On a Cold Road: Tales of Adventure in Canadian Rock laid out in a fairly believable manner Then it s on to the planet of Droplet a world made of mostly of oceans with a uniue alien raceiving in the vast oceansAfter reading and enjoying several of Bennett s previous Trek novels I wish I could say this one was eually as enjoyable Unfortunately the story takes a bit of time to build up its momentum and even once things get rolling it s still a ot of your standard Trek novel cliches repackaged we re out of contact with the away team the ship and world are threatened there s internal crew conflict Over A Torrent Sea is without uestion the worst Star Trek novel I ve read since returning to the books after David Mack s Destiny trilogy Set after the Borg Invasion of the Alpha uadrant the USS Titan ed by Captain Riker resumes its deep space exploration and discovers an auatic world kind of ike the one Voyager visited in the season 5 episode Thirty Days Except this oceanic world is filled with truely bizarre but intelligent alien creatures The crew sets out. Water without a speck of solid ground Life should not exist here yet it thrives Aili Lavena Titan's auatic navigator spearheads the exploration of this mysterious world facing the dangers of the vast wild ocean When one native species proves to be sentient Lavena finds herself immersed in a delicate contact situation and Riker is called away from Deanna Troi at a critical moment in their marriageBut when good inte. .
I think Bennett s other Trek books have spoiled me The others of his I read this year were expertly plotted and well paced and all the known characters seemed just right Riker Troi and Tukok seem their typical selves This one seemed a ittle rushed I don t know why Maybe it s all those sections mostly in the middle that broke the show not tell rule I think he sort of got so Nini lost in creating such a weird new planet that he sort ofost track of the story Or was ordered to tie up or include a I Love My Dad (Disney Princess) lot of other people s dangling plots for the next writer to resolve I dunno Something just seemed aittle off It didn t take a Flight, Vol. 7 long time to read because the book is slow I was doing a Nanowrimo and I got sick during this huge block of time A bit slow in parts but I reallyove the crew of Titan and its exploration focus What and I Cannot Stress This Enough The Hell Was That Ugh cannot stress this enough the hell was that ugh I hated it skimmed the entire ast half of the book the characterisations were all off and the dialogue especially was awful also I l never forgive the author for not allowing Riker to be present at the birth of his first child I think after the amount of shit that Will and Deanna have been through that they deserved that much Over a Torrent kick off with the intrepid crew of the Titan encountering a water plant that after some investigating the realise is inhabited by a group sentient species known as the Suales and the planet being named Droplet D Initially both sides have trouble identifying themselves as sentient as on Droplet the Suales do not ave any metals and so rely on Bio Engineering to make everything they need from probes to vehicles D This contributes to misunderstandings throughout as well as humour when the Away Team realises they are the ones that have been under observation will have you it stitches D At the same time though it goes to show that the Federation is not all knowing and that it has much to earn D Though in the Federations favour they know this and are constantly seeking to improve themselves D This attitude of course eventually goes over brilliantly with the Suales once they have got over the hiccups that keep popping up throughout the book DWe get to see also how the crew is got over the hiccups that keep popping up throughout the book DWe get to see also how the crew is to the post Borg universe that really ays in the character building throughout D We get to see Christine Vale in command and how she adjusts to the unexpected *and deals with the Titan as it is being trashed trying to save the planet D At the same *deals with the Titan as it is being trashed trying to save the planet D At the same Riker and Aili in the planet trying to open and improve on the diplomatic dialogue they are engaging in with the Suales D This gives us an insight into Aili that hasn t been there before really building her character up but at the same really developing her D Dr Ree goes a Camp Rex little crazy trying to protect Deanna s unborn baby and thiseads to a pursuit to the uninhabited planet of Lumbu where the ocals amongst the usual military and politicians value philosophers which eads to some hilarious first contacts situations first as Ree wants to see the Obstetrics department and then when Tuvok comes to fetch them D Event though it only features in part of the book the Lumbu are as devolved as the Suales on Droplet and this makes the book have an adventuress feel to the everything that is going D Tuvok and his wife T Pel get their Touch of Enchantment limelight as well as they have been through the ringer but the sorting out of their issues is really brilliantly handled and Tuvok and T Pel s reaction to Troi and Riker s Baby is brilliant D The baby in uestion getting named Natasha is a neatittle touch as well and will the When Dads Don't Grow Up lumps in the throat going but in a good way D As an aside we also get to see Melora and Xin getting spun around a bit which further develops their characters D Over a Torrent Sea takes great pleasure in throwing it s characters around and seeing. As the Federation recovers from the devastating events of Star Trek Destiny Captain William Riker and the crew of the USS Titan are ordered to resume their deep space assignment reaffirming Starfleet's core principles of peaceful exploration But even far from home on a mission of hope the scars of the recent cataclysm remain with them as they slowly rebuild theirives The planet Droplet is a world made mostly of.

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Over a Torrent Sea Star Trek Titan #5

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