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Gauntlet A Novel of International IntrigueIes in the story for instance the TTIC has been known as the NCTC since 200 The United States thought they had come up with the erfect way to dispose of six hundred tons of Semtex They would denote it out in the desert of Libya Shortly after the big explosion CIA agent Richard Lawrence learns that some of the Semtex was high jacked enroute Then an Emir televises that he Otis plans to blown up a major landmark somewhere in the world The only otheriece of information that the Emir A Speech on the Present Duties and Future Destiny of the Negro Race: September 2, 1872 (Classic Reprint) provides is that helans to attack within the month To hide the disaster that the USA has on their hands the Kiss of the Spiderwoman president issues a cover up Now theresident and the rest of the world are relying on the Terrorist Threat Integration Center otherwise known as TTIC to help locate these terrorists before it is too late The TTIC was founded on May 1 2003 due to attacks on American soil Hamilton Turbee a mathematician and The Mutants Are Coming programmer is the newest member to join TTIC He also happens to be very brilliant He has found a way to track the Semtex Unfortunately these terrorists are lead by a very rich and smart man He has come up with ways to evade the US and stay one step ahead but how long will he be able to keep it upLet me first start off by saying I am enthralled by Mr Aaron Gauntlet is his first novel and the first in a series I was barely a third of the way into this story and already I was thinking about how much I really wanted toick up the second book in this series Each character in this story layed a iece of the Alles in meinem Dasein ist Musik... puzzle Richard Aaron s writing was so vivid it was like I could feel the grit of the sand Plus talk about an adrenaline rush This story spanned across many different continents from the Middle East to the US to Canada Gauntlet is not for the faint at heart If you are looking for a solid best seller then do yourself a favor andick up a copy of this book today In Richard Aaron s Gauntlet about 45 tons of a highly explosive Witch Is Why The Moon Disappeared plastic material known as semtex has gone missing and is in the hands of Afghanistan terroristslotting against America Authorities don t know where the attack will take lace and have only a month to find out and stop it from killing a lot of innocent eople The terrorists skilled at what they do evade detection and catch at every turn A major hub of the action is a group known as the Terrorist Threat Integration Center or TTIC One of their most vital employees turns out to be an autistic math genius named Hamilton Turbee who is good at cracking codes and doing uick calculations in his headThe Underground (Unbelievers, plot will take you everywhere from the caves of Afghanistan where terrorists hide andlot the deserts of the Middle East the Canadian border where a cop is investigating drugs and to Washington and back While reading you will jump around the world and this constant movement gives a sense of scope to the The Letters and Lessons of Teddy Roosevelt for His Sons plot such that you realize how widespread and serious an issue like the one in the book really is and of all the work that goes into cracking thelots of and stopping terroristsEverything is fast aced jumping from one character to the next and there are A LOT of characters Each character is distinct though even the terrorists that you come to understand the motives of Gauntlet is a book to read when you don t have anything else to *do because you will not want to ut it down With *because you will not want to The Purposeful Graduate put it down Withage the suspense builds until you feel like it is going to crack What makes the book even immediate and hard to Inscriptions for Headstones put down is that everything within it feels real as if it is happening or has happened After all we are living in a world aware and fearful of terrorist attacks The thought that something like this could happen or could be happening behind the scenes is uite frankly very terrifyingThis is really the first time that I have read a book like this and I thoroughly enjoyed it I love a complexlot that twists and connects all over the lace and this book certainly delivered a well thought out and wonderfully written series of events I don t want to give too much away but Suffice To Say That to say that will be on the edge of your seat Gauntlet is a debut novel by former lawyer Richard Aaron to be released on March 2nd I read it uickly in one sitting as I just had to know what was going to happenThe cast of characters is uite large There s the TTIC Terrorist Threat Integration Center staff and their not so bright director the standout here is Hamilton Turbee the super rich autistic computer genius The CIA operative Richard Lawrence who s hooked on ainkillers and mourning the apparent death of his adopted brother The mastermind behind the terrorists who mourning the apparent death of his adopted brother The mastermind behind the terrorists who the Huumetsaarin jouluyö plot into motion And the RCMP Royal Canadian Mounted Police who stumble onto the chaos while tracking drug dealers shipments south across the borderWith all of theseeople involved I m not surprised this is a large book The story Retail. De digitale hysterie voorbij proceeds at a goodace with only a few sections that got repetitive And while I liked the background on Youssef the mastermind some of it was just a tad implausible I mean skinny Η γραφομηχανούλα - Nietzsche ex Machina pale little 13 year old from the tribal villages of Afghanistan figures out how torocess opium into heroin by eavesdropping on his elders HmmIn any case as mentioned before the story was engrossing and there were no obvious lot holes SPOILER ALERT in the next sentence Except that all the extra references told you way before you get to the end that they don t uite manage to stop the attack I didn t need to know that with 48 ages to go SPOILER ALERT end The seuel has already been named Counterplay and I will definitely The Bias of Communication pick it up to see where this story goes from here. Puter mastermind at the newly created TTIC agency discovers a way to track them His flawed genius gives the nation its only chance at stopping the attack if the American leadership will listen As the enemies near their destination it is up to the TTIC team to stop the massive explosion that could destroy the lives of millio. 45 tons of Semtex has gone missing The highly explosivelastic material has somehow gotten into the hands of terrorists bent on striking the United States in a terrible way Authorities have no idea where the attack will take lace and they only have about a month to find out or else a lot of innocent eople die With every clue they get the clock ticks closer to the detonation But no matter what authorities do the terrorists seem to always be one step ahead At the heart of the action is a group known as TTIC or the Terrorist Threat Integration Center And among them is a vital employee who just happens to be an autistic math genius named Hamilton Turbee Turbee is good at cracking codes and doing uick calculations in his head and may just have what it takes to crack the caseThere s too many uniue and distinguished characters in the book to name them all But as the reader is bounced across the globe through this fast aced thriller it s easy to see how devastatingly widespread and serious the situation is I have to admit when I was first approached to do a blog tour I was given the choice between a couple of books I decided to go with this one because it sounded somewhat decent granted not really my style but I thought What the hey maybe you ll like it Mishel I received it a little late which was no big deal But when I opened the ackage I became a little intimidated The book is retty hefty But when I told myself to get over it and started to read I became so totally engrossed in the story it was scaryRichard Aaron is a great story teller The fact that this kind of thing can actually happen adds some thrilling if not totally frightening excitement to the reading experience The amount of detail and research that was ut into the book is amazing I never once thought that it was too much I did however get a headache thinking how crazy it must have been 4000 Meilen durch die USA: Meine Reise zu den großen Fragen des Lebens putting a book like this togetherOne thing I absolutely loved about Gauntlet was it s characters I ve read some reviews that frowned upon the background layout of some of the characters Iersonally loved it Characters are one of the most important things for me in a story The fact that Aaron gave readers detailed backgrounds on the them made them seem human well for me anyway Even the bad guys in the story seemed totally human and I somewhat sympathized with them And yes I know they were lanning a terrorist attack on the US So shoot me Lol I did feel the ending was a little rushed or just a little off kilter It just wasn t as enjoyable for me Although I gotta admit the action in the end really had me on the edge of my seat I m so totally ready for the seuel to come out The story isn t over I need to know what happens lol A definite read for anyone that enjoys books like this But even if you aren t into terrorist books or military thrillers of this kind I don t even know what genre the book is because I just don t usually read anything like this I still think you should give it a try The characters story action may just ull you in Wow I could not ut this book down Mr AARON IS UITE AN EXCITING THRILLING STORY TELLER MY is uite an exciting thrilling story teller My to my daughter for recommending it Gauntlet is a scary thriller A terrorist threat is imminent The government has been warned but doesn t know how or whereA bunch of Semtex lastic explosive has been Detention of Doom purposely blown up in the desert of Libya as Libya is now friendly with the United States However CIA agent Richard Lawrence discovers some of the Semtex was hijacked en route Is thisart of The Terrorist Threat Or Will The Terrorists terrorist threat or will the terrorists a dirty bombThe newly formed anti terrorist agency TTIC is charged with finding out what is going to happen One of the members of the TTIC Hamilton Turbee is a autistic computer genius who untangles all the webs to try to follow the trail of the Semtex His boss dislikes his mannerisms and does not allow Turbee to do his job Fromentin properly Will anyone listen to TurbeeThe Emir has entrusted his terroristlot to Yousseff Yousseff is a self made arrogan I often began a review with some jubilant exclamation I am easy to Punishing My Slutty Little Sister please but than that I have very fortunate to be blessed with the good luck oficking fabulous books to review The newest addition to that list is Gauntlet by Richard Aaron and let me tell you it skyrocketed toward the top I don t usually choose action thrillers for myself but again I was blessed with some awesome luck Gauntlet found its way to me and I ha Gauntled by Richard AaronA Novel of International intriguePages 504Published 2009ThrillerRICHARD AARON lives in a cold northwestern city with his wife four children and various dogs and cats He has a university degree in mathematics and a masters in law Neither has anything to "DO WITH HIS BURGEONING CAREER AS A WRITER HE "with his burgeoning career as a writer He in the real world for two decades before realizing that he was actually meant to be a writer Gauntlet was Blood+: Russian Rose, Volume 2 produced soon thereafter He is working on the seuel to Gauntlet and it is soon completedVisit Richard at his websiteAbout the BookA terrorist threat is looming an attack that would dwarf any other This time the government knows it s coming but doesn t know where or howFrom a stunning new voice in international intrigue comes a dramatic story of high stakes missions treachery honor an unlikely hero and the ultimate terrorist attackSix hundred sixty tons of Semtex is detonated in a massive explosion in Libya the last of a deadly stockpile The operation seems to have gone smoothly but within minutes of the explosion CIA agent Richard Lawrence discovers that one shipment of the explosive was hijacked en route to 660 tons of Semtex is detonated in a massive explosion in Libya The operation seems to have gone smoothly but within minutes of the explosion CIA agent Richard Lawrence discovers that one shipment of the explosive has been hijacked Days later a glory seeking 'Emir' broadcasts to the world that he islanning a massive terro. He destruction oint Days later a glory seeking Emir broadcasts to the world that he is lanning a massive terrorist strike against a major US landmark And he gives a timeline of one monthNow a desperate chase covers four continents as the men bent on attacking the United States use every weapon at their disposal to evade the American authorities Time and again they rove willing to destroy anything and anyone standing in their way But Hamilton Turbee an autistic computer mastermind at the secretive and newly created TTIC agency discovers a way to follow their tracks His flawed genius gives the nation its only chance at stopping the attack if the American leadership will listen As the enemies near their destination and an attack becomes imminent it is up to the TTIC team still without a true leader to stop the massive explosion that could destroy the lives of millionsAs the world watches in horror the President asks TTIC two uestionsWhere will the attack beAnd can it be stoppedThe ReviewIt s a high intense thriller think 24 Body of Lies for movies and tv series like that As for books it s harder since I have seen them around but I have stuck in my own corner of books I read and these have always felt very manly and testosterone filled which is strange since I do like to watch movies like itI decided to show you something intense next to give a feel of the book They smashed his right leg to ieces They tore the tibia completely from its surrounding flesh and tissue and discarded it It was not with the rest of the body They smashed most of the bones in his feet to ieces with some kind of blunt instrument The Taste of Her Blood (A Lesbian Vampire Tale) probably a hammer They ruptured both testicles through blunt force trauma The forensic scientists who examined him think this was done through repeated incredibly vicious blows to the groin He had many internal injuries some occasioned by blunt force others by surgical instruments Yousseff Said al Sabbhan an Afghan drug smuggler who has worked his way up in the world in one of the main characters in this book We get to see his life through back flashes and it s an interesting story about a young boy who sees a chance and takes it He is one of the bigieces in the uzzle he and the Emir is working together on a lan that will cause damages in the states Against him stands Terrorist Threat Integration Center or TTIC for short Different characters who all work together trying to find out where the attack will take lace because after the semtex goes missing it s just a matter of timeI find it interesting that one of the main characters at TTIC is an autistic mathematician who is a genius with computers He sees things that the others can t see and I like that he has made him a hero in this book Hamilton Turbee is someone who stands out together with Yousseff Good versus evil in a world that is about to get darkerThis is a book for eople who like thrillers adventure and action Between the flashbacks we get the hunt for answers will the semtex be used by terrorists and if so then where Messages from the Emir are aired and the clock is ticking away Can they stop it in time They are all working hard and some are taken and tortured It s not a book that jumps over details instead it will give you what would happenIt is a well written book and the bad Learn English: A Beginner's Guide for ESL Learners part oh how it leaves me hanging Yes it does have an ending but what will happen next And there are certain characters that I wonder about It s a cliffhanger without really being a cliffhanger It ties up loose endings but leaves room for much Evil is not that easily stopped and that is the good thing about this novel It doesn t have a happy ending with good has won again no it gives you reality But who knows what will happen in books to come Gauntlet is not an easy or mindless read It reuired me toay attention to what was going on and think about what was happening When I started this book I was a little overwhelmed Not only with the size of the book but the complexity with which the author discusses the various government agencies involved in the Who Is Gloria Steinem? plot Once I finally got into the book a few chapters I started to connect with a few of the characters Once that happens for me I tend to have an easier time sticking to the book There werelaces in this book that became too in depth and detailed than "I Needed Which Seemed "needed which seemed drag things out a bit I also think that this is much a man s book than a woman s However even with the length of the book I found that I got interested in it toward the end The further that I got the that I really wanted to finish it But I wanted to finish it because I was invested in the characters and I wanted to see how things ended for them Not because I wanted to know what happened The last 100 ages of the book were definitely better than the first 100 but I didn t like the end I really feel like it left me hanging I believe that Aaron intentionally left the ending hanging since there is a follow up in the works but I don t know that I m invested in the story enough to ick up the seuel That being said I still liked the book It took me a while to read I wasn t giving up sleep because I couldn t ut it down but it was good enough to I wasn t giving up sleep because I couldn t ut it down but it was good enough to me interested I didn t ever think about utting it down or uitting altogether I just felt that I was interested in what happened to the eople than the missing Semtex I guess that says a lot for character development huh Despite an early Corazones solitarios plot hole that nearly derailed my reading neither a significant amount of stolen Semtex nor the murdered soldiers responsible for its transport are missed and some inaccurac. Rist strike against a US landmark And he gives a time line of one month Now a desperate chase is on as the men bent on attacking the US use every weapon at their disposal to evade American authorities Time and again theyrove willing to destroy anything—and anyone—standing in their way But Hamilton Turbee an autistic com.