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He was introduced for that Reason Alone That Was alone and that was along when we got to see his backstory find out how his body was taken over by FalconsbaneMa to see his backstory find out how his body was taken over by FalconsbaneMa and interestingly just how he managed to keep his own personality intact while uietly sharing headspace with an ancient psychopathIf there s one thing about this book that irks me though it was actually the divine intervention that did it I have no problem with deities showing their hands but I have to admit that some things seemed a ittle bit French Daguerreotypes like a cop out Avatars assisting someone fine But the goddess reaching down and undoing most of the physical changes that were done to both An desha and Nyara so that they noonger From Notes to Narrative: Writing Ethnographies That Everyone Can Read looked so inhuman seemedike things were being tied up too neatly A good chunk of the Valdemar books stress that actions have conseuences but that s just undone by admitting that sometimes your gods will step in and remove the conseuences or the difficulties just because they feel From the Enemy's Point of View: Humanity and Divinity in an Amazonian Society like it I m not saying that An desha and Nyara didn t deserve pity for what had been done to them It sike I m saying it would have been far interesting to see them continue to cope with what they had come to grips with it and moved beyond it If you re Doris Salcedo looking for inspiration in characters removing their problems rather than having them get past their problems takes away that which could be incredibly inspirationalIt also raises uestions Why didn t the goddess step in earlier and remove Falconsbane s coercion from Starblade Why didn t she show up and smack Ma ar down in one of his previous incarnations Why use that great power for aesthetics It would give An desha and Nyara some comfort no doubt and was a nice reward for all that they had done to bring Falconsbane down but it seemed rather arbitraryAside from playing the deity card this book was uite enjoyable and a fitting end to the trilogy It closes off that arc of the story nicely while stilleaving some tantalizing unanswered uestions If I didn t know there were books in the series after this I d be able to make a pretty good guess that there would be at Twelve Days of Pleasure least one set soon after As it turns out there s another trilogy which I will be getting to shortly Good Valdemaran fun and this is pretty much where we get to see what I would consider the height of Lackey s stylistic development in the Valdemar novels Definitely interesting to see that progressio. S Elspeth and their people could soon beeft defenseless against an enemy armed with spells no one in Valdemar has the knowledge to withstandBut as the Gods Choice long dormant magic of Valdemar begins to awaken Elspeth finds that he too has a mysterious ally a powerful spirit from theong forgotten pa. H my Gustave Caillebotte: The Painter's Eye life goals even thought I m not sure what those are yet As you can tell Elspeth is not my favorite character It was a bit interesting seeing the reaction in Haven to the exotic people both human and non human that she returns with But I end up feeling disappointed about how Lackey wrote Skif in these three books and not over impressed by the Hawksbrothers Enough with the introspection Give me action Everyone in this book is a BAMF Some minor complaints but excellent on the whole The conclusion of the Mage Winds trilogy was pretty predictable and had aittle padding than it needed which dragged the pacing in places Aside from the book starting back in the Vale when the ast book ended in the Forest of Sorrows and the appearance of view spoilerVanyel and Stefen albeit in spirit form and that alone made it worth it to get to made it worth it to get to point hide "SPOILER 35 STARS MERCEDES HAS CREATED THE FABULOUS WORLD "35 stars Mercedes has created the fabulous world Valdemar It is chock full of Magicmysteryromancesuspense One of the best fantasy series I ve ever read Winds of Fury is the third book in the Mage Winds trilogy and is not only a satisfying but also uite creative and interesting conclusion to that part of Valdemar s history The war with Ancar rages on and the stakes are even higher now that thanks to Ancar botching a spell he has Falconsbane in his clutches and under magical coercions Magic has returned to Valdemar and mages are being recruited from all over and those with mage potential are being ooked for and trained Everything s eading up to a battle between not only Valdemar and Ancar but also Falconsbane and Hulda three of the most powerful and pissy people that Valdemar has had to deal with in an ageThat alone would be epic enough but Lackey takes it a step further by giving us the character on An desha the man it a step further by giving us the character on An desha the man body Falconsbane took over and is currently inhabiting and who is trapped in a tiny corner of Falconsbane s mind his own personality intact but afraid With the help of a ittle divine intervention An desha works to undermine Falconsbane s plans from the inside while the heroes of Valdemar can attack from the outsideI ve always had a fondness for stories involving trapped mental presences other people dwelling in minds where normally there s just one personality present What can I say MPD and DID have been pet interests of mine for a Great Plains: America's Lingering Wild long while now An desha appealed to me from the moment. Ike against Valdemar theike of which hasn't been attempted in than five hundred years not since Vanyel the ast Herald Mage shielded the kingdom from attack by the deadliest of sorceriesAnd with Valdemar's ancient spell generated protections finally breaking down ueen Selenay Herald Princes.

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Winds of Fury is the third book in the Mage Winds trilogy so you d at east want to go read the first two books starting with Winds of Fate first and I d also recommend you first read the trilogy that starts with Arrows of the ueen I Electromyography for Experimentalists liken the Valdemar series to good comfort food No this isn t veryiterary in uality but I find myself rereading the series every few years because I ike the characters and the world Lackey created I don t think this trilogy has "uite the same verve as the original Arrows of the ueen trilogy "the same verve as the original Arrows of the ueen trilogy isn t as moving as the trilogy with Vanyel
that starts with 
starts with s Pawn So if you re new to Lackey or the Valdemar series go read the other books first But if you ve read the other books in this series and trilogy I think you won t find this conclusion to the trilogy involving Elspeth disappointing Go then and et yourself enjoy some times with old friends Mercedes Lackey s third book of the Mage Wind s series was a satisfying conclusion I ike the way Mercedes builds a main character s journey through these Valdemar trilogy sets Elspeth was a great character to get through these Valdemar trilogy sets Elspeth was a great character to get know and watch grow in some ways Some of the story resolutions were rushed and other pieces a ittle drawn out but overall I enjoyed many of these characters Knowing her writing style I doubt I Runaway Wedding ll see them much in other books except as auxillary characters which is a shame because I dike to witness their further development Winds of Fury is the Wicked Loving Lies last book in THE MAGE WINDS trilogy The villain trying to destroy a native tribe has been captured by the villain trying to des Finally the big conclusion to the whole AncarFalconsbane arc We get some very good revenge some epic pairings and best of all thiseads into the next set of books which I skipped and read out of order haha This feels La heredera del mar like a kind of bridging series after a while Mercedes writing becomes polished and distinct and you get elements in this one I will freely admit that the Owlmage books are my favorite series and this seriesays down some of the foundations for themAnother great Valdemar series although I feel a ittle worn down by them at the moment Still not sure if I want to read anything else though I m a bit stuck Five stars The first book had Elspeth the Heir The second book had Elspeth the Brat The third book has Elspeth the Herald or as I ike to think Elspeth the being heir no onger fits in wit. Valdemar is once again in peril threatened by Ancar of Hardorn who has ong sought to seize control of the kindgom by any means at his commandYet this time Ancar may well achieve his goal for by harnessing the power of Mornelithe Falconsbane the Dark Adept he has set into motion a magical str. ,
Winds of Fury