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Fire in Her Eyes45 Stars 3 Steam Fans I have been wanting a female "dragon story in this series and Ruby did not fail me "story in this series and Ruby did not fail me was discussed in the ast book because #She Was Attracted To Gabe Who Was #was attracted to Gabe who was big part of the Awakening Spaces: French Caribbean Popular Songs, Music, and Culture last book but not a main character Ioved that we knew Teva and Gabe have a connection but it was in no way an easy connection I can only hope dragons speak to Ruby Dixon for stories in this series I Wouldn T Even Be t even be a time jump for a few books about the possible children from our known couples I really Edge of Venomverse love this seriesThis specific video review will be included in the August 2019 wrap upFor other video book reviews check out my YouTube channel Steph s Romance Book TalkReview may be edited at aater date I m just going to be honest here I m not entirely sure I enjoyed this Parts were entertaining even funny Other parts were unnerving and took me out of any comfort zone I was in I alternately Alliance Rising: The Hinder Stars I (Alliance-Union Universe) liked Teva and felt sorry for her Gabe was extremely unlikable to me So maybe 3 stars but that s probably being generous This is definitely my favourite book in this series so far Loved the change in storyline with Teva being a female dragon Really hope we get stories for female dragons For some reason I stopped reading this series after the 3rd one But when I came to know in this book heroine is the dragon I was intrigued And I m soooo glad I read this I absolutely adored the heroine She was both fire and vulnerability She was bold fierce and protective Just what I imagined a drakoni women will be Author wrote her so well She alsooved babiesSame goes for the hero He had all the human ualities He was some part uncertain modern free spirited kind and kinda of sweet plus dominant Like I said the characterization was done so wellTheir main problem was very much realistic and I enjoyed how the hero solved it I iked all the pets introduced and how taken the heroine was with babies This is a very entertaining and hard to put down kinda book Recommended For months I've been chased by a red dragon They're the females of the dragon shifter invaders fierce and vicious and as ruthless as they are. His book was a sweet Body by Darwin: How Evolution Shapes Our Health and Transforms Medicine little read Nice to switch to a female dragon Gabe was a fantastic H and Teva managed to be a fierce dragon butovely human I was to my utter surprise disappointed with Fire In Her EyesFirst off its characters didn t call to me Blue Guide like in previous stories Gabe was most of the time just a dick in a good guy disguise And Teva was horribly bland for a dragonSecond off the previous book ended up with on such great revelation I expected this story to move miles and miles in the main plot but instead of a full filling soup I got a teaspoon ofukewarm salted water 1 I swear that if this dude will say baby girl one time I will strangle him2 Two books before we find out that there is some big danger That it is coming to the Earth from the Dragon world through the Rift and now it is not even mentioned Again Not just in the book before but in this book is nothing too about it Really 3 This book wasn t ike the rest of the series where we always had dragon male human female so I was curious "about this book cause we finally got dragon female human male Unfortunately I have to admit after this I ike "this book cause we finally got dragon female human male Unfortunately I have to admit after this I Birth and Fortune: The Impact of Numbers on Personal Welfare like other way around dragon male and not human male I guess I don t know how to explain this but the dragon female was kinda meh The whole book was somethingike too much dominant macho stuff4 I felt zero chemistry5 I oved this series #so I am really sad to say that it went downhill since the 5th book #I am really sad to say that it went downhill since the 5th book even the 4th book225 4 At ast StarsThis was really good A Calvinists Incorporated: Welsh Immigrants on Ohio's Industrial Frontier lot of inner monologue with Teva but still very good I hope of the girl dragons find their mate Happy reading Soooooo twiddles thumbsI m solely here to acknowledge the smutIf you know you know chef s kiss I m a relatively recent but now devoted Ruby Dixon Fan having read aot of her backlist and oving them all Sure some don t resonate as much with me as others but that s just how reading goes sometimes you click sometimes you don t but I ve never read anything of hers that I hav. Wild She hunts me wherever I go and I'm not safe even behind the walls of a fort There's only one thing I can do to stop her And that's to

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En t at east really enjoyedI was super excited to see how the drakoni and human mateship would work with a female drakoni Their need to be conuered in battle to mate made it Their need to be conuered in battle to mate made it ike it would be almost impossible How would a human male take on never mind conuer a female in battle form So to see how Ruby would do this was a very strong pull on this bookThen I did the stupid thing and read a few reviews just to get a feel for it Many reviews I read said that they enjoyed the book but wouldn t read it "AGAIN OR DNF WHY APPARENTLY GABE HUMAN MALE HAVING "or DNF "Why Apparently Gabe Human Male "Apparently Gabe human male conuer Teva drakoni female was just too heavy and sensitive for the readers So since I m not really into the whole BDSM scene I was a bit wary going inAll I can say is that I m a stupid idiot for not just reading and making up my own opinion I will preface this with everyone is different and has different sensitivities I completely understand this But as someone with no real triggers I have to say that I have read heavier stuff in the old 8090s MillsBoon Without spoiling anything how Gabe conuers Teva is really uite clever And for the whole dominance thing it really wasn t a ot than many modern mainstream contemporary and paranormal romances Maybe a touch but there were certainly no whips and chains and certainly no abuse I really enjoyed following this romance from a female drakoni point of view It was a Building for the Arts: The Strategic Design of Cultural Facilities lot different from the previous stories and so it should women think aot differently to men regardless of speciesSo my advice is to not read the reviews and unless you have a sensitivity to dominant male but no BDSM or violence of any kind relationships then I d suggest you give it a go I wouldn t recommend reading any of the Fireblood Dragons as a standalone they are too interconnected and the story is developed in each book Honestly you d probably be ost and confused if you just picked up a book out of order and that would ruin the whole reading experience and these books are too good to ruin. Ake her as my mate But to win the heart of a female dragon I have to conuer her first Not so easy for a human manbut Teva's worth the challen. .