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The Summer Palace: A Captive Prince Short Story (Captive Prince Short Stories Book 2) eItch heroine In nearly all previous HP novels I ve read with a bitchy female lead character authors hardlyver attempted to xplain conclusively to the reader why a heroine was such a snarky little shrew In most instances little ffort was made to show a softer side to the heroine until the very Campfire end when she finally got her HEA and could afford to soften up a little And that often aggravated me in the past because I felt that such a heroine was undeserving of her H In this novel Lynne G introduced something that I d like to refer to as Justifiable Bitchery This is my definition of Justifiable Bitchery it s when a heroine has just cause to behave like a bitch to a hero In most other HP s with bitchy female main characters authors have depicted heroines who are merely sulky uncommunicative shrews who are rather stingy with their inner monologues This made it difficult for me tompathize with them because I couldn t get a grip on the inner workings of their minds Theirs is what I call Petulant Bitchery Petulant bitchy heroines don t possess any self awareness ither They re often oblivious and don t seem to understand that such behaviour can make their situations worse Vivi is different because she s self aware there are a few instances in this novel where she immediately acknowledges that she had just behaved like in her own words a selfish cow That s a big first for me because bitchy heroines don t feel this type of remorse after they ve had a meltdown or acted badly Or if they do feel remorseful their pride prevents them from acknowledging it This is the second novel in LG s 2019 trilogy and Vivi is the second Mardas sister Like her 2 siblings she grew up in a series of horrible foster homes where she d been the victim of verbal motional and almost sexual abuse Her other sisters responded differently to this Hurrah For The Blackshirts!: Fascists and Fascism in Britain Between the Wars experience Winnie the heroine from The Greek Claims His Shock Heir was the peacekeeper and the most sensible and well adjusted of the trio while Zoe is the shyxtremely introverted one who s afraid of her own shadow It s interesting to see how LG is attempting to show the different ways that 3 women handle the conseuences of a similar upbringing Vivi is the sister who is the most reactive I responded to Vivi a lot because I m also very sensitive reactive and very distrustful until I get to know people I ve learned to temper my reactions by pure will power and practice but Vivi is still a little immature with a huge chip on her shoulder She s a bit rebellious feels insecure and unloved after the traumatic Adam Smith: An Enlightened Life experience as an orphan And like most fiery rebels she hits out verbally when she s hurt threatened or feels that her space is being invaded She s like a feisty red haired orphan Annie all grown up This is the heroine Vivi Hair that glittered like copper wire in the sunlight but which felt like spun silk A tall beautiful redhead who could look impossiblylegant in anything she wore Crazy Love even jeans Skin like translucent porcelain andyes as brilliant a blue as the Italian summer sky The heroine s life was practically destroyed 2 years ago and the H Raffaele had done nothing to assist her In fact he d done the opposite he d wrongfully accused her misjudged her slut shamed her and left her alone to deal with "THE FALLOUT AFTER THE TABLOID MEDIA " fallout after the tabloid media labelled her as a high class prostitute All of this drama happened after the H chose to protect his silly but good hearted little sister at the xpense of the heroine s reputation Ariana the H s sister was a flighty young lady who wanted to become a model Vivi had just gotten a job as a receptionist at a a modelling agency It was the heroine s first job after graduating from university She d not ven been there for a month when Ariana had asked her for an introduction to one of the agency s photographersThe naive airhead Ariana nded up posing for nude photographs Neither the heroine nor Ariana had realized that the modelling agency was also a legal front for an scort and brothel This is so weird because of all the stuff in the media right now about Robert Kraft the owner of the Patriots NFL football team who was recently arrested for using prostitutes in a massage parlor that was a cover for a brothel Anyway the cops soon busted the modelling agency and the heroine was photographed running away from the back door She the modelling agency and the heroine was photographed running away from the back door She dressed in designer clothing that had been given to her by Ariana Raffaele knew nothing about the source of the designer clothing so he inaccurately concluded that the tabloids were telling the truth and that Vivi was indeed a whore Their burgeoning romance was destroyed due to his mistrust and the heroine was totally disillusioned when he stopped his sister from talking to her and jected her from his life without bothering to investigate the situation properly Vivi was forced to change her surname in order to get a new job the fallout of the scandal was that bad for her This is why I didn t begrudge her her bitchiness when he was that bad for her This is why I didn t begrudge her her bitchiness when he ntered her life The woman had been through hell been savaged by the tabloids and had grown to despise the man she had been in love with That s why she was so mean to him when he returned Raffaele re ntered Vivi s life because her wily newfound billionaire grandfather had blackmailed him Grandfather Stam wanted to repair the damage that had been done to the heroine s reputation The tabloids had painted a terrible image of the heroine and underscored it by suggesting that it was the illustrious H a billionaire Italian duke who believed that a prostitute was not good company for his goody 2 shoes sister Grandfather Stam felt that the damage to Vivi s image would be reversed if it became public knowledge that a good upstanding moral non manwhoring guy like Raffaele married her The cunning old man threatened to provide the tabloids with a dossier on Ariana filled with scandalous information and skanky secrets unless the H married Vivi The heroine refused to marry him until he bought the small tech company she worked for and threatened. S his convenient proposal he’s stunned How can she deny their searing chemistry Determined to convince Vivi to be his temporary bride Raffaele’s not above using one nigh. ,

Once again like the first book in this series not nough romance for a HP The MCs didn t have much chemistry to speak of and seemed to barely tolerate ach other Disappointing I actually liked this story a good deal and was thrilled with the character of the heroine She met the hero tit for tat He didn t get much over on her and she stood her ground You don t find that a lot in Harley Land I thought it was a wonderful changeThis is the second book in the series Billionaires at the Altar Better than xpected I loved the chemistry between the Vivi and Raffaele After having been branded a prostitute by Raffaele 2 years New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood earlier I did not blame Vivi for being a absolute byotch to him He s lucky she spoke to him at all I also felt badly for Raffaele Vivi s grandfather has him by the short hairs and he had no choice but to do what was demanded of him or his sister s life would be ruined It was a uick andntertaining read that I thoroughly Dreaming Me: An African-American Woman's Buddhist Journey enjoyed Lastly if I had a grandfather like Stam i d run for the hills That old man is savage Can t believe this is LG s It was boring annoying and flat I hated it and hated both the MC s Middle of the road read Didn t hate ot but will probably never reread it Meh I liked this LG book I didn t find it mind blowing but it was good Strong h who had trust issues a H who uickly figured out that he had treated h wrongly and tried to make up for it fast storyline I just didn t feel the chemistry between them it was there but not intense and scorching like LG sometimes does but definitely worth reading Heroine had the all rights to be bitter imo If she didn t suffer from treacherous body syndrome I d have given stars But that s an LG heroineven if she had a tongue I love Ms Graham btw I really hated the heroine She s irritating vindictive whiny spineless bitch She totally ruined the book for me She was not worthy of the hero and she was not worthy of a HEA Poor hero was a saint Why are authors so afraid of angst these days The hero in this one caused the heroine to be labeled a prostitute and things got so bad for her that she changed her last name in order to get a job Now that is angsty right It is unlessthe author put it three years in the pasttold us about it and didn t show itbarely has the heroine mention or ven remember those desperate timesshows a hero with good intentions who half heartedly plays hardball with the heroine s new companyThe hero did the heroine a huge wrong but we never xperience it with her so the heroine comes off bitter and unreasonable when forced into a marriage with the hot guy she is still in love withSo I wanted the angstydramatic scenario and instead I got a forced marriage of the Hh learning to trust ЯED each other andmbrace their new life of wealth and twins Interesting nough but not the thrill ride of an angsty HP sigh Ivy has an xcellent review if you want details This was an ye opening HPlandia story for me because it was so different from what I m accustomed to from this author Lynne G *made a huge departure from her usual style of character development in this novel It s *a huge departure from her usual style of character development in this novel It s bit risky and I predict that some readers are gonna hate this book loathe the heroine and call her an awful mean bitch But this worked for me Maybe it s because I m very moody myself these days but I totally understood why this girl should be cut some slack after all the shit she d been put through in her life Her aggravation was only compounded by the fact that it was the H himself who d inadvertently made her life a living hell If you re searching for insta love counting all the sex scenes and a hoping for cheesy romance or a throwback storyline with predictable MC s then you ll be very disappointed and probably nd up being bored with this book If that s the case then maybe you should avoid this book and concentrate on simple basic cute sexy stories with stock characters I Moreno enjoy insta love adore hot sex scenes and cheesiness sometimes I also love the vintage throwback tropes in old world HPlandia But lately I ve been searching for modern romance stories with decent prose solid plot development and realistic dialogue stories that have a greatermotional impact on meThis novel is proof of the fact that the HP template does indeed Monsieur Pain evolve over time In this story we get a snarky brooding heroine who s paired with an Italian billionaire duke H who works hard to get into her good graces after he realizes what an ass he d been to her 2 years ago That s revolutionary in HPlandia I almost wonder if LG has been reading all the comments from readers who ve been bashing her sexy asshole H s for years Raffaele starts off as an asshole but he changes by the 30% point of the novel He acknowledges his culpability in the destruction of Vivi s life 2 years ago and is ready to make amends This shocked me I ve never beforencountered a H in a LG novel who controls his alpha male temper in an ffort to communicate with and understand the prickly heroine This H actually learns to think before he speaks and some might see him as a mild mannered beta type but I view him as a strong buttoned up
#sexy and communicative #
and communicative male I think the definition of the alpha male H needs to be xtended to include guys like this because too often it s the awful mean but super hottie assholes who are the lucky ones that get the designation of alpha It s true that those guys are the archetypal alphas in conventional Romancelandia but there s a lot to be said for this newer type of hero who doesn t need to bray like a jackass growl like a lion and stomp like an lephant when he s having a ManTantrum This is the H an lephant when he s having a ManTantrum This is the H His cropped hair reflected the light above as dark as the black as sloes yes welded to her in silence He had perfect symmetrical bone structure as perfect as a Michelangelo carving in marble Anybody who s got spare time to return and ogle of this guy s sexiness can check out this video taming of the shrew tropeI LOVED the unapologetic bitchy heroine However Vivi wasn t the stereotypical shrewish A night in the Italian’s bedNow she’s pregnant with his babiesTo counter a media scandal billionaire Raffaele di Mancini must marry fiery Vivi Mardas But when she reject.

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To do some downsizing He didn t trust her nough to confide the truth about her grandfather s blackmailing scheme so the heroine s opinion of him didn t improve When she realized that her co workers might lose their jobs she agreed to marry himBy that time she was already pregnant because these two had been unable to keep their hands off The Exhaustion Breakthrough: Unmask the Hidden Reasons You're Tired and Beat Fatigue for Good each other The H was a major improvement on the conventional HPlandia hero because he went out of his way to make amends and he tried his best to make her life comfortable after their marriage Vivi was the one who kept her distance at first and fought her feelings because she was the one who was afraid to be hurt once again In herxperience after living in so many unhappy foster homes rejection was the ultimate response whenever she opened her heart to another human being Vivi was prickly on the outside and sometimes argumentative but it was very clear that it was her defense mechanismThat part was made clear via her internal monologues She was also a very realistic heroine because of her self awareness If a reader doesn t read this novel properly then it s difficult to appreciate all the important nuances that help with understanding LG s portrayal of these MC s I say this because I started this on Friday and took my time to complete it If I had rushed through these pages or skim read this book my final analysis would probably be different I know many readers hate reading internal monologues but the very ssence of this novel will be lost if you skip through these parts and focus only on the dialogue and the sexy scenes If you do this then you might leave with the impression that the heroine is an unlikable bitch and that this novel is a stupid story That s because the heroine s image is redeemed in her internal monologues because that s when the reader sees her vulnerable and softer side Did she annoy the H and this reader a lot Yes she did And she s not the type of heroine I usually like ither I tend to prefer the sweet Mary Sues because they re just too good to be true Did he have the patience of a saint with her Yes he did and I loved those parts Raffaele was a spectacular and wonderful H who tried so hard to understand what made her tick How many men are willing to lower their alpha male pride and compromise like that Not many He compromised he adapted his busy schedule to meet her needs after their marriage and he was a doting father to be This H went from a guy who d been a total asshole to the most communicative and caring man He also did this uite Hark! The Herald Angels Scream early in the story too If you re a reader who s tired of the manwhore H s who never compromise and never communicate then maybe you should give this book a try Every harried wife who knows the value of an understanding husband during the times when she s weepy PMSing and grouchy will appreciate this guy LOL Sometimes it takes an awesome guy to cope with a snarky gal who is really soft and lovable inside Raffaele had the patience to wait for Vivi to lower her defenses because he was mannough to know that his masculinity wouldn t be threatened by having to compromise with his wife Maybe he realized that a man can only become an improved version of himself if he looks beyond his Colloquial Polish: The Complete Course for Beginners ego and learns to communicate with his lady After all in the words of the singer Meredith Brooks from herpic song I m a Bitch So take me as I amThis may meanYou ll have to be a stronger man httpswwwyoutubecomwatchvbv44Does this mean I don t want to see any of the cold asshole bad boy H
#s in future #
in future
this mean I don t want to see any of the cold asshole bad boy H s in future HPlandia NO NOPE NADA I "WILL BECOME DEPRESSED IF HPLANDIA AUTHORS " become depressed if HPlandia authors writing about the cold ruthless bad boys that I love to hate LOL That s because I njoy seeing them tamed by the love of a good woman And yes I m aware of the ultra tackiness of that final commentAnd in case my close Goodreads friends are wondering this review doesn t mean I ve suddenly transitioned from a traditional conservative Catholic into a radical feminist LOL It simply means that my value system while still being core conservative is fluidly inclusive of selected forward thinking ideology that I find important to myself as a woman So on a lighter note and because it s been ages since I ve written a book review Harold Mongrelpup and I give our happy dancing dog stamp of approval to this novelFor those who need to know1 The MC s shared intense sexual chemistry throughout the story2 The pilogue was beautiful It s set a couple years in the future and the MC s have twin toddler sons Vivi is still a strong woman with a mind of her own but she s not snarky or bitchy any She s comfortable with her new roles in life and feels safe Bidadari yang Mengembara enough in her relationship to let her husband see her true inner self Winnie and Eros from The Greek Claims His Shock Heir also make a cameo appearance with their kindergartner son and baby daughter 3 Grandfather Stam is happy because he s got four adorable great grandchildren but he s still scheming because he s gotta find a husband for Zoe Her novel will be the last in the trilogy Safety No OW but the heroine had been dating a guy called Jude when the H rentered her life She d never been intimate with Jude since she was a virgin when she finally had sex with the H Jude was an off page character and it appeared as if the relationship had been based on friendship rather than romance The MC s had not had an actual relationship 2 years arlier They had shared one kiss It s true that the heroine had been close to falling in love with him and he with her but one kiss does not constitute a relationship to me Therefore the fact that the hero was not celibate during this 2 year period didn t bother me The author didn t give me the impression that the H was a manwhore ither and there was no OW in his life when he met the heroine again The heroine dated other guys but didn t sleep with anyoneI haven t yet decided how this novel compares to the other 7 that were released by HP this month I ll make that decision later this week when I m finished writing all my reviews. T of seduction But when Vivi discovers she’s carrying his twins Raffaele demands she meet him down the aisle for realLose yourself in this passionate marriage of convenien. The Italian Demands His Heirs Billionaires at the Altar #2

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