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Der Lehrmeister

Ous people of the time and most notably the time Faustus passes with the old and eventually dying Leonardo at Clos du Luce and the description of that place and its superb ardens showing that the author went there of course as they really evoked the few hours I spent in that magical place a few years back add a lot to the novelOverall another winner from the author and a highly recommended book that I fully expect to make again my top 10 for 2021 this time You are in demand Johann Georg Faustus and these are tumultuous times Rome 1518 Tumultuous times peasants are rebelling while the church becomes ever American Military History and the Evolution of Western Warfare greedier and corrupt Meet Johann Faust a renowned magician astrologer and chiromancer He is travelling through Germany with his loyal companion Karl and Greta the orphaned juggler But Pope Leo X wants Faust s services He sees alchemy as the best way to replenish the papacy s drained coffers But Faust has a deal with the devil and the devil wants something else You can t defeat the devil but you can offer him a bargain Faust is struck by a mysterious illness and perhaps his new friend Leonardo da Vinci can help It is not only his own fate that Faust holds in his hands Only he who challenges his enemy can emerge victorious Oliver P tzsch has done it again I have thoroughly enjoyed the books I have read in the Hangman s Daughter series and while I have yet to read Faustus 1 The Master s Apprentice I now have a copy Can Faust outrun the devil Will Pope Leo Xet his just deserts Does Leonardo da Vinci have the answers Faust is seekingThis is an enthralling story fast paced full of action and than a few twists And what does it tell us about human nature Highly recommendedNote My thanks to NetGalley and Crossing for providing me with a free electronic copy of this book for review purposes Jennifer Cameron Smith Some thoughts oughtn t be recorded yes not even spoken out loud They are too dangerous This seuel is living proof that the second part of Faust needn t be a flop Moving on at an even uicker pace than the first book this second part delivers even thrills and chills as we pick up the story several years the last events of the first bookHaving saved Greta from Tonio s clutches Johann enjoys years of relative peace travelling alongside his daughter and his assistant performing his shows trying not to shiver at the sight of crows and ravens However evil never sleeps Against the backdrop of a still rapidly changing Europe caught in the middle of political intrigues secrets and lies threaten to tear the trio apart Karl feels inextricably bound to the doctor through years of love and devotion but cannot help thinking about the future he could have made for himself if he hadn t tied his fate with that of the doctor Johann still hasn t told Greta she s his daughter and is learning that this is the kind of lie that only Delivering Your Mail: A Book About Mail Carriers (Community Workers) gets deeper and worse with time Greta too has something she isn t telling anyone a look at Johann s hand foretold her a horrible sinster end for the man she d come to know as her brilliant albeit somewhat dark uncleWhen a mysterious illness strikes the doctor and he receives an invitation to cast the horoscope of a bishop the trio sets on a journey that marks the beginning of the end They make new enemies and visit old friends find love and heartbreak and even meet thereat Leonardo da VinciIt seems like the stakes for Johann are even higher this time around as h is forced to make decisions this time around as h is forced to make decisions might shape not only his fate but that of his loved ones and possibly also the fate of the entire known world Several powerful figures set their sights on Johann determined to use his skills for their own dark purposes And of course Tonio isn t far behind eitherP tzsch creates convincing and well researched images of early modern life with a sure steady eye and the passages depicting Faust s stay with Leonardo are definitely my favouritesIn a way this second part is much bolder than the first because of how the scope is broadened to the fate of many others not just that of Faust and his family There are some things from the first book that I would have loved to see explained and one of the temporal jumps in the story didn t sit well with me but the premises work well overall and are very exciting to readFor me the The Vanishing Man: In Pursuit of Velazquez greatest value of this book just like with the first one lies in the dreamlike contemplation of human existence with all its vices and virtues Curiousityreed addiction affection Easy Breezy Miracle good and evil all in there together to make up a human being And ultimately Faust for all his agency seems to be the most human of them all A book by Oliver Potzsch is never just a story it is a journey in time of fascinating adventures His latest is no exception The Devil s Pawn is a follow up to The Master s Apprentice which you don t have to read first but it certainly helps Set in the early 16th century it follows Johann Faust the famous traveling magician and astrologer of the German lands who is searching for the cause of the mysterious illness that is crippling him He believes it is a curse from the devil himself who is calling on a long ago debt that Faust unknowingly found himself in as a young man He is accompanied by his faithful assistant Karl and his daughter Greta who believes Faust to be only a distant relative who saved her from unfounded accusations in prison as airl They travel to France to meet with Leonardo Da Vinci "Not Only One Of The "only one of the artists ever but a like minded contemporary who Faust believes suffers from a similar disease Surely if anyone can discover a cure it is the magnificent Da Vinci But they are being pursued en route by associates of the Pope who believe that Faust is keeper of a reat secret The secret is key to retaining power over the empire far and wide and the Pope isn t the only one after this mysterious knowledge Will Faust find his own answers before he is captured Will he and his companions overcome evil or succumb to its powers Once you finish this epic tale you are sure to feel a sense of accomplishment as it s not for those looking for a uick read It is worth the endeavor and you will find yourself educated and entertained beyond anything you could have imagine. Als uacksalber und Astrologe durch die Lande Doch Johann spürt dass dies nur die Ruhe vor dem Sturm ist Sein Erzfeind Tonio ist noch nicht besiegt Tief im Inneren weiß Johann dass das Böse zurückkehren und erneut seine Hand nach ihm ausstrecken wird. Fame wants something else Racked with paralyzing seizures Johann fears that his debt is nearer to being settledIn France Johann hopes for answers from an eminent new friend who could hold the key to his torment body and soul For the celebrated artist inventor and anatomist Leonard da Vinci is suffering from the same accursed malady Time is not on his side eitherNow they all must outrun the devil and the human threats of the papal henchmen before Johann is dragged straight to hell along with everyone he holds dear The narrative of the book is appealing It kept me hooked till the end The storytelling is so well narrated that you will plunge right into the story The language is flowy and well versed The chapters included could be categorized vividly which tend to tender the rhythm of the story They are divided by time and place The ending could have been better The cover is so beautifulomg this literally lured me Rating 5 It s the early 1500 s and Johann Faustus magician and astrologer to the elite together with his assistants Karl and Greta are travelling the cities of Germany But an unholy pact made years ago catches up with them and they have to flee The journey takes them all over Europe covering historic events of the timeThe Devil s Pawn balances magic and oth in a wonderful way and kept me Get Fast!: A Complete Guide to Gaining Speed Wherever You Ride glued to the pages There are many interesting characters and attractive sceneryBit by bit the plot thickens and I m curious to see how the curse will be brokenUnfortunately after all the excitement the story just evaporates DisappointingThank you Netgalley and Crossing for the ARC 35 stars rounded down This is book 2 in the Faust series It is based on the lesser known play Faustus II by Goethe The play was very long and so is the book as the author tried to include all the main elements from the play I have not read book 1 nor have I read the play Faust II I did read Faust I about 50 years ago and remember the basics of the plot Faust sells his soul to the devil for money and fame This book has Faustus traveling throughout Germany and France as a magician with 2 assistants Karl and Greta Faustus periodically mentions his deal with the devil and worries that it threatens Karl and Greta He is being sought after by the Pope and the King of France because there is a rumor that he has a mythical recipe to makeold This book is set in the time of the beginnings of the reformation with Luther having published his thesesPros the characters were believable and the plot which developed too slow in the first half did resolve with an ending that I liked The translation was excellentCons The book at 528 pages was too long It took me 10 days to read it The paranormal aspects with the devil using crows and ravens as eyes ears and messengers were not in my comfort zone as I don t enerally read paranormal books any One uote on a woman accused of being a witch The suspect is a woman from Woippy a village not far from here Apparently the neighbors have an eye on her property and decided to accuse her of witchcraft TheDevilsPawn NetGalleyThanks to Crossing for sending me this eARC through NetGalley THE DEVILS PAWN by Oliver Potzsch The is the authors 2nd Book In This Two in this two series of the Faust legend As the legend oes Faust is a scholar who calls on the Devil for further "KNOWLEDGE AND MAGIC POWERS HE MAKES "and magic powers He makes deal with the devil and sells his soul for a specified number of years and is The Doctors 5-Minute Health Fixes: The Prescription for a Lifetime of Great Health granted his reuests Faust is now and accomplished magician astrologer and travels through Germany with his companions and fellow performers Greta the juggler and his loyal companion Karl Greta is also his daughter but remains unaware of this fact This is a risky time in history to be a traveling magician as the church in Rome is in a turmoil the peasants are rioting and starving as the Church israsping for and money to lorify the Church the pope The times are very dangerous for anyone perceived as a heretic must less an astrologer or magician To make things even precarious Dr Faust is suffering from seizures and tremors through out his body and has no idea why or how to stop them Greta is sure his is dying and doesn t know what to do but knows she must do something soon Johann Faust has studied and reatly admires a fellow scientist Leonardo da Vinci who suffers from the same malady so Johann heads for France to acuire information from his fellow sufferer Maybe together they can find out what causes their malady and thus cure it Of all the things Johann has dreamed of in his life actually settling his dept with the devil has not been the most important thing on his mind and would rather not The Go-Between give the devil his due This is an exciting book and a veryood updated history of the Faust legend It is a reat read and is a story for everyone who enjoys excitement history and a little different book with odd twists This is the seuel to the awesome The Master s Apprentice a top 10 book of the year see my review here and doesn t disappoint even darker and brutal than the original The Devil s Pawn starts some five years later from the climax of The Master s Apprentice with the main characters having found some peace for now Faustus is touring Germany putting up shows while Karl is still his faithful companion and still secretly in love with the magician though he realized by now that will forever be unreuited while Greta is now turning into a fetching young woman who thankfully for her remembers nothing of the reat escape from Nuremberg with its tragic conseuences and of course has no idea that Faustus is her father unfortunately both personal Faustus is sick with some seemingly incurable disease that slowly is weakening him and external the Pope wants Faustus for some reason we will find out later not to speak of his master still wanting Faustus to honor his bargain reasons conspire to shatter their reasonably normal lives and sends them across the continent from Germany to France to an epic climax in Rome followed by a touching epilogue set some years in the futureAnother superb novel that I couldn t put down and while it was indeed dark and brutal almost unbearably so on occasion it also has a message of hope and redemption the portraits of fam. Afen und Bischöfen sucht man seinen Rat So als würde der Herrgott – oder sein böser Gegenspieler – eine schützende Hand über ihn halten Gemeinsam mit seinem neuen Gefährten Karl Wagner und der jungen Gauklerin Greta seiner Ziehtochter reist er.

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Didn t realise it s a seuel Book Review Faust Two volumes by Oliver P tzsch Lisa Reinhardt TranslatorReview based on Book 2 The Devil s Pawn an ARC from Crossing and NetGalley published on April 13 2021 and Book 1 The Master s Apprentice English version published in 2020 by Crossing and owned by the reviewer40 Stars The two volume tome is author Oliver P tzsch s remarkably creative and carefully researched five year endeavor loosely based on the medieval legend of Johann Georg Faust circa 1480 1541 a real person and historical figure a German alchemist astrologer and magician who is said to have sold his soul to the demon Mephistopheles and who in Goethe s poem transforms from an old man to a handsome young man and falls in love with a maiden named Gretchen short for MargareteThe author joins a century s old parade of illustrious creators of poems musical works plays and novels inspired by the legend of Faust notably including Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in his crowning work and works by Christopher Marlowe Hector Berlioz Franz Lizt Thomas Mann and German cinematographer Gustaf Gr ndgensTranslator Lisa Reinhardt does a rather commendable job on the combined thousand page magnus opus by P tzsch Book 1 The Master s Apprentice Late 15th and early 16th century 40 StarsKnittlingen a small village in Germany north of the Black Forest Tonio del Moravia itinerant alchemist fortune teller and magician recruits as his new apprentice young Johann Georg Gerlach who is banished from the village blamed for the descent into insanity of his irlfriend Margarethe daughter of the area s powerful prefect Nicknamed Faustus by his mother who considers him her lucky child Johann is the second son of a farmer He was born on the day prophets are born when the sun and Jupiter are in alignment the same day the comet Larua visits the earth every seventeen yearsHomo Deus est Man is God It is a phrase Tonio always recites Johann feels black magic is part of it as he develops clairvoyance and extraordinary sleight of hand and scientific skills under the tutelage of his master Their travels along with a band of jugglers and performers take them far and wide to places including Vienna and Nuremberg even as fate fortune and tragedy serve as their constant companionsIn the course of affairs Johann discovers a little irl named Greta who turns out to be the daughter of Margarethe born right after his banishment and hidden from him for years Margarethe the woman he still loves Johann is a fatherThen comes the time for the comet to return to earth seventeen years after his birth And Johann finds himself in a dark ritual in the awakening of the beast With him as the sacrifice along with Greta Book 2 The Devil s Pawn 1518 1521 425 StarsThe creative juices flow tied in closely with some well researched historical accuracy as Author Oliver P tzsch delves into the power struggles and changes in the structure of European polity religion and intellectual temperament of the Late Middle Ages all while building up to a crescendo in the Faust legend and Faust s battle against evil personifiedThrough the Valley of the Kings on the Loire summer residence of Francis I to the royal chateaux at Nance and Brittany and through the final showdown Dante s Inferno at of all places the seat of the papacy in Rome prior to the completion of St Peter s BasilicaHe covers the fight for the succession of the Hapsburg monarch Maximilian I and the rebellion of Martin Luther as he publishes his 1517 "95 Theses Attacking Papal Abuses And The Sale Of Indulgences "Theses attacking papal abuses and the sale of indulgences medieval pay to play for the soul my words promised remission from punishments for sin and a free pass from purgatory in exchange for The Prodigal Prophet: Jonah and the Mystery of God's Mercy gold land and powerHe covers the alchemists dream of the Philosophers Stone the inner knowledge of transforming base metal intoold along with the promise of eternal youth and freedom from death purportedly coveted by the Pope Kings and the devil He puts Faust at the deathbed of the Renaissance polymath Leonardo Da Vinci as the Deal Maker (Mixed Messages Book 2) (English Edition) genius isiven a lead role for his anatomical and engineering schematics both public and forbidden In the novel Da Vinci would provide the final twist an extraordinarily creative depiction by the author of what would become the Devil s Pawn He includes a fictionalized version of historical figure Gilles de Rais lord from Brittany historically condemned as a bloodthirsty child serial killer ironically a French war hero of the Hundred Years War along with co warrior Saint Jeanne d Arc the Maid of Orl ans He creates a strong female protagonist in the indomitable spirit of Faust s daughter GretaEven as he unabashedly promotes sodomy and homosexual themes at almost every turn succumbing to the woke tendencies of late Faust s fictional assistant a sodomite Da Vinci an aging sodomite various administrative and royal characters all sodomites Pope Leo X a vicious sodomite and even the devil portrayed with desires of sodomy Unfortunately so cliued so tabloid Further wielding the power of literary license to the max P tzsch concocts a seriously deranged impossibly cruel utterly slanderous Version Of The Character And Death Of of the character and death of Leo X born Giovanni
di lorenzo de 
Lorenzo de admittedly one of the Medici financed popes and one of those historically acknowledged as bad popes Leo X in particular cited for his material extravagance and covetousness Overall a considerably long read by today s standards and yet fairly rewarding Review based in part on an ARC Book 2 The Devil s Pawn from Crossing and NetGalley B The devil s pawnTrigger warning ViolenceIf you have noticed i am not a fan of fantasy and memoirs but netgalley is making me doubt my own preferences Hangman s Daughter seriesRome 1518 The church is tarnished by Godmanstone Blues greed Peasants are rebelling Tumultuous times demand drastic recourse before the devilets his dueJohann Faust is a renowned magician astrologer and chiromancer traveling through Germany with his successful troupe the orphaned juggler Greta and his loyal companion Karl The avaricious Pope Leo X now reuires Johann s services to replenish the papacy s drained coffers through alchemy But the devil with whom a regretful Johann once agreed to an unholy trade for. Der Weg zum Licht führt durch die DunkelheitDer Ramp Rats: A Graphic Guide Adventure goldene Herbst 1518 neigt sich dem Ende Sechs Jahre sind vergangen seitdem der berühmte Magier Johann Georg Faustus aus Nürnbergeflohen ist Sein Ruhm ist My Name is Abu Salem gewachsen selbst an den Höfen von Herzögen Gr.

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