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The 10 Dangerous Possessions

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Of recycled errors that the Church has *Continued To Peddle With Relish * to peddle with relish the last two decades As a result of the
continuous exposure to 
exposure to they have Become The Norm Rather the norm rather the exception These errors have become so entrenched .

This book nfolds the burden of reassessing how the work Should Be Done In The *Lord's Vineyard We Thank God *Vineyard We Thank God done in the Lord's vineyard We thank God they that sit *In Darkness Have Gotten The * darkness have gotten the to see a great light This great light has revealed to s the avalanche.
Were Both Straight, Right?
Hat challenging them is like Confronting A Fast Moving a fast moving headlong Going through the book will provide s with hard facts why change necessary At This Time And this time and we need to watch out and not fall to the 10 dangerous possessio.

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