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Paired with the stunning assumption like writing of CMBYNmixed in with a bit of AHS Coven My mind is fried but I am satisfied also as a masters student I was like AH SO THIS IS WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO BE SEEEEEEEN One of the weirdest fucking books I ve ver read This book is the product child of a love triangle if Mean Girls and Alice in Wonderland fell in love with The CraftIf you like pretentious people in cliues and sacrificial cults and Keepers Compendium exploding heads and truly WTF moments all at the same time getting their MFAs in writing and lit Then this one is for you4 STARS The poets brace themselves for imminent overeducated poverty Samantha Heather Mackey couldn t be of an outsider in her small highly selective MFA program at New England s Warren University She is utterly repelled by the rest of her fiction writing cohort a cliue of unbearably twee rich girls who callach other Bunny But The Man with the Golden Gun (James Bond role-playing game) [Box Set] everything changes when Samantha receives an invitation to the Bunnies fabled Smut Salon Wickedly funny and deliciously dark Bunny is a messed up fever dream that I did not want to wake up fromIt s best to know as little as possible before starting this one I really had no clue what was coming and it was a helluva ride It gets very dark and pretty brutal at times there are some violent scenes However this contrasts nicely with Awad s often hilarious writing and the saccharine characters in their beautifully patterned dresses and heart shaped sunglassesThere s lots of what the fuck just happened moments and at times when I think back over it I m still unsurexactly what was going on at points This would certainly benefit from a reread in the future However Bunny lives up to its reputation of a book described as The Heathers meets The Craft I truly can t come up with a better selling point than that I ve also seen it described as The Secret History meets Jennifer s Body which also seems absolutely perfectSet at an Ivy League university in New England this ticks a number of boxes in terms of location for me It s a book that also seemingly pokes fun at prestigious MFA programs and I feel like Awad has a lot of fun with thatIt won t be a hit for veryone but I m a tad obsessed with this book and would recommend giving it a shot if it appeals to you in any way One of the most uniue and njoyable books I ve read this year 45 stars oooh goodreads choice awards semifinalist for BEST HORROR 2019 what will happenthis book is straight up bonkers seeing this was set at an Schmerzmedizin - 1000 Fragen elite newngland university with an Psychologische Homöopathie. exclusive cliue at its center and seeing it compared to Heathers i went into itxpecting a Megan Abbott yThe Secret History y type of deal full of those dark and toxic currents that define adolescent girlhood where affection shifts into power struggle at the drop of a hat but also featuring a bunch of soulless smarty pants big on ritualistic gatherings and down for some light murder yes and pleasethis is not that which is not to say it s bad AT ALL it s just not what i thought i was getting into it is ALSO not although this is freuently true of other books that it is being misrepresented BY OVERZEALOUS MARKETING YOU SEE IT IS ALSO COMPARED overzealous marketing you see it is also compared The Vegetarian which i have not read but now that i ve looked into that book if i HAD read it i probably would have been less taken aback by what this book actually is which is as previously stated bonkers this is The Secret History through the looking glass carroll s white rabbit split into four xcessively co dependent MFA students and touchy feely and calling ach other bunny operating symbiotically a we ach maintaining calling ach other bunny operating symbiotically as a we R High Performance Programming each maintaining specifically regimented style ofxpression in appearance and craft but otherwise inseparablesamantha our narrator and ntry into this world is the fifth person in the workshop on the awkward periphery of these cooing girls who always seem to be monkey grooming one another and giggling and sparkling all over the place unlike the bunnies who are rich and well assimilated in the jargony twaddle of MFA programs the world over I appreciate the uncertainty the piece gestures towardI just think she could go further into the dream space It s so interesting how she performs and reenacts trauma samantha is planted firmly in outsider territory a scholarship student whose darker themes are called angry mean and distant by the bunnies from whom she seems content to maintain her distance aloof and sarcastically viscerating them from afar alongside her art school dropout bestie ava she of the fishnet gloves and veil the asymmetrical haircut and tattered underwear as outerwear look and then unexpectedly samantha is formally by way of origami swan invited into the bunnies inner circle where she learns an awful lot about creativity process vulnerability and true powerso yeah it s VERY reminiscent of Heathers with its interplay of the frivolous and the dark and the comedic as well as individual and group dynamics but it s just as much molly ringwald and annie potts in Pretty in Pink outsider snark as a weapon against the allure of the wealthy pretty people and the spiritual cost of capitulation which john hughes never addressed but i always inferred and a vision board collage of style and theme that s like Desperately Seeking Susan and Pump Up the Volume and Heathers and 92% of john hughes oeuvre and also oddly the spice girls since the bunnies adopt a particular uirky fashion based persona that sets them apart within their collective personait s not bonkers right out of the gate at first it seems like it s gonna be a fun poking campus novel this book is so funny in its depiction of the MFA world the fetishizations and the relentless cleverness and posturing and critiues which i can only imagine is much worse now as millennials tiptoe thru the triggers trying to make art that offends no one and supplying feedback that is nothing but praise Scala for Java Developers even for the kind of self consciously manufactured glop people like the bunnies produce like the one samantha calls the Duchess who writes inaccessible and cryptic pieces she calls proemstched on panes of glass using a dagger shaped. K as one But verything changes when Samantha receives an invitation to the Bunnies' fabled Smut Salon and finds herself inexplicably drawn to their front door ditching her only friend Ava in the process As Samantha plunges deeper and deeper into the Bunnies' sinister yet saccharine world beginning to take part in the ritualistic off campus Workshop where they conjure their. ,

Super fucking bizarre i loved iti usually don t compare titles to xplain books but i think it s the best way to Vermeer to Eternity explain this one sooooheathers meets the craft meets frankenstein if that sounds like a good time to you READ THIS Okay what just happened hereI ll uote one of the characters toxplain my feelings about Bunny And then I feel like screaming JUST SAY IT TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED TELL ME WHAT THE FUCK THIS MEANSThe publisher s blurb doesn t Heaven to Betsy even begin to capture what happens in Bunny At first I thought I d be reading an R rated version of Mean Girls As I read I found that wasn t uite right so then I thought Okay maybe it s Stephen King do 2 starsThere are those bizarre andxperimental books that manage to be So B. It entertaining transgressive and on occasionven thought provoking And then there are books like Bunny whose weirdness largely rests on overusing the word bunny which appears approximately 350 times one time too many An intentionally silly story that owes to Scream ueens and The Babysitter then Heathers or Mean Girls If you are picking up Bunny thinking that it is some sort of intriguing campus novel you should reconsider given that this book is the anthesis to The Secret History If you are hoping for some sort of absurdist black comedy la Yorgos Lanthimos think again The satirical horror I was hoping to Cabaret encounter in Bunny was largely MIAEach page of this novel tries to be sarcastic byxaggerating the mannerisms and words of certain groups of people in this case a creative writing cliue which made for a weary reading xperience Writing about writing is never an asy ndeavour since there is the high risk that you will remind your readers that they are indeed reading a fictitious work Since the main cast in Bunny is part of a creative writing MFA programwe were constantly reminded of how inane criticism can be The five girls part of this program are apparently only able to write fiction that reflects their personal life or preferencesfunnily nough a lot of the criticism that these characters throw at Trading Places: The Netherlandish Merchants in Early Modern Venice each other s pieces of writing couldasily be aimed at Bunny oh the irony Um what the fuck is this please This makes no sense This is coy and this is willfully obscure and no one but the author will En plein coeur ever get this spoiled fragmented lazy pretentious And then I feel like screaming JUST SAY IT TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED TELL ME WHAT THE FUCK THIS MEANS AND WHAT YOU DID WITH HIM EXACTLY Four of these girls are part of a cliue that is the ultimate parody of cliues From the first few pages they are presented as some sort of hive mind some sort of multi consciousntity Some of their conversations between them as well as the narrator s observations about them could be amusing Although the narrator keeps insisting that she is different aka the only big difference between her and the bunnies is her finances she falls prey to this cliue Personally I don t think the story provides with a convincing reason for the MC to fall in with these girls Even when the Mc sees their most secretive activitiesit seemed that she stayed with them out of laziness or merely as a way to further the plotThe weirdness of this story seems contrived This whole novel seems rather ironically like an xercise for a creative writing class Many of the bizarre lements in this story were predictable and had me rolling my Dance Real Slow eyes The whole book is like a joke that goes on for too long The first few chapters were amusing and the scenes that took place in the creative writing workshop were on point and reminded me of the creative writing module I took in my first year of uni Samantha we re at Warren The mostxperimental groundbreaking writing school in the country This goes way beyond genre It subverts the whole concept of genre And gender narratives And the patriarchy of language Not to mention the whole writing medium It basically fucks the writing medium Samantha Which is dead anyway you know Exactly This is about the Body Performing the Body The Body performing in all its nuanced viscerality Yet soon The Art of Memoir enough the repetitiveness of thesexchanges grew tiresome and THE STYLE OF THE NARRATIVE BECAME INCREASINGLY ANNOYING AND style of the narrative became increasingly annoying and The narrative mimics the language and perhaps vision of this cliue of girls it is sweet sticky and The Day Christ Was Born: The True Account of the First 24 Hours of Jesus's Life extra If you likeating candy floss until you feel sick you might be up for itthe narrative if not the whole story is a parody that lacks subtlety or real witHere at Mini they have many cupcakes in mini but they should have Why don t they have They should have in mini We tell them how they should have in mini and they do not seem to make a note of itThe narrative s style was so repetitive All too freuently words were repeated three times in a row in a cheap attempt to give urgency to the story The plot if we can call it that ven in its wtf moments is tedious The characters and story seem merely a backdrop to this sickeningly sweet and repetitive language hair like feathers tiny pink y small ish hand glossy this and that teensy weensy girls who at teensy weensy foodThis book didn t inspire feelings of panic or fear which I was xpecting given its summaryI was never afraid of these demented girls and their stupid activities A lot of the things seem to just happen to the MC as if she isn t capable of these laughable terrible things from happening insert ye roll here Again I find it ironic that the MC s own writing is criticised for this xact reason Although we could hardly call her a heroine could we I mean could we ven call her that Samantha She s uite passive Samantha isn t she I guess you could argue that this is all intentional The stupid characters the saccharine and repetitive LANGUAGE THE MC S SPINELESSNESSTHESE THINGS COME ACROSS THIS the MC s spinelessnessthese things come across this on purposebut that seems like a cheap Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography excuse to make the lazy and unfunnylements of your story deliberate The worst sin of all is that this book leaves us with a less than favourable opinion about writing and criticismwhich isn t a great message Read reviews on my blog The writing style of this book gives me strange claustrophobia like I had with Normal People. Samantha Heather Mackey couldn't be of an outsider in her small highly selective MFA program at New England's Warren University A scholarship student who prefers the company of her dark imagination to that of most people she is utterly repelled by the rest of her fiction writing cohort a cliue of unbearably twee rich girls who call The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, each other Bunny and seem to move and spea. Diamond she wears around her neck or the work of the one samantha has dubbed Vignette who shares a series of unpunctuated vignettes about a woman named Z who pukes up soup while thinking nihilistic thoughts then has anal sex in a trailer for whom samantha has little patienceI hate Vignette s pieces They are dreary word puzzles I m always too bored and annoyed to solve Each paragraph is a half smile half frown way up its own asshole Also they beg uestions like when on her perilous pirouetting journey from Interlochen to Barnard was shever in a trailerbut of course in a workshop of four hydra like girls and a fawning mentor an outsider does not have the luxury of honestly speaking her mind What do you think Samantha Fosco asks meThat it s a piece of pretentious shit That is says nothing gives nothing That I don t understand it that probably no one does and no one ver will That not being understood is a privilege I can t afford That I can t believe this woman got paid to come here That I think she should apologize to trees Spend a whole day on her knees in the forest looking up at the trembling aspens and oaks and whatever other trees paper is made of with tears in her languid yes and say I m fucking sorry I m sorry that I think I m so goddamned interesting when it is clear that I am not interesting Here s what I am I m a boring tree murderessBut I look at Vignette at Creepy Doll at Cupcake the Duchess All of them staring at me now with shy smiles I think I d like to see of the soup too I hear myself saysamantha herself is not immune to that stereotypically overly fussy brand of MFA writing ven though we don t get to see much of the work she produces for the workshop however as the narrator verything is filtered through her descriptions and the prose is precise overly crafted the reader is bludgeoned with adjectives with a particular The Road From Home: The Story Of An Armenian Girl emphasis on smells pinned into place with poetic words where the bunnies outfits are described invery scene creating a sensory overload that is freuently original and poetic but is sometimes just too much don t get me wrong i loved most of the writing She shivers at the view of the grand trees as if they re not trees at all but something truly vile like all the rosy blond light that seems to forever bathe the campus is about to punch her in the face like a terrible fist of richthere s just a lot of chewy prose here and sometimes it s a description bogand then bonkers Exile and Pilgrim ensuesit s really fun and sharp and shivery with a macabre fairy tale overlay that gives it a uniue spin on the coming of age tale coming of age might seem misplaced considering these are MFA students but they read much younger than their actual age not just the self consciously girly girl bunnies but also in the themes samantha brings to the narrative her awkwardness and loneliness and leftover adolescent self consciousness about fitting in finding her place for all of her ostensible disgust at the bunnies their camaraderie is not without appeal for someone defined by loneliness and survival modembracing of their own otherness it may not have been the book i thought i was going to read but it was a very pleasant surprise and ven though i am being intentionally vague about where this one ll take you i ncourage you to find out for yourself because bonkers is way better than boringthat was unexpected i need to process this because bonkers is way better than boringthat was unexpected i need to process this a little bit review TKcome to my blog HmmmmI have no idea what I just read or how to review it Does that work as a proper review I m not ven going to attempt discussing the plot becausebecause See I truly don t know how to Bizarre strange peculiar unusual are just a few words that come to mind unusual are just a few words that come to mind I had to try and describe this mind fuck of a book It s a very slip streamy type of novel a novel in which type of novel A novel in which ntire time I read I had no idea what was going on and I still don t Not a fucking clueAnd then they hug ach other so hard I think their chests are going to implode I would ven secretly hope for it from where I sat stood leaned in the opposite corner of the lecture hall department lounge auditorium bearing witness to four grown women my academic peers cooingly strangle ach other hello Or goodbye Or just because your so amazing Bunny How fiercely they gripped ach other s pink and white bodies forming a hot little circle of such rib crushing love and understanding that it took my breath away And the nuzzling of ski jump noses and peach fuzzy cheeks Temples pressed against temples in a way that made me think of the labial rubbing bonobo or the telepathy of beautiful murderous children in horror films All ight of their yes shut tight as if this collective asphyxiation were a kind of religious bliss All four of their glossy mouths making suealing sounds of monstrous love that hurt my face I love you Bunny Did I like it I kind of did I can t deny the talent of this author She s a wordsmith without a doubt This book is being compared to Heathers and I think it s an appropriate comparison only this book is so much stranger So much weirder Some of the observations made by Samantha our narrator are downright snarky and hilarious and I was digging the vibe but then it all gets to be a bit too much A bit too out there Cardiovascular Pet: Current Concepts even for a weirdo like me Toward thend of the book I came across this uote in which I highlighted because it summed up my thoughts xactly JUST SAY IT TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED TELL ME WHAT THE FUCK THIS MEANS AND WHAT YOU DID EXACTLY 3 WTF just happened stars Thank you to Edelweiss Viking Books for providing me with a digital ARC in xchange for my honest review Well I didn t like it And I think A Companion to Peter Martyr Vermigli everyone was hitting the crack pipe I m weird and messed upnough without this And it seems like they were blowing up bunnies or some weird shit YeahSo I m climbing out of the rabbit hole and on to the next book Happy Reading Mel BLOG This is the strangest book I ve The Best Four Years: How to Survive and Thrive in College (and Life) ever read but I kind of loved it I recently just read this for a video having absolutely no idea what it was about or what toxpect but I m genuinely surprised by how much I njoyed this I think the other revi. Monstrous creations the dges of reality begin to blur Soon her friendships with Ava and the Bunnies will be brought into deadly collision The spellbinding new novel from one of our most fearless chroniclers of the female xperience Bunny is a down the rabbit hole tale of loneliness and belonging friendship and desire and the fantastic and terrible power of the imagination.

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