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Plot wise I was absolute This book wasn t ust a bit dark and disuieting it took me to a whole new level of sinister that I had never experienced beforePlot 45Characters 45Writing 45Trigger Warnings suicide sexual assault off page implied animal abuseThe Kingdom was a futuristic theme park that used cutting edge technology to create an enchanting experience for all of its visitors With thrilling performances from previously extinct creatures magical rides flamboyant parades and vivid fantasy simulations it promised to inspire wonder and make everyone s wildest dreams come true by giving them the happily ever after they deserved One of its most prominent creations was the Fantasists Seven Android Princesses Engineered To Delight Amuse And Represent seven android princesses engineered to delight amuse and represent and tolerance in the worldThe novel was a series of flashbacks interrogation records court testimony emails and which pieced together the story of Ana a Fantasist who was accused of murdering one of the theme park s maintenance workers This format allows us to see the events unfold from her perspective and simultaneously see how the same events have been twisted to appear in court It s funny how there never is any uestion as to whether or not she actually killed the person even though she claims to be not guilty The case is built on whether or not Ana had to be not guilty The case is built on whether or not Ana had conscience to make the decision to murder someone or whether it was a programming malfunction It was fascinating to see things from her perspective and understand her methodical manner of learning about the world As Ana gradually unearths the hidden terrors of The Kingdom the reader does too and it makes for a very suspenseful ourneyI found it sad that a society of the future would feel the need to have Fantasists Beautiful subservient princesses admired by girls all over the world engineered and programmed to entertain and please to always say yes and never say no And the irony was that they were represented as strong and brave princesses who didn t need saving when in reality their lives were not their own Their vulnerability and naivety was exploited they were treated deplorably they were emotionally abused and manipulated they were harassed and assaulted and intimidated They were objectified and paraded and displayed for the enjoyment of others and despite all of that they were always told to be grateful for what they had Is that really the kind of role model young girls should have I also found it interesting that there were no male Fantasists It reminded me of two articles I have read recently The first was about the increasing popularity of artificial intelligence being modelled on female personas for example things like Siri or Alexa having default female voices The second being about the increase in parents banning their children to watch Disney princess movies because they don t want them to think it is alright for a woman to always be saved by a man Although The Kingdom is a work of fiction it has some very real themes in itThe Kingdom was the epitome of hypocrisy At first glance it seemed like a wonderful theme park but beneath it s pretty fa ade there was relentless anguish and pain For example at the time of the novel nearly all of the animals we have today had gone extinct Therefore The Kingdom started a program to revive extinct creatures through bioengineering They claimed they were doing good to the planet and helping preserve our world But why would you reintroduce an animal only to put it in chains To make it live a life in a cage being ogled at by visitors The animals at The Kingdom were abused and starved and most of the bioengineered animals died in days weeks or months due to genetic defects they were created with Is that really helping the world It repulsed me how they thought it was alright to make the cost of entertainment for some the suffering of othersThe reason I knocked off a star was because at times the story did become a bit too confusing as it kept switching between different formats which made it hard to keep up with the plotOverall I found The Kingdom very creepy but I would recommend it to someone looking for an original thought provoking read After reading it some may wish for the chance to visit The Kingdom but I wouldn t go there even if someone paid me Why Because my entertainment is not worth someone or something else s painThank you to Macmillan and Jess Rothenberg for providing me with a review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review All opinion expressed are my own More book reviews and othe. But the fairytale becomes a nightmare when Ana is accused of murdering Owen igniting the trial of the century Through courtroom testimony interviews and Ana's memories of Owen emerges a tale of love lies and cruelty and what it truly means to be hum. This book was not what I expected I mean I knew it wasn t going to be all rainbows and unicorn farts The synopsis lets you know right away that this book is about the underside of the fairytale about all the dark things that happen backstage to the fantasyAnd yet I don t know why I still didn t uite see it comingThis book follows Ana one of seven Fantasists and The Kingdom a Disney World type of amusement park The Fantasists are seven engineered girls meant to be the princesses of The Kingdom They were made to be beautiful kind generous and perfect in every way They were made to be obedient docile subservient and to never speak their mindIn the eyes of the world they are perfect girls In reality they are prisoners to The Kingdom constantly harassed and abused lied to and manipulated forced to endure the cruel games of the scientists that created them and the park s investors who paid for themAll until something starts going wrong with the girls programming and they start to develop feelings and desires other than the ones they were created for Sure they feel love It is the premise of the story after all But they also start feeling loss fear and most importantly hatred for the people that have kept them as prisonersThat s where things get interestingI think this book makes great commentary on the use of women s bodies There were wonderful moments of insight that stuck so hard because they are things that real life women have to experience and endure every day in our society My issues with this come firstly with the romance It felt unreal Like there is no real reason for this relationship between Ana and Owen In fact Owen didn t feel like a full character to me Why was he doing this What was his motivation His backgroundAll the other Fantasists were also pretty boring if I m honest Nia was a bit interesting at first but we didn t get much of her story Also Eve had potential but her story isn t really elaborated on We don t get to see the other Fantasists really developI also couldn t really connect with Ana I felt her struggle her pain I acknowledged it I ust couldn t seem to care the way I was supposed to Does that make senseAlso the end felt a bit rushed A bit unfinished I have uestions than answers and I don t know how I feel about that In the than answers and I don t know how I feel about that In the I couldn t love this as I wanted As I said this book is as if the plot of Westworld was happening in a Disney park That said Westworld does it better I couldn t help but have Westworld in the back of my head while reading especially after they mentioned the Romeo Juliet uote Violent delights have violent ends a recurring motif in WestworldMy rating though mostly comes from the fact that in a few weeks I probably would have forgotten most of its character and in a year I probably would have forgotten most things but the premise It Confessions of an Air Ambulance Doctor justs didn t stick with meI m not sure this review even makes sense But that s how I felt so there you have itTW emotional abuse sexual abuse implied never shown suicide ARC was provided by the publishers in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own Very pleased with my first read of 2020 Really captivating from start to finish I loved the format of the timeline which included flashbacks as well as transcripts from the court room It kept me guessing And the entire concept of the theme park was so interesting Realy original story loved the ideaconcept but sometimes it felt to dreaded so that did take away someoy for me but overall a solid read about hybrid princesses and I kinda wished that you could visit the kingdom if it hadn t roborts of course or animal abuse 3 this full review is now posted at i spontaneously remembered i have a blog and also that i would like to receive tickets to a real life version of the Kingdom please and thanks EVIL DISNEY EVIL ROBOT DISNEY WITH MURDER AND ALSO TECHNOLOGYEVIL ROBOT DISNEY OF THE FUTUREWhat do I have to sayI hope it s not a lot because that s really all I got This book was nonstop exciting and nonstop original and nonstop awesome and that s really all I have to sayBut for the sake of writing a full review I ll elaborate First synopsisThis is about Ana one of seven Fantasists think cyborg y Disney princesses at The Kingdom think Disney but huge and future y Ana is nice and great and INTERESTING which is crazy because anytime a YA protagonist is nice it s Mr. Jelly's Business just a nice way of saying boring and personality less I m aware I m overusing the uotation marks but please let me have my funAna meets Owen a cutie theme park employee and st. Welcome to the Kingdom where 'Happily Ever After' isn'tust a promise but a rule Glimmering like a ewel behind its gateway The Kingdom is an immersive fantasy theme park where guests soar on virtual dragons castles loom like giants and bioengineer. The KingdomArts falling in LOOOOVE Butrobots CAN T LOVE ROBOTS CAN T FEEL Ana isn t uite a robot but the point standsIt s the Singularity baby Except with amusement parks and fairytales So basically the dreamBut then somehow impossibly it gets MORE interesting Because Ana gets accused of murdering Owen igniting the Trial Of The CenturyThis is the book we read CAN YOU BELIEVE WE RE BLESSED WITH A PLOTLINE LIKE THISThis story is legitimately unputdownable It s fun from page one and it never stops being fun and twisty and exciting The characters are so interesting and you really care about them Which is unusual for meHonestly this wasn t a perfect book It dragged in parts and was sometimes a bit melodramatic and Ana s internal monologue could get repetitiveeee The other Fantasists were by and large flat and boring But everything else was so so funREAD THIS BOOKBottom line This is straight up some of the most creative and original YA I ve ever read especially in recent years PLEASE READ IT SO WE CAN GET MORE STORIES LIKE THIS And also from this author s crazy mad scientist brain pre reviewEASILY SOME OF THE MOST EXCITING AND ORIGINAL YA I VE READ IN A MINUTESO EXCITING THAT IT APPARENTLY TURNED ME INTO SOMEONE WHO WRITES EARNESTLY AND IN ALL CAPSA BOOK SO GOOD IT CAUSES AN IDENTITY CRISISREVIEW TO COME yes of course i want to read about evil robot future Disney World thanks to Fierce Reads for the ARC I was really enjoying this up until around page 270As soon as the showdown started the story went downhillThe plot was so incredibly rushed all of the sudden everything felt unrealistic and completely overdone This book could ve easily been 100 pages longerSame goes for the romance and the character development The majority of both pretty much happened in the last 60 pagesIt kinda felt like the author ust wanted it to be over tbh I started reading The Kingdom on 5222019 and finished it on 5252019 at 255AM This book is a fantastic read I like following Ana s view She has a clever attitude I like how she handles the interviews She s a bit of a smart mouth and challenges her interviewers instead of ust answering the uestions directly The story is interesting reminds me of Magic Kingdom except it sounds exciting with all the technologies When technology going rogue in this case the Fantasist Nia Eve and "Ana acting and thinking beyond their programming capabilities ust makes me wonder how real robots "acting and thinking beyond their programming capabilities Corps Values: Everything You Need to Know I Learned In the Marines just makes me wonder how real robots be sometimesThis book is told in the first person point of view I wanted to get this June ShelfLoveCrate box because of the book and the goodies I really wanted the goodies Click on the link below the picture to see the goodies THE GOODIES LINKBloody hell I loved this book but let me tell you I could pop open a can of whoop ass on theerks in this book Mel Earned this beautiful badge buddy reading with my friends at For Love Of A Book Group Happy endings are only stories And stories are lies I had high hopes for this book A warped version of Disneyland where the princesses are known as fantasists The fantasists are effectively robots created by The Kingdom to serve its guests To do anything they are asked without argument or comment to make dreams come true Right off the bat we are thrown into a court case where Ana one of the oldest fantasists is accused of murdering a member of park staff The timeline shifts between these court hearings and Ana s meetings lawyers etc to chapters in the past leading up to the Night The Crime Occurred crime occurred book reminded me a lot of the TV program Humans Where AI s grow and learn soon they are able to think and perhaps even feel The ultimate uestion in this tale is whether Ana does feel things like anger and love whether she has developed the ability to lieIt is a fantastic world that Rothenberg has created here The Kingdom is the ultimate fantasy world where if you can dream it it can be done From recreating animals that have gone extinct swimming with mermaids skiing in the middle of summer and so much But behind this beautiful exterior is a vile place where the Fantasists are treated like property and abused where nothing is ever as it seems and some things are definitely too good to be true4 stars This book wasn t even on my radar when I got the invite to read it and man I m so happy I accepted I loved Ana She s so good and pure and it was easy to get wrapped up in her way of seeing the world I was rooting for her from the very beginning There are a few other characters but this story is all about Ana and what she s going through. Ed species formerly extinct roam freeAna is one of seven Fantasists beautiful princesses engineered to make dreams come true When she meets park employee Owen Ana begins to experience emotions beyond her programming including for the first time love.

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