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D all that in the beginning of the book and yet he fell back to his old ways at the end of it I don t need Tobias to beat Noah or do anything drastic but I do need the character to stay consistent If Tobias says in the beginning of the session he won t allow Noah to come he shouldn t change his mind in the middle of it How am I suppose to respect Tobias when he lets his libido and his feelings overrule him so easily I need the character to be firmer in his decisions in the bedroom When I first lay eye on this series I was sure that I would really enjoy the story of Tobias and Noah and while the first book was an okay read with an interesting setting and characters I didn t get completely invested in their story I wasn t able to connect with them and I was hoping that Domination the second part of the series would paint a clearer picture of the two main characters Unfortunately I still feel like a silent observer of their lifes standing outside in the dark trying to get a look inside of the windows but somehow the curtains eep me from seeing all I want to see Noah and Tobias still feel distant I didn t see much character development Okay some aspects of their past having an influence on their behaviour has been revealed but somehow it didn t make the characters interesting The main problem of this book might be that too much of the interaction between Tobias and Noah is happening inside of the bedroom which nearly never is the bedroom but you get what I mean The many scenes they have are Collins French with Paul Noble - Learn French the Natural Way, Part 3 kind of repetitive and I saw myself looking forward to moments where other characters were present in order to make their interaction catching Because I devinitly enjoyed the scenes in the club and I love reading about Phan Compared to the main characters of the story he is a really intriguing character and I was absobing every information about him I was able to get Iept looking forward to see him in interaction with the main characters and I really hope that he will get closer to them Getting to now Phan better might be the strongest reason for me to continue this series 3 stars Every book in this series has been a one sitting read for me I can t believe how much I am enjoying these books In two days I read three of them No doubt by the end of the week I will have finished the series and be suffering withdrawals Sorry I just didn t

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this In fact hadn t been for the ending I might have given it 2 stars Although Max Power is an incredible narrator He also helped save the book for me I think I m through with this series It makes m sad because I really liked Tobias and Noah 425 Book two of the Deviations series and Tobias and Noah s relationship has evolved into something much than just Dom and sub although they re still working to get it exactly as they want it to be and as before the sex is scorching sssssss The BDSM scenes and play still offer enough ink to satisfy and the Ds elements are still strong and just as enlightening There s a touch of conflict this time with Tobias second guessing his and Noah s connection at one point and we see Phan work through "Some Issues With The Help "issues with the help Bradford and Tobiasalthough I was hoping to get a bit info into what was pushing his buttons I m still not totally clear about his past so perhaps will come out as the series goes on I really love Phan I now some readers aren t over My Husbands Under Here Somewhere keen but I can t help leaning towards him and his involvement with Tobias and Noah actually spices it up for me OMG The three of them playing together in this one was HOT HOT HOT I m uite happy with the direction this book hints its moving towards so now its on to book three for naughty Deviations I m liking this series a lot. Rible time in his past He's not the only one who has a rough time Tobias breaks down and shows Noah he's not all dominance too which sends shockwaves through their romance leaving them to wonder if they caneep it togethe.

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Ost important aspects to me by a mile I think it would land at about a 35 Good does no harm but not what has grabbed me by the feelsI LOVE this story I love the details of Tobias and Noah s relationship the Ds dynamic they ve custom crafted to work perfectly for them Tobias s struggle with his own need and simultaneous loathing to make himself emotionally vulnerable to his sub was one of the parts I adored most It s all so intense and complex "than most ink storiesThe sex For the love of all that is "most ink storiesThe sex For the love of all that is moly rollie pollie Hot to the infinite power I m going to remain somewhat silent about one scene in particular but those of you who ve read this you Questions that Islam can't answer - Volume one know Have the person toy or digits of your choosing at your disposal is all I m sayingBear in mind that this series is not for the casualink reader If you re one whose blood rushes at the occasionally wrist grab but doesn t like a strict Ds dynamic this isn t your mark The MCs have distinct needs that are well beyond intro to ink It s of a power exchange than a pain play but all elements of the BDSM acronym are present I would be throwing 5 stars and then some if "the character development was stronger Tobias is decently robust since the narrative is from his perspective "character development was stronger Tobias is decently robust since the narrative is from his perspective get a deeper look at him But Noah as likable and hot as he is is a little saintly for me Where are his flaws his nuances Honestly one of the most three dimensional characters is Phan Tobias s ex who s still very active in his life and fortunately he s on page uite a bitBut clearly that s not stopping me from loving the stuffing out of this series I m gobbling up every word turkeys I ve heard that the first few books are stronger than the last ones but I m in for the haul A complimentary copy of the audio was provided via AudioBook Boom in exchange for an honest reviewThis will be my second time reading this story and I have to say the audio really enhanced this story I thoroughly enjoyed the story the first time and now with Maxx Power s narration I am in love with these characters and their story for the second time I loved the relationship between Noah and Tobias They are so well suited for each other and have grown closer since book 1 Phan of course was simply adorable and I loved seeing him and Noah interact They are smoking hot together and that scene at the club was perfectionWhat I particularly enjoyed was the ending where Noah gets collared and all the Doms and Subs are there in Tobias barn It was an emotional scene for both men and I liked seeing them finally come together after they had such a trying start They didn t have an easy time to get to this ending and when you think of all the issues Tobias has with his history and his perceived failure with Phan as his sub I really think it was special to see them show everybody they made it If you enjoy BDSM romance novels and this is a romance you will really enjoy this series and if you like audiobooks this one is not to miss At first I wasn t sure about the narration but as the story Went On And I Became on and I became with the characters again I felt the narration was spot on and especially for Phan Narration 45 starsStory 4 stars Domination is the last book I ll be reading in the Deviations series For a BDSM series it is far too mushy for me I can t take Tobias seriously as a master Tobias spoils his sub He doesn t push or challenge Noah or himself He gives in to Noah way too often I ve never seen a sub allowed so many orgasms in a BDSM novel Tobias nows this and he acknowledges it at the beginning of the book He says he slipped up a little and he wasn t getting what he wanted out of their relationship The line between domsub and lovers became too fuzzy He sai. Oming comfortable and finding his balance as a full time Master again Meanwhile his work brings out the true submissive in Noah who faces some of his greatest fears and his greatest secrets confessing to Tobias about a ter. Book 2 in the Deviations series 45 Again with the abrupt endingsigh So in love with Noah TobiasThe beginning sees Tobias nowing Again with the abrupt endingsigh So in love with Noah TobiasThe beginning sees Tobias nowing he s not challenging Noah enough in his submission So he has to work on defining the line between lover Ds to that both their needs can be met in order to eep their relationship from blowing up like the one with PhanThere s a small speed bump when Tobias s reveals his vulnerability to Noah then tries to push it aside goes all uber Dom on him during a scene Noah is insightful enough to realize what s going on stops the scene so they can talk about move past itA smoking hot scene to fulfill one of Noah s fantasies in the parking garage at a club And another very smoking hot scene at Bradford s club with Tobias Noah PhanBradford Tobias stage an intervention for Phan he finally breaksETA 12214view spoilerTobias grants Noah his collar with Bradford Phan the crowd attending
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ceremony hide spoiler is book 2 of the Deviations series and a good follow up story to book one Here Tobias and Noah s relationship begins to grow and each is adjusting to their new relationship And to say the sex scenes and fantasy scenes are hot is putting it mildly OMG they almost burned my fingers as I turned the pages on my indle There is a lot of sex in this book as in the last one and I suspect the entire series will be this way Such a hardship I now LOL And again I will say the difference in this series for me so far is the need and reasoning these men choose this lifestyle while it s nothing that appeals to me i can understand the need it fulfills This is not a lifestyle I want at all but this does feel like I have a front row seat to the life and like i said in my review of book one titillating We do get to hear about Noah s past and Tobias definitely wants to help him get past his issues This is what i love about the Ds relationship I have read in these types of books is the caring and need to help healing physically and emotionally the Dom in the relationships have While i understand this is a story not real life I hope it truly is this way And I will say while i no longer dislike Phan the way I did in book 1 i am not ready to join his fan club And again this ending was abrupt for me it doesn t make a difference in my rating of this book but enough for me to mention it here I don t want to get any into what happens in the story or give anything away There is a whole lot of sex in this book but definitely story as well I will say the sex definitely takes front and center in this book but there is enough story to eep me "Glued To My Kindle And "to my indle And is enough story to make me emotional invested in Tobias and Noah And i have to admit I am developing some real emotional attached to Phan This is not a story i was able to put downOverall a good addition to this series and onto the next oneI am so loving it YAY Never lose its charm TimelessOh and I m a special admirer of Phantom Are you a What or a How reader To my thinking we tend to review our reading experiences based on one of those Sometimes it s a combination of both but usually one matters than the other What What happened in the book What was the plot what were the characteristics of the people in it what decisions did they make How How did the book make me feel How well was the writing executed how evocative was the story how compelling were the charactersI am without any doubt a How person The What matters very little to me a well crafted piece of writing can make me interested in just about any content character or plotBut then along comes Deviations and it s a glaring exception If I were rating just the writing uality and character development usually the In this seuel to Deviations Submission Dom Tobias and Sub Noah are back learning about each other and their relationship testing the boundaries of what they can and cannot handle both together and apart Tobias works at bec. Deviations Domination