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Proof I Was Here) [E–pub/Pdf] ç Becky Blake

Proof I Was HereBecky Blake s first novel does not disappoint Her main character is such a fascinating woman and I felt as if I was right behind her as she wanders the streets of Barcelona An excellent book that once i started reading couldn t ut down Makes me want to go and visit Barcelona I m torn about this title On the one hand I really enjoyed reading it I Wanted To Keep Reading It And Hurried To Get wanted to keep reading it and hurried to get to it every time I had to Heute Ziehst Du Aus: Roman put it down On the other hand I really disliked therotagonist NikiJane and I get that we don t have to like everyone we meet in the books we read just as in life But it helps I thoroughly enjoyed the gritty reality of Barcelona as it is ortrayed and the commentary on the social and olitical state of affairs that is Spain and broadly the EU I enjoyed the cast of supporting characters those living on the fringes or less of society and creating community and family to support each other confirmation that there are other eually valid modes of existence But back to NikiJane and her circumstances She got awfully tiresome awfully uickly Hypocritcal self absorbed narcissistic Kapriolen Des Schicksals[Roman] privileged with the nerve to call out to judgeeople for the very same things she is and have the nerve to find them wanting And she blames everyone but herself for her situation The woe is me is not appealing at all Yes she s had some crap to deal with in her life who hasn t to some extent or another But she is white educated with friendsfamily behind her to support her and she made a conscious albeit hasty and emotionally charged choice to end up as she is throughout the novel Most of the street The Magnanimous Heart people she ends up associating with would I m sure love to have such choice Literary Fiction that takes a few sharp turns We ve all made mistakes in our life If you ve emerged from your 20s intact I m sure you can recall a handful of times that wow did you make the wrong decision and wow are you fortunate that you emerged unscathedThe main character of Proof I Was Here Niki makes mistakes that willut yours to shame and continues to make themIn short when she is left high and dry in Barcelona by her fiance she stays in the city and becomes a ickpocketSometimes she calls herself a freeganAt best she is a freegan at worst she is a ickpocket but make no mistake best she is a freegan at worst she is a Over Mintmarks and Hot Repunched Mintmarks pickpocket but make no mistake relies on criminality to survive Niki is a character who goes there in the shade of Gillian Flynn Niki is not always a sympathetic characterShe isut upon by life but then takes it out on innocent touristsShe scams them takes their wallet whatever it takes to get 40 EurosYes takes their wallet whatever it takes to get 40 EurosYes want to slap her at times stealing the Euros is not bad but someone s wallet That can set someone backBut you don t slap her you turn the age because Blake s book and Niki s tale are both greatShe collects the ID cards and occasionally uses them when an authority figure asks who she isIs Niki a good erson 80% of the time yes but 20% she is not she is a bad One Day in December person in the most unadorned sense of the wordAnd this is where the book may split the readership in two Do you want to read about a self absorbed 20 something who makes really really bad decisionsSome may not like this but I did because these really bad decisions are uniue I liked how Becky Blake chose not toull any Alamo Story: From Early History to Current Conflicts punchesNiki is not an out and out criminal she ends her crimes at misdemeanors No one really gets hurt because of her except herselfBut Blake does not adorn Niki with a scene toull her characte. Days after she arrives in Barcelona Niki’s world is turned upside down when her fiancé calls off their engagement Unwilling to return to Toronto and face a looming assault charge she turns to li. ,

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R back I like this just like I like Gillian Flynn s characters as they just go in a direction with nothing to ull them backAnd you should read it because if not you ll miss out There s here than just Niki and her bad decisionsThere s Catalan breaking away from Spain there s Out of the Box people who live on the margins and there are themes I ve found in Gabriela WienerFor those of you who don t know Wiener is a South American journalist who writes uite a bit abouteople on the margins In Sexographies she wrote about the strange dynamic of Transsexual Peruvians who are kicked out of their home move to Europe become The First Secret of Edwin Hoff prostitutes inarks and send money back home to PeruIt s a strange dynamic and though Niki and her friends aren t uite like that they certainly find extreme situationsAnd Blake explores it wellSo in short I recommend this book with its extreme rotagonistNiki is a lot of thing but erhaps most of all she is extreme That s what makes her Interesting To Me And I to me and I you will find her interesting as well The great city of Barcelona deserved a better rotagonist than the self centered judgmental girl that it got in this book Gosh if I could slap Niki I would Her inability to recognize her white rivilege is outstanding The entire time she is too País íntim proud to deal with her life so she chooses to be homeless and take advantage of others who are starving homeless and trapped in cycles of violence or shame rather than face her ex i was excited to read this book after reading Becky Blake s two award winning shortieceswritten as a first Under Lock and Key person narrative occurring over a couple of weeks the engaging and exciting story raises thoughts and themes that i think many who have had therivilege to travel likely experience the excitement and romanticism of arriving somewhere new and different the feeling of discovery the self consciousness and erhaps self loathing of being a tourist the attempt to be the distinct and discerning traveller trying to find distinct and discerning traveller trying to find real lace the book also uestions our ties to the Lignin Biodegradation: Microbiology, Chemistry, and Potential Applications: Volume II places we come from and our expectations in ourselves and others when we leave thoselaces seeking respite or some new home elsewherethe Something Wicked protagonist lives these concerns honestly and openly taking risks by choice by circumstance or by necessity that other travels don t can t won t shouldn t take but mightay the edgier tour company to Velvet Ropes (Club Undercover provide them a glimpse of the result is a wellaced adventure that is also sensitive and introspective I must of missed the Freud and His Followers purpose of this novel or I did not get it Woman from CanadaToronto goes to Barcelona where her boyfriend calls off the wedding She stays in Spain but decides to live on the street She commits crime Wait it is OK to destroy the vacations of others who are victims Did not get it So your life was turned up side down by your fiance so you and your friends destroy innocent vacationers fun How is that justified Not a good story Later Keep Reading Novel received courtesy of Goodreadscom First Reads GiveawayBefore Niki moves to Barcelona to be with her fiance she is arrested for shoplifting She s released from jail with a Summons to Appear and leaves the next day to start the rest of her life in Spain Unfortunately when she gets to Peter s apartment he tells her that he just doesn t love her any She leaves the building with nothing but the clothes on her back Over the next several weeks Niki becomes Jane She s a thief a suatter a graffiti artist she. Fe on the streets Living amongickpockets suatters and graffiti artists in a city she barely knows she is challenged to reassess her ideas about family luck and art With the help of a assionate .
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Becomes no one The reader learns that she s had ractice with thievery since she was a child The weeks that she lives on the streets make up the bulk of this novel The eople she meets are eople that many of us walk right ast and consider no ones The reader gets to delve deeply into the characters and maybe learn something about those we don t want to see I didn t think I would like this book but I most certainly did It spoke to me about the eople on the edges of our society and how they got there Whether in Spain Canada or the United States eople do exist at the edges For some the life is a choice for others it s a necessity but each erson is living out their only life in this way The author Becky Blake did a wonderful job of researching the subject and wrote deep believable characters Kudos for a terrific debut novel I loved Becky Blake s Proof I Was Here In fact I think it is in my top five for the year and one of my favourites in a long timeThe writing is uniuely A'dan Z'ye Yaşar Kemal precise and succinct and yet expansively evocative It feels uncluttered and clean while stillroviding a range of detail that captures tone and intent skillfully Sprinkled throughout are lists for lack of a fitting word that describe laces and experiences in terms that engage the senses fully A small example the finer details of the city leaping out at me for a moment the lacy edge of a red fan in a shop window the sweet smoky smell of hot chocolate and cigarettes as a caf door open and closed I felt like I was thereThe book is described as a coming of age story set largely in Barcelona but it felt like much than that to me It was an existential kind of self discovery It OPENS THE EYES REMINDS US THAT the eyes reminds us that are complex that we should be compassionate have an open mind and to live resently letting go of what we can t control The book jacket description left me ambivalent about whether I d like this story it didn t sound like a story I d relate to but having read it now I m sure it s a story we can all relate to I enjoyed it so much become so engrossed in the "characters that I forced myself to ration my reading allowing myself to read it in the evenings only "that I forced myself to ration my reading allowing myself to read it in the evenings only I would have the story with me a little longer There is no better feeling than reading a book and missing the characters the day after you ve finished the story and still wondering about it a week or later This is a must read Proof I Was Here is the erfect title for this fast aced novel in which Nikki erased from the relationship that brought her to Barcelona and now homeless by choice drifts through the city s invisible The Da Vinci Cod: A Fishy Parody parts the world ofickpockets suatters and graffiti artists In her uest of finding herself she wonders about the mark she leaves in the world or in other words the The Collaborative Habit: Life Lessons for Working Together proof that she was here The way her view of Barcelona changes as she sees it through the eyes of theeople who take her under their wing challenges our own conception of the world around us I have never been to Barcelona but in a sense I felt that this novel took me there I was exploring the never been to Barcelona but in a sense I felt that this novel took me there I was exploring the along with NikiJane throughout the story line I could smell the air and imagine the sun on my face I could feel the energy coming from the city s lively inhabitants that she encounters and befriends NikiJane is relatable character and I wasn t ready to say goodbye to her when the book ended I wanted to continue following her just steps behind to see what she was up toagainst next. Atalan separatist who dreams of building a new country from the ground up Niki realizes that starting her life over from scratch could be an opportunity if she can just find a way to clear her na.

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