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[Kindle] The Heir Affair

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Of death and injury from warLet me start this off by saying I really wanted to like this book Like REALLY wanted to love itI just read The Royal We last week and adored it I rated it 5 stars But this oneThe Royal We had insane drama but I nded that book feeling happy and hopeful And while that was what the authors wanted you to feel here instead I left this book feeling anger and annoyance Honestly I m just so angryWhat I liked1 There is no denying that the writing is fabulous It keeps me ngaged it s asy to read but never does it feel juvenile Even when I was furious I was speeding through it2 There were some really cute moments All of the Cubs game moments were just incredible and I say that as a Mets fan3 There were some really cute Bex and Nick moments Cubs game obvs and I really do think we got to see them grow together and work through some stuff4 I grew to really love ueen Eleanor for the most part5 As always Gaz was amazingThat s honestly it Five minor things And five things that weren t that prevalent to be honestWhat I didn t likePotential SPOILERS ahead I block the real spoilery things that give away plot but it s possible you might find something I didn t block to be spoilery You ve been warned1 I hate how Freddie was so angry at Nick and blaming him for leaving And Freddie was my favorite character in The Royal We ven though I hated what he did at the nd but wow He was just infuriating in this book You screwed up Freddie Big time If I was Nick you d be dead to me Yet you have the AUDACITY To Act As If You act as if you the harmed party here because you had to deal with the fallout of as if you are the harmed party here because you had to deal with the fallout of actions alone Take and stop blaming others Then I also felt like he was willing to welcome Bex back but unwilling to forgive Nick which was ABSURD Their childish competitions were just ridiculous and made me hate both of them a little I got where Nick was coming from but it pissed me off with him too2 I honestly did not feel like Bex had feelings for Freddie in The Royal We Yes. And family and A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, escaping the world's judgmentalyes feels like the best way to protect their fragile all consuming romanceBut when a crisis forces the new Duke and Duchess back to London the Band Aid they'd placed over their problems starts to peel at the d. .

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The Heir AffairThis is a seuel to The Royal We but I was honestly hoping their next book would be about Freddie meeting his wife insteadBlog The Bookish Expedition and Instagram moonspree The Heir Affair picks up with The Royal We left off so if you haven t read The Royal We yet you ll want to read that before reading this one or you ll be totally lost and will be missing a lot of context I was xcited to jump back into the world Bex Nick Freddie and their friends The first book Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies ended on a note that left thending open for readers to use their imagination but also left it closed nough to where a seuel wasn t necessary so I was very xcited to learn there was a seuel coming out While The Royal We was filled with lighthearted romance and friendship with a little drama thrown in The Heir Affair felt the opposite Overall the seuel took a darker turn and focused on family drama strained relationships and marital hurdles I really felt for Bex as it seemed like she couldn t catch a break While that was not what I The Power Of A Choice expected going into the book it wasn t necessarily a bad thing Based on the way thingsnded in book one it was to be xpected that things wouldn t be totally peachy keen in it was to be xpected that things wouldn t be totally peachy keen in two That said it felt like the book could have been a little bit shorter Some of the main plot points seemed to stretch on a little too long and could have been resolved in a uicker concise manner while still getting the same motions across to the reader That said I still njoyed The Heir Affair as a nice summer read and would recommend this to anyone who read and njoyed the first book If you haven t read the first book but are interested in the Royal Family and their relationships definitely pick this series up I nded up rating and their relationships definitely pick this series up I Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling ended up rating one 4 stars I d like to thank Grand Central Publishing for my copy of the book It was my pleasure to provide an honest unbiased review Thank you Grand Central Publishing for a free copy inxchange for an honest review Trigger Warning on page miscarriage talk of marital infidelity talk. After a scandalous secret turns their fairy tale wedding into a nightmare Rebecca Bex Porter and her husband Prince Nicholas are in self imposed Monsieur Pain exile The public is angry The ueen isven angrier And the press is salivating Cutting themselves off from friends.