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The Dinner GuestThink this would happen in real life Thus the book is only so so for me Thanks to Netgalley BP Walter and HarperCollins Publishers for a copy of the book You can follow my reviews at Thank you to One More Chapter for a free ARC Dinner Guest starts with the knife sliding home and Matthew bleeding out From there we go backwards and forwards in time to nderstand the background the betrayals and how it all ended The Mangrove Tree up that way I find it hard with murder mysteries to describe the characters or the plot without giving any spoilers so instead I ll try to describe it issing other books In structure it s similar to Erin Kelly s He SaidShe Said with the back and forth between different times a focus on the relationships between the main characters and a gradual build Guided Approach to Intermediate and Advanced Coding + ICD-10-CM/PCs Coding up tonderstand the past ghosts that lie beneath the surface I also found it Understanding Yandere Lovers uite reminiscent of Shari Lapena s The Couple Next Door with characters all lying to each other and none of them being really sure what is happening Both of those books finishp being Action Thrillers in their final acts which I didn t enjoy as they seemed to go off the r HAPPY PUBLICATION DAY This is one dinner you will not want to miss Four people walked into the dining room that night One would never leaveThe four people are Charlie his husband Matthew their son Titus and RachelRachel is not a part of the family Charlie and Matthew met her less than a year ago and she was invited to Matthew s book club What leads Kings of Paradise (Ash and Sand up to Rachel calling the police with the bloody knife still in her hand while Matthew s dead body sits at the dining room tableThe less said the betterBucklep because this is one enjoyable ride I thought I had everything figured out early on and was preparing myself for disappointment However although I guessed a few minor things there are revelations that completely caught me off guard I love when a book engrosses me and keeps me on my toes and that is exactly what this one did If you like well plotted tales with tantalizing secrets and a wickedly satisfying ending check this one out 45 stars This book will be published 52721Thank you to HarperCollins UKOne More Chapter and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review Review also posted at This was a character driven domestic thriller with a gripping plot and edge of your seat suspense I found it fast paced and well plotted I did not find the well drawn memorable characters remotely likeable but they held my interest Many twists in the fast paced plot contain devious deceptive people lies illicit sex and adultery drugs blackmail snobbery and teenaged rebellion The story begins with a family dinner Charlie and his husband Matthew sit down with their 15 year old son Titus An ninvited guest Rachel joins them Soon Matthew is stabbed to death in his seat at the dinner table Rachel holding the bloody knife promptly calls the police and confesses to the murder What could her motive be They appeared to friends to be a happy family Both Charlie and Matthew were devoted to Matthew s adopted teenaged son Titus A *Chance Encounter With A * encounter with a Rachel in a bookstore leads to turmoil and trouble Matthew invites Rachel to his book club attended by wealthy people from old school money Charlie feels very neasy about this although

He Has Never Attended 
has never attended meetings and makes it clear to Matthew that the invitation is a mistake Matthew Charlie and their friends lead privileged pper class lives in London society This is a world nfamiliar to Rachel She works at low paid menial a world Leaders Eat Last unfamiliar to Rachel She works at low paid menial and lives in a shabby apartment Sheickly inserts herself into the lives of the family At her first book club meeting Charlie s suspicions about Rachel seem to be confirmed He finds her snooping in their bedroom She seems to be taking too much interest in Titus She breaks p a mob menacing Titus in a different part of the city Charlie believes she was following their son but Matthew passes it off as a mere coincidence Rachel leaves her job to work as an assistant to a wealthy book club woman and is soon leading a lavish lifestyle This menacing well constructed plot moves back and forth in time before and after the murder The timelines are never confusing The chapters are narrated from the perspective of Charlie and Rachel but are their words reliable As it delves deeper into the characters backgrounds the twists and revelations kept me riveted to the pages Charlie hints that Rachel now in prison might not be guiltyIf so why did she confess and what really happened This was my first book by B P Walter and left me wanting to read of the author s novels Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an early copy of this intriguing book Recommended to readers who like a tantalizing domestic thriller When the silence became nbearable I finally spoke I ve worked it out I know what you did 45 A stranger at the table A dinner that ends in deathCan you guess The Dinner Guest complete The New Competition uotes collection This was told in separate first person POV from Charlie s and Rachel s perspective It switched between the past and present as we slowly learn the truth about everythingThe Dinner Guest would have been at least 4755 but that ending left meite Domestic Slavery Considered as a Scriptural Institution by Francis Wayland and Richard Fuller unsatisfied I would have loved to know how their lives had turned out and what decisions they made Unfortunately the ending dropped it to a 4 it was vague andestions were left Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering. unanswered It was mysterious indeed but not in a way I would have liked Instead it felt like it was a book leftnfinishedThe gay representation was done really well in my opinion and I loved the plot It was Children of the New World uniue and there were twists innexpected places I was a little confused in the beginning but as I read on things became obvious Overall an amazing story with a thrilling plot and interesting characters Will definitely recommend to thriller and mystery lovers but there were some E book club Matthew wouldn’t listenAnd that’s how Charlie finds himself slumped beside his husband’s body their son sitting silently at the dinner table while Rachel calls 999 the bloody knife still ,

Honey Guess who is coming to dinner Hey why don t you answer me Oh my gosh honey why the hell you re bleeding No pulse Well food for three The dinner is planned to be served to table of four One is down Three of them left as murder suspects Matthew is good father is stabbed to death The charming instagram phenomenon Charlie devoted husband Rachel is the stranger with full secrets Titus looks like perfect son are three murder suspects Who could have stabbed Matthew Well our vote for killer is Rachel And she already confessed So case is closed No Why not Because dear Charlie blurted out at the first pages that she s innocent So who killed Matthew The perfect husband or perfect son Or there s fifth person at the kitchen And why the hell Rachel confessed the murder she didn t commit Buckle p for the wildest mind blowing high tension psychological thriller We have two narrators Charlie and Rachel When we read Charlie s POV we may find at least 10 million reasons to hate him he s selfish narcissistic spoiled privileged pretentious know it all jealous irritating restless human being who gets on our nerves Another punchable very dislikable character we love to see in pain groveling He gets suspicious since the first time she meets Rachel at the bookstore and then she bumps into her at the same day with his husband Matthew And worst part is not seeing a woman at different places in a few hours His husband invited him to his book club A very secluded club with its privileged a little older members a famous movie star his daughter in law and Charlie s godmother Charlie joins the book club gathering at the first time and catching Rachel snooping around their bedroom increases his suspicions about her And other week Rachel saves Titus from muggers What a coincidence She was in the right place at the exactly very right time Charlie s suspicions grows as Rachel slowly involves into their lives But everybody seems like pleased with her involvement even though she s coming from lower class rejecting to talk about her past she perfectly adjusts in their social circle and activities But I have to admit Charlie is right Rachel keeps heart wrenching secrets and she acts so weird around Titus watching out his each move like a hawk Why she is obsessed with the family So many estions so many secrets so many lies Get ready to expect the The Rabbit Who Wants to Go to Harvard unexpected Thisnputdownable addictive mind blowing thriller makes you sweat sit at the edge tingle your nerves It s truly agitating but you can not stop reading because it s so exciting surprising twisty Especially the last third of the book it turns into wilder ride things get messier crazier I hope your heart can handle this whirlwind adrenaline rush But I m telling you my friends it s truly worth it It s not only one of the best psychological thriller about betrayal addiction anger management revenge it is also objective criticism of class differences and the prejudiced observations of privileged people about the lower classes I m giving my five suspicious smart juicy engrossing addictive heart pounding starsDefinitely one of the best books of the year I truly recommend Special thanks to NetGalley and Harper Collins UK One More Chapter for sharing this digital reviewer copy with me in exchange my honest opinionsbloginstagramfacebooktwitter *Charlie and Matthew Allerton Jones are a gay married couple raising their son Titus who s fifteen years oldUntil * and Matthew Allerton Jones are a gay married couple raising their son Titus who s fifteen years oldUntil things seemed fine in the Allerton Jones household which has the advantage of close ties with Charlie s parents and his godmother MerylThen Matthew is stabbed to death at the Allerton Jones dinner table and a young woman named Rachel calls the police and admits to the murder However we re immediately told that she didn t do it To Quantum (Captain Chase unveil what happened and why the book skips back and forth between twelve months ago when Charlie and Matthew met Rachel to the present A year ago Rachel was working in a Yorkshire gardening center and barely making ends meet when she happened to come across Charlie Allerton Jones Instagram account The account which featured myriad photos of Charlie Matthew and Titus galvanized Rachel who pulledp stakes moved to London and managed to accidently meet Charlie and Matthew Matthew who was a friendly sort invited Rachel to join his book club which met once a month in the posh home of one of the membersRachel grew Introduction to Mythology up in difficult circumstances could only afford an apartment in a rough area of Pimlico and wasnaccustomed to mingling with London s elite but she eagerly accepted the book club invitation Rachel then proceeded to inveigle herself into the lives of the Allerton Jones and their friends Before long Rachel was even offered A Job By Charlie S Godmother Meryl job by Charlie s godmother Meryl seemed to want to give the girl a boost Perilous Love (Sinful Souls MC upThough most people in the book club liked Rachel something about her made Charliencomfortable Thus Charlie constantly griped to Matthew about the young woman being around However Matthew said Charlie was just being a snob and pooh poohed his concernsAs the story nfolds we learn why Rachel was drawn to the Allerton Jones her clandestine back story and the secrets other people are keepingTowards the latter part of the book we discover why Matthew was stabbed the identity of The Killer And What Happens After The Homicide Meanwhile Charlie killer and what happens after the homicide Meanwhile Charlie father who s a fixer for the rich and powerful tries to make sure his son and grandson are absolved of any blameThe book is character driven and the protagonists all have personality flaws Matthew is sneaky and evasive Charlie is na ve and willfully blind Titus is irresponsible and rebellious and Rachel has all sorts of troubles The big reveal and its aftermath aren t ite credible to me I also have trouble believing how lightning fast Rachel ascended in society nder the auspices of Charlie s godmother I simply don Four people walked into the dining room that night One would never leaveMatthew the perfect husbandTitus the perfect sonCharlie the perfect illusionRachel the perfect strangerCharlie didn’t want her at th.
Scheherazade Goes West

B.P. Walter ´ 5 Summary


Retty explicit scenes and language not everyone will be able to read about but this is an adult book so that s pretty self explanatory 030521 random thoughts that nobody asked for the characterswow I never knew Pippa was such a popular nameI thought Titus was a good kid but it turns out he s just a fckboi and I didn t really care about himI still don t really know what Rachel s full intentions are hmmm mixed feelings about herCharlie can be slow sometimes but I don t blame him And Matthew is playing victim or is heshook turns out the perfect gay couple is not so perfect after all great rep though I dare say sluttiness runs in the family lmfao wtf Titus imagine saying that in front of your parents I can t She looked at Matthew as though he d just produced a gun Are you fucking serious You ve invited some random woman to join s at our book club Someone you picked Chaucer's Canterbury Tales - Selected: An Interlinear Translation up whilst shopping ahh yes my thoughts exactly 030221 beyond exited to start this dinner party DINNER HAS BEEN SERVED and it was DELICIOUS THE APPETIZERFour people were at dinner that night Charlie and his husband MatthewTheir son TitusAnd their new acuaintance and newest book club member RachelCharlie never wanted her to be invited But Matthew won t survive and as Charlie stands over the body while Titus sits in shock at the dinner table Rachel with the bloody knife in her hand dials 999THE MAIN COURSE I don t share than the book blurb and for once this one is vague allowing you to dive in blind WHICH YOU SHOULD DOWhat I will say is that this book was VERY SUSPENSEFUL and I was completely STUMPED well past the 50% point Moreestions than Answers for MOST of the book THE DESSERT The ending is a bit ambiguous and a little INDULGENT as are most desserts It s also very ENJOYABLE Isn t that why we partake in good meals and good books 45 Only one Stowaway unansweredestion had me deduct5 Thank you to the publisher ONE MORE CHAPTER for providing a gifted copy through NetGalleyIt was my pleasure to provide a candid review NOW AVAILABLE Many thanks to NetGalley HarperCollins UKOne More Chapter and BP Walter for an ARC of this book Now available as of 4121Whatever you do even if you think your plate is already overflowing save room for this absolutely juicy thriller which would put even the most sizzling piece of steak to shameCharlie and Matt are married co parenting teenaged son Titus who they are raising as their own when Matthew decides to bring in book club newbie Rachel to share a meal She has slowly been creeping further and further into their little worldbut why And when Matt is viciously murdered at dinner WHY is she so The Syntactic Licensing of Ellipsis uick to make the 999 call to confess to cold blooded murderTrust me this is all the setup you ll need to dive headfirst into this shocking and suspenseful tale replete with everything fromnderhanded characters dual timelines which slowly divulge details at the perfect pace to keep the reader guessing devastating secrets aplenty and an absolute knockout ending I ll be honest I thought I had this story figured out at about 25%and I was COMPLETELY wrong I think this says less for my Shoddy Detective Skills And detective skills and the absolute talent of BP Walter baffle and confuse his reader When it comes to thrillers I almost enjoy being wrong than being right and the hits don t stop coming ntil the very last chapter I also love a thriller that leaves the story a little bit open ended because whether the author pens a seuel or not it s always fun to speculate the next steps for our charactersthe ones still ALIVE of courseThis is one thriller that will leave you ravenous for and I m already waiting for BP Walter s next book and maybe a fabulous piece of devil s food cake to go along with it 4 Four people walked into the dining room that night One would never leave This is one of those books where the less you know going in the better SoooI m just going to say this The Dinner Guest was a pleasant surprise It was very well plotted the writing was crisp and clean and it was extraordinarily engrossing I read it in two 2 hour sessions Major kudos to BP Walter This story gets my seal of approval Recommended Available April 1 2021 My sincere appreciation to NetGalley and HarperCollins UK One More Chapter for my review copy Rating 45Genre ThrillerThis is a dinner that you will NEVER forget Four people are together one night for dinner and only three will leave alive The novel starts off with the murder and makes you estion right off the bat who was the guilty party Was it the loving husband the rebellious son or the twisted stranger The perspective changes from the husband Charlie to the stranger Rachel jumping back and forth between the past and the present You learn about both characters lives and who they are versus who they pretend to be Charlie is married to Michael and they both have an adopted son Titus Rachel is a stranger to them all and you have to read to figure out how exactly she plays a role in these mens lives and what if anything she has to do with them It took me some time to finally get into the story but I O que é o quê understood that it needed to be done this way in order to fulfill the goal the author had in mind You needed to get the background before you could jump into the terror that begins tonwind It was a fast paced ick read once I hit the pward trend toward the climax of the story I had to know where this would all lead and what exactly happened There are so many twists of which I was able to guess a few but not
In The Exact Way 
the exact way revealed themselves There were moments where I audibly GASPED because I just couldn t believe what I had read This is definitely a worth while thriller and one that you should give a chance This was my first time reading a BP Walter novel and I am definitely impressedThank you netgalley Harper Collins UK for this ARC in exchange for an honest revie. Ripped in her handAgatha Christie meets Donna Tartt in this nerve shredding domestic noir thriller that weaves a sprawling web of secrets around an opulent West London world and the dinner that ends in deat. .

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