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Fers particularly to religious xtremists but ffectively demonstrates the kind of sentiment that underlies the science and ways of thinking that the book works to demolish That backwards system which starts with ideology and then looks for vidence to support it Race is not about genetics biological difference it is a social cultural political construct It was created to separate subordinate invalidate certain types of people a way of perpetuating and bolstering the supposed superiority of the great white male It s the kind of thing that feels like part of the past and it definitely should be but Angela Saini shows that not only it it still here it never went away Even the Holocaust was not Cause Of Fear enough to demonstrate the dangers inherent in such ideology simply pushing those who held these types of views out of the mainstream For a while at leastBecause now they re back and at the forefront of populist politics given airtime given applause given power And that s why books like this are sossential to hold people and ideas up to scrutiny to start conversations to attack the fundamental misunderstandings deliberate or otherwise about human variation Because feelings of superiority are how we nd up arguing that migrant children in border camps don t really need soap or blankets or safety it s how the fear of difference and the other leads to Trump and Brexit how knowing that certain thnic groups just aren t as clever or industrious means that they re a lost cause worthless a burden It s always useful to blame those being crushed by ineuality for their own problems If they deserve it there s nothing we can do right If nothing The Game of Love else this book is anssential reminder about valuating the uality of the information you access share and trust Where does it come from Who paid for it What are they trying to sell you Who benefits What Saini s book does is present the ways in which the ideologies behind race science have altered or ven determined its conclusions And if you want to apply the same fact checking to her work her sources are right there at the back ARC via Netgalley Politically correct but scientifically unsound This book drew a lot of attention recently in which the author suggests that the use of race in biologicalmedical research is due to widespread racism For xample in Chapter 1 she argues that Out of Africa theory is invented by Europeans and Nazis wanted to prove superiority of Aryan race This is false Hitler made alliances with Muslims from the Middle ast against Jews The Third Reich was anti Semitic If Hitler was really a racist he would have invaded Africa In fact many SS officers who went to live in Egypt after the war became Muslims and followed Islamic practices The author is also in rror when she reminds readers that races correspond to arbitrary divisions of population variation that are politically and conomically useful The fact is that there are heritable characteristics that allow us to divide into a set *of races in such a way that all *races in such a way that all members share traits and tendencies with The Lady in Pink each other that they do not share with members of any other race These traits and tendencies are viewed as race Natural barriers such as oceansg the Atlantic deserts Eyes eg the Sahara and mountain rangesg the Himalayas impeded gene flow between different populations for substantial periods of time When there is limited gene flow between populations that have come under different selection pressures we would xpect them to gradually diverge from one another over via the processes of genetic drift and natural selection Races therefore correspond to human populations that have been living in relative isolation from one another under different regimes of selection This means that racial categories identify real phenotypic differences and reflect real genetic variation Natural philosophers began to classify humans into different races because they looked different from one another These differences reflect their divergent geographical origins But the most controversial area of race science is research into population differences in cognitive ability Chimpanzees share the distinction of being our closest living relative which share about 99% of our genes A uniue collaboration between the our closest living relative which share about 99% of our genes A uniue collaboration between the and the natural sciences geneticists historians archaeologists and linguists found a common ground about the origins of modern human beings including the common origins of languages from an ancient language called Indo European language Europeans today are a mix of the blending of at least three ancient populations of hunter gatherers and farmers who moved into Europe in separate migrations Modern human beings arose some 200000 years ago and for 190000 years they we were all dark skinned reflecting the origins from Africa Caucasians are the product of a work of volution across Europe while scientist have discovered three genes that produce light skin they have played a part in the lightening of Europeans skin color and the color of the ye over the past 8000 years The process of skin lightening known as depigmentation occurred due to a series of mutations in one particular gene called SCL24A5Euating hereditarian claims with racism is illogical and irresponsible Many of the ideas that Saini classifies as scientific racism are mpirical claims Besides race is not a social construct but nationalism and regionalism are certainly social constructs She uses false arguments to fit her theory This is a blatant abuse of scientific data to write a politically correct fable Her conclusions are inaccurate I would recommend staying away from this apologue. Itted to accommodate race Even as our understanding of highly complex traits like intelligence and the complicated ffect of nvironmental influences on human beings from the molecular level on up grows the hope of finding simple genetic differences between races to Spirit of the Wolf explain differing rates of disease toxplain poverty or test scores or to justify cultural assumptions stubbornly persistsAt a time when racialized nationalisms are a resurgent threat throughout the world Superior is a powerful reminder that biologically we are all far alike than different. ,

Poor book despite it s heart being in the right place does to damage the thesis she presents by not credibly A Vineyard Christmas engaging with the academics she interviews I think she is a bit out of her depth perhaps as broadcast journalist she is used to the once over lightly feel good style of journalism that this comes across as Did not finish It was always going to be difficult to follow Angela Saini s hugely popular Inferior but with Superior she has pulled it off not just in the content but by upping the uality of the writing to a whole new level Where Inferior looked at the misuse of science in supporting sexism and thexistence of sexism in science Superior Een Bijzondere Vorm Van Osteosclerose examines the way that racism has been given a totally unfounded pseudo scientific basis in the past and how remarkably despite absolutevidence to the contrary this still turns up todayAt the heart of the book is the scientific fact that race simply does not xist biologically it is nothing than an outdated social label As Saini points out there are far larger genetic variations within a so called race than there are between individuals supposedly of different races She shows how pre genetics racial prejudice was given a pseudo scientific veneer by dreaming up fictitious physical differences over and above the tiny distinctions of appearance and how this has been continued and transformed with genetics to draw conclusions that go against the fundamental proviso of science correlation is not causality Saini demonstrates vividly how for xample socio conomic or cultural causes of differences in capability and ven medical response to drugs have been repeatedly ascribed to non Hot Shot (North Ridge Book 3) existent biological racial differencesAlong the way we come across the horrendous race based acts of the past from slavery to the Nazi atrocities which have been justified by fictitious assumptions about the implications of race But Saini makes clear that this is not just a historical problem One of thexcellent aspects of the book is the way that she brings in interviews and personal Math Basics 6 experience so forxample there is a fascinating section on discrimination on the basis of caste in India and attempts to justify this on a genetic basis Similarly she repeatedly shows how white supremacists misuse information to draw incorrect and vile conclusionsThere are fascinating interviews with scientists whose work strays into misuse of Voyage to the Underworld (Star Wars Missions, evidence to imply something that the data simply does not support With onexception of Robert Plomin whose work seems far solid than the rest and can only be used to support racism by deliberately misunderstanding it a lot of this work seems to have been poorly The First Ghost executed or involves drawing inappropriate conclusions A considerable amount of this nonsense involves I testing yet it has been shown that all I tests do is demonstrate an ability to do well at I tests an ability that can be learned so provides no useablevidenceThe coverage might have asily been xtended to cover other discrimination on perceived differences but I can see the benefit of keeping the focus on race me the only disappointing thing is that Saini shies *Away From The Logical Conclusion *from the logical conclusion her Having categorically shown that race does not xist it s ridiculous that we still classify people this way As the author acknowledges we need some means of categorisation to fight prejudice but surely it should be based on real markers such as socio conomic means and culture to continue to do so by race having stablished that race doesn t xist seems oddly incongruous and makes it difficult to counter racists by giving weight to the labels they useOverall a brilliant book highly readable which if there were any justice would put a final nail in the coffin of racism Outstanding Humanism examination of race science aka racism pretending to be objectivity Extraordinarily good in how deep it goes covering the intersection of science with history culture and politics and showing how very deeply rooted the tendrils are Written with remarkable calm and objectivity which makes the final shout of rage all the powerful It goes intoxcellent detail about the resurgence of scientific racism in recent years as well as laying out the foolishness of the thinking but also its pervasiveness Smokin' Hot even in people who would think they know better and call themselves anti racist Essential reading and I don t say that lightly The power of nationalism is that it calls to the part of us that doesn t want to accept being ordinary It tells people that they are descended from greatness that they have been geneticallyndowed with something special something passed down to them over the generations It attaches them to origin stories that have xisted for hundreds of years soaking into their subconscious obscuring truth Simply outstanding Inferior How Science Got Women Wrong and the New Research That s Rewriting the Story was also fantastic but
I Think Saini Has 
think Saini has herself hereThis is above all a journalist s xploration on what is happening right now Race science never left it was never gone but it is having a resurgence today Maybe most some scientists have good intentions but the language they use the beliefs and biases they bring to their Having grown up as part of an thnic minority group in London during the 1980s and 90s Angela Saini has first hand xperience of the racism which was rife during these decades Unfortunately after being heavily discredited race science has slowly and insidiously crept back into public discourse over the past 50 70 years During her formative years the murder of Stephen Lawrence in close proximity to her childho. An astute and timely xamination of the re mergence of scientific research into racial differences Superior tells the disturbing story of the persistent thread of belief in biological racial differences in the world of scienceAfter the horrors of the Nazi regime in WWII the mainstream scientific world turned its back on Wanton Nights eugenics and the study of racial difference But a worldwide network of unrepentantugenicists uietly founded journals and funded research providing the kind of shoddy studies that were ultimately cited in Richard Hernstein's and Charl. Od home had a big impact on her and what really stuck in her mind was the difference between someone white being murdered and a black individual it was obvious that fewer resources and time were dedicated to an While My Soldier Serves ethnic minority individual to those who were white But was this due to scientific or societal issuesThis childhoodxperience precipitated Saini s intense interest in the subject of race racial bias and matters surrounding it and this is an ssential and xceptional work which rebuts the idea of racism as a biological issue rather than a social one Not only does she debunk the lie that ineuality is to do with genetics but she goes a long way to proving that it has ಪರಿಸರದ ಕತೆ Parisarada Kathe everything to do with political power It is a fascinating and beautifully written piece which has clearly beenxtensively researched It is a masterfully written topical piece by one of the most trusted science writers of our time and should be on the reading lists of anyone interested in the history and volution of this subject from the beginning of time up to present day Although it is freuently referred to as race science I think the most appropriate and fitting terminology is racist science Many thanks to Fourth Estate for an ARC A good overview of the history of race science I studied a lot of the arlier documents for my own research and they just sounded like such a ridiculous and desperate attempt to justify racial hierarchies Unfortunately this garbage science is coming back in the form of I testing and DNA science The best part of this book was when she covered David Reich s research I would suggest going straight to the source if you re interested His book Who we are and how we got here is xcellent This is a journalistic account of race science where both terms race and science are scrutinised with a sharp ye Saini is uite up front with her own stance that there s no genetic or biological support for racial difference beyond the merest superficialities such as skin pigmentation Driven by the re பொன்னியின் செல்வன் - புது வெள்ளம் emergence of the most pernicious ideologies that many of us thought had beenxposed for what they are by the Holocaust and other race based genocides of the C20th this takes an interesting look at the history of race science and the role it still plays in academic research today however contested and controversialSaini is a relaxed writer always accessible and with a sense of humour that is light but with just the right level of suppressed snarkiness witness the anecdote of the geneticist who proclaims that he s discovered the chop stick using gene in Chinese people Well we laugh but of course it s not much of a jump to go from Chinese people are biologically pre determined to use chopsticks to insidious and horrific claims about racialised intelligence racial hierarchies justifications for slavery the creation of race based underclasses and we re soon back at those looming gas ovens of Auschwitz What is most dispiriting about this book is the The Return of the Carter Boys: The Carter Boys 2 extent to which highlyducated scientists at the heart of the academe in both Europe and the US can cling to old views of racialised genetic predermination and race fate in the face of an almost complete lack of biological vidence for *Racial Difference In Humans It *difference in humans It an important point of course but one which perhaps gets slightly repetitive in this book But perhaps it needs to There are some horribly disconcerting moments such as when we realise that Maria Stopes favoured ugenics to stop the wrong kind of people from giving birth in favour of so
Called Racial Progress Or 
racial progress or the legendary James Watson of Crick and Watson fame was openly racist and sexist and believed that cultural ualities such as Jewish intelligence in the xample given is genetically pre determined It s impossible not to snigger at some of the desperate manoeuvers of race scientists in the 1920s when Greeks Italians and other southern Europeans were being stigmatised as having sub par intelligence one scientist claimed that artists such as Dante Raphael Titian Michelangelo and da Vinci were clearly Nordic as apparently was Jesus A high point too is Saini s digging behind the story from 2018 when the mummy of so called Cheddar Man was discovered and offered the opportunity to profile an ancient Briton to the horror of many not least the UK right wing press Cheddar Man turns out to have been black not white Which considering the fact that humans all migrated out of Africa is hardly surprising Light or white skin is an volutionary development as ancient humans who migrated to less sunny northern Europe needed to maximise absorption of Vitamin D from the sun So much then for all the Brexit associated nostalgia for a mythic white England And of course that s both the point of the book and why it s so important this isn t a light hearted review of old done and dusted attitudes this is about now it s about Brexit and Trump it s about blacklivesmatter it s about the alt right appropriating and mis using science it s about respected scientists and scientific institutions themselves though a marginal number it must be stressed still trying to find the Travis elusive biological basis for race and differentiation and all that follows along with it Many thanks to HarperCollins 4th Estate for an ARC via NetGalley This book isn t written from a neutral perspective and doesn t discuss the scientific research in detail Orven is up to date with latest genetic research and information There is a kind of will to truth We will make this be the truth if we try hard nough Subir SinhaOh how this resonates in our social media dominated fake news society Sinha s uote re. Es Murray's 1994 title The Bell Curve which purported to show differences in intelligence among racesIf the vast majority of scientists and scholars disavowed these ideas and considered race a social construct it was still an idea that managed to somehow make its way into the research into the human genome that began in arnest in the mid 1990s and continues today Dissecting the statements and work of contemporary scientists studying human biodiversity most of whom claim to be just following the data Saini shows us how again and again science is retrof.
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