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I picked this p last year as a bit of a punt in a ramshackle shop in Menai Bridge I guess I may have been drawn to the author s name and sensed something charismatic and intelligent about this I didn t write the book If I had I would have spotted that the cover of the issue I had misspelled Britain as Britian It s an interesting read a mostly fair and factual account of numerous individuals caught Gorgeous and...Hung?! up in the dark heart of poverty in late 20th Century Britain Without sentimentality without being patronising with a clear intent to draw attention to a subculture out of the view of most ordinary folk this made for a book I admired for its lack of one eyed bias It explores poverty and the link to crime drugs prostitution child abuse violence and the destruction of community There are some powerful arguments without the author preaching his POV in an overly emotive manner and I found sections about Nottingham when I lived there and Leeds when Ised to visit my older brother there certainly The Mangrove Tree uite frightening in their timeplace and my general lack ofnderstanding and awareness of this Guided Approach to Intermediate and Advanced Coding + ICD-10-CM/PCs Coding underlying culture But yes it was slightly frustrating because I wasn t completely convinced by the author s socialist leaningsarguments and it instead left me withestions than it provided answers The focus on particularly sad and psetting human stories led me to wonder about the folks who answers The focus on particularly sad and psetting human stories led me to wonder about the folks who t fallen into a life of crime poverty and drugs the elements of culture and family which gave some groups a better chance of beating the odds and the lack of discussion of free will and those who nder admittedly very difficult circumstances did better than the tragic subjects of many of these stories What after all are the fundamental aims and functions of society I don t know enough about economics sociology or politics to have the answer myself I know it s a complex problem poverty know enough about economics sociology or politics to have the answer myself I know it s a complex problem poverty crime but i think here the author examines a lot of thought provoking areas and deserves a lot of credit I would be interested to see if there are differences twenty years down the line in the UK whether some things are better some things are worse what is working I wish that his line of work would be taken p in earnest in modern day Britain Years and years of austerity and relentless neoliberal policies with tax cuts and cuts in benefits how does the nderclass fare now Nick Davies Dark HeartDark Heart should be a reuired reading It describes the tales of the poorest and destitute of Britain the hidden Britain Showing how they face the same struggles again and again across the country It begins with the boys in the forest Jamie and Luke who have fallen into prostitution and drugs pushed into the care systems by broken families This is the magic of Davies journalistic piece he describes first a case and then he slowly breaks it down analysing what are the factors that led to this tragic state affairs With each case we learn something new and our nderstanding broadens about the state and factors of poverty in Britain He shows that when benefits are cut till they barely keep people alive and job opportunities are low it opens the floodgates of crime drugs and desperation In the end of the book Davies asks what are the re. 'This all began ite nexpectedly one rainy autumn evening a couple of years ago in a fairground near to the centre of Nottingham'In amongst the bright lights and bumper cars Nick Davies noticed two boys no than twelve years old oddly detached from the fun of the scene Davies discovered they were part of. .
Asons for such spikes in poverty and crime He concludes that years of government cuts to public services to the welfare state and education are to blame Davies also goes on to say that after many of these cuts to welfare state were made the richest of the country were given tax cuts allowing for the rich to grow richer and the poor to grow poorer He then asks what could allow for such cuts being made It is because the poorest of this country are seen but as objects to be Leaders Eat Last used firstly by the rich and then resultantly by themselves They lack any hope to rise from this pit that they have thrown in to They have been reduced simply to an economic burden for whom there aren t enough jobs This growing lack of humanity or Dark Heart as Davies calls it is is the sole factor that allows human lives to be reduced to statistics and spreadsheets It allows for ideas that were once on the fringe of the political spectrum to become government policyNote this is my first writing a review in a long time and I ve never been particularly good at writing so this review doesn t really convey how great this book is however if you all want to know anything about poverty in Britain I would recommend start here DEEPLY DISTURBING Nick Davies book on thenderclass in Britain in the mid is a deeply disturbing piece of reporting Child abuse physicalemotionalsexual drugs riots crime harrasment police brutality are all covered in painfull detail The account of the woman who lost two of her children in a fire that was started by a candle when her electricity meter had ran out was one of the most La muralla verde upsetting pieces of writing Ive ever readThe book is a searing inditement of the Thatcher years of the communities turnedpside down in the recession of the early 80s and early *90s The cuts in social programs relating to benefits State Pension 16 18 year old benefits * The cuts in social programs relating to benefits State Pension 16 18 year old benefits Benefitetc public sector housing the National Health Service and Social Services are painted in stark contrast to the huge cuts in income tax for the wealthyThe Trickle Down Effect was always the alleged silver lining to this huge cut in taxes for the rich there are examples in the book rich businessmen or in one case an MP paying to sexually abuse young woman When scum like Peter Mandelson says he s comfortable with people being filthy rich especially if they will lend him the odd arter million he is presumably comfortable with the Other Side Of The Coin The World side of the coin the world Nick Davies describes in this heart breaking bookA valuable piece of reportage that is definetely not easy going but ought to be reuired reading What a wake p call A truly exceptional piece of journalism detaling the poverty violence and sex and drug trades of Britain Made me both weep and be truly thankful for how lucky I am with my pbringing Read this and re evaluate I d love to give a copy to David Cameron 35 starsA revealing look at the causes and effects of poverty in the UK Whoso stoppeth his ears at the cry of the poor he also shall cry himself but shall not be heard Proverbs 21Reading this book will give you a taste for black humour you know for instance what happens when you play a country song backwards You get your dog back and your wife back and. A network of children selling themselves on the streets of the city running a nightly gauntlet of dangers pimps punters the Vice Suad disease drugs This propelled Davies into a journey of discovery through the slums and ghettoes of our cities He found himself in crack houses and brothels he befriended str. ,

characters Dark Heart The Shocking Truth About Hidden Britain

Dark Heart The Shocking Truth About Hidden BritainI guess your mother rises from her grave too What happens when you play a death metal song backwards is that it sounds better This is investigative journalism about the English nderclass written in the late 1990s My jaw dropped as I read the first pages which describe child prostitution rent boys of 11 and 13 plying their trade ten minutes walk from my house Yes the first chapter is all about Nottingham Have things improved since 1998 For the people in this book probably not And check out what s happening in Detroit The nderclass then The people of the abyss as Jack London called them Hey Jack it s the 21st century and they re still here What do you think of that I ve read the academic studies okay one and I ve read Theodore Dalrymple s great essays on the subject but this is the p close and revolting version N An astounding horrifying and heartbreaking look at the extent and effects of poverty in Britain 137 million people live below the poverty line and yet it s a world that is largely hidden albeit in plain sight or ignored as the majority of Children of the New World us go about our daily livesLooking fully into the circumstances of in particular the child prostitutes of the Forest area of Nottingham and the deprived inhabitants of a crime ridden estate and looking into the causes of much of the poverty and its associated effects crime drugs prostitution abuse and the damage inflicted on communities and people livingnder its shadow this is a terrifying look at what is happening to a large section of the country Horrifyingly it s a situation that can only get worse as the Government hacks wildly at public spending budgets and welfareEssential reading for anyone who wants to know what s going on outside of their front door and one that should make you angry enou Read this years ago Outstanding bit of journalism Have to dig it out and reread it now I ve been reminded about it Sort of thing you wouldn t be allowed to make a documentary about now because the chaps at the BBC are too worried about their pensions I was recommended this book by two ladies who had been in care in Nottingham Both had sadly ended The Oswald Reflection up in prison at some point in their lives They said Nick Davies vivid portrayals ofndiscovered world the poor nderclass and the lives of poor children in were accurate They rged me to read it I enjoyed the book but would have liked to know about the people responsible for the children in care and the politicians turning a blind eye to the abuse and crime on the council estates This book relates to the 90s most spefically Nick Davies conducted a lengthy investigation during this period speaking to residents on council estates children in prostitution drug dealers and madams He pulls you deep into the dark dangerous criminal Quantum (Captain Chase underbelly of Britain These people are real that s the saddest thing Threaded through the stories hencovers the knife tearing at the fabric of society the politics the values denying a child s right to love innocence a secure home and state protection if needed It s gut wrenching in places I was glad that he picked Introduction to Mythology up again on Nottingham at the end For a large chunk of the book is about Leeds and then links to London vice through the characters lives. Eet gangs and drug dealersDavies' journey into the hidden realm is powerful disturbing and impressive and is bound to rouse controversy and demands for change Henravels threads of Britain`s social fabric as he travels deeper and deeper into the country of poverty towards the dark heart of British societ. .

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