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Ice Ghosts: The Epic Hunt or the Lost Franklin Expedition

Matthew Ward î 8 review

Legacy of AshMuch can change in time said Anastacia Truth becomes hope and hope becomes legend What was wild becomes settled and ear lives on as prejudice People remember where history orgets Legacy of Ash is the The Catholic Home: Celebrations and Traditions for Holidays, Feast Days, and Every Day first instalment in the aptly titled Legacy Trilogy by Matthew Ward This book is a tome to say the least rounding up at 764 pages this is one hell of an ambitious epicantasy and one that completely enchanted meTo give a brief outline of what the book is about is somewhat of a challenge as the narrative slowly builds up to become uite complex but here I go anyway The Tressian Republic strive to conuer their neighbouring lands in the south a Phoenix has arisen to lead the people of the Southshires towards a battle Green Metropolis: The Extraordinary Landscapes of New York City as Nature, History, and Design forreedom However when the Phoenix is slain hope dies with her and all that s left is a legacy of The Magic Cake Shop failure We then moveorward to ifteen years later and the Prince of Hadari plots to set his army upon the lands of the Tressian Republic to urther his rule and secure his seat on the Emperor s throne His eye is set upon the land of the Southshires to the town of Eskavord Josiri and Calenne the children of the infamous Phoenix imprisoned within the walls of Branghall castle must ind a way to continue their mother s uest or Beauty is a Verb: The New Poetry of Disability freedom and liberate the people of Eskavord not only against the oncoming Hadari but also breakingree rom the Republic With Jo LEGACY OF ASH begins in the middle of a hotbed of action and events that have already taken place to set up the current situation The Tressian Republic has accomplished much and acuired a good amount of territory leading up to this point However they are threatened on their southeastern border by the upstart Hadari Empire The Hadari have been waiting patiently or the opportune time to strike and by all reasoning this seems to be that timeSituated between the warring Tressians and Hadari are the people of the Southshires The inhabitants of this land at one time attempted to rise up against the Tressians and were eventually thwarted by the Black Knight Viktor Akadra and the army of the Republic Now the Southshires inds itself a protectorate of This was epic in the true sense of the word Just because a book is long doesn t necessarily mean it will use a wide angle lens to view the world There can be extremely lengthy books with a very narrow scope This is a book that tried to show you every angle possible Each character had their own schemes plots motivations background and reasons to get behind one leader or another Sometimes their loyalties weren t as strong as they appeared to be not even amongst amily members All of that came together to make this a very dense complex and intricate kind of book There was a long learning curve to this one but I believe the pay off was sufficientIf you enjoy stories like Abercrombie s where you get to see all sides of a war and with than just two sides to a war this book could be The Mother Zone for you Unlike Abercrombie however these characters aren t uite so dark grey and uncomfortable Iound it easier to relate to these characters than say Glokta the professional torturer Since it s easier to root or them it actually made it harder and tense or me when The Poke Cookbook: The Freshest Way to Eat Fish five of them show up on a battlefield ready to slaughter each otherTwo of the main POVs are siblings their mother was killed 15 years ago in aailed rebellion Ever since then the North and the South have been at odds with each other The brother Josiri is in love with a witch it could lead to his execution He s also tryin I enjoyed this LEGACY OF ASH is another debut coming out this year that s certainly worth a look if you re into slightly historical eeling epic antasy It s an interesting mix it was pitched to me as A GAME OF THRONES meets Bernard Cromwell and I don t think that s too The Somme: Heroism and Horror in the First World War far off the mark It has great worldbuilding and a big cast that allows the story to stay detail oriented while maintaining uite a wide scope There s plenty of politics and backstabbing and generally terrible people to hate and also good people having toace hard choices and sometimes making mistakes as a resultDespite the GoT comparison one of the Sicilian Lives first things I noticed was that LEGACY OF ASH doesn t go near the explicit material in George RR Martin s series If you would have otherwise enjoyed Game of Thrones but were put off by itsairly liberal use of sex and swearing this book could well be perfect Tattoo a Banana: And Other Ways to Turn Anything and Everything Into Art for youI should also mention that to begin with I wasn t sure that LEGACY OF ASH was going to grab me not because it s poorly written the writing s great and not because it takes a while to get into the plot it doesn t but simply because there are a lot of different point of view characters and the story starts switching between them uite uicklyrom the get go That s actually going to be a positive or a lot of people and of course there s the one rather popular series I ve already mentioned that does exactly this But I the one rather popular series I ve already mentioned that does exactly this But I to note it or other readers like me who generally The Protestant Temperament find thisormat a little harder to get into Both to orewarn them that it s written in this style and to assure them that I enjoyed it anywayOnce I got my head around the setting and the relationships of the characters to one another though the story really did draw me in It s uite a big book my preview copy had to be split across two separate volumes but it moves at a solid clip There are some nice twists
both the plot and the of the characters often moved in directions I wasn t necessarily expecting I very much liked the ending too which is always important All in all an absorbing read My thanks to Orbit Books Netgalley and the Author Matthew WardI have a love or Epic Fantasy and Grimdark Because I love it so hard I don t read too much of it and when I do I m exceedingly picky This was Epic Fantasy at its The Radiant Child finest I m truly amazed by now much I loved thisirst book It had a large cast of characters but not so many that you end up wondering who is who I loved the characters mostly I especially loved the magics Both dark and light and am looking orward to seeing Also this irst book of the trilogy had a solid ending I was satisfied and can t wait The Internet of Us: Knowing More and Understanding Less in the Age of Big Data for the next 2 books I could wish my life away with all the wishing I do Right now I m wishing it was November 2020 That s when book 2 is published Iteels like a long time since I ve last read a big chunky epic antasy book set in a pseudo European medieval setting Which is wild when you think about it seeing as these types of books are still so often the most recommendedBut reading Legacy of Ash managed to stir up a little bit of nostalgia in me It was a similar sort of eeling to that of eating a really good meal that reminds me of your parent s cooking The restaurant might use Tempting Eden fresher ingredients than you would haveound at home and if you re honest with yourself it might even be a little tastier but there s enough of a similarity there to tug at these memor. Legacy of Ash is an unmissable Talking to Dragons (Enchanted Forest Chronicles, fantasy debut an epic tale of intrigue and revolution soldiers and assassins ancient magic and the eternal clash of empires A shadow hasallen over the Tressian RepublicRuling amilies once protectors of justice and democracy now plot against one another with sharp words and sharper knives Blinded by ambition they remain heedless of. .
E your amily Malachi No one is poorer than a man who knows his wealth only when it s lost Unfortunately I have to admit that the characters took a long time 200 pages Three Times the Love for me to memorized andeel invested in without looking at the drammatis personae As expected of an epic The Drowning Man fantasy there are a lot of names not just characters to remember here but Ielt like they re delivered to the readers too rapidly that it made the names harder to stick Plus Ward s storytelling style occasionally switches between using The Bride of Willow Creek first last name and nickname of each character that it gets even harderor them to be easily recognizable For example Revekah Halvor is called Revekah in one paragraph and she s instantly called Halvor in the next and then back to being called Revekah again Another example the name of the divinities Ashana the Hadari Goddess of the Moon is known as Lunastra in Tressia and Lumestra Tressian Goddess of the Sun is known as Astarra in the Hadari Empire This style done GREAT INVESTMENT, THE for many characters repeatedly gets confusing easily The rough beginnings with the names aside my investmentor the majority of the characters were definitely there Legacy of Ash has no shortage of well written lawed characters The characters and relationship developments between the cast elt believable Also I would like to add that Ward writes great The Lively Art of Writing female characters Have I mentioned that Ward has written one of the most despicable in a good wayor the story evil ueen to ever exist on a antasy book Seriously watch out or Ebigal Kiradin She s utterly abhorrent selfish and manipulative she pretty much made Cersei Lannister virtuous in comparison And I love it Ebigal made the politics in the book so much engaging and intense and she has the role of becoming a huge driving actor in the second half of the book The irony of order is that it oments indiscipline In seeking to control all we survey we invite anarchy The world building was intricate and I loved how Ward has interwoven the myth and history of the world into the current conflicts that the characters aced The magic was lethal and it still has room or explorations in the seuels I ve mentioned that Ward writes battle scenes that are similar to Bernard Cornwell s style at the beginning of my review and this notion was irst proven in the big action seuences that happened halfway into the book it closed the irst half of the story terrifically Both the characterizations and setup in the irst half played a significant role in making the almost hundred pages long war scenes intense vivid and unputdownable Honestly the battle that occurred in the middle section has all the potential of becoming a inal concluding chapter of a particular book Ward did this twice Ward closed the second half with another huge battle scenes that are brimming with tension and high stakes It s myth One step removed The Leadership Gap: What Gets Between You and Your Greatness from story And stories have only the power you give them It does no harm to listen As much as I would LOVE to recommend this debut to everyantasy reader I think it would be beneficial The Leadership Gap for the book itself that italls into the hands of readers who are clearly devout epic Zero to Five: 70 Essential Parenting Tips Based on Science (and What I've Learned So Far) fantasy readers Immensely remarkable and huge in scope Ward concluded Legacy of Ash on a high note making his debut a definite must tryor epic Serenity Role Playing Game fantasy enthusiasts I seriously have no idea where the story will gorom here the book Save the Cupcake! felt like a large standalone with almost every plot threadinished already but I m intrigued to Tressed to Kill (Southern Beauty Shop, find out about what Ward left in store in his visionYou can order the bookrom Book Depository Free shipping You can ind this and the rest of my reviews at Novel Notions Fantasy doesn t get any legendary or epic than Ward s Legacy of Ash You want ancient kingdoms doing battle You got it *You want heroes and heroines in rebellion against the boot of the oppressors Here it is You want magical powers *want heroes and heroines in rebellion against the boot of the oppressors Here it is You want magical powers dark so mysterious so twisted You can barely comprehend its limits You ound itThe payoff in terms of a satisfying epic adventure is magnificent However patience must be counseled on the treacherous journey The cinder block referred to as a novel is near eight hundred pages And it is illed with so many characters and subplots and twists that it s hard to keep the players straight without a scorecard Think of it as the lengthy setup on the chessboard before all the action starts Bear with it because it will all make sense eventually and you ll be thunderstruck at how uickly the pages turn and how little sleep you ll get In terms of worldbuilding Legacy of Ash dies a great job without ever ully spelling out the past histories of either the Republic or the Empire or the rebellious provinces Even mysterious is all the magic both dark and light magic and how ully the purveyors of magic are twisted and bent to the darkness Who controls whom and how ancient are the powers And who are the crows and crowmarketAnd the Kraikens are among the most mysterious things in the novel man made behemoths or siege engines imbued with magic They seem in some sense out of place here The characters are not only numerous but are complex with ever changing motives and loyalties Don t think you know how all the orces are arrayed and to whom loyalty is owed on the everchanging chessboard Here pretty much all the main characters are classic lawed heroes who are blinded by grudges by the burdens of the past by hubris and by delving deep into orces they cannot begin to comprehend Viktor is of course the invincible warrior but he slew the Phoenix the hope of the South and it s a burden he can never relinuish He is also ar My thanks to Orbit Books Netgalley and the Author Matthew Ward I have a love or Epic Fantasy and Grimdark Because I love it so hard I don t read too much of it and when I do I m exceedingly picky This was Epic Fantasy at its inest I m truly amazed by now much I loved this irst book It had a large cast of characters but not so many that you end up wondering who is who I loved the characters mostly I especially loved the magics Both dark and light and am looking The Gingerbread Man and the Leprechaun Loose at School forward to seeing Also thisirst book of the trilogy had a solid light and am looking orward to seeing Also this irst book of the trilogy had a solid I was satisfied and can t wait The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School for the next 2 books I could wish my life away with all the wishing I do Right now I m wishing it was November 2020 That s when book 2 is published Thanks to Hachette Audio Librofm the author and the narratoror an #ADVANCE LISTENING COPY OF LEGACY OF #listening copy of Legacy of Legacy Trilogy 1 in exchange The Cutting Room: A Novel of Suspense for an honest review Receiving this ALC did not influence my thoughts or opinions on the novelGeorge R R Who A sprawling epicilled with multi dimensional characters political intrigue intense magic and large scale battles Legacy of Ash is sure to be at the top of many Best of lists in 2020 A perfect blend of Martin s A Song of Ice and Fire and Bernard Cornwell s The Last Kingdom If you enjoy epic antasy in any capacity whatsoever make sure this one is on your wish listNow before. Ks only to break ree of their tarnished legacy; to escape the expectation and prejudice that haunts the amily nameAs war spreads across the Republic these three must set aside their differences in order to save their home Yet decades of bad blood are not easily set aside And victory if it comes at all will demand a darker price than any of them could have imagine. .