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(NEW) Under the Moon A Catwoman Tale

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Hurrah For The Blackshirts!: Fascists and Fascism in Britain Between the Wars eNg from them Selina Kyle is constantly victimized by her mother s horrible live in boyfriends Her current love Dernell seems to be around to stay Selina hasndured his temper and horrible live in boyfriends Her current love Dernell seems to be around to stay Selina has ndured his temper and for two years At school she has three friends read aspeople she doesn t consider jerksAngie Tristan andBruce Wayne But high school isn t her only worry People in Gotham are being violently murdered by a monster called The Gotham Growler Sharp Teeth ripping claws Savage Attacks The Kids attacks The kids school are scared Selina isn t scared She already knows the world is full of monsters She leaves home vowing to become stealthy and aloof never allowing anyone to victimize her again My husband is a huge comic book fan He knows the backstory and details of near There are a few positives to this book yo the art is literally so damn gorgeous I SOBBED at certain pages bruce wayne bruce wayne bruce wayne can I mention the art again there were a couple of truly wholesome moments in this book the parkour was a pretty cool lement not as cool as the parkour in minecraft tho smhMy rating for this was originally three stars but thinking about it I ve decided to lower it to two stars Overall I feel like this book really didn t accomplish much at all The few plot points that the narrative creates do not get resolved by any means and it Crazy Love ended way too abruptly to have left a lasting impact on Selina s storyven though I don t ven know Selina s story that wellThe weakness about this book is its short length and I m unsure on whether or not this is supposed to be a novella Frankly this plot is not "enough and I was kind of upset when it nded because I was "and I was kind of upset when it nded because I was invested in Selina and her story The book literally nded right after introducing a plot point that could ve set up so much for the story This novel also completely glossed over certain aspects of the story and they seemed to only be there for shock value than anything lse For xample there s literally a death of a kitten on page that served as a catalyst for Selina turning into Catgirl the problem with this is that we never got to wholly view Selina and the kitten s relationship The Black Heart, Red Ruby exposition tried to accomplish too many hard hitting things too fast and it justnded up looking like a Mess Selina is literally motionally abused by her mother and physically abused by her mother s boyfriend but it wasn t really discussed in any way and I feel like it wasn t as nuanced as it should ve beenTrigger and content warnings for animal death animal abuse dogs self harm bullying homophobic slurs physical and motional abuse parental neglect and alcoholism I believe and death. Yracle ttyl and artist Isaac Goodhart comes a story about learning how to survive the world when you've been forced to abandon your home and finding allies in the most unexpected moment. ,

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35 stars Don t worry if like me you are unfamiliar with DC s Catwoman You ll still be able to njoy this graphic novel a lotThe art was phenomenal and made verything come to life really graphic novel a lotThe art was phenomenal and made verything come to life really The writing was uite good as well but sometimes it was worth paying attention to what was going on in the panels rather than to the dialogue There were many great details hidden around and having Selina narrating throughout made me feel really close to and protective of herThe plot itself doesn t take up much of the story It serves its purpose and is uickly *Tucked Away The Side 4 Stars YA * away The side 4 Stars YA Novel on the teen years of Selina Kyle and how and why she came to beThis is a lead up to Catwoman Not what I was xpecting but it was different and I m good with different Most people aren t though If you are an adult who is xpecting an adult sexy Catwoman this is not your comic This is Selina Kyle at adolescentDC YA and the DC kids label are fairly new to me I m liking how verything isn t as gory and they are able to shine some light on real life situations This comic has subtle material than fantasy and I like that kids may be able to relate to some of these tropesComics are an volving art form so if you only love the usual dark DC stuff this one may be to YA for youI you only love the usual dark DC stuff this one may be to YA for youI the monochromatic color scheme Panels art and color scheme were rockin It looks and feels like a chapter book with thick pages I really njoyed this aspectI liked this because it s like nothing I ve read before Maybe it s not the true origins of Catwoman but I like the author and illustrators take It s true it does nd on a note that makes it appear that in the next book we will actually get to see the beginning of Catwoman but it appears there is no book 2 so do with that what you willYA isn t something I usually njoy but as of late the YA comics have been all the rage for me Wow this was BAD If you re The Lost Art of Reading Natures Signs expecting a Catwoman origin story or some superheroics you couldn t be wrong It almost feels like a bait and switch because if I changed Selina Kyle s name in the book and removed A Catwoman Tale from the title I d give odds you wouldn t know this was supposed to be about Catwoman This is a book about an abused runaway who becomes a thief through circumstances beyond her control There s also some subplots that go absolutely nowhere and a tacked onnding that made it feel like there wasn t really an nd to the book at all There s a LOT of cursing in the book Multiple f bombs and references to penises I wasn t offended or anything but it felt very out of place in a DC comic geared towards 8th graders when their comics are. Selina Kyle is fiercer than she knows For 15 years she's put up with her mother's string of bad boyfriends but when Dernell her mom's current beau proves crueler than the others Selina. Certainly way censured and mainly written for older audiencesIsaac Goodheart s art was very solid I dug the blue monochromatic art Received a review copy from DC and NetGalley All thoughts are my own and in no way influenced by the aforementioned 35 stars I want to go wherever I want to go and live however I want to live After all cats have nine lives I ve only just begun Selina KyleAnother ntry from the new DC Ink series I Monsieur Pain enjoyed Mera Tidebreaker just last month this title features teenage Selina Kyle in the days before her costumed career as Gotham s 1 cat burglar DC is mixing a young adult story with a superhero comic book for a true graphic novel formatThis one is certainly serious than Mera Kyle uickly becomes hardenedarly in her life by xperiencing domestic abuse and parental neglect and it s not just implied but shown full on in uncommonly realistic and harsh scenes One of the few positives in her life is a friendship with stout classmate Bruce Wayne of whom she observes Bruce has such a Superman complex But that sly reference both works and detracts from the story because while readers can correc Earnest but ultimately silly and incomplete The book deals with some heavy issues like domestic violence and self harm but in an ABC Afterschool Special sort of way Gotham High School sopho Selina runs away from a bad situation at home and takes to living on the streets falling in with a group of thieves who are planning a heist at an old mansion on the dge of town There s also a serial killer planning a heist at an old mansion on the What If edge of town There s also a serial killer around but that storyline is basically irrelevant As is the one of a mysterious group home introduced late in the book High school junior Bruce Wayne is running around but is mostly irrelevant also Actually the whole book is sort of irrelevant unless you are into 200 pages of a teenage girl moping around between sessions of parkour training A good Catwoman origin story I have not read the actual novel but I did not notice any missing part in the story so I am assumingverything was covered The art work is great very similar to the Nightwalker adaptation The comic shows how the abused Selina Kyle grows into the Catwoman of Gotham Where she learned
"her skills and "
skills and she needs the amour to survive as well as the compassion she feels for those in troubleThere are a number of troubling themes in this book that teenagers could be facing and I am glad the they have added agencies that can help I The Exhaustion Breakthrough enjoyed the book and look forward to trying of the DC INK series That wasverything I could have asked forLauren Myracle Isaac Goodhart make a fabulous teamReally looking forward to seei. Reevaluates her place in her home There's no way Selina and Dernell can live under the same roof and since Dernell won't leave Selina mustFrom New York Times bestselling author Lauren ,
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Under the Moon A Catwoman Tale