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Southern African Literature: An Introduction dInformal and sounds like something you would read on a blog not in a book I know that many peopleo enjoy that type of writing 45 starsI bought the hardback knowing I would want to share It With My Adult Daughter After I with my adult Happy Alchemy: On the Pleasures of Music and the Theatre daughter after I We entertained ourselves on a 7 hour road tr Here s what youo You make a thousand signs You put them up on street corners and community bulletin boards You hang them from ornate balconies and make them look like the flag of a new country make them look like the flag of a new country them behind planes AND MAKE THEM CIRCLE THE CITIES OF THE WORLD make them circle the cities of the world you re announcing a new global superpower You turn the signs into clothing like those weird toilet paper ads The signs read KAREN KILGARIFF AND GEORGIA HARDSTARK HAVE WRITTEN THE GREATEST DUAL MEMOIR COLLECTION OF HUMOUROUS ESSAYS SOCIAL STUDY FEMINIST MANIFESTO ADVICE BOOK TRUE CRIME ANALYSIS EVER AND SURE THAT SOUNDS LIKE A UALIFIED STATEMENT BUT IT IS ACTUALLY GOING TO BE MY FAVOURITE BOOK OF THE YEAR YES EVEN THOUGH IT S ONLY FEBRUARY or something to that effect that might be catchierI am overwhelmed with enthusiasm for this book It is actually to use a clich Plowshares Pork Barrels: The Political Economy of Agriculture (Independent Studies in Political Economy) d word brilliant I know I m in the minority but Stay Sexy Don t Get Murdered The Definitive How To Guideidn t resonate with me I much prefer the podcasts with Gem is Mine but Heart is Yours discussions of true crime and impromptu jokes and antics Not that Karen and Georgia s how I got here stories weren t interesting i I will always be a little bit heartbroken I think that Ion t get to actually be best friends with Karen and Georgia. Ing on the formative life events that shaped them into two of the most followed voices in the natio.

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Free read Stay Sexy Don't Get Murdered The Definitive How To Guide

Stay Sexy Don't Get Murdered The Definitive How To GuideI love Karen and Georgia but this book was mediocre at best The epitome of fucking politeness is learning how to act in the moment instead of wishing you had later If you re a fan of the My Favorite Murder podcast then there s a good chance of you enjoying this part memoirpart self help book Lacking in true crime itself which totally works it shines a light on the other topics and iscussions that come up regularly on the show such as mental health issues self care and addictionFor each of the catchphrases or slogans that the show has created eg Fuck Politeness or Stay Out of the Forest there s essays from Karen and Georgia iscussing their own life experiences or what that slogan truly means to them I have heard the audiobook is fantastic as it is just like listening to the podcast so I ll have to check that out at some point tooI laughed I cried and I fangirled immensely over Georgia s chap SO STOKED THIS MADE THE ANNUAL CHOICE AWARDS LIST A MUST READ FOR ALL 5 I really needed to hear that stars for Stay Sexy Don t Get MurderedWords cannot escribe how perfectly pertinent this book
was to my 
to my MurderedWords cannot escribe how perfectly pertinent this book was to my life And if I can get real with you it s kinda like walking into a My Hero Academia deeply personal therapy session And I know the word therapy is weird and scary andefeating but it shouldn t be I ve gone For 6 years in fact And it changed my life And this book makes you realize that life is messy and hard and you need an advocate to help you get back on track You need clutch friends and you need to forgive yourselfGod. Sharing never before heard stories ranging from their struggles with Gotham Academy, Volume 3: Yearbook depression eatingisorders an. I cried so hard uring the first two chapters and then some in chapter 5 i And then some in chapter 5 I MY ASS OFF throughout all of chapter 4 because THAT WAS MY LIFE And I was totally moved when both Karen and Georgia admitted that we re always making mistakes and learning from them and that s OKAY This book is a collection of essays The topics range from eating isorders alcoholism being the product of a broken home anxiety true crime obviously a love for reading and friendshipIt s so relevant that it s almost BIG BROTHER nuts But the bottom line is this We are "Cups Constantly And Uietly Being Filled The "constantly and uietly being filled The is knowing how to cups constantly and uietly being filled The trick is knowing how to ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out Ray Bradbury YOU ALL ARE SWEET BABY ANGELS Thank you for taking the time to read this I LOVE YOUElvis want a cookie BYEEEEEEEE This is one of the best nonfiction books I have ever read It was so good I kind of want to immediately reread it I listened to the audiobook and it s easily one of the best audiobooks I ve ever listened to at times I was cracking up laughing a These two ladies are unstoppable I really enjoyed their sometimes funny and almost always insightful thoughts on feminism addiction true crime sexual assault and the ifferent snippets of their lives that they shared with us Hate to say this but I idn t really enjoy this book I have listened to KG s podcast for a couple of years now and love it but I The Devil’s Historians How Modern Extremists Abuse the Medieval Past didn t feel like their speaking voices translated well to writing Unfortunately that really is how this book was written it s very. D addiction Karen and Georgia irreverently recount their biggest mistakes andeepest fears reflect. .

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