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O remembers and shares the speriences She uses the xample of going to different rooms in a house to share the different parts of her life HER STORY OF GROWING UP WITH story of growing up with mother who cared about what the neighbors and relatives thought and who would sacrifice her daughter to make herself look good is an xcellent read At the nd she tells how sorting thru and dealing with all these memories has helped her in her adult life She learned new ways of dealing with relationships and that it was acceptable to take care of herself instead of veryone lse The book also mentions her sexual abuse not just the motional abuse she received but does not go into too much detail about healing from that If you are not EXPECTING IT IT IS A SHOCK THOTHERE ARE MANY it it is a shock thoThere are many about dealing with child sexual or physical abuse not so many dealing with what it s like to live with verbal slams and motional battering This one does a great job of that This book really resonated with me It hurt to see my own xperiences mirrored in Wisechild s Lachlan's Protg (English Edition) experiences but it also made me feel less alon. Ney of change and personalmpowerment An louent and moving book for those wanting to xplore their relationship with their mothers and also for those who want to better understand child development motional abuse and healing. ,

How can I xpress how amazing Wisechild is as an author and a personshe inspires me to continue writing my own memoirsI was deeply moved by The Obsidian Mirror and couldn t wait to read this seuel to her story I m very th This amazing book by a gifted writer discusses in poignant detail both the importance and difficulty of an adult in healing from childhood writer discusses in poignant detail both the importance and difficulty of an adult in healing from childhood and verbal abuse and in trying to navigate adult relationships with the people from an abusive childhood Wow I had a bit of difficulty rating this book how do you rate someone s life I realized "That Perhaps I Should Aim "perhaps I should aim rate the writing about that life but it soon became apparent that the two at least IN THIS CASE ARE SO INTERTWINED this case are so intertwined one cannot be separated from the other I also had a difficult time reading this book The reason for this is that so much of my childhood resembled so much of Wisechild s that I had to keep moving away and processing and coming back to read a bit Overall this is a solid book Wisechild speaks her truth in a powerful way that rather than just accusing her mothe. In The Mother I Carry acclaimed author of The Obsidian Mirror Louise M Wisechild again louently xplores her childhood and her journey to heal this time focusing on her relationship with her motionally abusive mother Wisechil.

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The Mother I Carry: A Memoir of Healing from Emotional AbuseR and people who supported her mother s abuse and who abused her themselves Wisechild looks at her own responses to the abuse Never victim blaming Wisechild instead xamines how different aspects of her own Self developed in her abusive home and family as well as how those different aspects of Self have both served and harmed her over timeA very solid book I must now go away and do some processing I suspect that this is a book that will stay with me for a long time leading to moments of processing as Wisechild s story connects or fails to connect with my own Louise writes a memoir about the motional abuse she suffered at the hands of her mother emotional abuse she suffered at the hands of her mother how she was able to work thru some of the resulting problems in her life specially in the relationship departmentThe book starts off a bit confusing in that she does not chronicle her story in a story like fashion It is all about the interaction between parts of herself that she has named Lulu the child Stunned the abused uiet writer Fuckit the rebellious part Sarah her internal critic and Memory the one wh. D moves between her present life and her childhood memories to uncover her own The Crucified Ones: Calling Forth the End-Time Remnant emotional development at different ages beginning with infancy Using therapy creativexpression inner voices and bodywork Wisechild shares her jour. ,