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Duende A Journey Into the Heart of FlamencoUnbelievable and not just for the fraught high itched assive suare ass writing Unbelievable as *In I Don T Believe *I don t believe of this Where are details What s it ass writing Unbelievable as in I don t believe much of Where are the details What s it to steal a car for the first time I mean how does one go about stealing a car really What do you gotta do especially in this day and age of anti theft mechanisms which are referred to sort of but there s no real description on how one outsmarts them What s taking cocaine actually FEEL like Like really FEEL like What were the names of those venues you layed when on your first tour with gypsies Sans details it makes this whole thing unbelievable As in hard to believe Fantastic source of interesting facts about Spain and flamenco The only thing I didn t like about it was its style It seemed to me that the author didn t really know what he had wanted to write the history of his own life or rather an informative guide book Nevertheless it s really worth reading if you want to focus on all the things flamenco and not the love story Can t remember when I read this really Main character is rather annoying as I recall Webster s account of his journey to Spain in search of spiritual nourishment and escape from the dreary unhealthy life of academia treats of his ainful struggle to become a flamenco guitarist and his encounters with aficionados Gypsies and TravellersWebster na ve and at times irritating is an unlikely guide. The music started two guitarists beating out Alboreás The women took turns to dance in a frenzy each trying to outdo the other “Deep Song always sings in the night” Lorca had written It was the credo of the flamenco a rejection of the mundane the ordinary the life of the everyday man embracing rather an extreme world – extreme assions extreme feelings the extremes of life and death And it was a way of life I wanted to believe in – its excitement its danger the affirmation it gave you that you were different and aliveDestined for a sedate and redictable life in academia Jason Webster was derailed in his early twenties. .
On this journey and his world eating attitude is typical of the colonial tourist I was shocked by his harsh account of the Gypsies he met but he could not make me share his admiration for the drug addled car thief This is honest but ignorant It is clueless about disparities in ways of knowing It is othering without judgement Webster is comparable in his self important abjection to Henry Miller Many readers enjoy Henry Miller so fill yer boots A very enjoyable read Some narrative holes but a great overview of an intense and somewhat scary time for the author It has inspired me to learn about flamenco Although I occasionally enjoyed this book due to a nostalgia factor I lived in Spain for a few years I came away from it with the solidified belief that cultural insight written by outsiders is often hollow and ultimately unsatisfying If you re drawn to this book because you want a better understanding of duende Interior Designs: An Adult Coloring Book with Beautifully Decorated Houses, Inspirational Room Designs, and Relaxing Modern Architecture pick up Lorca instead Clinging to the memory of a flamencoerformance in Granada one evening on the hill of tombs with a view of Alhambra from above I Gläsern picked this book Andalusia has intro I enjoyed this book less than I thought I was going to I had expected to be whisked away Andalucia the soul of Flamenco but little of it takeslace there The author having broken up a girlfriend and recently left university goes to Spain in search of flamenco with a with a girlfriend and recently left university goes to Spain in search of flamenco with a to le. When his first love an aloof Florentine beauty dumped him unceremoniously Loveless and eager for adventure – and determined to fulfill a secret dream he left Oxford and headed for Spain the country that had long captivated his imagination and set off in search of duende the intense and mysterious emotional state – Detention of Doom part ecstasyart melancholy – that is the essence of Spain’s signature art form flamenco Duende is Webster’s captivating memoir of the years he spent in Spain Fromentin pursuing his obsession Studying flamenco guitar until his fingers bleed he becomes involved in aassionate yet doomed affair with Lola a flamenco dan. ,

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Arn how to lay guitar to accompany it He starts on the tourist Costas before heading to Madrid and eventually spending some time in Granada At times I was there with him at others I felt detached and not that invested in his accountFlamenco is indeed a mesmerising art form My wife and I recently visited Seville a stunning city of incredible architecture and a wonderful mix of its Islamic Jewish and Christian although the brutal expulsion of its Muslim and Jewish residents after the Reconuista is a sad reminder of our inability to live together in harmony We saw Flamenco one night in a back street room An audience of maybe twenty watching four separate dancers erform individually three female and one male danced themselves into a trance as one man layed guitar and two others sang in harsh tones in a way reminiscent of the muezzins calling Friedrich Barbarossa (Gestalten Des Mittelalters Und Der Renaissance) (German Edition) people torayer The sound of the dancers feet on the wooden stage was deafening but intoxicating their moves incredible to watch Maybe if I had read the book after seeing this I would have enjoyed it than I did Amazing trip made by Jason into the real world of flamenco Jason writes with such assion and this comes across in the whole of his flamenco journey through Spain I loved the range of characters and also the eople he met along the way Would definitely recommend to anyone with an interest in Spain and flamenco Not a fan. Cer and older woman married to the gun toting Vicente only to flee the coastal city of Alicante in fear for his life He ends up in Madrid miserable and lovelorn but it’s here that he has his first taste of the gritty world of flamenco’s rogenitors – the Gypsies whose edgy lives and fervent commitment to the art of flamenco vividly illustrate the ath to duende Before long he is deeply immersed in a flamenco underworld that combines music and dance with drugs and crime After two years Webster moves on to Granada where bruised and battered he reflects on his discovery of the emotional heart of Spain From the Hardcover editi.