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Side story about the side character main difference being conseuences occur to the overall world and plot Like the rest of the books there is a semi explored magic system that has a lot of fluff but mainly is there to be used for the plot That is one of the big things that I like about this book that the magic although extremely powerful and making the book a huge power fantasy is a driver of the plot and not there for people to be annoyed by all important skill and level windowsOverall is A Fun Exploration Of fun exploration of world and I m looking forward to seeing the struggles of the Lawful Evil benevolentish overlord What an engaging story Absolutely loved the character developments and really excited to see where this story is heading Not as WOW factor as the 1st two books but still great with the story development nonetheless Alfred reminds me of the AI in the Illuminate series it s fantastic This is LITERALLY how a LitRPG book is supposed to be Written And Is Probably My and is probably my series in this category Well done Mr Bagwell Looking forward to the 4th book What a let down after loving books 1 and 2 I just hated this one So bad in fact that I just uit half way through The constantly changing pov was just too much Started a bit slow but in the end I loved it nearly as much as the first two and this series remains my favorite litrpg series to date Particularly the balance between in game and out of game elements is handled uite well that one aspect reminds me of the dark herbalist Jason remains a character I love to root for a dark horse whose power comes as much from planning and creatively leveraging his resources as from what the game gives himI ll update this review further when I have a bit time to mull things over. Ng in strength Jason re enters Awaken Online truly desperate the game now his only lifeline He will need to move uickly to complete the Old Man's uest and to obtain the power he was promis. Evolution Awaken Online #3Another great instalment Another great instalment of this excellent story The cliffhanger ending of the previous book is resolved at least partially fairly uickly allowing us the previous book is resolved at least partially fairly uickly allowing us continue on but remains looming over Jason at the same time Frank and Riley fresh from her side uest return to aid Jason as he continues the Dark mana god s uestWe are introduced to A New Character Somewhat new character somewhat to all the other characters previously seen and together they head off to adventure But is this going to prove too much for them as the difficulty for the uest raises againMeanwhile the story of AlexAlexion and the others continues both in and out 3 5mini reviewAgain another book full of LitRPG fun Evolution massively sidelines the real life aspect of the novel I mean there are two dead people but nobody really seem gd that was so much fun I now I have a soft spot for necromancers but the lengths that Jason is willing to go for his Kin Yes a thousand times yes Also I burned through this like a mother so I will definitely be reading this again when the audio is out I freaking love AO so much Disappointing It is clear the author has run out of material or is just afraid to end the story Characters act out of character chapters of nonsense and a sense of the plot making no progress are the flaws in this book The underlying game world is awesome but no one who has played an RPG or MMO will be excited to read about ridiculously stupid uests and a social stereotype as an elemental god Further a whole chapter devoted to the recounting of real world memories would have been far better summarized in a paragraph rather than making the reader drudge through that unrelated nonsense Finally I can t follow some of the decisions of non game. After exiting Awaken Online to find himself holding a nife and standing over two dead bodies Jason is now being investigated for murder To make matters worse Claire has stumbled upon evid. ,

Characters in this book They seem to act only as a means to create an overly dramatic and eually stupid real world subplot to the game world Most of these non game characters are at the pinnacle of their professions yet make silly choices in this wanna be dramatic subplot There are far better uses for these characters but I guess the age of reality TV has fundamentally corrupted many would be brilliant fiction writers Now but I guess the age of reality TV has fundamentally corrupted many would be brilliant fiction writers Now the good up to this book I recommend the series and this book is not to this book I recommend the series and this book is not It is just not up to the standards of Bagwell I do hope he comes to his senses before releasing the next and hopefully final book in this series Please end it while we still like the series The complete Awaken Online Series 7 book series is FREE on today 3222020 Mini Review45 Stars for Game World Mechs Lore3 Stars for Plot25 Stars for CharactersBetween the cliffhanger ending in book 2 and this book I decided that I will put this series on hold until it is finished I really enjoy the game portions of the story However the double homicide AI take over ridiculous war of companies in the real world and the rapid acceleration of game plot points lead to me groaning in disappointment Too much cheese and not enough substance The plot holes get bigger and eat away from the aspects of the story that work I loved the epic battle for the town and the annoying Hippy God The rest Nah I ll think about reading the rest of this series if it is ever completed Even then I m not sure It s really disappointing to read a series that has great things and feel that they are ruined by lack of development in others Plot 915Prose 35Character 1215Setting 2525Dialogue 610Enjoyment 2430Overall 79100 4 starsOverall very similar experience to the. Ence of Alfred's involvement in the incident and the CPSC is circling just waiting for Cerillion Entertainment to make a mistakeWith his real life in shambles and his enemies in game growi.