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(La Historia de Pocahantas DK READERS) [EBOOK/PDF] À Caryn Jenner

1 None2 Grades 1 33 This book tells the story Pocahontas and #How She Maintained The #she maintained the between the English Colonists and the Natives The narrative follows life and accomplishments up until her death in England at the age of 214 I like this version of the classic tale of Pocahontas because it s simply stated and brief but also includes extra information in boxes on the page The information is accurate and interesting covering the important parts of her life and effortlessly capturing her bravery and strength in the illustrations5 This story could be used as an individual or small roup instruction for reading The text is simple enough for young readers to understand and students could easily pull facts from the text for an activity small Sister of My Heart group or to assess comprehension in a conference individual This book is about English settlers coming to where the Pocahontas lives captain smith was the captain of the boat he wasreed by the a King Alfred's Version of St. Augustine's Soliloquies girl and they became friends he saved him many times Soon Pocahontas married a settlers and they went back to England and lived there for many month they sheot sick and died The book is ood for kids to learn how to read This DK readers book on Pocahontas is very informative as well as interesting This book contains text boxes with definitions facts and other fun information It also contains very extravagant drawings along with the text that tells the biography of this historical person in a fun. In this book children learn the story of Pocahontas Famous for helping maintain peace betw. La Historia de Pocahantas DK READERSAlso tells how Pocahontas met John Smith and they became friends I ave The Book Four Stars book four stars it depicted the events with simple detail It debunks the myth that Pocahontas married John Smith when she actual married a man named John Rolfe I do wish the book chose to refer to Pocahontas as a Native American rather than Indians it is a bit misleading The illustrations ive the book a mature feel The illustrations are realistic than those of for younger children I think young readers than those of for younger children I think young readers find the Story of Pocahontas appealing because they are most likely familiar with the story of Pocahontas meeting John Smith but not with the complete story of her life I think the children will most likely find it #INTERESTING OR CONFUSING TO THAT POCAHONTAS #or confusing to that Pocahontas John Rolfe despite the beloved Disney movie It would be reat to assign this book around Thanksgiving It is a brief look into the colonial era of American history I ve never heard of DK readers but they are very informative little non fiction stories for children I ve always loved Pocahontas so I Portrait of a Starter: An Unhidden Story gave this one a tryI really liked how they had little boxes in the corner with extra information It reminded me of pop up video Also I think I had forgotten Pocahontas died at 21 I d love too see her How the West Was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Folly--and the Stark Choices Ahead grave I never knew there was a tribute built to her Book does areat job of presenting complicated material at a level twoand dispels the Disney myth that Pocahontas and John Smith were married. Lers at Jamestown saving the life of their leader Captain John Smith whom she later marrie.

Caryn Jenner æ 1 SUMMARY

And entertaining way Children who read this book would have fun doing so #And Would Also Learn #would also learn lot of information along the WAY THIS BOOK HAS AN INDEX This book has an index also fun facts at the end of the book Overall this book is a reat choice for children or even adults who would like to learn a few things about Pocahontas and her real story not just the one seen in the popular movie What Pocahontas did NOT marry John Smith I did not know this and am uite disturbed that Disney is misinforming our children I was also sad to read that she died at 21 I liked this book though and tghought its a reat way to introduce history to our young readers It also points out that movies are not always accurate The picture were ood and did a lot to help decipher the text Very frustrating reading a biography that feeds our children lies It s unfortunate that these books are being put out to the public that are intended to educate our children on history but the content is false Caryn Jenner you should be ashamed Your content perpetuates that This book about Pocahontas does a ood job of keeping the story accurate and including the main events and the main story of keeping the story accurate and including the main events and the main story for how short the book is they did a really ood job writing the book And so I think t The Story of Pocahontas is a biography for primary aged children learning to read on their own The book is about Pocahontas s life from meeting John Smith in what is now called America to her death in England It. Een the English colonists and Native Americans this brave Indian woman befriended the sett. ,
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