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E–pub/E–book [The Mermaid Chair] author Sue Monk Kidd

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The Million Dollar Goal gR the rest of the bookBored womanoes to take care of crazy mom on island that is full of monks Woman sees monk says oh I m IN LOVE HE S PART OF love he s part of soul Monk sees woman and decides he s in love had nothing to do with not etting any for several years they screw like rabbits she several years They screw like rabbits she to stay with her husband and he decides not to take his final vows Oh and mom reveals reason for dad s death no longer crazyblah blah blahSorry this is a craptastic review but the whole love at first sight stuff ot me all rouchy I did not like this book That s not entirely accurate I loved the religious themes that ran through this book "I loved the stories of rowing up on an island I loved "loved the stories of rowing up on an island I loved Mermaid aspect of this storySo why the rating of did not like I m really tired of stories where the lead character decides they need to drastically change their life Then they run off through either some decision they consciously make or through some twist of fate as in this case to find themselves While finding themselves they find surprise a new love interest At this point they find themselves madly and inexplicably in LOVE with someone they met 10 minutes ago They decide to walk away from a secure albeit bland life and a stable albeit ordinary loverspouse who has iven them a lifelong commitmentAfter making the decision to leave the said stable relationship the lead character always and I mean ALWAYS manages to convince themselves and the reader that it isn t just lust that draws them into this new relationship oh no it s TRUE LOVE This new person is the person they were meant to be withSo they plunge into this new relationship often without ending the first one with The Unlikeliest Hero: The Story of Desmond T. Doss great bliss Headlong into thereat unknown Romping around rolling in the hay having a rand ole time convinced they are in love and life will be like this for the rest of their days Nothing could be better Nothing could end this bliss This is what life is meant to beAnd thenyep Then another plot twist either separates the two new lovers or throws the lead character back into the path of the stable relationshipAnd lo and beholdit turns out the new relationship isn t all that reat And the first relationship is what they really need Smacks head loudlyd ohAnd now our beloved lead character leaves the new found love and oes back to the first loveAnd they live happily ever afterI m really tired of authors using this deviceplot Really tired of it I feel it cheapens the importance of marriage or a committed relationship and makes the lead character typically a woman look naive and well let s be honest like an idiot Okaythat s overly harsh It makes the woman look less than insightful at best Let s call a spade a spade The lead character wanted to have a steamy affair with their new found love interest And they felt uilty because they were already married So they convinced themselves that they were at a point in their life where they needed to change and they found this amazing new person who could love who they now are Why not just admit they want to have an affair and damn the conseuences At least hav After Prisoner of Midnight glancing over theoodreads reviews of this book and seeing how negative they were I was expecting to dislike or simply feel. S paperback publication Now in her luminous new novel Kidd has woven a transcendent tale that will thrill her legion of fans Telling the story of Jessie Sullivan a love story between a woman and a .

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Read this book as it was a selection for book club Although I thoroughly enjoyed The Secret Of Bees by the same writer I found this book to be a far different sort of read In Bees while I enjoyed the plot it was the characters that I found myself hooked to In The Mermaid Chair I found the plot to be only mildly entertaining and the characters lacking in development The main character I found to be whiny annoying selfish and someone I just couldn t connect to on any level The other characters Whit Nelle Hepzibah Kat and Benne left me disappointed as well although I did like them than the protagonist The latter characters had the potential for being interesting and moving but still we weren t really allowed to connect to them as the reader as we didn t BOSH!: The Cookbook: Simple Recipes. Amazing Food. All Plants. get to see them enough Whit Brother Thomas was the most developed of them all in that youot to see his turmoil over his decision to enter to monestary but the others were left 2 dimentional The narrati terrible Middle life crisis dribble It was like argling salt water The main character in this book just seemed like a whiner to me Boo hoo my husband won t let me be myself Ummm let s see is it his job to let you be yourself or was that your job all your life while he was supporting the family so you could putz around decorating your lovely Victorian house and messing with your little collages that never o anywhere I found nothing wrong with her husband He seemed like an intelligent sensitive uy and the minute he lets her out of his sight she s boinking a monk This is her solution to him not letting her be herself Gimme a break Plus this is the second book Kidd wrote with weird new Agey uasi feminist uasi religious rituals in them It might seem deep to some people but to me it just seems in them It might seem deep to some people but to me it just seems and hokey Religion is serious business throwing threads in the ocean and holding hands is just irlish silliness compared to a real religion I m not sure what the point of this stuff is supposed to be Like my reviews Check out my blog at of The Saint s Mistress This book is so corny it will pass straight through you undigested Very disappointed in this book since I loved The Secret Life of Bees The best thing I can say about it is that it is highly readablean easy summer read I believe in lust at first site a spark that makes you want to 6 1/2 Body Parts (Body Movers, get to know someone etc No matter how hard I tried I could not wrap myself around the decision of a woman to leave a husband of 20 years and a monk to turn his back on the monastery on the basis of a firstlance after which both proclaimed being in love And if you can t buy into this then you can t buy into the book Also the women characters engage in silly symbolic Gökyüzü Mavi Kaldı gestures the kind that you enjoy at age 10 The author does not let youlean any meaning for yourself She describes her paintings and then points out their very obvious psychological interpretations I don t think she ives her readers much credit If a reader wants a simple summer read and finds a forbidden romance titillating this is the book for you I would pass however if I had it to do again NONOGive me a break There is NOT love at first sight LUSTNot love Whatever That just pisses me off and sets a pissy tone fo. An alternate cover edition exists hereSue Monk Kidd's phenomenal debut The Secret Life of Bees became a runaway bestseller that is still on the New York Times bestseller list than two years after it. .
The Mermaid Chair

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Apathy for this book But I really loved it surprisingly so I enjoyed The Secret Life of Bees but I didn t connect to the characters as much as I connected to Jessie in this story This to the characters as much as I connected to Jessie in this story This tackles a difficult subject how can you fall in love with someone else while still married to a wonderful man who hasn t changed The oodreads complaints were that Jessie has no reason to fall for another man her husband is seemingly perfect and she s just selfish and awful for not wanting him But I loved the ray areas of the story and I didn t find myself able to judge her easily and I m pretty judgmental The story is this Middle aged artist and housewife Jessie returns to her childhood home off the coast of South Carolina to care for her aging and depressed mother She has avoided home because of the sad memories she has of her father being killed in an accident when Jessie was a child and she blames herself for his death While there she falls for a Benedictine monk who turns Jessie s life upside down Kidd writes beautifully and I read this faster than a lot of other recent novels I thought she explained but never excused Jessie s confused emotions and behaviors realistically nothing is ever black and white even love Especially love never excused Jessie s confused emotions and behaviors realistically nothing is ever black and white even love Especially love what she and the reader realizes at the end is how much she has closed herself off from her mother her husband and especially herself I was touched by the character s honesty and her humanity and I thought it was
a beautiful story 
beautiful story how a person has to sink to the very bottom before they can climb their way back to the surface I bought this book when I went with my mother to o hear Sue Monk Kidd speak Let me tell you she speaks as elouently as she writes She s also just as witty After hearing her speak I realized that a lot of her personality comes through in her writing Her amazing writingShe spoke of how she felt The Mermaid Chair was THIEME Atlas of Anatomy: Head and Neuroanatomy going to be often compared to The Secret Life of Bees and maybe wouldn t be able to live up to the high praise it s earned so far She also worried about the characters being too similar I don t think Sue has anything to worry about The only thing the two books have in common is the author s writing a beautiful flowing and engaging styleI think I like Sue s style so much because it has the right amount of description for things her dialogue is realistic and when you I loved this book but reading most of the reviews it seems like most people hated this book I do think The Secret Life of Bees was better I enjoyed the characters and storyline in Bees so than The Mermaid Chair The main character of Jessie drove me crazy sometimes because as everyone thinks she could be so selfish sometimes when it came to her mother and her husband True it s a little unbelievable Jessie would choose to pretty much ignore her mother s mental state and spend most of her time and energy in love with a monk But when you think about it their relationship had been strained for a long time and people can be in denial and choose distraction over reality In fact I m surprised Nelle and Jessie didn tet into fights after their long estranged relationship I didn t feel like Hepzibah s character added anything substantial to the ladies friensh. Onk a woman and her husband and ultimately a woman and her own soul Kidd charts a journey of awakening and self discovery illuminated with a brilliance that only a writer of her ability could conjur.