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Ries about the darkness corrupting my soul and push them aside because the missionIn his opening scenes Raphael s taking calls from some guy I assumed was some sort of law nforcement about witnesses and vidence and the case against the villain dealer His job is being a photographer but that was obviously his deep cover story and while there s nothing at all plausible about him being a secret agent I thought that was the whole point These books aren t long nough to give the rich authentic details of the adventures of secret agents as are found in movies or American TV so I thought I was being The Baby Swap Miracle expected to let it all go and just be all oh neat Italian James Bond that sxactly what I wanted to read Which happy to give it a go I was thinking well he s wrapped up the main bit of the mission in Columbia and this bit in this story is just about the final piece in the puzzle and this time it s personal It continually struck me that all of this was completely unrealistic but I just kept telling myself this is fiction this is Harleuin Presents shut up brainOf course that never works completely but I did try When Raphael and Eve fly to Venice in the family s private plane I was having a debate with myself as to whether he could claim it as travel xpenses I concluded that he could because of the mission but thought the other agents would probably think he was being a dick if he didI was fully xpecting the story s crucial scene to be Eve held at gunpoint by the dealer villain while Raphael looks on and feels all the feelings You know about how he d been wrong about her and this job is too filthy and should never have touched something so pure and how he s so in love her and t admit it and now it s too late and he ll her and couldn t admit it and now it s too late and he ll before he lets anything happen to her tc Just imagine that muscle tick moving under his jaw the only sign that belies the indifference in his glacially cold yes Needless to say that doesn t happenI m not one to complain such a lie and there s plenty of other stuff going on to keep me ntertained Eve and Raphael are both highly suspicious of ach other Eve thinks Raphael is the Excommunication: Three Inquiries in Media and Mediation evil dealer and Raphael thinks she Knows Something Not much because he also thinks she s a bimbo and he is not at all impressed by the muckraking publication she supposedly works for Eve is also an accidental nudist which is certainly great for getting Raphael s attention but not great for demonstrating she has much going on noggin wise The both do a satisfactory amount of yearning forach other s bodies while trying to resist because of the other s status as a potential baddy although not uite Gender Justice enough to divert me from the fact that Eve s sister Ellie was her twin they looked heaps alike and Ellie lived with Carolina who was Raphael s betrothed before Raphael discovered that she was unfaithful And involved in thevil drugs So at no stage did Raphael Generations and Collective Memory ever meet his betrothed s roommate And why did I think Eve thought Ellie had been murdered again And that Eve had to go undercover to investigate I don t know There s a courtroom scene at thend with lawyers yelling obiezione and cross xamination to prove their love and a judge who s like whatever I ll allow it which is all possibly not xactly how the Italian justice system works but I ll allow it too because it was cute The heroine Even has travelled to Florence under the guise of writing an article on a famous model for the di Lazaro fashion house however she is really there to find the person responsible for supplying her twin sister with drugs that lead to her death From details found on a scrap of paper in her sisters belongings Eve believes this person to be Raphael di Lazaro when it is actually his half brother Luca Raphael has been away from the family for a while and is now back with the intention of bringing Luca to justice When Raphael and Eve meet there is an immediate attraction between them Eve tries to fight this but knows she has to stay close to him in order to From Notes to Narrative expose him and Raphael feels the need to protect herspecially when Luca takes an interestAs they spe This was a very different HP in that it was a who done it thrillerwith a bit of a love story thrown in the mix I didn t see the nding coming and loved how the author played that out E Lazaro Fashion House holds the answers Surrounded by glamour Eve's out of her depth until she realizes Raphael wants her If becom. Y only dislike with the book is it felt like certain scenes dragged on and I found myself flipping through the book for a uicker finish I have read that this is the author s first HP I think she is off to a great start The Italian s Defiant Mistress India Grey s debut novel was incredibly amazing That level of writing and the complexity of the story and characters was not what I would xpect from a first timer The depth and intricacies of the story make than just a uick The Italian s Defiant Mistress is India Grey s debut book and it is smashing Set in Florence and Venice it is full of fashion glitz glamour celebrities and it is very God's Choice: The Total World of a Fundamentalist Christian School exciting and alluring Eve Middlemiss was on an assignment for a fashion magazine but than that she is on a mission to find out andxpose the person who provided her twin sister with drugs and caused her death Her assignment is to follow a supermodel and in doing so Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets (Paper)) ends up on the runway herself As she s nervous and inexperienced she s told to focus on something while she traverses the runway and she sees a tall dark and handsome man who she s immediately drawn to whonds up being RaphaelRaphael di Lazaro and his half brother Luca are heirs to the di Lazaro fashion house Raphael s mission is to xpose his brother Luca for what he isa user and supplier of drugs to models Raphael has an axe to grind with Luca as his one time girlfriend left him went to Luca nded up an addict and almost died He is determined not to let his brother ruin or nd another model s lifeEve is determined as well that she will xpose a di Lazaro and make him pay for Foraging for Survival ending her sister s life She believes the responsible person is Raphael because she learns he has been spending some time in Columbia Later thatvening Eve meets up with both men at a party When Raphael sees Eve with his brother he feels honour bound to protect her so he grabs and kisses her senseless and boy do the sparks fly Later he tries to send her home but the spirited and determined Eve refusesEve and Raphael s journey is passionate painful and in the nd full of sorrow When Eve discovers she Is In Love With in love with and by chance sees Raphael meeting with his x girlfriend she misunderstands and flees The pain she Foundations of Tropical Forest Biology: Classic Papers with Commentaries endures upon returning home and then having to reappear in Italy to testify against Luca di Lazaro will break your heartThis story was an amazing look into the lives of celebrities and fashion models and reminds me so much of what s now going on in the lives of young actors and in the music industry all over the world It is certainly a lesson as to how destructive drugs can be in a person life Then there is the important lesson of how things are not always as they look and how misunderstood and untrusting we can be of those we loveI sincerely and thoroughlynjoyed India Grey s first romance book The Italian s Defiant Mistress and I personally look forward to reading many of her ntertaining storiesBook DescriptionThe Italian billionaire s inexperienced mistress Eve Middlemiss has come to Florence desperate for information And only darkly good looking multimillionaire Raphael di Lazaro heir to the Lazaro Fashion House holds the answers she s searching for Surrounded by glamour and decadence Eve is totally out of her depth until she realises she is the one Raphael wantsIf becoming the Italian s mistress is what it takes to find out the truth about her family Eve realises she must feign the sophistication and xperience she s sure Raphael is accustomed to but that means making herself available to his very desire She is journalist pretending to be model Just focus on one person and pretend you re sexy walking to them Eve s model friend tells her Blurry hot guy She thinks he supplied the drugs to her model sister that she overdosed on Eve has come to Florence seeking information and only Raphael di Lazaro heir to the Lazaro Fashion House holds the answers Surrounded by glamour Eve s out of her depth until she realizes Raphael wants her If becoming his mistress will help Eve she ll fake the sophistication Raphael s xpecting but that means being available to his very desire Couldn t finish this one Too much cheesy motion based on one day only acuaintance One Ticket To Texas especially when h suspecting H is responsible of her twin sister s deat. Ing his mistress will help Eve she'll fake the sophistication Raphael'sxpecting but that means being available to his very desir. .

I hate how my mind sometimes disconnects me from perfectly njoyable books My actual reading grade for it is about 3 stars but I know it deserves at least 4 there are just days when I don t Art, Culture, and Cuisine: Ancient and Medieval Gastronomy enjoy reading plus I was all over Wilkie Collins this week so I couldn t be bothered to concentrate on anyonelse Very funny in most instances very good funny nding would recommend 4 Stars Rumours have it that the world famous photographer Raphael di Lazaro heir to the Lazaro fashion house is back in Italy and Eve Middlemiss knows that he has something to do with her sister Ellie s death and she means to prove it So taking her bestfriend s place as a Fashion Journalist Eve travels to Florence to shadow a Lazaro model and cover the debut of a new Lazaro fragrance Raphael has cause to hate paparazzi and any other journalist but there s something about Eve that brings out his protective instincts and when he finds his brother Luca hitting on her he whisks her away The power of their attraction is intense and Eve begins to think that the only way to get close to Raphael is to seduce him And Raphael knows that the only way to keep Eve safe from his drug pushing brother is to keep Eve with him alwaysThis was originally released as a Modern Extra by Mills Boon And Is Ms Grey is Ms Grey debut Though Raphael is an alpha hero he is not uite as sure of himself as the typical Presents hero Eve is very young which is reminiscent of the very arly Presents Though young and inexperienced she s forces herself to overcome her shyness in her desperation for justice in her sister s death The chemistry between Raphael and Eve is wonderfully written and the added intrigue of fashion and the drug world keeps the story on Black British Cultural Studies: A Reader edge I think Ms Grey has donexceptionally well in her debut her fresh voice is appealing and this reader is Gypsy World: The Silence of the Living and the Voices of the Dead eager to read Anngrossing read Hugely Bryozoan Evolution enjoyableThis stunning debut for the MODERN PRESENTS series shows all of thearly story telling promise that has become such a hallmark of her later books In Eve she created an Crisis and Continuity at the Abbasid Court: Formal and Informal Politics in the Caliphate of Al-Muqtadir (295-320/908-32) engaging heroine that readers were going to havempathy for from the outset and gave her a hero that ticked all the boxes for a Mills Boon hero I d read several of her titles for HMB prior to finding this debut novel second hand in a charity shop and I m glad that I did The author has moved onto longer fiction almost seamlessly and to much deserved critical acclaim and having read this debut it s Silvers Edge easy to see why those recent novels have been much sought after and why her fans in the MODERNPRESENTS series like myself would love to see her come back to these somedayA remarkable talent Read this book It s moments before she has to strut her stuff down a catwalk wearing a plastic dress and Eve s having a bit of a panic She s no model She s notven the fashion journalist she s pretending to be No Eve is a junior academic in Renaissance poetry but she s here investigating her sister s death and if that means walking around half naked then by golly she ll do it Just focus on one person and pretend you re sex walking to them Eve s model friend tells her so Eve myopically does and that s how she first sees Raphael Blurry hot fashion Show Is A Retrospective Of Raphael S is a retrospective Raphael s s long career in fashion and Raphael s also there for Reasons but he s really taken with Eve s catwalk sashay The two of them rapidly transition from yes meet to intros with dialogue to finding an mpty room to kiss and get rather handsyIt s all moving so fast uick throw in some plot Eve let s something slip about drugs and Raphael s all woah maybe she s involved in the Badness Must keep a close Going Berserk eye on her and find out what she knows And take her to my family s houses and touch her and remember that she is probably thenemy and stop touching her and then forget that and start touching her againThis is an mbarrassing admission for almost the ntire story I thought Raphael was a secret agent He s media shy and he backstories on about how he was in Columbia for 18 months and there were drug lords and I thought he was probably hanging out with them and drinking whiskey and laughing at divers petty cruelties Oh look flies are landing on that tortured minion s open wounds I shall guffaw and make snide comments And then I shall have tiny wor. The Italian billionaire's inexperienced mistress Eve has come to Florence seeking information and only Raphael di Lazaro heir to th.

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The Italian's Defiant Mistress

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