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Travels of an Ordinary Man Australia uAmily when she was younger No one should ever have to go through the transition without the support of their loved onesOverall this was aick emotional read And even though it seemed a bit rushed in places especially when they were in Toronto it was still an enjoyable read that I wholeheartedly recommend everyone to read I stated earlier that I would not be reading this book again This isn t because it s terrible because it isn t it s just because it was too emotional for me as I also said earlier it hit very close to home I would love to hear what you guys thought about this bookWarning includes triggers for depression suicidal thoughts deathDisclaimer this book was sent to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review This was a short and sweet read You get through it super fast but the storyline is perfect There is nothing the author could have added I loved the character development the plot development etc Everything was perfect about the book I liked how it talked about family disputes LGBT community mental illness etc There s a girl whose very close with her grandma Her grandma is going to be sent to a senior home because she has Alzhemiers so she forgets everything Her memory is getting worse so it s hard to deal with her but she really doesn t want to go to a senior home Zoe the girl gets bullied by her cousin and doesn t fit in at school So she takes her grandma and runs away to Toronto where her A Cidade e as Serras uncle stays They re looking for herncle because he broke contact with the family for years but through reading letters between him and her grandma it seems they sed to have a loving relationship They have difficulty finding him because he s no longer a male but is now a female The reasoning for the family disputes becomes apparent I liked how it took place in Toronto and I liked how Zoe had reasoning for acting out she wasn t just an emotional teenager I liked how karma played a role in this book and everyone got what they deserved The ending was very how karma played a role in this book and everyone got what they deserved The ending was very and it made me tear p but I nderstood the reasoning behind the family s actions at the end A beautiful book about family I liked the relationship between Zoe and her Granny they really cared for each other I also liked how the story dealt with Alzheimers and how hard it can be for a family I did not really l This is a lovely YA novel that straddles the perspectives of youth and old age beautifully This is a lovely YA novel that straddles the perspectives of youth and old age beautifully is complex but easy to read and engage with at the same time This is a searingly authentic story about the bond between a bullied teen and her beloved grandmother who is rapidly declining into the later stages of dementia No sugar coating here Allan Stratton deftly draws the reader in to the heart and mind of Zoe as her world falls apart at home and at school and we re wounded as she is living through the bullying she receives from her popular cousin She sees her parents treatment of Grandma Bird as a parallel to what s happening to her but Stratton s nuanced writing shows the reader it isn t as cut and dried as all that Everyone should read this book It will make you weep and it will stick

To Your Heart I 
your heart I it but I didn t love it I had my Kindle of text to speech reading it too me most of the time I liked the idea of it and the writing was pretty good but I didn t gel with the characters like I wanted to I felt for her when she was being bullied but overall I didn t feel much Maybe I ll reread it at some point to try again because reading a new book after ACOWAR was never going to feel amazing General Rating Diversity rating LGBT transgender mental illness alzheimer sThe Way Back Home is a story about a girl whose grandmother with Alzheimer s is sent to a care home And since you re reading this review and. Il est grand temps de prendre le contrôle de la situation Elle aide sa grand mère à s'échapper et toutes les deux partent pour n long voyage en voiture dans l'espoir de retrouver All Things Consoled un oncle de Zoéi a depuis longtemps disparu Mais la.

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Grab your tissues because you re seriously going to be taken on an emotional rollercoaster ride with this book I found this particularly difficult to read because it hit very very close to home with the character of the Granny I got half way and I just didn t think I could read any because it was getting too personal but I ploughed through it and I m really glad that I did Zoe Bird is going nowhere fast She s angry and lonely and her only true friend is her granny whose Alzheimer s is worsening When her parents put Granny in a home Zoe decides now is the time to break free She smuggles Granny out and together they hit the tracks on a cross country trip to find Zoe s long lost A Gin-Pissing-Raw-Meat-Dual-Carburetor-V8-Son-of-a-Bitch from Los Angeles uncle But there will be some home truths along the way Zoe Bird is going nowhere fast She s angry and lonely and her only true friend is her granny whose Alzheimer s is worsening When her parents put Granny in a home Zoe decides now is the time to break free She smuggles Granny out and together they hit the tracks on a cross country trip to find Zoe s long lostncle But there will be some home truths along the wayJust because this book is emotional that doesn t mean that it s a brilliant book It was good yes but not one that I would consider reading again I HATED Zoe s parents I hated them I have never ever disliked a pair of fictional parents this much in my life they made me so angry They didn t care about Zoe at all What kind of parents believes a sadistic disgusting and horrible girl like Madi over their own daughter Them that s who Because they only saw what they wanted to see and I truly believe that they were projecting that they wanted Zoe to be like the version of Madi that they saw When Zoe told them that Madi was bullying her they didn t believe her for even a second they told her that she was lying When Zoe came home when Madi had tried to kill her they didn t let her explain where she had been they just went off on one Uggggggghhhhhhh I FEEL SO BAD just went off on one Uggggggghhhhhhh I FEEL SO BAD ZOE All she wants to do is be with her Granny and look after her and the parents have to sabotage that as well by putting her in the care home because no one can be bothered to look after her themselves 1 Granny said that she wanted to die at home so they ignored her wishes 2 She wouldn t let anyone but Zoe bathe her and feed her but they still sent her to the care home I just kept seeing a lack of love from the parents because they were so hung p on trying to be like the Dad s brother and his wife If you can t live like you want when you re old when can you Allan Stratton The Way Back Home So yeah as you can see I have a lot of anger about the parents on this book I m going to try and not get into another massive rant about the character of Madi because that would last forever She s just a hateful self absorbed bratOn the pleasant side of things I really did love how the relationship between Zoe and her Granny was portrayed The love between the two of them was just amazing Ok so Zoe was very stupid taking her Granny cross country to Toronto but at the end of the day Zoe just wanted to help and get her Granny away from a place where she knew that she was miserable I also thought that Granny s Alzheimer s was written perfectly I genuinely couldn t fault it and I also loved how didn t lose her patience with her she just kept calm and tried her Best To Make Sure to make sure was getting what she neededIt was also amazing to be introduced to a transgender charcater and even though this was the only element of diversity that existed within the book However I have no experience with transgender indivduals so I cannot say whether this representation was all good or not But she was an amazing woman who deserves a medal for what she had to put p with in her Zoé Bird étouffe Elle est furieuse elle se sent seule et son Party Politics in America uniue véritable amie est sa grand mère dont les symptômes d'Alzheimer s'aggravent considérablementand sa grand mère est placée dans Put off thy shoes une maison de soins Zoé décide'. ,

The Way Back Home
5g NR A Dawn Like Thunder
I m assuming after this you WON T READ THIS BOOK MY t read this book my will contain some spoilersFirst things first do not read this book Unless you hate yourself then be my guest read this #bookSecond the main character is a horrible brat with serious issues If I were her parents I #the main character is a horrible brat with serious issues If I were her parents I definitely put her in some kind of institution because that girl seriously needs to get her act together She is not only rude to her family she is mean to everyone except her grandma she is self absorbed reckless immature and if I think she has some type of mental illness possibly depression because what she thinks and does is not normalSome Range of Ghosts (Eternal Sky, uotes of things she says to her parents thinks about her parents areedit they re in the carI want to kick the back of her seat so hard she ll fly through the windshield I can t wait till you re old I mutter as we go inside I ll lock you in Greenview so fast your heads ll spin When you cry and scream like Granny I ll laugh I hate you I wish you were dead Mom s lip trembles What did we do to deserve this You got pregnant that s what Why didn t you get rid of me I wish you had I run to my room smother my face in my pillow A whirlwind of hollers LEAVE ME ALONE LEAVE ME ALONE LEAVE ME ALONE LEAVE ME ALONE I keep itp till they do Third the whole book is basically built around the fact that you re supposed to feel sorry for Zoe the main character which I didn t obviously The side characters are if possible even worse than Zoe Madi her cousin is an absolute bitch She is literally evil view spoiler Madi even got her friend to nearly kill Zoe simply for the fact that she hates her There are also several mentions of Zoe wanting to end her life Suicide and murder are NOT to be taken lightly and having teens nearly kill each other or themselves over a stupid fight is not okay hide spoiler DNF p 50 ishI really wanted to like this I picked it p because it was nominated for the Governor General Award for Young People s Literature this year and I enjoyed Stratton s mysteryhorror novel THE DOGS a few years ago The first 50 pages was comprised almost entirely of dialogue This isn t a bad thing in of and itself but the way the characters spoke was Very Forced Stilted And Unnatural I Wish forced stilted and nnatural I wish could provide some examples but I ve already returned my library copy I had no issues with the other elements plot characters etc and I might have been able to get past the dialogue as well if it didn t take Shattered Pillars (Eternal Sky, up so much of the prose I have too many books I d like to get to so I m not going to force myself to read something I likely wouldn t like This review may contain some spoilersThe Way Back Home tells the story of Zoe Bird an angry rude and sarcastic teenager who I ironically fell in love with from the very first page Usually I find annoying and self absorbed teenagers well annoying and self absorbed and I have limited patience for their view of the world However something about Zoe captivated me At one point in the novel she asks her Granny why do you love me Why would anyone love me If you re finding Zoe to be annlikeable heroine I would suggest attempting to see her through her grandmother s eyes someone who is good and kind and loyal with the biggest heart in the world Behind all her poor behaviour and reckless decisions I believe that is exactly who she isThis relationship between Zoe and her Granny is at the heart of the book It s the reason why I loved it so much The love they had for each other really resonated with me and I believe it will resonate with anyone who has loved and lost a grandmotherDisclaimer I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review When I finished this I felt like I d just finished a love story Very sweet emotional and ite touching. Jeune fille devra faire face à la brutale vérité en cours de chemin L'auteur à succès Allan Stratton signe n récit poignant à propos de la prise de conscience d'une adolescente i se heurte aux problèmes non résolus de sa famil.

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