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Aristotle's Rhetoric: An Art of Character gAndle their own problems and definitely do not trust the police This puts Brynn in a precarious position The mutilated body of a young woman is found in a cave Brynn is shocked when she recognizes who the victim is a fellow member of the Travelers Caught between two people the Travelers and the settled people neither of whom trust her to do her job It doesn t help when her fellow law officers don t particularly like herBrynn must put her career on the line and her life at risk to find justice for a woman not unlike herself haunted by her past and caught in a vicious cycle she may never escapeThe mystery is aood one pitting people of one side against the other with Brynn caught in the middle She s a uniue character and I found myself engaged by her and her dog rather than the who dun it It seems like she s fighting everyone coming at her from every direction and she s Anthropology as Cultural Critique: An Experimental Moment in the Human Sciences getting tired of defending herself against them all If it weren t for Wilco she d feel totally aloneThere are many suspects several motivations for the murder of a youngirl The Travelers say that someone from the settled people must be responsible while the settle people are sure that the Travelers did this awful thing Old secrets will somehow find their way into the lightAlthough second in a series this works uite well as a stand alone I highly recommend reading SPLINTERED SILENCE the first book Many thanks to the author Kensington Books Netgalley for the advanced digital copy of this well written crime fiction Opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own This is the second book in a series and while technically you could probably jump in at this point I think reading both books is the way to Anaphora and Conceptual Structure go They re both excellent and Furlong has done such areat job developing Brynn s character that you would be missing out if you don t read bothOne of the best things about this series for me is that it s exposing me to a totally new culture that I know very little about Brynn is an Irish Traveller a small and close knit community that she s never uite fit into but neve I really like this series The first book Splintered Silence was one of my favorite 2018 reads So I was really eager to read this book when #It Was Published Many Reviewers #was published Many reviewers written synopsis of the plot so I am Between Silences going to write what I like about the book First of all Wilco is Brynn s human remains discovery dog who returned with Brynn from a war zone after being wounded like Brynn was from a IED He has 3 legs is deaf and suffers from PTSD He is Brynn s best friend which she desperately needs and watches over her Brynn is a interesting character She is caught between two worlds Sherew up in Bone Gap and is a Pavee which is a Betrayals group of Irish Travellers She has joined the police department which is not trusted by the Pavee community She fights her demons of addictions and loneliness I do like Sheriff Pussar too who is Brynn s boss She certainly tries his patience but it seems he has perhaps a small soft spot for her as he doesn tive up on her The information about the Pavee beliefs and life style is very interesting If you like books that surprise you and you don t uite know where the author is heading with the plot you should enjoy this book The reason for 4 stars instead of 5 stars IS DUE TO WHAT I THOUGHT due to what I thought a somewhat unrealistic ending I can t explain this with any detail as I don t want to provide any spoilers except to say a lot was being uncovered I can see where the next book is probably oing Will I be as eager to read this book as I was this this book You bet Fractured Truth by Susan "Furlong Is The Second Book "is the second book the mysterysuspense Bone Gap Travellers series Each book of the series has had it s own main case to be solved so this could be understood as a standalone However there are some things that have carried over from book to book that make reading from the the beginning the best optionThe series is set around a roup of Irish Travellers that have settled in Bone Gap Tennessee in the Appalachian Mountains In the first book of the series readers were introduced to ex marine Brynn Callahan and her cadaver dog Wilco Brynn had joined the marines after some things had happened to her but after an IED explos. Is shocked when she recognizes the victim as a fellow Traveller Maura Keene   Maura held a solid standing both within the Travellers’ insular community and among the settled townspeople a fact that makes her murder all the disturbing to Brynn who also straddles the two worlds  After her trained K 9 Wilco digs up human bones and then a scrap of paper scrawled with arcane Latin phrases is uncovered Brynn finds evidence leading her to uestion those closest to her and closing the Fractured Truth (Bone Gap Travellers #2)I know a magic lamp rub it and You would think a Bat Ode genie would appear wouldn t you But nahh this lamp is different it pulls you inSusan Furlong s book is that magical lamp which pulled me in with the first line and soon found me a cozy place to read the book I couldn tet out nor did I want to till the last line was readA damaged main character Brynn and her deaf three legged work dog Wilco are the main characters She is a Pavee from the travellers or the Bitter Choices: Blue-Collar Women in and out of Work gypsies clan who now works for the police the outsiders to bring about justice for the dead The story is similarly themed as book 1 with the fight continuing between the travelers and the nontravelers along with the solving of a murder In this it takes a satanic turn with the body of a youngirl found in a cave #The mystery from book 1 too continued Bryn again has to shoulder #mystery from book 1 too continued Bryn again has to shoulder balancing act of traversing between both the worlds as well as protecting her randmotherBrynn did travel into my heart in this round too she is not perfect uses Vicodin and whiskey to keep alivesane a war vet with PTSD but her hidden vulnerability draws me deep into this book Both the books should be read to see the way the author Susan Furlong has developed Bryn and to being captured by her writingThe only niggle I can think of is I was angry with Bryn for not taking charge of her life and allowed prescribed meds to rule her body But then what do I know of being a damaged scarred war vet She does clean up her act laterAnd yes I did come out of the lamp to write this review You can call me the enie and I can rant wishes but only for people who read this book Bone Gap Travellers Fractured Truth is the second in this series There is a thread that connects these stories along with the characters but could be read as a stand alone This is an amazing crime drama about a vet and her dog dealing with their physical and mental war injuries Ex Marine Brynn Callahan and her cadaver finding dog Wilco struggle with disabilities bullying drug dependency and a way to fit in with law enforcement to solve a MURDER Furlong does an excellent job of twining Brynn s past with the skills needed to solve this crime Fast read with in depth character reasoning that lead to a satisfying conclusion Very much look forward to the next in this series and hoping for Brynn to experience some true romantic love A copy of this book was provided by Kensington Books via Netgalley with no reuirements for a review Comments here are my honest opinion I have not read the first book but was able to understand the story without problems It was easy to read and the description of the events are outstanding in detail ex Marine Brynn Callahan and her dog Wilco who is trained to find human bodies have returned to Bone Cap Tennessee Both have PTSD Bryan uses liuor and pills to allow her to live It doesn t take much for her to be back in the war She is now working with the county s sheriff I enjoyed learning about "the Travelers aka ypsiesIn the second book in the Bone Cap series Brynn "Travelers aka Blank Darkness: Africanist Discourse in French gypsiesIn the second book in the Bone Cap series Brynn Wilco are called to a cave as a hunter has reported a dead person and bones While searching the area for clues and any missingirl Wilco finds another set of bones Bryan feels she knows to who the bones belong I was turning the pages as fast as I could as the twists the tale was taken held my attention Bryan manages to alienate the I could as the twists the tale was taken held my attention Bryan manages to alienate the the sheriff and the town with her actions Will she succeed in bringing peace to her troubled soul I highly recommend this book to mature readersDisclosure Many thanks to NetGalley and Kensington Books for a review copy The opinions expressed are my own 45 StarsBrynn Callahan is an ex Marine and a newly sworn in deputy facing her first official homicide along with Wilco her trained K 9 Brynn and her dog are rather uniue characters Brynn is still suffering from PTSD using pills and alcohol to help Back to the Breast: Natural Motherhood and Breastfeeding in America get her through her days She was injured during her time of service half her body is covered with burn scars but most of her scars are inside Wilco suffered a hit the same time as Brynn He lost a leg and his hearing He s been trained to sniff out human remainsBrynn is an Irish Traveler which are somewhat likeypsies They pretty much keep to themselves When the mutilated remains of a young woman are found in an Appalachian Mountain cave newly sworn in deputy sheriff Brynn Callahan is forced to track down a killer driven by twisted motives     Not long after donning the uniform of the McCreary County Sheriff's department in Bone Gap Tennessee ex Marine Brynn Callahan faces her first official homicide On a cold February morning a lone cross country skier stumbles across the mutilated body of a young woman Sent to investigate Brynn.

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