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The Thin PlaceThanks to NetGalley and Publishing UK for roviding an ebook advance copy in exchange for an honest reviewCW miscarriage child abuse animal abuse animal death The Thin Place is three interrelated stories occurring at different Rites, Rights and Rhythms: A Genealogy of Musical Meaning in Colombia's Black Pacific points in time all entering around a house named Overtoun in Scotland The main story is that of Ava in theresent day a television journalist in her late thirties Ava s regnancy makes her worry about ossible unknown genetic issues as her mother was adopted and has always refused to speak about her ast her biological arents or her adoptive ones Looking for a story to fill a gap on a slow news day Ava suggests looking into the bridge at Overtoun from where since the 1950s dogs have been known to leap to their deaths On the bridge Ava feels something that may be supernatural and she becomes obsessed with finding out the truth about what happened at the house and the bridge an obsession that strains her relationships with her mother and sister the father of her child and her capacity to do her job The two other stories are that of Marion a naive young woman who in 1929 marries a handsome young man who takes her to live at his family s crumbling estate and that of Constance a sick child who lives isolated in a small room of a big house occasionally visited by her mother The title The Thin Place refers to a lace where the veil that separates the world of the living from that of the dead is articularly thin Major weaves a tense creepy atmosphere with the large house looming over everything creeping into Ava s brain its darkness infecting her apartment and her relationships I was at once repulsed by some of the events in the book see content warnings above but I also couldn t Les Ténébreuses - Tome I - La Fin d'un monde put it down I could see the shape of the thing that would be revealed but it was hazy enough that I had to keep reading to learn if the characters would get through it The writing cleverly sticks very close to the charactersoint of view Ava Marion and Constance so that it is very difficult to decipher what is real from what could be their false interpretation of events and Karneval, Vol. 4 phenomenon The chapters are short which makes it even easier to just burn through the whole book by telling yourself just one chapter Ava is not entirely likeable as a character for the greaterart of the book I think the greatest accomplishment of the writing is that the reader can see all the bad decisions she is making but is so engrossed in the mystery that it is difficult to blame her for wanting to know the truth as much as we do or as much as I did For all the mystery and ghostly atmosphere and strange events this is at heart a story about mothers and daughters which makes it very relatable I am a total sucker for spooky mysteries involving old haunted mansions and CD Major s latest book had an edge over all the others hers was based on a real life location and an unsolved mystery that has haunted a small Scottish town for decades Set in Scotland THE THIN PLACE features Overtoun House a for decades Set in Scotland THE THIN PLACE features Overtoun House a century country house near the small village of Milton in Scotland The house has gained notoriety through its attached bridge a lace where up to 600 dogs have jumped to their deaths over the last few decades giving it its nickname of the dog suicide bridge Add an alleged ghost to the mix AND HERE YOU HAVE THE PERFECT here you have the erfect for a compelling mystery with an eerie undertone and a hint of the supernaturalAccording to Celtic legends thin laces are areas where the boundaries between the real world and the spirit world are thin and one can slip uite easily from one to another In Major s novel journalist Ava Brent gets obsessed with the mystery of Overtoun House after a visit there for one of her news stories But apart from Ava s POV Major also weaves two alternative timelines and voices into her story creating a truly spine chilling background for current events As the mystery unravels Ava will discover her special connection to Overtoun House which will ut her in terrible dangerI just loved the atmospheric setting in this story and of course had to look up hundreds of ictures of the lace online which immediately made me want to travel to Scotland Major has captured the forbidding and yet somehow captivating aura of Overtoun House The Elephants Journey perfectly and I could not have wished for aerfect location for a spooky mystery As Ava becomes and obsessed with the lace the boundaries between "Sanity And Madness Also Blurred " and madness also blurred I was truly afraid for her safetyAs is often the case with multiple timelines I initially struggled a bit to be eually invested in all three separate threads Whilst I found Ava s by far the most compelling I was happy to see that all the threads tied together well in the end Initially I really struggled with Constance s voice as I am not fond of child narrators especially if they sound much older than their years but despite this I ended up enjoying the extra element of suspense and air of menace that Constance s chapters added to the story THE THIN PLACE was a fast and compelling read for me and even though I guessed some of the twists early on as I was loathe to ut the book down until I had all the answers After reading up on the true events connected with Overtoun Bridge I am still fascinated by its ongoing mystery and intrigue what a fantastic setting for a book I look forward to reading from this new to me author35 stars Thank you to Netgalley and Publishing UK for the free electronic copy of this novel and for giving me the opportunity to rovide an honest review blog facebook instagram 3755. Amazing Kindle Epub, The Thin Place Aut. StarsFirst of all Thank you Netgalley and Publishing UK for The Undisputed Greatest Writer of All Time: A Collection of Poetry providing an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review Second of all TW suicide child abuse miscarriage animal abuse and death Overtoun Bridge Set in Dumbarton Scotland This bridge is also known as the dog suicide bridge Dog suicides have happened since the 1950 s It is not yet exactly known why this happens but there is a wide array of theories surrounding it Thinlaces Places where the corporeal world and the eternal world s veils are thin These two themes are well talked throughout the whole book as well as others and this in turn made me want to read it I had read somewhere about Overtoun Bridge but never actually delved deeper I had never though read or heard about thin StoryBranding: Creating Stand-Out Brands Through The Power of Story places but alas knowing me You know I would be fascinated by that This book managed to get my attention in the best wayossible it was also my first e ARC and I m definitely not disappointed finally a good start to the month Now Ava is a journalist and a mom to be However she develops a concern because of her ongoing regnancy and a lack of medical history since her mother is adopted and refuses to speak about it Conseuently Ava tries to dig into it leading her to Overtoun She develops an unhealthy obsession for the lace and starts in turn to receive threats in order for her to leave the lace the hell alone But did she listen Nuh huh She finds ways to make it her job she tries to cover it for the news she goes there as a tourist she creates a bond with the current owner of the house And well she definitely doesn t expect what she finds This is a thriller of sorts but as I found myself reading it I would definitely say this has also tiny bits of supernaturalterror thrown here and there and i m living for it This book started off a bit slow but wow Wow wow I m dumbfounded really I can t even ut my ideas into Pure Chance proper words This book is absorbing interesting and a bit gruesome if you dolan to read this check the trigger warnings at the start of my reviewHowever The The Lady and the Lionheart protagonists read off almost the same I think that is the main reason it didn t go up to 455 stars like I envisioned it at first I had to constantly check who was narrating As a funny note I found the form of narrative interesting and curious We have 2 firsterson narrations and a third erson narration It s a compelling decision to say the least I liked it Props to that The ending Well shit It s one of the best ending lines I ve ever read I m not kidding I wish I was but I screamed and then I stared with my mouth open I m astounded The ace I have a few complains here and there but honestly now that I think about it nothing to serious I stopped my chores of the day to finish this Seriously I couldn t ut it down that s why I have no complaints on that department chimes In Conclusion What I Liked Supernatural Themes And what I liked supernatural themes and themes surrounding the book the ace was almostperfect it started off strong the ending not getting tired of saying that the setting the Schilder's Struggle for the Unity of the Church plot What I didn t like Protagonists reading off almost the same up to almost the ending the multipleeople getting A (kinda) Country Christmas pregnant at the same time sorry not a fan of it and would say that s about it because its a thriller and I can t say much without spoiling SO Do I recommend it Yes yes I do Thanks for turning in in my half coherent review Is all I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewThe Thin Place centered around the dark history of the foreboding Scottish estate Overtoun It follows the story of three women from different times whose lives will somehow intersectThe story starts with Ava a television journalist who decided to investigate a bridge near the Overtoun estate where many dogs have jumped to their death She soon obsessed to uncover Overtoun s dark historyutting a strain on her relationship with her family artner and her jobWe re also introduced to two other women Marion and Constance Marion in 1929 she married the lord of the manor It tells her story of courtship and marriage lagued by loneliness misery and tragedy Constance a sickly young girl who lived in the manor in 1949 with a devoted mother A compelling and gripping thriller with its gothic and creepy atmosphere The Thin Place is slow aced with realistic and well written characters "Ava is not a likeable character She makes a lot of bad decisions I found myself " is not a likeable character She makes a lot of bad decisions I found myself to Marion and Constance Both of their stories are heartbreaking and sometimes uncomfortable to read A book filled with intrigue and secrets some were redictable The slow build up of tension was so satisfyingOverall The Thin Place is a captivating read with a National Geographic Kids Almanac 2020 perfect mixed of mystery and suspense I reviewed this book for Historical Novels Review the magazine of the Historical Novel Society Per theirolicy I cannot ost the review until after it is ublished on their website in May 2021 After that I will update the review Ava Brent a small time news reporter a woman in a loving relationship with a nice if somewhat mysterious on her mother s side family has finally all she has so desperately wanted to bepregnant Now her life can be completeyet a case gets in a way Something that should have been a Why Is It Always About You?: The Seven Deadly Sins of Narcissism peculiar but trivial story about a strange suicide inducing landmark turns out to have a strange and irresistible attraction for Ava The creepy Overtoun Estate standing all but forgotten in the shadows and gloom calls to Avaromises to whisper its secrets to the right ears seemingly desperate to have its story told Or maybe Ava s rojecting Hor C.D. Major This is the best favorit.

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