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EBOOK or KINDLE (Tokyo Vice An American Reporter on the Police Beat in Japan) AUTHOR Jake Adelstein

Christ what a douche Wow Double Wow Did I say wow Jake Adelstein Is An Amazing is an amazing and a total douchebag This book made me realize how potently similar the profession of Intelligence Officer and Reporter are The only real difference is that in Reporting you protect your sources and in espionage you burn themAdelstein protects his sources while putting his family and friends at risk He nows three forms of martial arts speaks several languages and happens to have a Japan fetish Whether he really is CIA or no he tells a ripping and admirably honest story which is as much Ethnography as it is JournalismAfter two days with this book I come away infinitely informed on Japanese culture and history than before Besides a great story Adelstein informs the reader on what could be a very difficult topic clearly Kudos Jake After reading Tokyo Vice I had to take some time to digest it to let the incongruities of laws and bureaucracy in Japan try to somehow make sense to remind myself again and again that the world is an ugly ugly place behind the neon lights and the advertisements and the glare of a TV screen The impact that Tokyo Vice left upon me was as wide as an eclipse and as deep as a craterIf you are looking for characters to admire you ll only find a few between these covers Jake being one of them Don t mistake this for an attempt to boast his ego though Jake is painfully honest with the readers and with himself regarding his own faults He doesn t make excuses for his Either erase the story or we ll erase you And maybe your family But we ll do them first so you learn your lesson before you die Jake Adelstein went to Japan at the tender age of nineteen One beautiful thing about being nineteen is it still feels like anything is possible I remember those heady days well when failure was a foreign word and those bumps in the roa Jake Adelstein is a talented and hard working journalist who has written some enlightening and important articles about crime Yakuza enjou osai and the darker side of Japan s sex industry I recently was

aware of his memoir Tokyo and out of respect for his work thought I d give it a goUnfortunately Tokyo Vice is not an important or enlightening book Though it does contain some interesting bits and pieces about the Japanese metropolitan underworld the majority of the book is the arrogant and narcissistic ramblings of a doofus obsessed with his own phallusREAD All about what sexual position Jake enjoyed with which hostess GROAN When he begins a chapter with dismounting his girlfriend ROLL YOUR EYES As a Yakuza moll tells Jake that he and crime boss Tadamasa Goto may not be so different after all DISBELIEVE Because Adelstein s braggart tendencies make him come across as an unreliable narratorMy favorite part was how one chapter ended with Jake lamenting how society purposefully ignores the humanity of female sex workers seeing them as objects to be used and not caring when they are abused Then the next chapter begins with him deciding to bribe a cop with a lap dance Great job buddyJake Adelstein is a talented journalist He is also a total penis wrapped in a leather glove He reviewed his own book on Goodreads and gave it four stars He is a complete fartknocker It s hard to define this book under one category Does it have a substantiated plot or is it non fiction Autobiography or biographic Documentary or fictional It probably has a little bit of everything This is. From the only American journalist ever to have been admitted to the insular Tokyo Metropolitan Police press club a uniue firsthand revelatory look at Japanese culture from the underbelly up At nineteen Jake Adelstein went to Japan in search of peace and tranuility What he got was a life of crime crime reporting that is at the prestigious Yomiuri Shinbun For twelve years of eighty hour workweeks. ,

A human document that allows us to get a glimpse of the Japanese society I personally find the Japanese culture to be very intriguing so when I heard there was a book describing the Yakuza the Japanese mafia I new I had to read it The book begins rather slowly and mostly focuses on Adelstein s adjustment to the unwritten rules of working as a criminal reporter for the most popular newspaper in Japan Along with his own personal story Adelstein reveals a few surprising facts about the Japanese society eg Japan s bestsellers lists point out that suicide is not only common in Japan but also considered popular and acceptable The attitude towards sexuality in Japan may also surprise you Trying to sell out this book as a thrust into the heart of Japanese Yakuza is wrong The part about the Yakuza does have substance but only toward the end of the book I think this book infiltrates the heart of entire Japan and even if the writing isn t brilliant those who have an interest in the Japanese culture would find this book as worth the read Everything I ever learned that was important in my life I put in this book it s almost the totality of what I have learned about Japan and right and wrong and the grey areas in s almost the totality of what I have learned about Japan and right and wrong and the grey areas in Giving it four stars is probably a little like as they say in Japanese jiga jisan praising your own painting which is terribly immodest and not Japanese like at all but there you are It s not perfect but it s probably the best book I will ever write and I m happy with that I ve gotten some really nice letters from people who have read it and than I m happy with that I ve gotten some really nice letters from people who have read it and than many have donated money to the Polaris Project which does valuable work in combating modern day slavery and providing assistance to victims both in the United States and Japan and elsewhere So I feel like I m atoning a little every time someone reads this And thats not a bad feeling It helps me sleep better at night Originally I gave this book five stars but I m deducting one for typos and to be Japanese I ll fix the typos before the paperback edition Overall this is the best I could do and if some feel it lacks self disclosure well some things are better left unsaid For the people involved and for myself as well I m hoping the paperback edition on October 5th are my final edits Jake Adelstein s recounts his time on the biggest Japanese Newspaper Yomiuri Shinbun This book promises yakuza coverups prostitution andvice However Adelstein breaks the cardinal rule your subject is interesting not your experiences of them No one wants to read about a journalist s experience they just want to read about the story Unfortunately we get a lot of anecdotes about his early days on the paper vaguely interesting cases told without any setup or suspense and updates about people he once new The one interesting thing that happened to him namely that he got on the wrong side of a Yakuza boss and was forced to publish or literally perish was teased at the outset but not covered at all until the last 50 pages of the bookFor someone who writes for a living he seems to be sadly deficient in some of the basics Or maybe as a journalist he never learned how to sustain interest over a whole book s length Very mixed feelings about this one I never got over my distrust as Adelstein as a narrator a judgment mainly rooted in my own time spent in Japan and the incongruousness of the hardboiled poorly constructed and ego centered writing alongside claims of serious and altr. He covered the seedy side of Japan where extortion murder human trafficking and corruption are as familiar as ramen noodles and sake But when his final scoop brought him face to face with Japan’s most infamous yakuza boss and the threat of death for him and his family Adelstein decided to step down momentarily Then he fought backIn Tokyo Vice Adelstein tells the riveting often humorous tale of. Uistically motivated journalism I don t think things hard living and altruism are inherently contradictory but in this book the claims toward both the cause of making Jake Adelstein this book the claims toward both mostly serve cause of making Jake Adelstein like an awesome bilingual pulp novel journo stud come to life Which fine it s your memoir buddy I didn t stop reading though because there is valuable information here The yakuza are overly romanticized and it s important to reveal them for who they are racketeers and sex traffickers exploiting the most vulnerable members of society with a thin veneer of honor and tradition and some admittedly badass tattoos Japan is also overly exoticized and there are few books written about the country by people who can speak the language fluently and have a real grasp of what s going on It is extremely easy to be a long term expat in Japan without accomplishing either which seriously stunts English language journalism about Japan and so Adelstein is a valuable resourceMost of this book actually deals with Adelstein s life at the Yomiuri Shimbun and the relationship between the press and the police in Japan He discusses two uite famous cases the Dog Lover murders in Saitama prefecture and the disappearance of Lucie Blackman and the complex dance between reporters and cops to obtain and publicize or not leads in open cases I found these sections to be uite interesting and my eye rolling was limited to the number of times poor riled up babes just begged Jake for sex and he is forced to oblige for one reason or another Whatta mensch He seems to have a much positive view of the Japanese police than say Richard Lloyd Parry author of a full length book on Lucie Blackman This is not too surprising since the Yomiuri is one of the most conservative and nationalistic newspapers in Japan Something that I wish he went into a little bit honestly because nationalism is something that both cops and yakuza can get behind and it often serves to bring them together The last 50 or so pages deal with the liver transplants received by yakuza boss Tadamasa Goto and others at UCLA under shady circumstances Adelstein s big scoop of 2008 This is an important story and it is not well told here For an experienced journalist he seems extremely indignant that newspapers around the world aren t jumping to publish this story without verifiable proof Adelstein seems to think his role as white guy who nows yakuza and cops should give him free reign to publish whatever he deems as good information with the talismanic recitation of I can t reveal my sources or else we ll all be dead as back up Eventually other journalists in the States due some heavy lifting and the story is published It s my intuition that the threat to his person and his family by Goto and his ilk is grossly overstated simply because the murder of an American let alone an American s family would bring unwanted international law enforcement attention to the yakuza than would be worth their effort But this is Adelstein s big claim to fame and he s sticking to it Jake Adelstein is some Der Verlorene Koffer: A Graded Reader for Beginning Students kind of guy This story is as much about him as it is about the sex industry in Tokyo I mean really whatind of guy would have the hutzpah to study Japanese and then apply to be a newspaper journalist at the most prestigious newspaper in Japan He downplays but admits to crushing difficulties at least difficulties that would crush most of us But perhaps you ve met his ind bold bright talkative. His journey from an inexperienced cub reporter who made rookie mistakes like getting into a martial arts battle with a senior editor to a daring investigative journalist with a price on his head With its vivid visceral descriptions of crime in Japan and an exploration of the world of modern day yakuza that even few Japanese ever see Tokyo Vice is a fascination and an education from first to las. Tokyo Vice An American Reporter on the Police Beat in Japan

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