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Стреляй, не стреляй Хочу жить! Дневник советской школьницы Легкое Дыхание Корабокрушенецът от „Цинтия“

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Nct but mostly because Thesar just tells us what they re like it would be a difficult or a reader to become emotionally attached to anyone in the story including Thesar himself There are some decent visuals and symbolism although the historical background itself is not explained Sensible enough since the book *was originally written in albanian or readers who *originally written in Albanian She Weeps Each Time You're Born for readers who needed a primer butor the translation an introduction would have been appropriateAs or the #translation itself it is uite readable There are lots of short sentences and the prose lows well enough It could have # itself it is uite readable There are lots of short sentences and the prose lows well enough It could have another read through by an editor though as there are a A Northern Light few glaring mistakes she consumed me literally body and soul so she s a cannibal and a DementorAt any rate this book will be of limited interest not be a bad choice if you re lookingor a political novel about the psychological effects of living under a repressive regime particularly if you are already If You're Missing Baby Jesus: A True Story that Embraces the Spirit of Christmas familiar with Albanian history but not something that is likely to have broad appeal I don t regret reading it particularly since it s uite short but wouldn t seek out of Kongoli s work Liber i mrekullueshem prekes deri ne dhembje Kongoli di ta perdori gjuhen per te shprehur anet me te errta te mendjes skutat ku prehet dhembja deri ne perhumbim Nje nga anet me te zymta e meskine te komunizmit shfaet ne kete liber e sesi preket e shpernahet si plage ne te gjithe shoerine e saj ne teresi Wonderful bookor those who are interested in the effects of communism in Albania To be read in the orginial language if possible The choice of words and vocabulary is magnificent It described the pain in the deepest levels a human can eel Praise to the author One of the best novels of the post Communist Albania rom one of the best contemporary Albanian writers Ne rriteshim te bindur se ishim Anne Perrys Christmas Crimes (Christmas Stories, femijet me te lumtur ne bote Keshtu thuhet ne kenget e mesonin. Y members run afoul of repressive new laws But even as the book skillfully depicts the slow suffocation of a whole society it also celebrates the moments of love and hope that sustain the people and holds out the possibility that Lumi may have been right to remain at ho. Bazon nrik dhe bindje Nj analiz e till vlen p r t gjitha koh rat e p r t gjitha sho rit Recensionin e plote te romanit mund ta lexoni ne linkun poshte Jo libri me i *bukur ne bote por eshte historia reale e *ne bote por eshte historia reale e ne Shiperi ku njerezit ishin te humbur te deshtuar dhe pa integritet Partia dhe diktatura u kishin marre gjithcka madje edhe deshiren per jete dhe c eshte me trishtuese eshte akti se si shprese shihej vapori i mbipopulluar "e te onte drejt brigjeve te Italise Frika e mund te "te onte drejt brigjeve te Italise Frika e s mund te as ne amiljen tende e lere me larg White Water flet per nje intelegjence skizofrene te sistemit e te mbante ne kontrolle cdo segment jete Nj roman i mrekulluesh m m nyra e shkruajtjes dhe g rshetimi i koh rave n jet n e Thesar Lumit si dashamir se eilmit jam m shtyri t mendoj p r rrjedh n e The Slave Dancer filmit Momento t Nolanit Nj roman shum origjinal dhe trishtues ku doae ma brente zemr n m shum se tjetra Thesar Lumi ngrit veten duke e p rulur ishte nj sh nim i imi n Special Agent fillim t librit dhe ashtu mbeti deri nund If you happen to be writing a dissertation called Artistic Representations of Life Under Communism you definitely want to read this book If you are just looking Sleep with the Fishes for entertainment you probably don tThesar Lumi our narrator is indeed a loser At age 40 he s an alcoholic still living with his parents and working dead end jobs when he works at all The initial setting is Albania in 1991 but most of the book relates Thesar s life story essentially the story of how growing up under a totalitarian regime turned him into the loser he isThe story is not an uninteresting one but it s told in such a way that guarantees it will beound primarily in university libraries Mostly it s narration including paragraphs that go on The Apache Wars: The Hunt for Geronimo, the Apache Kid, and the Captive Boy Who Started theLongest War in American History for than a page characters speak occasionally but there s not the back andorth dialogue common to English language literature Conseuently the characters are reasonably disti. As a chance to leave Albania on a refugee ship headed to Italy but at the last moment he disembarks and returns home to his village As it happens he has chosen a grim existence To survive he is orced to work in a concrete actory A World on Fire from which he watchesriends and Setting Them Straight: You CAN Do Something About Bigotry and Homophobia in Your Life famil. Un kam lindur n 1992 dheatmir sisht nuk kam jetuar asnj vit n komuniz m Kam lexuar libra t Kadares Vehbiut Petro Markos etj *N P RPJEKJE P R T *p rpjekje p r t disa k ndv shtrime ndaj komunizmit por ky lib r ishte surpriz Fatos Kongoli m ka mahnitur Me nj stil mu dukte her si Dostojevski her si Bukowski me nj lloj ironie t thell oft dhe ndaj vetes nuk ka sesi ky lib r mos t t duket nj thesar E humbur isha edhe un aeve t librit E humbur n p rfytyrimin se ku mbaronte realiteti dhe #Ku Fillonte Imagjinata Edhe Pse E Bindur Mizorit N Komuniz # fillonte imagjinata edhe pse e BINDUR MIZORIT N KOMUNIZ KAN N mizorit n komuniz kan n t r nda sa brezi yn nuk mund ti imagjinoj dot Sado t lexoj e t k rkoj mund ti afrohet shum por asnj her plot sisht a sa ata e jetuan Sapo ta p rtyp k t lib r do lexoj Dragoi i Fildisht sepse e kam bler Kush nga ju ka lexuar Kongolin di t m sugjeroj ndonj Ky roman pasyron kohen e sho ris tiranike n Ship rin komuniste Kongoli perdor nje stil shum interesant te te shprehurit te dhimbjes jo asaj te dukshmes por asaj e sherben si motiv i ekzistences tone Asaj e nuk na lejon te shkoitemi nga toka ametare te harrojme dheun e mbulon njerzit tane te dashur e te krijojme pae me vetveten Gjithashtu ikjen e shumedeshiruar nga Shiperia shpesh here e pare edhe si krim ndaj shoerise sikur te mos ishe kjo nje deshire individuale e cdokujt autori e pasyron ne menyre perfekte Ne rriteshim te bindur se ishim 100 ways to Fight the Flab - and still have wine and chocolate femijet me te lumtur ne bote Keshtu thuhet ne kenget e mesonim This is theirst book in my reading tour of Albania and while the story itself was The Oxford New Greek Dictionary fairly interesting this was theirst book I ve read where it The Cello Suites : J.S. Bach, Pablo Casals, and the search for a Baroque masterpiece felt like the translation itself was making the story difficult to read I humburi Rrim mbi nj t mendurRomani I humburi sht nj pasyr e art dhe trondit se e sho ris autoritare tiranike e deri edhe jo njer zore n Ship rin komuniste M shum se nj tregim p r nj sho ri t caktuar ky rr The New Job Security fim ilustron se siunksionon nj sho ri e cila ekzistenc n e saj An impassioned indictment of government oppression this novel The Day Fidel Died: Cuba in the Age of Raúl, Obama, and the Rolling Stones (A Vintage Short) follows theortunes of Thesar Lumi a laborer living under communist rule in Soviet controlled Albania At the center of the story is a crucial decision Lumi makes in the last days of the Second World War he I humburi