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Pdf/E–pub The Burning Magus by Don Allmon

The Burning Magus

Don Allmon ☆ 7 Read & Download

4 StarsReviewI eceived an ecopy of this book via NETGALLEY THIS HAS NOT INFLUENCED MY REVIEWTHIS WAS A This has not influenced my eviewThis was a ending to a trilogy that has been a uniue aunchy sexually charged but ultimately sweet mash up of urban fantasy and cyberpunkThis final book seemed to have less action than the previous two and a slower pace but I didn t mind The characters had some things they needed to sort out within themselves and with each other They also had a break out to plan and prepare for And there were some chapters that showed us what actually happened during and after The Job That Went Bad That contributed to the slower pace but it was important background information because of how it impacted JT and Austin and the current happenings in the storyThere was definitely some sex as well and some of it was just thrown in there for the hell of it but the actual sex scenes didn t overtake the story this time the way they somewhat seemed to in the first book But even when it wasn t happening on page the book was very sexually charged which is not a complaint because that s how all the books have been and it s fitting for the characters There was also one scene that was ahh a little differentTentacles There were tentacles Lots of themAlthough the tentacles may have been a bit extreme for my taste something I liked was how the sex in this book was not perfect and beautiful It was definitely enjoyable for the characters but the author didn t shy away from some of the less pretty ealities This was also fitting for the characters because they were not the types to have perfect pretty sanitized sex They were the types to get down and dirty and love itSpeaking of the characters I love JT and Austin I love that they Triskell Tales: Twenty-Two Years of Chapbooks re theseough tough criminal masculine dudes but they don t suffer from toxic masculinity They love They care They cry They feel And I ve Across the Wide and Lonesome Prairie really enjoyed getting to know them and seeing things through their uniue perspectives because theye both so different from me The fact that they Mein wildes Geheimnis 03 re an orc and a elf just made it even better because I love supernatural creatures plus the elf glamour waseally cool and different from any other way I ve ever seen glamour doneI also loved their Ein Goldfisch räumt auf relationship It was not a traditionalomance Things between them have been so taut and difficult since the first book because of the history between them Mistakes have been made on both sides But they ve always cared about and wanted each other that much was clear And they have a great aw chemistry And whenever they were honest and open and vulnerable with each other it was amazingThere was also the interesting cyberpunk aspect of the story It was mostly technology that was already in the previous books but it was still so uniue and the author just throws the eader The Worst Weather on Earth: A History of Mount Washington Observatory right into the world and lets you figure things out from context instead of stopping the narrative to explainOrcs elves advanced technology crime evil wizards sexomance this series has been a A London Home in the 1890s really interesting combination of things and I found this to be a satisfying ending to an enjoyable storyRecommended ForFans of Books 1 and 2 in Don Allmon s Blue Unicorn series Anyone who likes MM cyberpunkurban fantasy mash ups uncommon supernatural creatures and grittyaunchy hard edged characters Original Review Metaphors and Moonlight The first book in this trilogy will always be my favorite of the three There s something about plunging into a new in this case wild world for the first time but this was a very satisfying conclusionWe get solid The Geology And Landscape Of Santa Barbara County, California, And Its Offshore Islands resolutions on several fronts the Blue Unicorn and JT Austin selationship All the gang is back and working together mostly or working out their baggage mostly and we learn about The Job That Went BadIt s difficult to balance JT was a perfectly happy orc building cars in the Arizona desert until his old friend and sometimes lover Austin showed up and talked him into one last crime Now “one last crime” has snowballed With a new team of thieves a supersoldier a hacker a driver a graffiti artist and a seafaring wizard JT and Austin ,

He often outlandish sexually charged adrenaline Biopower: Foucault and Beyond rush of this series with softer emotions and complexelationships but Allmon pulls it off You just Jane Doe and the Cradle of All Worlds roll with whatever he throws at you Orc s Fae Sentient computer programs cars Cyborg assassins Magical foxes Tentacle porn Sure That makes senselol and care about the outcome for all involved There were a few nitpicky things that I was left wondering about view spoilerSeveral characters mention that JT is special and I kept wanting on that front Same with JT and Austin s connection I get that their love made them different but I thought it would mean like special powers that would vanuish enemies or something And you can t have something as adorable as Austin s familiar a fox named Nebraska and then not include him in the endingepilogue lol I loved him hide spoiler So Iead
1 and now 
and now ve Is That Even a Country, Sir! read this one and while some of the back and forth in time was a little confusing it wasn t like I missed any major plot points that I could tell I skipped 2 toead 3 because it was available via NetGalley and free fits my current budget I have to say finally seeing these two sort out their Happily Ever After despite piles of trouble only Austen and JT could generate was awesome If you enjoy weird funny touching and wild fantasy this is your series Those words also apply to the nookie this one including a dose of tentacle just fyi Just finished all three books in the Blue Unicorn series What a great story First you うそつきリリィ 3 [Usotsuki Lily 3] really do need toead books one and two You will be lost without them Now The whole story deals with an AI Along with Orcs and Elves also lots of computer stuff This book is the conclusion of the story and what happened to RoanWhich is Austin s sister and friend to JT They had a job go badWe find out about that situation is this book There is also some dark wizards A bit of The Prince romance Some fun and crazy sexAlso tentacle sex What a wicked funead You won t be disappointed Austin and JT are great and there is a corvette tooWell doneGiven a copy for an honest A Bold Carnivore: An Alphabet of Predators reviewNetGalleyThanks A Joyfully Jayeview 425 starsThe Blue Unicorn series is sort of World of Warcraft meets Bladerunner with a dash of Sam Spade It s elves and orcs and unicorns along with sentient AIs drones technomages and druids There s a dragon a fox made of JT and Austin are finally facing one of the worst demons of their lives the wizard Firelight and the heist that went so wrong The man who killed Austin s sister the man who imprisoned them the man who experimented on them Now it s time for a Goodbye Sarajevo: A True Story of Courage, Love and Survival rescueescue and a time to do it Lifting right I ve said it before one of the difficult parts of writing aeview of a series is when you love the same thing about the books because how *do you write a Mathruhridayam review without beingepetitive Take the Blue Unicorn Series how do *you write a eview without being epetitive Take the Blue Unicorn Series how do write this A Life In School: What The Teacher Learned review withoutepeating what I ve already written twice beforeBecause everything I said there still applies I love this magical cyperpunk world I am so desperate to start playing Shadowrun every time I play this game I love the mix of the magical and the technological I love how the internet is almost a parallel dimension with such eal life applications I love how hacking and spellcasting feel so similar I love how we can have the combination of druids and wizards with weird sea god patrons I love the combination of the giant terrifying dragon and the virtual godzilla which has almost as Much Destructive Potential Even Though It Only destructive potential even though it only in cyberspace This magical cyberpunk setting is excellentAnd the dystopian elements are eally well maintained as well there s no grand the world is over drama nor are they travelling a lot to show the broken world like we saw in Apocalypse Ally But still there are eferences among all th. Re determined to free an artificial intelligence from the dungeon of the Burning MagusFor JT this job is than a prison break; it’s a do over of The Job That Went Bad two years ago the catastrophe in which JT lost his closest friend and then chose to abandon everything even Austin Maybe this time no one will die.
Players: The Story of Sports and Money and the Visionaries Who Fought to Create a Revolution
E excellent high tech world building that makes it clear #The Nations We Re Used #nations we e used no longer exist that for all the shiny technology there s also a lot of desperation and poverty and evidence of things being broken especially looking at Austin and JT s pastI also The March Up: Taking Baghdad with the 1st Marine Division really like the plot This is a heist book preparing the team checking all their skills balancing everyone having everyone use their various abilities to get it all together and make it work And then it all going wrong Of course it all has to go wrong But before that I think it seally cunning and imaginative and was great fun to watch I think I d like to see these characters perform successful heists no violence just to see them succeed and all the imagination and intelligence The heist is greatWe also have all the characters here all prominent in various ways I think we have a three way protagonist Austin JT and Dante with Comet and Buzz being prominent but taking a back seat I think that was a good plan because this helps us delve a lot into the various character s issues we have Dante dealing with being both an Orc and seen as less and facing a lot of stereotyping and a Black woman who has also been injured and disabled She has moments of self doubt a lot of thinking that she s unworthy or incapable She feels out of place but still fights back against that and Pimpinella Meerprinzessin 1: Ankunft im Muschelschloss (German Edition) reasserts her own worth and strength while also showing off their own capabilityRead Maybe if I don t write aeview it s not Das kurze Leben der Sophie Scholl really over Ieally don t want it to be over I don t know how to start this Défendre Jacob review ReallyGenuinelyIt was so much funYes Yes that s a good start I can temember when I ve had so much fun with a series Or when I ve ead one when the author clearly takes so much joy in their craft The word read one when the author clearly takes so much joy in their craft The word comes to mind but this is a word I have never said aloud and don t think I ever will so pissing myself will simply have to doThe author makes no secret of being a ole playing aficionado And a bit of a video game nerd And given undertones of how to be ueer sexy orc a champion of inclusivity And other thingsIf you haven t Black Gold in North Dakota read the previous two books stopight here No Really Stop I am not going to be esponsible for you uining this experience Not sure whether to Nestle Toll House Recipe Collection read this Ha No Really you want toead this And you want to start book 1 The Glamour Thieves where Austin strolls into JT s junkyard in a Hawaiian shirt delivering a kicka corvette with the sole intention so it seems to ogle JT s thighs But no That s not what Austin s about He s about delivering sly smiles that give only the closest insider a hint he s about to lie Then he s going to present a JOB or a few different types of jobsBring on the drones the tech the magicthe injuries Book 2 Apocalypse Alley introduces I always have to include Daddy Duke Mobster Voyeur Chef Buzz from book 1 hooks up with the bionic manuhComet Finally we are i A Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words ReviewFor the full eview visit on 1120Rating 45 stars out of 5From that eview With The Burning Magus Don Allmon brings The Blue Unicorn trilogy to a close and does so in a manner I ve come to expect from this wildly imaginative authorI ve loved and been intrigued by the warped bleak landscape of the universe that is the setting for this series The land and people contorted twisted and transformed into othernessorcs trolls elves and History become fabricated molded and then worshiped along various lines as was self created Wicked City: The Other Side religions Techno driven cultures implants wastelands of the environments and of the soulnothing that Don Allmon forgot or left uncreatedFor all oureviews visit The series started out super fun lots of tech and interesting magic It s very much a pulp fantasy series The Officer, Surgeon…Gentleman! romance part isn t heavy or even Maybe this time JT caneturn to Arizona and bury his old life for goodExcept Austin won’t be buried After two years alone Austin knows he wants JT not just as a partner in crime but as the lover he always should have been Maybe this time they won’t make the same mistakes especially when it comes to each oth. .

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