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The Charmer in Chaps

Julia London à 8 Read

Crazy at the interaction between Luca and Ella when they meet for the first time since high school Ella knows who Luca is the guy who devastated her with one kiss at a school dance But Luca doesn t remember Ella The fact that she now runs or hides every time he sees her is giving him a complex and making him want her all the Luca and Ella do the meet cute scene over and over I never got tired of it They went their own separate ways a few times in the book having to deal with issues on their own What I loved is that Luca never gave p trying and Ella never The Art of War uit denying him He d push forward and Ella would swear she wasn t going to fall for him That flabbergasted Luca No woman had ever denied him that he remembered or made him want her just by being difficult He was so intrigued by Ella I liked that a lotElla isn t fooled by Luca s suave way with women She s not going to fall for him no matter what I couldn t blame her When he thinks of her as the Who from Whoville when he tried to rescue her from car trouble I couldn t stop laughing I can visualize Ella at that moment all frazzled and not her best Luca is such a player as Ella calls him but once you get beyond the layer of the looker he is and find out what s really going on with him he comes off as a lot sensitiveElla s menagerie of pets she denies are funny Luca s reaction to them makes another meet cute Luca is a goof Ella is just as special in her inability to let Luca into her world Their banter back and forth is just adorableLuca seemed like he had it all but his rich world is falling apart and he has well deserved insecurities Ella is a mess but she s strong You put them together and they re exactly what each of them has needed but didn t realizentil nowI also loved Luca s messed Introduction to Cinematography up family especially the outspoken grandma with too many crude stories She was a hoot His mom wasn t likeable at first but she grew on me and became extra special at the endThe second time I read this I had intended to read a few chapters at the beginning then at the end just to firmp my thoughts for the review But I enjoyed it so much that I couldn t stop reading again I had forgotten exactly what was special from the first time I read it I became a highlighting maniac showcasing all that I loved about this novel laughing when I realized I was highlighting page after pageThere s some really good snark like She d always been the moon of a lesser planet at the far end of the galaxy and nothing had changed She knew all about rain checks It never stopped raining Or when getting dressed Ella pogo sticked her way into her jeans Descriptive words like this are threaded throughout the book that really animate the scene for the reader without taking much page spaceOr dialogue that s sharp like this So what you ve bagged your friendship limit Can t take any without paying a hefty fine All those special nuances make this novel continually enjoyable no matter where you re at in the storyThere were a few repetitive thoughts phrases or words sed but I read an advanced copy of the book so those easily COULD HAVE BEEN SMOOTHED OUT IN have been smoothed out in finished copy Even with those small criticisms they couldn t possibly make me dislike the book THE CHARMER IN CHAPS is an entertaining way to relax for a few hours and I want like itThere are so many cute scenes in this novel Not just between Ella and Luca but between their friends as well Author Julia London has the most niue way with words while setting a scene then coming out with something endearing or laugh out loud funny I couldn t The History of the Future uit grinning all through THE CHARMER IN CHAPS because THIS is the type of contemporary romance I love It s filled with the feels Some of them are sad and nostalgic and others are filled with goodness like puppies and rainbows It s really magicalI cannot wait for book two in The Princes of Texas series THE DEVIL IN THE SADDLE available October 29th 2019 That s Luca s twin sister Hallie s story The excerpt at the end of THE CHARMER IN CHAPS is the perfect teaser even though book one already had me anxious for her storyWho knew I d fall in love with contemporary western romance again Thanks to Julia London for snappy dialogue andick wit and all the warm fuzzies from this couple s journey to love Highly recommend this book to anyone who needs to grin like a Cheshire catReview by Dorine courtesy of TheZestuestcom A digital advanced copy was provided by the publisher for an honest review Thanks in advance for following links and sharing this review on social media TITLE THE CHARMER IN CHAPSAUTHOR Julia LondonSERIES Princes of Texas 1RELEASE DATE May 7 2019GENRE Contemporary RomanceTROPES Cowboys Rich Guy Poor Girl FORMAT audiobookNARRATORS Tieran WilderLENGTH 10 hrs and 5 mins RATING 45 STARSCLIFFHANGER NoREAD MY REVIEW ON THE BLOGTieran Wilder does an incredible job narrating this audiobook I loved the Texas drawl she had for all the characters and how she did the male voices With that out of the way let me get to the juicy bitsI love Historical Romance yet I ve never read Julia London s So my First Time With Her Is time with her is contemporary romance kinda odd But cowboys SIGN ME UPLuca is a wonderfully endearing hero who was in general rather easy going and good natured and seemingly mild mannered He is all that but the depth I saw in him was so surprising Especially towards the end but of that later Luca is known for his pursuits of women Nobody knows that he is dyslexic and almost illiterate His restoration efforts of the land his family owns and his goal to become a naturalist are met with ridicule For one he can t read Second that costs a lot of money Money the Princes no longer have despite their elevated status of being one of the richest families in AmericaEnter Ella She had a crush on Luca back in high school after the one kiss they shared at senior prom She has neve. Ster homes Ella Kendall has exactly three things to her name a dog a pig and the rundown house she just inherited Luca may not remember her from high school but she definitely remembers him He is as seductive as he was then but Ella isn't about to fall for his flirting She recognizes a pla. Aww what a great story The story has a lot of similar attributes that we see in a rich cowboy scenario One of them is the girl next doorAfter meeting in high school Ella developed a man size crush on Luca that never faded When opportunity came knocking for her to have her own home that happened to be a neighboring lands with the Prince family she dreaded running into LucaShy and Sanzoku Ou - King of Bandits Vol. 9 unassuming Ella is definitely not one to stand out in a crowd When Luca realized who she was he remembered why she made an impression on him so many years ago but she is not having anything to do with himLuca is not as he seems which is one of the factors I really enjoyed in the story He has his faults and his family supports nothing that he does When his dad passes awaynexpectedly their lives are in turmoilThe story has a lot of similar threads that we see in other western style reads but London does an excellent job separating and creating characters that balance and give the story loads of interest as well as a few social messages tooThere s a lot of highs and lows in the story Good things and bad Struggles and breakthroughs In the end we may get our HEA but it seemed like we had a lot of work to do to get thereSuper sweet story that My First Glitter Book, Colors (Board book) ultimately leaves you feeling great which is something London is known for with her writing style A true blue all American love story Copy received for reviewfull review Sweet dysfunctional small town romanceAh theiet and loudness of a small town is on full display in the first of the Prince family stories Do you know what I mean Small towns with homes spread far and wide a downtown of one full block and people going about their business ietly But open a few doors and you find that people are people critical loving supportive and oh so dysfunctional Including the PrincesLuca is the baby of his wealthy family A bit of a black sheep very much a ladies man but hiding a big secret that has held him back his entire life When his entire family is thrust into life changing events he is determined to overcome it all His way Ella grew p in the same town but with an entirely different Kent Hrbeks Tales from the Minnesota Twins Dugout upbringing No money no family and always trying to hide in the background Growingp in foster care has smashed any hint of rose colored glasses but her long ago crush on Luca may not be entirely gone These characters as well as their Goodbye My Fancy uirky friends and family were so much fun to read A slow burn the buildup was paved in drama and laughter as well as hints of sadness and many barnyard animals In other words real life in all its shades With to come Diane 4 stars The Charmer in Chaps by Julia London is the first book in her new Princes in Texas series I loved reading this sweet romance in a small western town with some great charactersElla Kendall our heroine returns to Three Rivers Texas after her grandmother died and left her a 35 STARSThis one was enjoyable Nothing out of the ordinary A take off on a Cinderella story Sweet HEA Listened to this on audio Excellent narration Reviewed for Romancing the Readers Blog was kinda excited about this new series by Julia London It looked slightly different than hersual stuff so I couldn t wait to try it I was hard pressed to remember if she s written about a cowboy before I d have to go look Since I love me a good cowboy I jumped right in As I mentioned The Charmer in Chaps is the first book in the Princes of Texas series I think THE AUTHOR DID A WONDERFUL JOB OF SETTING UP author did a wonderful job of setting p everyone was and gave you enough about the pcoming characters to want I will start off with the fact that this is one messed How to Stop Your Grownup from Making Bad Decisions (Nina the Philosopher, up family You know they are going to make for good reading I think the way they treated Luca is close to neglect Very bad parenting I ll let you read for yourself to decide but I think you ll agree with me You ll see how just because you are rich doesn t mean your life is wonderful Crap happens no matter how much money you have I really liked Luca Yes he was a playboy who didn t take anything seriously or did he He is full of layers that I m not even sure we got to know about while reading this book I think only Luca could fills in on it all I liked how he took charge of his life even when it wasn t the popular vote At one point he no longer cares what others think and has to do what s right for him I enjoyed Ella but there are times when she got on my last nerve She let everyone influence her and even sometimes talk down to her She had very little confidence in herself and it was reflected in her character There sometimes talk down to her She had very little confidence in herself and it was reflected in her character There times I want to shake her Yes she came from a sad beginning and you sometimes have the be there for those who were there for you but you can t se them as an excuse not to really live Their actions made it easier for her to disconnect I might have has some issues with her but I did like her and her tiny animal haven She s a good person who s loyal to those who don t always deserve it As a whole this was a great start to this new series I can t wait for Luca s brother and sisters stories and what is going to happen with the half brother I also want of the grandma and mother even though I m not always happy with the mom Follow me on received for an honest review THE CHARMER IN CHAPS is meet cute scrumptiousness exactly how I love my romantic reading Lots of flirting and charm overload that made me laugh I needed this couple s happy ever after as much as they didRead the review in full color at my blog TheZestuestcomLuca Prince is clueless sometimes on how to woo a woman He slid by on his stunning good looks a radiant smile and extreme wealth so much that he doesn t even realize he s pathetic But any guy who refers to a woman he admires as the who from whoville when he describes how she looked when he met her is hysterically funny No it wasn t one of Ella s shining moments but Luca is enad anywaysI laughed like. A Texas Prince Meets His Match Cimarron County knows the youngest son of the fabled Prince family as a womanizing hell raiser but Luca has changed and he intends to prove it There's just one problem a woman with sparkling eyes and fight than a barnyard cat After a childhood of living in fo.
R forgotten him so when she returns to her grandmother s house and Luca doesn t recognize her it stings But that s all right She is poor compared to the Princes and would never fit in their orbit anyway But Luca is intrigued and so begins a dance in which Luca pulls and Ella pushes Ella has walls around her heart so high scaling them will bring the reformed hell raiser to his knees Did you fall he asked hearing that he too was a little breathless No she said her voice full of wonder But I almost did I stopped just in the nick of time I loved Luca and Ella s connection Luca s persistence watching him fall it was beauty There were moments that touched me deeply especially when he told Ella about his dyslexia or read in front of an audience I wasn t expecting his pushing back when Ella heard him and I was actually really glad to see that he didn t make it easy for Ella to come back into his life Ella delivered a pretty good grovel though so ltimately their reunion was sweet and welcomeI loved that the author didn t make Luca s dyslexia his defining character trait No this man was so much He was loyal and tender tenacious ambitious and he stood The Highgate Vampire up for himself He loved with all his heart and soul he was a dreamboat and I fell head over heels in love with him So are you falling for me yet Absolutely not she said and kissed his chest Just checking he said and sighed with a contentment that had settled into his marrow Ella was just as I had read several of Julia s highlander books so I was pretty intrigued at what a cowboy story from her would look like I loved Ella and Luca They re both genuinely good people and alike then they know I enjoyed their playfulness and their conversations and how the relationship grew into something naturally There s a pretty good base of characters here and some of them stole the show Grandma Dolly I m looking at you Hopefully we ll get to see of them in the future Plot wise it was okay There were a lot a lot a lot of threads and I m not sure all of them were needed The pages and pages of inner monologue was sort of dense to get through but the dialogue always madep for it I guess I just wanted scenes with Ella and Luca and I wasn t really invested in everything that happened around them Overall it was the two main characters that kept me reading They were so easy to root for and I can t wait to see them in cameos for the next book FYI talk of rape forceful grabbing sexual assault There are no scenes of any of it but something happens off the pageHuge thanks to Berkley for providing the arc free of charge The Charmer in Chaps is a sweet and endearing romance that is sure to past the test of timeElla is an accountant that has struggled with her beginnings in the foster care system She is pulled back to Cimarron County when she is told that her biological grandmother has left her her run down farm in her will Ella jumps at a chance to have something of her own and goes back to Cimarron only to discover that the farm is inhabited by a rag tag collection of misfit animals the house is in worse condition then she thought and she doesn t have enough clients to support herself so she takes a job hostessing at the local restaurant On her way into town Ella s car breaks down for the mpteenth time bringing her high school crush Luca back into her life The only problem even though Luca shamelessly flirts with Ella he doesn t remember Ella at allIt all starts as some harmless attraction but for Luca it turns into so much He sees in Ella That He everything that he in life if he could just convince her he s in it for the long hallThe road is rocky the family dynamics are nuestionable difficult and the collection of animals congregating on Ella s property steal the showI received this ARC copy of The Charmer in Chaps from Berkley Publishing Group This is my honest and voluntary review The Charmer in Chaps is set for publication May 7 2019My Rating 4 starsWritten by Julia LondonSeries The Princes of Texas Book 1Mass Market Paperback 368 pagesPublisher Berkley Publication Date May 7 2019ISBN 10 0451492358ISBN 13 978 0451492357Genre Western Romance Noble This was badits really that simpleI ll start with Ella She was a pretty decent character and had an interesting backstory as a former foster kid but then the author ruined her with how stupid she got around Luca She s supposed to be a tough street smart hardworking woman and she sees him and becomes this vapid obsessed tongue tied idiot Other than his good looks I have no idea why she was interested in him It all just sounded like a weird high school crush that she wanted to relive in her late twentiesLuca was worse He just about screamed rich entitled player with no intelligence He has dyslexia which is fine but it says he s learning to read with a massive conservation textbook He can t read a menu but he s practising with a scientific text This was a stupid inconsistency He only seemed interested in Ella for the first half of the book because she didn t initially throw Herself At Him But What Absolutely Ruined Him For Me at him But what absolutely ruined him for me the fact that he repeats MULTIPLE times that he s attracted to Ella even though she s not the most beautiful girl he s seen he says it about her looks and her body Nope That s not romanticI assume its supposed to make him sound like he wants someone real but it sounds sleazy And the nail in the coffin when he tells her he s going to take her on a fancy date to woo herhe takes her to the same restaurant he takes his other dates where he has a RESERVED TABLE and sual order and just does what he s always done And what does she do Swoons at how fancy and expensive it isThe I write the I find to hate so I ll say one thing and stopevery character was written as if they were 18 years olds not actual mature adultsand I have no interest in 30 year old men acting like teenager. Yboy cowboy when she sees one Luca knows Ella has learned the hard way to trust no one but herself Yet the closer he gets to Ella the he wants to be the only one she leans on Because Ella is the only woman for him and he wants to be the man who finally gives her the home she truly deserves. .