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Alice Hunter Ð 8 review

Sense to me She made a lot of weird decisions that were uestionable at the time but made even less sense in hindsight I wanted rom Tom he was most interesting in a totally messed up way in the lashbacks We didn t get a whole lot of his motivations and the ew that we did get didn T EXACTLY JIVE WITH A FAIRLY BIG TWIST AT exactly jive with a The Portable Guidance Counselor: Answers to the 284 Most Important Questions About Getting Into College fairly big twist at end The epilogue made meeel even unsatisfied So much was left on the table where Tom was concerned but I don t know if I d want to read a seuel if there was one All of that being said It was decent I did get some enjoyment Living with a Dead Language: My Romance with Latin from it butrom an author with a psych degree and a ba Beth Hardcastle s life is upended when the police come knocking on her door Her husband Tom a wonderful ather and loving husband is taken or uestioning over the Debut author Alice Hunter drops you right into the action as inspectors knock on the door looking to uestion Beth s husband Tom about the disappearance of Katie a woman he was dating eight years ago right before they met But why now There is still no body So what new evidence could they possibly have The story unfolds mostly Bongology: n. The Art of Creating 35 of the World's Most Bongtastic Marijuana Ingestion Devices from the POV of Beth as she uestions what she does and doesn t know about her husband while trying to protect their 3 year old daughter Poppy and keep her ceramic and baked goods cafe afloat There are also aew chapters Design the Life You Love: A Guide to Thinking About Your Life Playfully and with Optimism from Katie 8 years ago and an unidentified male who enjoys erotic asphyxiation Beth s constant justificationor her thoughts and actions started to wear on me as I waited Shortcut: How Analogies Reveal Connections, Spark Innovation, and Sell Our Greatest Ideas for additional revelations which took TOO LONG to come I wish the pace I was excitedor this book because the blurs sounded super exciting Unfortunately imo this book missed the mark It might be because I m a thriller roll rn which book missed the mark It might be because I m a thriller roll rn which me sensitive about books shortcommingsThe idea of the plot was very interesting but Beth as a protagonist wasn t very compelling and I wasn t very much invested in the storyThe plot dragged on and on at times which really made it hard to read and After You Drop Them Off: A Parent's Guide to Student Ministry focus on There are pages and pagesilled with insignificant ramble which might have been cut outThe Share, Retweet, Repeat: Get Your Message Read and Spread final twist wasn t particulary shocking as I predicted it somewhere around the middle of the bookI willor sure give the Author another chance as I see great potential there but unfortunately this particular book wasn t or me I received an #early copy rom the publisher in an exchange or an honest review The Serial Killer s Wife Alice HunterBeth # copy rom the publisher in an exchange or an honest review The Serial Killer s Wife Alice HunterBeth and young daughter Poppy should have the perfect life Living in a thatched cottage in a uaint village near Banbury Beth runs a successful pottery cafe while Tom commutes to a well paid job in bankingThen one evening the Police come knocking Tom gets taken in She Weeps Each Time You're Born for uestioning regarding the disappearance of an ex girlfriend and Bethaces her whole life alling apartI m sorry to say I ound it a slow read it picks up in the second half as uestions get asked and pieces start to Seven Days, Seven Dinners fall into place but Ielt it was lacking tension throughoutTom s reflections of his life and alleged crimes were my A Northern Light favourite bits as the only parts with any real edginessThe plot uestions of Is he innocent Did she know and What else does she know are all ticked off in order but I didn t think there was much to itThere is a twist at the end but too little too late to make it satisfying and not unpredictable. T is beyond imaginingAs the interrogation begins Beth willind herself uestioning everything she believed about her husbandThey’re husband and wife – till death do them part. Love it as much as everyone else Thanks to NETGALLEY FOR MY ADVANCE COPY IN EXCHANGE FOR MY for my advance copy in exchange If You're Missing Baby Jesus: A True Story that Embraces the Spirit of Christmas for my review This is complex head spinning absolutely disturbing twisty and truly delicious psychological thriller which introduces us a new debut author Alice Hunter As soon as Iinished the book and I wanted to read her bio and I ound out Ms Hunter s main job was interventions acilitator in prisons working at rehabilitation programs to men serving
sentences especially working 
especially working prisoners who d committed serious brutal crimes It really explains how she managed to portray the dangerous mind of a real criminal Especially BDSM parts of The Book And The Narration Parts Explain book and the narration parts explain killer s instinct the motivation and the thirst of committing crimes are blood Anne Perrys Christmas Crimes (Christmas Stories, freezing terrifyingly bleak but also realistic We haveour narrators in this book Tom a exemplary great husband and ather is arrested or killing his ex girlfriendTom s wife Beth who tries to adjust in her new life with their beautiful kid Poppy but after their reputation has been tarnished she will have to learn to live as killer s wife Katie 8 years ago she s met with Tom and she thought she was so lucky to be chosen by him But later she starts seeing the real White Water face of her controlling lover and sheeels trapped in her relationship What happened to Katie Is she really dead Could Tom act such a violent crime against her And the unknown narrator who is The Slave Dancer forced to have BDSM kind of sexual relationship with a man we re not sure it s Tom And the woman can be anybody Is she still alive to give us her identity Beth and Tom s perfect marriage will be destroyed after his conviction to kill his ex girlfriend His loyal wife Beth does anything to protect their daughter but small townies don t stop gossiping how cannot she know what kind of monster she s been marriedor 8 years The press the townies are suspicious about her acts And Tom needs his wife s support to be acuitted Special Agent from the murder charge What does really Beth know Will she help her husband to save himrom prison Does she keep important secrets which may change everything about their lives And could her husband be a vicious killerDon t worry All your uestions will be answered during this wild ride I absolutely enjoyed this twisty surprising heart pounding reading It s a Sleep with the Fishes fresh start and intriguing debut novel earned myour criminal minds dysfunctional relationships perfect couple starsSpecial thanks to NetGalley and Avon Books UK The Apache Wars: The Hunt for Geronimo, the Apache Kid, and the Captive Boy Who Started theLongest War in American History for sharing this digital reviewer copy with me in exchange my honest opinions Great read Once again another book I read in a day Plenty of suspence twists and turns and an ending I did not predict One never knows what goes on behind closed doors and how do we ever know who we are really married to What seems like the idealamily can indeed be very deceptive secrets hidden and agendas that only each party is aware of much to the detriment of the othersThe ending also leaves it wide open or a seuel I will definitely read of this authors work Thank you to Netgalley and the author or the chance to read this twisty little tale I have so many thoughts about this one It was interesting and the suspense was good while we had it but instead of the plot wrapping up it started to unravel in my opinion Beth s motivations didn t make a whole lot of. E perfect A World on Fire familyWhen the police knock on their door one evening Beth panics Tom should be backrom work by now – what if he’s crashed his car She ears the worstBut the wors. ,
Where s BeefBeth and her husband Tom have made a life in a small community after moving rom London She began a pottery cafe and has been mostly accepted by the close knit residents He still commutes to the cityWhen two investigators knock on her door one evening Beth thinks it s her husband who s orgotten his key The ball is set in play with the police wanting to ask a 100 ways to Fight the Flab - and still have wine and chocolate few uestions Later Tom is notorthcoming and skirts Beth s concernsSo begins a cat and mouse game with Beth her husband the media and the detectivesFifty percent into the story however there were no dead bodies yet With Serial Killer in the title I expected a pile up Instead Beth and her constant inner hand wringing dulled the momentum Despite that aspect this was surprisingly juicy and very easy to read I enjoyed this and think a The Oxford New Greek Dictionary fast reader couldinish in one sittingIn addition Alice Hunter has an impressive mini bio at the The Cello Suites : J.S. Bach, Pablo Casals, and the search for a Baroque masterpiece front of the book giving credence to the inner workings of the criminal mind It was worth reading and gave me some perspectiveThank you to the author publisher and NetGalleyor my advance copy 4 Stars from meWell well well some people really know what they want in life don t they And or sure Beth Hardcastle meWell well well some people really know what they want in life don t they And or sure Beth Hardcastle one determined lady She s settled in to a small town community and established a thriving business she s got a lovely little girl perfect Poppy who is doing well at a local school she employs staff and her business is at the heart of the community The Day Fidel Died: Cuba in the Age of Raúl, Obama, and the Rolling Stones (A Vintage Short) forunctions the perfect way to meet people and make The New Odyssey: The Story of Europe's Refugee Crisis friends She has a loving loyal hard working husband She is makingriends and The Jumbee fast establishing herself into a tight knit worldShe s got it all Hasn t sheOne night it all gets upended when the police arrive to talk to her husband about a murder Iound her reactions to this a little odd at the time was that how I would react Hard to tell I reuested this book To Helvetica and Back from NetGalley based on the cover blurb and theact it was getting high ratings and I m sorry to say it just wasn t Simple Art of Greatness for meThese days there are so many crimeiction novels coming out that it can seem hard to be heard amongst the crowd An author really needs to Where the Heart Waits find their voice and create a style as well as come up with a stomping good tale And this sadly is where Iound this book ailedIt s very slow paced with almost all details held back until the inal chapters I couldn t buy into either characters story I A Burglar's Guide to the City found Beth repetitive and a bit bland and theact she couldn t wait 5 minutes before pursuing her own selfish interests was just oddly written in even if it is part of the storyTom only became interesting when we were given The Annotated Phantom Tollbooth flash black to 8 years before Butor all his sinister creepiness it s like the author couldn t allow herself to really unleash the monster that s been hiding in plain sightWe re told on the back cover that Tom and Beth are American Apocalypse: The Great Fire and the Myth of Chicago fine upstanding citizens and idealised by their neighbourhood But the reality it that Tom s never home and Beth has noriends and is either kept at close uarters by possessive Tom or openly left out by the other women in the community Ultimately there just wasn t enough substance to hold a plot of this style and I really struggled to see it through to the end that it would be great Overall it just lacked too much or me and I m just a bit disappointed that I didn They’re saying he’s a monster And they’re saying she knewBeth and Tom Hardcastle are the envy of their neighbourhood – they have the perfect marriage the perfect house th. ,

The Serial Killer’s Wife