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Ctures with 2 lines of rhyming text They are like little advertisements RV is the product it must be the universal solvent and each add is totally different and absurd I appreciate the humor but it could have been better art Scenes de Ballet 3These are one panel pictures with a scene from a ballet in them THEY ARE AMUSING I LOVE HIS STUFF WITH THE are amusing I love his stuff with the There isn t a whole lot here His costumes and artwork are amazing and some of them remind me of Erte who I also love so it s a great blend Creativity 28 drawings of elephants in different and uniue ways Not much hereAnother Random Walk 2This little story is composed of 4 frames on one page each with a line of text Short and sweet it is Some men get the idea to open a shop that has 1 item

For Sell A Day 
sell a day is in color I m rather neutral about it Christmas Wrap Up 2 HolidayA colored one paneled picture of a family with their giant potted plant that they are wrapping with Christmas paper It s all it is Not much hereThe Admonitory Hippopotamus or Angelica and Sneezby 2 poetryGorey has written a 3 page poem here about a Hippopotamus who seems to keep this woman out of trouble She never learns from her mistakes which make it sound like she murders steals and other things The hippo warns her and she flees She dies at 86 and the Hippo carries her away It was strange and interesting but it didn t move me or really engage my mind Tragedies Topiares 3Another series of postcards with the theme being shaped shrubs in the shape of bathtubs cannons and other things The words are French and I assume we can figure them out by what the picture is about There isn t a caption for this set People do die in this one as well He loves his details in his artwork The man was an odd bird which is why he has such a fanbase I m sure Serious Life A Cruise 3Another little story in color This is two pages of 8 pictures tell the story of a woman falling for a man and his mustache only to find out everything about the man is fake and the woman throws herself overboard C est droll I suppose This is like a passing thought it s there and gone and really you don t remember it again I didn t think much of it La Malle Saignante the Bleeding Trunk 3This is told in both French and English I do wonder if he was fluent in French as he uses French throughout his works I assumed he knew enough but this piece makes me think he knows his French This story also feels like an opera The story doesn t make sense either The end does not seem to match the beginning We start with a women running from an alligator in the sewer She exits into a street brawl and then goes looking a street brawl and then goes looking the ambassador She goes to see her father and confusing characters oin us She dances with a baron and the ambassador doesn t show up and the story seems to end in the middle of it It feels like this wasn t finished to me I wonder if this is like an unfinished work I ll have to look it up The artwork is hyper detailed It s beautiful The story is senseless and not really funny either This is an odd one I don t know what to make of it This collection of Amphigorey again has been disappointing There have been a few good stories while the rest disappoint The Izzard Book 4This is unfinished There are 3 4 frames at the end with bare outlines of the picture The words are under the pictures but 2 of them are completely blank The rest of them are beautifully detailed pictures This is about the letter Z and Edward found all these historical words beginning with Z that we don t hear of often and did a little depiction of them I love learning new Z words Zadkiel is an angel There is Ziph Zingaro Zenobia Zuleika Zwieback Zeno Zmyrna which is an epic poem with only 3 surviving lines Zeugma a figure of speech There is Zenodotus the head of the Alexandrian library Zeuxis Zosimus and lastly Zetetic Those are some good words There were others that I knew of It s too bad he didn t finish this one Zosimus and Zetetic are both blank I enjoy his wordplay in stuff like thisThis is the last of Amphigorey Again. Cenes de Ballet Verse Advice The Deadly Blotter Creativity The Retrieved Locket The Water Flowers The Haunted Tea Cosy Christmas Wrap Up The Headless Bust The Just Dessert The Admonitory Hippopotamus Neglected Murderesses Tragedies Topiares The Raging Tide The Unknown Vegetable Another Random Walk Serious Life A Cruise Figbash Acrobate La Malle Saignante and The Izzard Bo.

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This collection of Edward Gorey s work contains The Galoshes of Remorse Signs of Spring Seasonal Confusion Random Walk Category The Other Statue 10 Imposible Objects The Universal Solvent Scenes de Ballet Verse Advice The Deadly Blotter Creativity The Retreived Locket The Water Flowers The Haunted Tea Cosy Christmas Wrap Up The Headless Bust The Just Dessert The Admonitory Hippopotamus Neglected Murderesses Tradgedies Topiaries The Raging Tide The Unknown Vegetable Another Random Walk Serious Life A Cruise Figbash Acrobate La Malle Saignante The Izzard BookEdward Gorey has too fairly distinct styles in his work One I call the spooky style which is not necessarily realistic but so than the cartoony style While the different styles evoke widely different feelings #FOR ME AT LEAST THE SPOOKY STYLE ELICITS MANY #me at least the spooky style elicits many of general spookiness whereas the cartoony style is ust weird However the actual artwork between the two styles similar in many regards The best objective way I have for telling them apart is by looking at the eyes of the people If they are round circles with pupils drawn in than it is the cartoony style However if the eyes are either hidden or only dots or slits then it is in the spooky style I Think That Gorey Is think that Gorey is known for the spooky style for example that is what the The Gashlycrumb Tinies is in However much of his work is also in the cartoony style Most of the works in this book are in the cartoony style and I was in the mood for his spooky style So that was a little disappointing because I was looking for of that spooky gorey flavor But over all this book was thoroughly entertainingThe book ends on a bitter sweet note by including the Izzard Book a list of words and names beginning with Z accompanied by portraits Many are there but the finished details of the portraits give way to sketches and the sketches give way to blank frames Apparently this is what Edward Gorey was working on when he diedI read this book because I had ust read Amphigoreys and really dug it Upon entering that into goodreads I saw that there were in fact other Amphigorey books Then while walking down the street I saw a hardcover edition of this book in a used book store window It was a great deal so going with my spooky themed books for October marathon I decided to read it Fruitcake was sawed in blocks and sentTo Havens for the IndigentWhere it was used for scouring floorsAnd propping open banging doors The very end was rather melancholy but I think Agowy Erderd Ogdred Weary Wee Graddory and all their friends would have been pleased by thatThe helpful thought for which you lookIs written somewhere in a bookIt s well we cannot hear the screamsWe make in other people s dreams The Ambiguous Ottoman A cautionary tale for incautious timesLobstergirl had been erratic They found her dangling in the atticGiltinan while doing mathDropped a toaster in the bathManny made a woeful face No one heard him scream in spaceCeridwen was full of prideWhen she was finally zombifiedMy Flesh kept singing outOnly to be clobbered by a loutDaniel was a well known cadWho made a mobbed up husband madStephen needed cheaper thrills He overdosed on caffeine pillsJessica was very rash A passing boater heard the splashEric washed up on some rocksThe victim of a paradoxMeredith was deep in tortsAnd didn t catch the news reportsRose was nibbled by piranhas Sic semper tyrannisEh pissed off her Portland peersWith her pseudonymous smearsBuck churned out some crappy verseHis friends pursued the fleeing hearseNote if I didn t include you it s only because you have an unrhythmical name or because I was too lazy to continue Or because I actually like you This posthumous collection scrapes up the final works of Gorey along with the assorted odds and ends that appeared in various periodicals While the works on display in this final collection don t have the same polished wit and virtuosity of earlier collections they still make for a breezy and delightful way to pass an hour I particularly loved Neglecte. This latest collection displays in glorious abundance the offbeat characters and droll humor of Edward Gorey Figbash is acrobatic topiaries are tragic hippopotami are admonitory and galoshes are remorseful in this celebra tion of a uniue talent that never fails to delight amuse and confound   Amphigorey Again contains previously uncollected work and two unpublished stori. D Murderesses a series of postcards immortalizing the lovely ladies who murder men women and children and never a
Moment Look Anything But 
look anything but and The Raging Tide Or The Black Doll s Imbroglio a work of wicked nonsense arranged as a choose you own adventure and featuring surreal settings vindictive toybox grotesues and prosaic apothegms As always Gorey s works defy the necessity of moral platitudes and present a twisted and gaudy world where deadly violence is only a page turn away where clever verse and obscure words are celebrated where good manners are expected but bad behavior is never a bother and where everything ends up being only ust another ambiguity It s well we cannot hear the screamsWe make in other people s dreams Its Gorey brilliance You either loved Amphigorey and are back for or ust didn t get it and should probably not bother talking to me at a party Gorey does the most brilliant ob of capturing all that is wonderful and silly in the people Anglo In the folly a candlestick mounted on a horse s hoof rested on page 47 of The Romance of a Soda Cracker Flawlessly and in tremendous detail the illustrations that accompany his wit and genius are almost too good to be true Who but an over resourced Brit could have created follies in The First PlaceThe Names first placeThe names the namesHe was reco I really think I write about everyday life I don t think I m uite as odd as others say I am Life is intrinsically well boring and dangerous at the same time At any given moment the floor may open up Of course it almost never does that s what makes it so boring Edward GoreyNot the floor please the ceiling Sept 15 18 This is the weakest collection of the 4 by Edward Gorey I feel like this is where the leftovers ended up There are a few great stories in the collection but there were many things that are short and haven t been published I will put the unpublished reviews in this and otherwise ust list the titles I feel the first 3 Amphigorey s are worth it and a collector could do without this one The Galoshes of RemorseSigns of SpringSeasonal ConfusionRandom WalkCategorey 50 drawingsThe Other Statue10 Impossible ObjectsThe Universal SolventScenes de BalletVerse AdviceThe Deadly BlotterCreativityThe retrieved LocketThe Water FlowersThe Haunted Tea Cosy a Dispirited and Distasteful Diversion for ChristmasChristmas Wrap UpThe Headless Bust a Melancholy Meditation on the False MillenniumThe Just Dessert thoughtful Alphabet XIThe Admonitory Hippopotamus or Angelica and SneezbyNeglected MurderessesTragedies TopiaresThe Raging Tide or the Black Doll s ImbroglioThe Unknown "VegetableAnother Random WalkSerious Life A CruiseFigbash AcrobateLa Malle Saignante the Bleeding TrunkThe Izzard "Random WalkSerious Life A CruiseFigbash AcrobateLa Malle Saignante the Bleeding TrunkThe Izzard the 4 collections of Edward s works this is the weakest There are few good works in it and it does feel like it s the leftovers and miscellany I m still glad I read this collection The is the last of his own works He has many pictures for other people s books but those aren t collected I have thoroughly enjoyed reading these Gorey stories He is uniue and odd No one does stuff like this and who could make a living at it It defies genre and age and everything in the publishing industry I will miss not having any Gorey stories to readThe following are only available in this collection and here are my short reviews They did not have single publication entries in GoodreadsThe Galoshes of Remorse 3A single frame of a picture That s all it is A woman in the swamp It has very sexual imagery This is about a loose woman Signs of Spring 1988 3Little vignettes about signs in NYC that spring is here I love the last set of the woman in a huge red frilly outfit who gets caught in the rain Totally random Categorey 50 drawings 1974 250 drawings with a cat doing different things in them and there is a number for each frame This didn t really speak to me It s of a college art project I expect So far this volume feels like left overs of Gorey This is little substance The Universal Solvent 1989 39 tiny pi. Es The Izzard Book a uirky riff on the letter Z and La Malle Saignante a bilingual homage to early French silent serial movies Rough sketches and unfin ished panels show an ironic and singular mind at workcontains The Galoshes of Remorse Signs of Spring Seasonal Confusion Random Walk Category The Other Statue 10 Impossible Objects abridged The Universal Solvent abridged Amphigorey Again

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