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(Trick and Treat) [PDF READ] Ñ Barry Groves

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Trick and Treat

Barry Groves ¶ 2 Review

I m finding it hard to go along with Mr Grove s assertion that we don t really need to eat fruit I have seen him state in other articles s assertion that we don t really need to eat fruit I have seen him state in other articles it s a myth that fruit is full of vitamins and minerals I don t even eat much fruit my fruit bowl currently contains my ipod camera and a nest of computer leads so I don t know why this worries me so much but it just doesn t sit right with me There is a lot in this book to think about ranging from corruption in the medical drug industry to pointing out that bran was a worthless by product of the milling process until we were conned into eating it What a handy and profitable way to dispose of itBarry Groves is into a low carb high fat diet but he explains it so well and cites so much research it makes sense Even so my last forray into the low carb world left me so depressed I m reluctant to go there again Maybe when I understand the book I can adjust my diet appropriately Amazing And so important How to eat in a way that s truly healthy please note everything here is oversimplified based on my memories of the book everyone should read this for themselves if they re concerned about their own health in any wayEat fats meat fish eggs full fat dairy grass fed full cream unpasteurised milk nuts butter etc Natural foods Veg is ok fruit less so It s been artificially screwed with to make it sweeter and palatable but the sugars in it aren t great It s not a natural food nowProcessed carbs destroy health Oh and drugs do too So many nuggets of info I found amazing in this book and all backed up with the results of medical studies People who have cancer treatment don t live longer than those who don t get treatment Carbs cause a shitload of our diseases BECAUSE WE WEREN T DESIGNED TO EAT CEREALS Food manufacturers sell shit that IS NOT FOOD and poisons us and it s legal Drug companies sell us medicines for everything and by the admission of the head of one of the big pharmas drugs are completely ineffective in most people anyway And there are a bunch of studies here that show they actually can kill ou faster than not taking them at all Fab Oh and the medical industry flat out LIES about things that are healthy eg cholesterol Turns out high cholesterol helps old people live longer Lowering cholesterol has never been shown to benefit anyone s health or to prevent heart attacks or furring up arteries Lying fuckers So angry about thisBut out of all this the bit that makes the most intuitive sense to me is that we evolved for a long time eating what we could catch and find Which wasn t cereals or bread or ready meals It was animal fat and meat and eggs and fish And when I lost 50kgs that s mostly what I was eating because that s what I wanted to eat And the weight fell off and the doctor said he d never seen bloodwork look so good So Kotlin - Les fondamentaux du dveloppement d'applications Android yeah it s also personal experience that tells me this guy is onto something Post scrips what also pisses me off is that it s now so hard to find real food eg most meat is not grass fed it s grain fed Most eggs are from battery hens fed with grain It s all but impossible to buy natural full fat unpasteurised milk GRRRRRRRRR fantastic and thought provokingjust makes me realize how unuestioning I have been for 42ears but no longer my eyes have been opened Trick and Treat is not a diet book It is a book about what we are told to eat and what is really good for our health It is a book about the modern healthy diet and all the business around health and foodTo sum up Barry Groves ideas he states that we should eat much animal fat through meat eggs butter full fat milk etc and cut down the carbs to a minimum To prove his point he goes through a large variety of modern diseases diabetes cancer heart attacks alzeimer s and explains the relation between these and our modern diet with studies to support his claimsThe amount of research and documentation inside this book is just incredible but at the same time it is uite easy to read Although it is hard to figure out the truth between all these diethealthy food books this one is uite convincing as it appeals to both common sense and hard evidence It also shows how we are conditioned to believe what we are told without uestioning itI am not sure if I agree completely with everything Barry Groves states in here but it really gives a good starting point to really form a personal opinion about what we pass our lips I would recommend any person concerned with their health to read this book This is the go to book with documented evidence to find out where nutrition has gone wrong and how to fix it Highly recommend to anyone wan. Do ou practice healthy eating consuming our five portions of fruit and vegetables per day and shunning fats in favour of complex carbohydratesThen Colp you could be doing exactly what is most harmful toour health and helping to support one of the world's biggest and most lucrative industries.
The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober کتاب کوچه جامع لغات، اصطلاحات، تعبیرات، ضرب المثل های فارسی حرف ب، دفتر دوم
Ting any nutrition knowledge Very good Learned a lot This book has so Many Important Things To important things to Not just about weight loss but also about health and about our health systemThis explains that while it is our responsibility to make healthy choices to make a choice we have to understand that there is a choice We need accurate information Unforunately the current food guidelines are based on myths and wishful thinking rather than scienceThe author goes on to say The health industry is one of the most lucrative in the world and so the focus has become wealth rather than health Many published drug studies are no than infomercials Journals doctors and academia have been bought by the drug companies and many patient ground that claim to be grass roots groups are in fact astroturf groups faux advocacy groups The NICE Guidelines in the UK are heavily lobbied by drug companies and not at all based on good science Guidelines by committee are disastrous especially when vested interest groups are involved Mild symptoms of illness such as tiredness and aches and pains have been normalised in our society but they are not normal and are related to our current poor dietary advice and diets The pharmaceutical industry is not focused on cures but on treatments which can be sold to the patient over and over again Not only is this industry not the one to look to for real cures as so many still do but they help the cures we do have often remain unused and ignored For example type 2 diabetes has been curable since the 1970s et many patients are still just given drugs to take for life to minimise some of the symptoms of the condition Early detection of disease is being twisted and presented as it it is the same thing as preventing a disease which of course it is not The early detection push is primarily about increasing the market for various drugs Don t donate to the big cancer and MS charities etc if they don t support prevention measures and instead focus on mere early detectionThe author writes about diet that The advice to cut down on sugar but to eat lots of grains makes no sense Low fat high carb and low calorie diets are not healthy and not the best diet for weight loss High levels of glucose as with a high grain and high carb diet compromise the immune system Grains are not as high in nutrients as we have been led to believe and in fact these foods can leach nutrients from the body if not properly prepared The same is true of legumes Excess fibre can cause problems for some people and fibre from grains is not necessary Bran flakes are not a health food but a faddish waste of money The bioavailablity of nutrients is much lower in raw produce compared to cooked Low salt diets have not been tested for safety and the scaremongering about salt is not scientific Healthy low carb diets must be high in fat and NOT protein The Paleo diet is very relevant today Good macronutrient ranges by calories are protein The Paleo diet is very relevant today Good macronutrient ranges by calories are 15% carbs 15 25% protein and 60 70% fat Saturated fat is a healthy traditional fat The ideal figure for carbs has been found to be around 50 75 grams a day and this is the maximum a person with diabetes should eat This amount is a good one to start with and some people will feel best making it slightly lower or higher People that are very ill eg MS patients may do better starting with around 110 carbs a day before gradually going down to 70 grams a day Going too low or too low too fast may make such patients ill It is a good idea to lower our carbohydrate intake gradually so as to make the transition less stressful for the body Going from a high carb diet to just 20 grams of carbs a day is too much of a shock and not necessary It is not healthy to get glucose from protein long term It is wasteful and puts a strain on the liver and kidneys A BMI of 25 30 is still a healthy weight and may even be the healthiest weight range The idea that traditional foods are causing all our modern diseases is ludicrousImportant authors such as Abram Hoffer Adele Davis Weston A Price and Shanahan are uoted Good information is also given about the dangers of some vaccinations and soy products and of fluoride why humans are not designed to run why excessive exercise can be harmful and pain and injuries should not be ignoredThe author has been following a low carb diet since 1962 so he really knows his stuffThe authors advice and views tally very well with my own I have a severe neurological disease with some similarities to MS and I have found that a very low carb diet of 20 grams or so of carbs a day makes me feel unwell after a few months It see. The healthcare industryTrick and Treat asks the key uestions has healthy eating coincided with a reduction in health problems and health spending who benefits from the effects of healthy eating what is the evidence to support the principles of healthy eating if healthy eating isn't healthy. ,