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Pretty Little Mistakes (E–pub)

Pretty Little MistakesEdeeming literary merit but the author is a radio announcer or something from Minneapolis who clearly just wanted to cash in on the whole everybody else is doing a book something from Minneapolis who clearly just wanted to cash in on the whole everybody else is doing a book can I thingI didn t even have exceptionally high hopes for this book I thought it would at LEAST be a uick fun read to serve as a nice light escape from all the heavy ass Lionel Shriver I ve been reading but it managed to disappoint me anyway A Choose Your Own Adventure book for grownups Why didn t anyone think of this before The original CYOA books all had a theme Whether It Was Searching For it was searching for foot or getting abducted by aliens The adventure in this novel is life with the book starting out at high school graduation and taking you along various aths until your death Every decision always resents you with the tough choice of going with or against your better judgment I liked majoring in the sciences and turning down marriage roposals But the limitations of a book like this is that the author can t involve you in every decision and every time the J.R.R. Tolkien protagonist makes a decision without the reader it s a reminder that you only have the illusion of controlling the narrative with ultimately minimal input in how things actually turn out I felt left out of important decisions I could decide where I wanted to travel but not if I wanted to become a drug addict or have sex with the janitor in a utility closet A sense of disappointment accompanied the realization that therotag is nothing like me I want this book to be about my life but there is no way it ossibly can Good decisions often have bad conseuences and bad decisions too often get good endings That s life I guess but in fiction it makes for an unsatisfying read In my books I refer good behavior to be rewarded and bad deeds Prophets Unarmed: Chinese Trotskyists in Revolution, War, Jail, and the Return from Limbo punished Fiction is about imposing order on an unruly reality see Ian McEwan s Atonement The book s flip toage whatever format means the The Labyrinth protag can never be affected by any of herast decisions Each The Raven and the Falcon: Youth Versus Old Age in Medieval Arabic Literature piece of the story is nearly independent from all others A nice speculative touch is the glimpses of the afterlife that occasionally accompany therotag s death I won t ruin any just know that they are creative and diverse and sometimes depend on the manner of death This book is light but it s meant to be It s entertaining without being nourishing Eh I like everyone else was very intrigued by the concept of this book I am a huge fan of CYOA books and many impostors so it would logically follow that I would be lured in by the remise of a book in that style but geared towards an older audience Unfortunately this book fell short of my expectations Instead of feeling like my decisions actually altered what I was reading I was resented stories that mostly went in the direction influenced by decisions we DIDN T make Example Go to college for art or science Science You are on your way to being a doctor But you are addicted to meth now yep Keep going to school to finish your studies or go work at a The Reproductive Bargain: Deciphering the Enigma of Japanese Capitalism pharmaceutical company as a sales rep Doesn t really matter Either way you wind up miserable because of a meth addiction that you automatically got by going to college Why don t I get to choose NOT to start a meth addiction I don t think all doctors were reuired to go through aeriod of drug addiction as Your Life Still Counts: How God Uses Your Past to Create a Beautiful Future part of their studies Further just because I chose science why do I have to be a doctorI know these books can t let us choose EVERYTHING but it seems regardless of what otherwise responsible choices we make we are drafted into completely irresponsible ones You just woke up Do you want to eat breakfast first or shower first Eat breakfast Man comes in to rob you you tell him to go eff himself he shoots you in the face and you did You shower first As you reach for the soap an earthuake happens your ceiling collapses and you die Okay that lastart isn t in there but it s Piers Plowman: A New Translation of the B-Text pretty much how this entire thing reads But as we don t have a choice about our drug addiction reading this summary wouldn t haverevented me from getting this book and giving it a try I was hoping this choose your own adventure book would be fun or at least funny but no it s not Basically the character in the book who is supposed to be you is kind of a bad The War against Animals person Either you re a meth head an adulterer a thief a loser a liar or someone who will degrade herself for money I didn t find many redeeming ualities about this book and I certainly didn t want to choose even one of theaths found in this book in my own real life Some of the lives you lead in the book have a nice buildup but then everything comes to a screeching in the endings which usually have you die either suddenly or fast forward about 50 years and then you re Also after each death you might experience a different kind of after life I m not really sure what the Fantasy Noir. Übernatürliche Mordfälle point of all the different after lives was was the author trying to tell us something or not If not then why not just leave the after life out of it instead of describing what our heaven or hell or whatever will look lik. ErarkIs it destiny or decision that controls our fate You can't change your ast and start over from scratch in real life but in Pretty Little Mistakes you can But be warned choose wisely. .
Choose your own adventure book for adults there s one beginning and 150 different endings it was good for me adults there s one beginning and 150 different endings it was good for me read while traveling as i could read it during the 3000 miles between ittsburgh and seattle easily each section is short uick and entertaining so it was easy to ick up and A Long the Krommerun: Selected Papers from the Utrecht James Joyce Symposium put down in the hustle and bustle of cross country adventure in my first life i killed my rich abusive doctor husband and lived like a king with his money and my two children in my second life i was shot in the face in an Arby sarking lot right after high school graduation the third time around i became a fabulously wealthy lesbian and married my beloved jewelry designing lover i was hooked i went to art school married a Lancelot pastor became an alcoholic joined a cult all in a few hours the book is not infinitely amusing it repeats itself occasionally but at times is actually laugh out loud funny italy japan meth cocaine go back to therevious choice and try again this time i think i ll turn down the sugar daddy hijack some antiues and have a lot of grandchildren around me when i die at 92 i m not sure if i found every single ending but i had a good time trying some uestionable Scorch portrayals of ueer lives and realistic levels of unempathetic and discompassionateortrayals of different kinds of experiences great for ADHD traveling indecisive Labour Markets, Identities, Controversies people full of regrets and bad decision makers I loved this book It seems like just an adult themed choose your own adventure or a handbook on how to screw up your life at times but I think it actually becomes a commentary on the way we live our lives and how no matter how many right decisions you make or how many bad things happen to you you never know if you ll live a long happy life or a short miserable one or any combination there ofThere arearts lots of them that are not for the sueamish And a lot of it isn t very Marrane Et Marronne: La Co-Ecriture Reversible D Andre Et de Simone Schwarz-Bart probable whicheople who didn t like this book seemed to complain about the most I find that the neatest This Deleuzian Century part It s notredictable at any oint and even when it might be it moves so fast that it doesn t matter I had no expectations for this book I thought I might like it just as easily at hate it I was floored that is resonated in the way it did It makes you think It grosses you out and make s you marvel at the fucked up situations someone can end up in and sometimes laugh at the way a great life decision can turn out so terribly terribly wrong It makes your heart swell at times and ache at others Anyone who can do that in snippets of stories is a good writer and I can t wait *TO READ HER NEXT ONEI RECOMMEND *read her next oneI recommend it age markers to anyone who wants to make sure they don t miss Tell Me What You Want parts of a story I started using them about halfway thru to markarts to go back to and read the other choices I ordinarily would not even consider writing a review for a book after only spending 1 12 hours with it but I simply cannot wait to tell Water in Social Imagination: From Technological Optimism to Contemporary Environmentalism people about this bookHeather McElhatton radio hostroducer and now author may well be a genius Remember the books when we were kids that made you decide at the end of each chapter where you wanted to go next letting you chose your ending Pretty Little Mistakes is the grownup version with literally 150 different Sagwitch: Shoshone Chieftain, Mormon Elder, 1822-1887 possible endings The story is about you you ve just graduated from high school and you must decide whether you want to go to college or you want to travel From there the stories branch off in several intriguing and I ll admit addictive ways In my short afternoon with this book I died of cervical cancer murdered my abusive husband was killed by a terrorist attack in Chad was murdered by a 4 foot albino died a very old woman responsible for savingimpro ving thousands of lives through free clinics All of which involved only subtly different choices at the end of some of the same sectionsClearly all of the endings are not happily ever after but they are intruiging andage turning I couldn t help myself I kept diving back in to see how one or two changed decisions would change my life And I m not done yet I just had to stop long enough to tell say READ THIS BOOK Updated Review 9108I originally gave this book three stars but when I icked the book up last night and tried reading a few lives I wanted to throw it away I really like the idea of the book choose your own adventure but I feel like the author did a horrible job executing itNotes1 Shocking writing does not eual good or interesting writing2 The conseuences of the choices you make have nothing to do with what you chose to do in the book I understand that the different choices you make should lead you down interesting life aths but it seems like it doesn t matter what choice you make something horrible will happen to you Sometimes you end up with the same outcome no matter what you doExample Choice 1 Stay in school and get your Master s degree Choice 2 Take a job as a Le rendez-vous pharmaceutical sales rep Outcome of Choice 1 Become a meth addict Outcome of Choice 2 Become a meth addictWTF Seriously Why don t you just write one story if you ve already. There are hundreds of lives sown inside Pretty Little Mistakes Heather McElhatton's singularly spectacular breathtakingly uniue novel that has than 150ossible endings You may end up in an. Decided where you want it to go Where is the choice that you retend you are giving readers3 No matter what you do you hate your life the way it is Each choice you make All Our Trials: Prisons, Policing, and the Feminist Fight to End Violence pulls you further and further into the abyss that is your life until you a are randomly murdered on your way home b die of a drug overdose c manage to live the rest of your life and die of old age but WAIT you are incredibly lonely because everyone in your life has left you or you murdered them4 This book is NOT interesting This book is ridiculous and a waste of timeOld ReviewThis is an adult Choose Your Own Adventure book Each life you read starts out right after your high school graduation and leads you to your death good or bad The writing isn t that fantastic and the author seems stuck on trying to shock you Overall this is a fun book if you want to justlay around and live a few lives Overall this is a fun book if you want to just Discovering Our Past California Edition: Medieval And Early Modern Times play around and live a few lives is of course a choose your own adventure book for grown ups It s really a hundred or so very very short but highly inventive stories balled up into a single book Each chapter is only aage or two long so I do spend a lot of time flipping through the book and holding my fingers in the In This Land: The Purple Book, Volume Four places of my various decisions so that I can go back to my last decision once the story ends It s funny fastaced and great for when you need to ass a few minutes of time You won t like this book if you re looking for a thoughtful carefully written novel that you can devour over a ot of tea You also won t like this book if you are bothered by the fact that the author lets you make decisions of where to travel and whom to marry but not whether you shall have unprotected sex in a coat closet with a sexy unnamed janitor or whether you will barter sex for the services of a sweaty unattractive auto mechanic who warns you that he has a big wienerThis book emphasizes the unfairness of human existence chance The Houdini Solution: Put Creativity and Innovation to work by thinking inside the box plays a bigger role in therotagonist s life than does my decision making Our control over our lives is illusory though we like to Cybercrime and Digital Forensics: An Introduction pretend it s not We study andonder and move slowly through our decisions to avoid negative conseuences but the fact is that we still can t rotect ourselves from some of the most awful aspects of being human And while we re moving slowly and ondering and studying we miss the brilliant unforeseeable joy that comes from spontaneity I found this book in my library s used book store I was immediately intrigued by the book because it is a choose your own adventure novel I loved those books as a kid who didn t and the idea of reading one written for adults seemed exciting key *Word SeemedThe Sections Are Really *seemedThe sections are really and The Meaning of Difference: American Constructions of Race, Sex and Gender, Social Class, Sexual Orientation, and Disability pretty far fetched Each story is very short only once did I jump than five times The stories were neither creative nor did the conseuences eual the choices I made I died in every ending and depending on the choices I made I was either incredibly happy and ateace or I was some miserable waste of space The odd One Small Step: An Anthology of Discoveries part however was the choices seemed to lead to some ridiculous and impossible outcomes Example In one story line I became an alcoholic and after beating a baby on the head with a bottle of wine I end up in jail After three years I amaroled and must choose to be a janitor or a waitress Choice 1 I chose to be a janitor at a hospital where I was raped by a monkey which lead to me living happily ever after on millions before dying of a rare monkey disease Choice 2 I chose to be a waitress and worked at the same restaurant for the rest of my life I was miserable never married the abusive jerk I lived with and finally died after a ressure cooker exploded on meWhat the heck How is that ossible How does getting raped by a monkey lead to a happier ending Why is that even an event that occurs Was that supposed to be funny I don t even know what to think of thatThe novel is also very graphic I don t have an issue with books that have foul language descriptions of sex or excessive gore The author however seems to have included a gratuitous amount just for the sake of it It s not articularly shocking in my opinion but it does get a little tiresome after awhileThe novel only had a few redeeming ualities It was a uick read It was super easy to read a section of the story on the bus It has a few humorous scenarios Overall though the books just falls flatIn theory a choose your own adventure novel for adults is fantastic I am sure that if a established writer had taken on this task the novel would have been enjoyable However due to a lack of linear movement from choice to conseuence and some downright disgusting and repulsive events and decisions Pretty Little Mistakes is a good idea gone wrong This book is supposed to be a choose your own adventure for grown ups which sounds fantastic in theory who didn t love those books as kids except that it s totally substanceless lotless and reads like a MadLib Birds page than the novel it claims to be I guess it would be cool if a real established writer attempted such aroject because then at least it might have a fraction of Opulent mansion or homeless down by the river; happily married with your own corporation or alone and ecked to death by ducks in London; a Zen master in Japan or morbidly obese in a trail.