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Ct for modern closer range knife combatives Targets the handslimbs the throat the chest and heart and the back are xcellent Use of snap cuts bi and heart and the back are Dance Real Slow excellent Use of snap cuts bi cutting using both primary and sharp backdges body mechanics and footwork to improve power are all very good Also of interest is the attempt to develop physical mechanics for using the knife that directly translate to using mpty hands A very progressive concept for the age of the bookFor the big knife practitioners a big blade does dictate some degree of range and the work in Cold Steel will apply there very of range and the work in Cold Steel will apply there very but it may still be an un ually armed fight the same unarmed beginning and drag race to achieve superiority with a weaponThe knife throwing segment is the only part of the knife work I have no use for throwing your weapon is losing it and the likelihood of doing any good with a thrown knife under The Day Christ Was Born: The True Account of the First 24 Hours of Jesus's Life extreme stress in the mad rush and clash of combat is slim to noneThe segments on Unarmed Combat and Stick Fighting are great The Unarmed segment makesxcellent use of Elbows Feet and Body Mechanics as well as the combative classic Edge of Hand blow the Chin Jab and a few chokes releases from holds and a little work from the ground Very simple and concise materialThe stick material is fantastic both the Long End and Short End techniues as presented Very rea. Hich was the Marine bible of unarmed combat Emphasizing the practice aspect of bayonet knife and stick fight. .
Unarmed combatstick fighting sections are still usefulthe knife and bayonet sections are of course outdated all were throw out during the war and considered pure BSby some instructors such as rex applegate I gave this book a 4 star rating not 5 simply because the knife methods in it are not as presented perfectThe knife work obviously heavily influenced by Styers instructor AJ Drexel Biddle Author of Do or Die is very duelistic that is to say it stays ntirely within the realm of two combatants knife on knife at long range vying for the right cut or hack to open up the opponent for a kill shot Now it s not uite as bad about this as Biddle s work and puts in practice a combative platform less of a stylized fencing platform but it s still duelistic Now If real fights with knives happened this way this would be the method for with knives happened this way this would be the method for it but they don t Most fights involving knives will start unarmed at close range and be a drag race between adversaries to get to a weapon first if that weapon is a knife you have a fight with "A Knife Most Knives Easily " knife Most knives asily and accessed will be small Range is close there is very little baiting and dancing around there is simply up close hooking cutting and hacking to clear limbs and stabbing to nd itThat said the knife material presented in Cold Steel contains many things you can xtra. Paladin has obtained xclusive reprint rights to this classic originally published by Leatherneck magazine

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Listic directly applicable material for both close and longer ranges Simple and direct attacks and defense with the stickbaton that are asy to practice and learn and asy to apply with great brutality and force for great successThe bayonet material also seems very good although of limited applicability to anyone not military or not issued a bayonet and a solid rifle to put it on It seems practical and ffective when viewed with common sense and a solid rifle to put it on It seems practical and The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, effective when viewed with common sense someone who s never done itThis book isxtremely worth having as a combatives practitioner soldier police or security officer or self protection minded citizen You will learn Something From It If You Open Your from it if you open your take what you can use and discard the rest Take the knife work out of the box its presented in put it with what you do take what works and leave the rest behind Although the content of this publication is historical in nature it actually provides riveting analysis of America s combat revolution Incrementally militarized weaponry has volved throughout time This guidebook presents a snapshot of World War II battle preparedness While the text mphasizes the obsolete bayonet the mental tactics are still adaptable to the basic regimens of any security personnel Further there is xcellent information on knife combat in this book including invaluable throwing techniues. Ing this rare volume also provides short courses in unarmed combat and knife throwing For academic study onl. Cold Steel
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