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The Vows We Break

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Let s be clear I don t like Kimera since book 1 she s been one of my least favorite characters But where Kimera goes drama follows heats up and boils over Unfortunately the people she loves most Always Bear The Brunt Of Kimera S bear the brunt of Kimera s decisions Some really surprising secrets were revealed that made my mouth drop Unbelievable chaosThis book took me longer to read than the first one It took longer because I had to make myself continue through the unbelievable chaos I can t believe this character Kimmy was created so stupid She has single handedly sit back and watched her entire family friends and relationships get destroyed by her lies and selfish actions She has NO strengths she s weak and just stupid Leo Tina and the marriage is still rotting inside her All the reasons she needs to involve the police is staring her in the face et she refuses to get help Her baby is almost killed she refuses to go to police her best friend warns her to seek help right before the ultimate and possibly final deadly mistake happens Jahmaad didn t the most simple and smartest thing in this book and that was leave her stupid self behind it he d be dead too The baby could have had a safe two parent home if his lying mommas had the decency to put someone else first At this point I don t care what happens to Kimmy as long as her best friend and the baby escapes unharmed I hate that her character started out fun loving but risky go getter to end up stupid and just a dummy I can t take any of her Kimmie is embracing her role end up stupid and just a dummy I can t take any of her Kimmie is embracing her role a new mom She is also trying to find out who the actual father isher current boyfriend or estranged husband Leo In the midst deceit plays a huge role in her relationship so she turns to her parents What she doesn t know is that they re dealing with issues of their ownThe 2nd book in the Unconditional series is proof that New Heights The Beginning After The End you keepour friends close and our enemies closer You can t trust anybody as far as You Can See Them We Also See That Some People can see them We also see that some people so filled with hatred that they will stop at NOTHING to destroy another personI highly recommend this book by bcoleauthor and can t wait to read the conclusion This was a DNF for me at 40%I just didn t like much of the book and then stopped at 40% because i could nt go on any This is the second book of Kimera s story and it shows how all the decisions she made in book one has not only affected her but all the people around her This girl is a habitual liar She lies to EVERY PERSON she meets Yes I just did the black girl clap She is very selfish immature and has not learned anything from her mistakes In book 1 and I uote I must be really stupid Welp she is still stupid I think that it s funny that the author notes that Kimera think she is stupid in both. The divorce was just the beginning Kimera Davis had a plan to jump start her life and land on easy street But a disastrous marriage has her making amends and picking up the pieces It's a struggle to balance her new responsibilit. ,

Stories lol Brianna is still lying and digging deeper holes around her that are completely unnecessary All the while she is trying to point out her boyfriends faults which are really her own faults Girl bye She should have been honest with Jamad because it was always obvious he knew than what she was telling and he kept giving her opportunity to be honest I was glad Jahmad found out the truth because he deserved betterspoilers This part of the review will contain spoilers on Book One Although this is an entertaining story there are some holes in this plot At the end of book 1 Kimera is on the phone with her lawyer when she encounters the whole dangerous situation with Tina and the doctor Also don t forget that Leo showed up as well The lawyer records the whole conversation that exonerates her so why is Tina roaming the streets freely in book 2 Andwhy didn t Kimera call the police the first time she saw her even if Tina did not approach Kimera she still confessed to murder and attempted murder Affectionately known as Kimmy Kimera Davis thought her divorce from Leo Owusu sealed the vault holding a past she so wanted to forget Riddled with faked deaths lies debauchery and family scandals each memory of what that vault contained seared through her very soul Butthe vault scandals each memory of what that vault contained seared through her very soul Butthe vault never sealedIntersecting with the plot and ending of The Wives We Play book 1 The Vows We Break explored the demise of Kimmy s love partner relationship with Leo Owusu while dangling the possible resurrection of another long awaited love affair Narrated by Kimmy the narrative forced me to see the world through her eyes Emotionally strangled by her own web of lies she bares it all to the readerDarn near impossible to put down the pages of The Vows We Break turned themselves Fast paced et smooth engaging and titillating the plot was tightly woven Each chapter cleverly leading into the next featured crisp prose authentic dialogue and dramatic twist Now I saw it coming But I found sheer pleasure in watching it unfoldI cannot wait to read book 3 The Hearts We Burn The Vows We Break is book two in Briana Cole s Unconditional series Ms Cole is still approaching familial and romantic relationships from a Fresh Viewpoint And Does viewpoint and does disappoint in this continuation of her urban romance series Kimera Davis is still up to her old tricks lying and deceiving in order to make a fast dollar her manipulations are putting a strain on all manipulations are putting a strain on all relationships Her games are proving to have serious dangerous conseuences Cole continues to test the bonds of love and family in this second novel of her Unconditional series Once again presenting the dual sides of human nature and giving plenty of drama with unexpected plot twists I give The Vows We Break 4 out. Ies and her ex who keeps pressuring her for another chance All of this has her family scandalized and with her minister father's health suffering trying to do the right thing is pulling Kimera and the only man she's ever really. Of 5 stars I almost dropped my rating to 3 stars because I don t like the main character She s well developed and her story is well written She s just not likeable It s a sure sign of literary excellence when the characters can extract real emotions from the reader good or bad The ending leaves ou wanting and is a perfect lead in to book three in the series The Hearts We Burn which I will definitely be reading My thanks to Kensington Books and NetGalley for the opportunity to read an advance copy of this book However the opinions expressed in this review are 100% mine and mine alone In the Seuel to The Wives we Play Kimera is still messy There are still secrets lies and mayhem Kimera still hasn t learn her lesson and someone close to her unfortunately will pay the ultimate price for that I truly felt sorry for some of the other characters that have to come in contact with her The ending left with a lot of uestions the sad part is that the next book won t be released until Feburary of 2020 and I hate it when it happens like thatThanks to NetGalley and Kensington for an advance copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own Briana Cole s The Vows We Break drew me in from the very beginning I did not realize that this was the second book in a series but that did not stand in the way of me continuing this read I am now in the that did not stand in the way of me continuing this read I am now in the of reading the first book in the series by the way Let me tell ou this book will definitely keep The Same and Not the Same you onour toes And the ending Well it will catch ou by surprise Kimera Davis has made some uestionable decisions in her life In the end though all she wants is to be with the man that she loves However trust is a necessary element for a relationship and it is causing some problems Needless to say this lends itself to making life interesting between these two as they work to have a relationship You know that there always has to be something or
to make things just a difficult In this case it is both Kimera just can t seem to catch a break not to mention those around her continue to suffer conseuences because of her choices Pick this book up and dive in I guarantee ou won t regret it Thank Cinnamon and Elephants: Sri Lanka and the Netherlands from 1600 (Rijksmuseum country series) you to NetGalley Briana Cole and Dafina Books for the opportunity to review this book The Drama is getting High Wow part 2 iswhat can happen next Kimora just cant stop with the lies She forgets it s not just her that is getting hurt though her lies and secrets Alot went on in this book and trust me it s to come the drama dont stop but it will all come to lo right Like they say what happens in the dark will show in the light or in due time Briana Coleou are getting my attention in each book I read in this series bi want so let me end this review and start book 3 Thank Valkea kuin lumi yo. Loved further and further apart But as Kimera's bad luck piles up she senses there's something than faulty decisions at play Someone's playing a desperate dangerous game with her life and she'll have to win if she wants to survi.