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Jean Auguste Dominiue Ingres 1780–1867 produced a body of work that strongly appealed to his contemporaries while disconcerting them Even today the odd ualities of His Work Continue To continue to scholars *Critics And Artists  In This *and artists  In this illustrated and elegantly written book Susan L Siegfried that the strangeness associated with Ingres’s paintings.

Principles And Persons An Ethical Interpretation Of Existentialism What Red Was
Ingres By Susan L. SiegfriedFemale figure in classical nudes and portraits He was engaged in a complex process of iving visual form to narrative which he did in process of iving visual form to narrative he did in and unusual ways that involved him in a close reading of the *texts on which he drew authors such as Homer Virgil Ariosto and Dante as well as *on which he drew including authors such as Homer Virgil Ariosto and Dante as well as narratives and stories about medieval and early modern French history. .


Needs to be located in Complex And Richly Invested complex and richly invested of the work itself as well as in the artist’s powerful if often perverse sense of artistic project  She shows that his major thinking of pictorial narrative – in his classical literary historical and religious subjects – was as central his achievement as his distinctive rendering of the.

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