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The black abrador retriever and I did appreciate the fact that a couple of the chapters were from his point of view A wonderful read for dog overs There were definitely a few scenes where I held my breath and was very anxious but not a tear jerker because when the book ends Cooper the dog is still there not really a spoiler because if you ook up this book you will see there is a seuel called Picture This A Novel that talks about Rocky and her oyal black ab Cooper I will definitely be reading the seuel because I want to continue with the ives of Rocky Cooper Tess Hill Melissa and her mom Really great characters that I was happy I got to knowIn the book s opening pages we earn that Rocky s husband a veterinarian dies from a heart attack and Rocky not only ives with the grief of his death but also with the guilt that she was unable to save him Fast forward to Rocky relocating for a year to an island off the Maine coast where she can have a fresh start And this is really the heart and soul of the book new beginnings for the wounded the disappointed the hurt and the confused What I got from this book maybe you *or me can make a difference to someone maybe someone can make a difference for you and medogs and cats included *me can make a difference to someone maybe someone can make a difference for you and medogs and cats included After all if I m ever feeling a ittle blue a trip to my volunteer rescue always makes me feel betterThis is a book that you can get through uickly and one that should warm your heart This is not to say that there aren t serious issues that are covered here because there are But friendships are formed guards are et down and somehow it all comes together Given that this story includes a dog Note A dog is on the cover so I had to buy it a woman in early mid Buried life and archery all things I can relate to I thought the book was sure to be a winner for me But I was disappointed The characters didn t come across as fully fleshed out human beings but as ideas for characters The writing style was too simplistic for me a bitike the reading primers of my childhood See Dick See Jane See them chase Spot and perhaps because of this I didn t feel any tension or excitement during the climactic scene In fact I was interrupted by an unexpected visitor while I was reading this scene and I didn t get back to it for several days If you know me at all you will know that had I been into the book in my usual way I would have given up food sleep and yes even sex to finish that sceneI actually found the author s notes at the end of the book interesting than the story Sheehan has ed a ife with a variety of experiences and in fact is a practicing psychologist as well as a writer So why were these characters and their feelings not fully explored I would be interested to read her first novel a work of historical fiction about the ife of Sojourner Truth just to see how the two books compare But for now 2 stars for Lost and Found Opening Line Bob had eft the food carton on the counter the night before and it now smelled of grease and fishAs a dog over I was enchanted by LOST AND FOUND but just about anyone will be able to find something to ike within this engaging story Filled with ove oss adventure and even a ittle mystery this is a story about the ability of the human and dog spirit to carry on and just what grief can reduce us to Full of very real and charming characters a surprising whodunit storyline and a suspense filled yet ultimately uplifting ending As we begin "the main character Rocky discovers her husband ying ifeless on the "main character Rocky discovers her husband ying A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, lifeless on the floor She tries using CPR to revive him but for Bob it s just tooate This forever sets into motion the abrupt transform. H a primitive arrow sticking out of his shoulder And so begins a remarkable friendship between a wounded woman and a wounded The Shadow Reader lovable beast As the unraveling mystery of Lloyd's accident and missing ownereads Rocky to an archery instructor who draws her in even as she finds every reason to mistrust him she discovers the ife altering revelation that grief can be transformed and joy does exist in unexpected plac. I read this today expecting to ike it I mean it s a cute dog for crying out oudThe story is of a *woman whose husband has died who finds a dog whose owner has died The dog *whose husband has died who finds a dog whose owner has died The dog been shot with an arrow which drives the woman to find out what happensAfter the books I ve read over the The Power Of A Choice last couple of days on topics I didn t expect toike such as German war criminals and Jewish assassins and horse racing I found this was the only one I really didn t ike it It s also become the first book this year that I ve given one star to The story is boring and pointless what s with the random sections told in first person from the dog s perspective and I m sorry I wasted my time on itEven if you ove animals I don t think you d find much to enjoy in this book What the fuck did I just readDid she really just do thatI cant evenDone that was fucking beyond nastyview spoilerShe just dumped her husbands ashes in a restaurants fryer Now that the ast of Bob was deep fried hot and salty she didn t want Johnny to change the oil right away Customers who came for the solace of hot greasy food would taste the fooking almighty sweetness of BobExcuse me while I go to the bathroom and vomit up my unch hide spoiler I always have a hard time writing reviews especially with books I rate ess than four stars But I feel it s even

to offer a review when s ow stars SoThis was an easy read and I think the author has than a few good stories to share But the writing is not good and is the reason I could not give this book three stars And that is saying something because I am rarely bothered by these things The main character and a Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling lot of her actions and responses is not really believable in my opinion I know I know she s grieving However she is a psychologist so she is presumably a perceptive methodical and intelligent person yet does aot of really dumb rash weird and rude stuffAlso the perspective was choppy and the dialogue was confusing at times I even noticed a pretty bad error the mother of the girl was named Elaine but was Monsieur Pain later referred to as Eileen I did enjoy the dog s role in the story and it didn t takeong to get through the book so it wasn t a waste I m just not sure I would recommend it without a warning about some of the technical problems I m only 100 pages into this book and I m already completely annoyed To begin with we meet the main character when she s angry at her husband because she has to order socks Then she s plunged into grief without ever having established a relationship with her husband other than being angry with him not a spoiler if you read the first sentence of the synopsis And we haven t gotten to know her well enough to feel any sympathy for this irrationally in my opinion angry womanSecondly the author hasn t told us what she ooks ike except for the ength of her hair Is she short tall fat or thin What color are her eyes Is she pretty or plain It s very hard to picture a character without some sort of descriptive narrativeThirdly the author introduces us to the character named Tess Then a chapter or so ater describes her age and what she ooks ike naked A chapter or so after that a character describes Tess as the old woman with the hair What hair What the hell is she even referring to since there is no mention of hair color Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts. length or anything else that would ualify a person as being described that wayFinally for now there is a character called Melissa She is named Melissa and referred to as Melissa until out of the blue she is referred to as Lissawithout introduction to the name and not called that by any other character Completely out of the blueT. A poignant and unforgettable tale ofove oss and moving on with the help of one not so ittle dogRocky's husband Bob was just forty two when she discovered him ying cold and ifeless on the bathroom floor and Rocky's world changed forever uitting her job chopping off all her hair she Glitter Bomb (A Scrapbooking Mystery, leaves Massachusetts reinventing her past and taking a job as Animal Control Warden on Peak's Island a tiny speck off the coas. Here are many continuity errors and gaping holes in the character development and plot But the ones here are sufficient enough to get my point across without spoiling the plot I m sure Il *Finish This Book If For No Other *this book if for no other than to find out what happens to the dog I don t think the characters are very richly drawn but the story is mildly compelling I just wish that an actual professional editor had gotten their hands on this before it went to publication This book turned out to be so much than I was expecting For some reason I thought it was going to be a Il morto di Maigret light fluffy chickit read which I ove but it proved to be much darker in a good way I oved the parts about synesthesia which I find fascinating and I thought the author did a really good job depicting the stages of grieving including the occasional irrationality of a person and an animal facing a oss so deep they re not sure they l ever return from it Highly recommended This book was dripping in sadness and grief It didn t make me weepy or a sobbing mess but I did read it with a constant pain in my chest almost the entire time First it was for Rocky and then it was for Lloyd and Globalization: A Multi-Dimensional System, Third Edition later it was for the both of them I wasn t uite expecting to have this reaction but dog books can do that to meThings start out on a sad note when the author throws you headfirst into theife and grief of Rocky who
recently Billionaires Contract Engagement (Kings of the Boardroom lost her husband to heart attack far too early It s sad and her recollections of her beloved Bob are often uite funny which makes the grief hit you all that much harder Unable to stick around in the house where she and Bob shared aife she decides to Sexual Secrets leave her career and herife completely behind and hops a ferry in Portland Maine and heads to Peaks Island to mourn She reinvents herself on the island and impulsively becomes the new Animal Control Warden I ve been to Peaks and it is a ittle slice of yesterday and I enjoyed reading about ife on the island and the descriptions almost make you feel ike you are there The rest of the book follows Rocky through her grieving process as she meets new people and becomes invested in the ife of an injured stray dog with sad eyes she names Lloyd You can guess what happens between Rocky and Lloyd right But all doesn t go smoothly nor does it go sweetly Lloyd has a history that Rocky is soon sorry she s delved into There s a ittle mystery and a ot of uirky character building It s a Purely Sexual little slow here and there and took meonger to finish than it should have but I m not sorry I read it If you re a dog The West Transformed: A History of Western Civilization, Vol 1, to 1715 lover you might want to put this on yourist He is dog His ife is ocean stick ball sand grass ride in the truck sleep by the bed ook deep into the eyes of humans ure them outdoors greet them with a burst of joy when they come home ove them Fill this brief ife with This book was kind of weird I think the author had a pretty good idea for the main plot of the story a widow who is grieving for her husband rescues a dog who is grieving for his owner However it seemed ike she was trying too hard to make the main characters seem realistic by giving them faults and making them uirky and instead she succeeded in making them come across as somewhat mentally unbalanced I had a really hard time connecting with any of them Ultimately the story that should have been touching what with the relationship between the woman and the dog and their saving each other ended up being a ittle disjointed and even disturbing at times I still can t uite get my even disturbing at times I still can t uite get my past what she did with her dead husband s ashes In my opinion the only character that had any redeeming ualities was Cooper. T of Maine and a million miles away from everything she's ost She The Anathema Cell leaves her career as a psychologist behind only to find friendship with a woman whose brain misfires in the most wonderful way and a young girl who is trying to disappear Rocky a uirky and fallible character discovers the healing process to be agonizingly slowBut then she meets LloydAarge black Labrador retriever Lloyd enters Rocky's world wit. Lost Found

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