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P I was given this book without ne word Italian Phrase Book of review I can see whyThe mystery itself is actually sortf compelling but what drags this book down is the introspective crapfest surrounding the main character I found myself skimming those portions Lovesong (Green Creek of the book just looking to get to the meatf the storyIt didn t help that Amanda was a most unlikable characterMethinks this is an author I won t be reading again RE Puppet by Joy FieldingAn easy read Good plot excellent ending but gets a bit boring in the middle Sometimes I found it annoying when the protagonist talked to herself too much It s not stream The Countess of consciousness somehow it just seemed sophomoric at times The following GR reviewer calls it an introspective crapfest LOL the author wastes timen boring details which aren t relevant to the story They seem like mere fillers to make the book longer So I skimmed those parts The mystery s clever ending saves the bookThe romance which was a subplot was a bit weak I skimmed much Gully Dirt: On Exposing the Klan, Raising a Hog, and Escaping the South of those parts The dialogue was dull at times a bit repetitive There wasn t enough chemistry between the lovers But again the endingf the romantic subplot was a good Kelttiläistarinoita oneI might try anotherf Joy Fieldings books just to see if her writing holds up for meuotationNobody reads a mystery to get to the middle They read it to get to the end If it s a letdown they won t buy any The first page sells that book The last page sells your next book Mickey Spillaneuoted in Jon Winokur WOW Writers n Writing I liked the plotline behind this book but I found the main character annoying She is a man stealing emotional cripple who constantly plays with the emotions f pretty much everyone around here and then has crying pity fests ver how messed up she is I found it hard to connect with that although I suppose it worked as far as the big picture f the book was concerned I liked her ex husband the first not the second much better Actually I liked pretty much everyone else better and I felt bad that Ben ends up with her again in the endin my Roma Noir opinion he would have been a lot betterff with Jennifer Amanda Travis is a beautiful and successful twenty eight year A History of the Crusades, Volumes I, II and III (Boxed Set) old defense attorney living in Southwest Florida She has spent the last ten years creating a different life for herself far away from the difficult memoriesf her childhood in Toronto There she remembers an alcoholic mother who either ignored Love is the Enemy or verbally abused her and a father who neglected her She has subseuently learned to be careful to keep people at a distance and never to let anyone get too close Repeated and mindless sexual encounters help her drownut her emotional pain and the two exhausted husbands she has left behind in her destructive wake Her first ex husband Ben calls her condo repeatedly "UNTIL SHE FINALLY THE PHONE "she finally answers the phone to that her mother Gwen is in jail charged with murder He tells her Gwen has shot someone in full view Exhalation of several witnesses in the lobbyf the Four Seasons Hotel Hearing this Amanda tries to convince herself that she doesn t really care about her but she decides to fly to Toronto anywa. Advice and memories Unfortunately running from her past becomes a lot harder when Galileo onef her ex husbands calls from her hometown f Toronto with the alarming news that her mother has shot and killed a complete stranger Now she must.

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Another excellent suspense with lots f twists from ne f my favorite authors The mystery wasn t "Bad But Main Character "but the main character so awful that the book was a challenge get through Add to that a plethora Nemico of annoying fantasy seuences and I had to givene star to an author I have previously enjoyed Well it speaks to the storyline and gripping writing style Cannella e polvere da sparo of this novel that has me finished in 8 days Yes it was a uick read The fact that the story had me guessing and flipping pages trying to put the pieces together in this murder mystery i m delighted to have had a chance to read this bookI didn t like the main character s whinnyver the top personality It prevented me "from really sympathizing with her much Sure she had a rough "really sympathizing with her much Sure she had a rough and the truth that rocks not nly those in the story but the readers themselves was a lot for anyone to go through It still had me telling her to grow up a lotI have never read any f Joy s books so this was a positive introduction to her books I look forward to the Every House Needs a Balcony: A Novel ones I plan to read in the futureIf you re looking for a book to captivate your mind and keep you guessing to the very last pages then this is the uick mystery for youI m rating this as high as possible 55 because the writing was so intriguing and the twists and turns in this book rival thosef my favourite books and writing styles You can t do much better than that I wasn t really expecting much f this book I mainly chose it to have an easy read to make a plane flight go by faster and because the setting is Toronto and it is always fun to read something happening n the streets that ne is very familiar with I am also not a book snob and do find a few easy read literature that I find amusing and greatly entertaining This was not the case here The crime part was alright Nothing high class mysterious but not too bad The twist at the end was nothing too unpredictable but yet well put into the story Only even these slightly positive parts are absolutely killed by ne thing the protagonist AmandaI glanced through Poems (The I Tatti Renaissance Library) other reviews and see that many who didn t like the book also didn t like it becausef this character But I would like to specify that in my case it was for a different reason I have nothing against the fact that she had lots Bleach, Volume 05 of sex didn t succeed in relationships and drank a lot I like those kindf people and am happy to see such characters in a book Even though Gather Together in My Name 1ST Edition often than not those characteristics are presented as imperfections brought by some troubled past A cliche I am kindf used to But my god was she annoying Pretty much all through the book we have her whine to herself Pentimento or have some hysterics in public for 3 reasons a somebody called her herld nickname b it is so upsetting that her ex she left is with another woman and c her mom apparently didn t love her enough in childhood And this goes La maga delle spezie on andn and The Last Testament on Very repetitive and takes up about 80%f the book It is hard to enjoy a crime novel if most f the time ne doesn t want to know what happens next but just wants to bitch slap the main character so that she finally shuts Amanda Travis is a high powered 28 year ld lawyer whose greatest likes are spinning classes at her Palm Beach gym and a compliant jury As for the things she hates they include nicknames the color pink clients who don't follow her. ,
Y to see what is going n and if there is anything she can doWhen she arrives she meets Ben who is representing her mother and says he is having difficulty defending her because she isn t talking The nly thing Gwen will say is that she killed the stranger because she felt like it And she insists she is not insane Amanda believes strongly that there is a reason behind all this and works "to unravel the mystery exposing a desperate secret her mother has "unravel the mystery exposing a desperate secret her mother has for many yearsThis is what some people call a beach book and what I call an airport book It s an enjoyable read to pass the time and can endure lots f interruptions It also has just enough suspense to keep you reading and a good mystery that is slowly unraveled if you are careful to pick up the clues Amanda is not an endearing character She whines and seems Gaudi only concerned about herself Despite her troubles and the author s efforts to make her sympathetic it is really difficult to really embrace her Myther concern is the dialogue which tends to repeat the same mindless clich s The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln, Vol. 2 over andver which can be annoying for the reader A uick read In this novel Amanda Travis is an emotionally closed Astrología para principiantes off woman in her late 20s working as a criminal defense attorney in Florida When Amanda gets an unexpected urgent phone call from her ex husband she is shocked and dismayed to learn that her estranged mother has shot and killed a man in her hometownf Toronto Her ex urges her to come home and assist in dealing with her mother who appears to want to plead guilty and go directly to prison Amanda wants nothing than to hide in Florida and pretend she has no past Her relationship with her mother is rocky to say the least and she left her ex under less than ideal circumstances too But Amanda is drawn back to Toronto where she is forced to confront unresolved issues and demons from her past as well as investigate things she never knew about her mother The necessity Amen: what prayer can mean in a world beyond belief of investigating the charges against her mother force Amanda topen up emotionally and reevaluate her wn life Amanda is a complex less than fully likeable character but she is not entirely unsympathetic In some ways it is refreshing to have a less than perfect heroine who doesn t always handle things with perfect aplomb and total control
"Putting Aside The Bizarre "
aside the bizarre circumstances driving the plot the novel is essentially about Amanda confronting her past and the journey to finding ut who she really is and how she wants to live her life It s about choices and mistakes and having the courage to attempt to correct things you regret It is a relatively uick read although the plot develops a little slowly than would be ideal in a mysterythriller This is far from Joy Fielding s best In Every Heartbeat offering in this genre but certainly worth reading I have loved all the books by Joy Fielding that I ve read so far but thisne didn t do much for me So much The Seraphim Code of the book was spentn the horrible behavior Sortemesse of the main character It was hard to feel any sympathy for herr to even get that absorbed by the book I m glad her La fabbrica di cioccolato other books have better characters and plots. Return to face her demons a love thatnce consumed her and a mother who seems to hold a strange dark power ver everyone she encounters But Amanda is no longer willing to acuiesce to her mother's fatal whims no matter what the co. Puppet author Joy Fielding
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