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(Paranormalcy) [PDF] ¾ Kiersten White

S one is definitely the best Being dead wasn t supposed to hurt Where was the fairness in that If I was dead the least the universe could do was make it painless This novel was actually awfully written but the plot was funny and so was the main character I mean I m sure Kiersten s writing has improved and the only reason I picked this one up is because I wanted to see how her writing iswas I m sure the other 2 books are much better and now that And I Darken is almost published I m sure that one will have much improvements I wanted to see how her writing is and what changes might be made The writing in this one is pretty bad I mean the main character Evie is pretty annoying not much of a heroine pretty weak and instead of cussing she says bleep because she s so used to hearing it from her best friend who is a mermaid Other than that she s pretty confident with herself and her jokes are bad but they made me laugh Because they were bad This isn t really a typical YA romance paranormal novel that deals with vampires faeries mermaids werewolves and other paranormals It dealt with romance but it wasn t a main point It mainly focused on finding out who was killing all these paranormals and whatwho is Evie Because she can see through the glamours of a paranormal she is considered not only human but a paranormal herself See if there is a vampire with their glowing bright yellow yes walking in the streets of Miami FL someone will think Ooh pretty yes nice color and they won t know that creature is a bloody sucking creature but Evie immediately knows She sees yellow yes behind the brown ones blue ones behind the grey ones and she sees what kind of paranormal it is But there comes the mysterious one Lend who is introduced as some shape shifter who turns out to become Evie s friend and I guess boyfriend Sadly there was a love triangle It wasn t a big one and it wasn t much of a distraction but it still bugged meLove triangles are something I do not like I think they are useless and pointless and they ruin the story most of the time We always get introduced to the main female and male character but then some other male character is introduced and well that s where the love triangles is sensed The main female character leaves the main male character and falls for the other male character Wow that was confusing Scala for Java Developers even for meThe reason the love triangle wasn t a big distraction was because it wasn t really a love triangle What I mean is Evie falls for Lend and spends time with him while herx Reth a faerie tries to win her heart back touch her make her his and blah blah blah all that But Evie doesn t really want him back Sure she misses his arms wrapped around her and her thin waist his warmth around her his protection over her and The Qur'an, Morality and Critical Reason: The Essential Muhammad Shahrur everythinglse they did But after she saw who he really was and what he did to her which is around page 100 and on she doesn t want anything to do with him I was okay with that I shipped her with Lend sort of and didn t want her going back to Reth The only reason why I sense a love triangle was because I thought she would go back to Reth since she was talking to Lend and becoming his friend while she was thinking about Reth since she was talking to Lend and becoming his friend while she was thinking about plot was hard to get at first I didn t understand it I didn t know what the book was really about where it was going and what was the point of it It did take a while and because of the lack of writing and stupid horrible jokes nothing really made sense at one point It was hard to get into it and there were times where I put the book down because it was a really frustrating and stupid part I didn t want to continue reading Hopefully the 2nd and 3rd books are better Paranormalcy Kiersten WhiteParanormalcy is a series of young adult urban fantasy novels by American author Kiersten White beginning with the inaugural Vermeer to Eternity entry of the same name The story focuses on a girl named Evie a member of a special international police force assigned to paranormal cases As the tale progresses Evie s professional duties begin to conflict with her growing desire for a normal life 2014 1390 312 20 14 9786001192364 1393 312 9786006885551 21 I love love love this book I ve read it on and off for the last ten years andvery time I pick it up I literally yes literally laugh out loud Tasers are a one size fits all paranormal butt kicking option Mine s pink with rhinestones I adore the premise the subtle and not so subtle humor scattered throughout and the heroine is asily one of my YA faves Evie sees through glamors No one can hide from her From when she was discovered at three to now she s been under the thumb of ICPA Internatuonal Paranormal Containment Agency as their bagger and tagger Her job

is pretty simple 
pretty simple a paranormal neuter it via tracking device and bring it back to headuarters BUT She isn t your average government mployeeYA heroine When she s not rounding up the wild paranormals she s watching Easten Heights her absolute fave drama online shopping though most of the purchases get canceled by the government and hanging out with her best friend a mermaidWhen a suspicious paranormal shows up in the midst of a crisis Evie will have to figure out A What s killing off the paranormals B How to stop her creepy So B. It ex boyfriend a faerie from stalking her and C If the suspicious slash hot new guy has a girlfriend Not necessarily in that order He reached out and put his hand on top of mine My heart skipped a beat he liked me tooYou re worried about what s killing the paranormals aren t youCrap He didn t like me The sincerity the sass Gah I want Evie to be my best friend If you re looking for a refreshing take on YA fiction pick it up What are you I whisperedWhat are you Offended I frowned HumanFunny me tooNo you re notFunny neither are you Audiobook CommentsRead by Emily Eiden and she absolutely rocked this audio She had the right tempotiming for the humor really made Evie come aliveYouTube Blog Instagram Twitter Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading. Bout to find out that she may be at the center of a dark faerie prophecy promising destruction to all paranormal creaturesSo much for norma. 102717 HEY GUESS WHAT I don t know why or for how long but this book is currently FREE on I don t know about the rest of them Young adult genre supernatural creatures x love triangle originality De ja bloody vuWhyven bother reading this book I can point you towards hundreds of other young adult books that are or less Cabaret exactly the same as what you get from Paranormalcy I keep going back to this kind of genre hoping that just once I will find thexception to the current book cloning rule that seems to be taking over the 21st century We have a heroine who is neither good or bad nough to be xciting she s not xactly weak but doesn t have much strength to note and the attempts to give her some kind of uirky sense of humour failed She has a taser gun my first thought cool which she has named Tasey not so cool I thought the only people who named their guns were cops caught in a mid life crisis Apparently notWhy do I get the feeling that I ve met very single one of these characters before Oh that s right because I have So yeah they have different names but that s about it Also what Trading Places: The Netherlandish Merchants in Early Modern Venice exactly is the big story here Some sort of unheard of supernatural creature is killing other supernatural creatures by leaving a big fiery handprint on them Well that s genius It wasn tven a good unoriginal story And naturally there s a love triangle going on too It seems that most young adult authors don t know how not to put a love triangle in their books This time it s Lend v Reth Lend is uite a cute character and my favourite of the pair mostly because wait for this Reth repeatedly attempted some kind of supernatural rape thing not good at all No really I don t know what it was all about but he kept trying to fill her with his warm En plein coeur essence WtfThe book started to really drag about half way through and I kept pushing myself to finish it because I m sick of abandoning books an abandoned book feels like a fail on my part So I braved it til thend The Bookshop on the Shore even though I did do a bit of skimming on the last few chapters My conclusion Well I can sort of maybe possibly see why some people might like this It s not completely awful but I do wish I d stuck with my initial instincts when I saw the uote by Becca Fitzpatrick on the front cover and thought uh oh When you look at the cover of this book what do you think it is about A blond teenage girl is wearing a prom dress in a field of pussy willows or wheat or somethingually nonsensical Here s a new cover that crushes the actual book cover on the relevancy front though regrettably not in terms of artistic meritI mean I went into this thinking it was going to be another YA paranormal romance and IT ISN T It is decidedly fun YA urban fantasy book jacket copy reading is for losers It has a pretty kickass heroine mermaids werewolves that may or MAY look like an Ewok in my picture people made of water people made of fire vampires trolls nymphs faeries and Dance Real Slow everythinglse you can think of Why would you trick your audience with the wheat field I digress Evie has lived in the Center for as long as she can remember She was picked up at the age of three and put through the foster system until the IPCA Int l Paranormal Containment Agency realizes that she can see through glamours produced by all paranormals As a vital asset "she goes out to bag and tag all "goes out to bag and tag all of beings For The Agency Things Get the agency Things get little dicey when all sorts of paranormals are being killed the Center is invaded and some faeries are being total douchebags Speaking of faeries Reth sounds like a noise someone makes when they are choking on something ReeethReeeethI m retching here it s too bad you can t hear it I felt like the last third or so wasn t as strong as the Rest Of The Book The Story Moved of the book The story moved a relaxed but appealing pace until a total break occurred and then it was out of whack view spoilerThe moment Evie looks sees a sign for the prom and then Lend asks her hide spoiler Actual rating 25 stars Let me start by saying that I didn t hate this book but I also didn t love it The Art of Memoir either It was cute spunky and funny However there was just something about it that annoyed me So I ve recently found out what a Mary Sue is All this time I ve been calling it A la Bellasue Evie is most defiantly a Mary Sue And I ve come to the realization that I had a lovehate relationship with Evie the The Day Christ Was Born: The True Account of the First 24 Hours of Jesus's Life entire book I thought she was really funny and down right silly at times BUT at the same time she annoyed me with being so cheerful with her love of all things pink I kept flipping back an forth Sometimes I felt herndearing Yet other times I wanted to bitch slap her But I digress I did find a few things I liked about the book I found Evie s relationship with Lend to be very realistic It wasn t over done They weren t ripping their clothes off after only dating for a week They weren t confessing their undying love for one another Actually I would say the romance kinda took a backseat in this book It was there but it didn t feel like it controlled the plot Also I did find the book really funny Awesome dialog Bonus points for no cliffhanger Anyway I can t really think of anything lse to add to this review right now It just didn t leave a lasting impression like I had hoped I will continue with the series More so out of curiosity for where the story will go More reviews and at Cuddlebuggery Book Blog I probably would ve given a slightly higher star rating if there hadn t been so much damn hype around this bookAlright I m feeling procon y today I m taking a break from pharmacology homework to write this so I need to get back to that And it s a football Saturday I ve got a Bud Light in hand so my thoughts are less than structuredPros The cover is pretty ven though I can t decide how it correlates to the story There is a seriously wide variety of paranormal creatures in this book ach type having their own special powersabilities Vamps werewolves fey water nymphs mermaids hags gnomes trolls Yay for a smorgasbord of we. Evie’s always thought of herself as a normal teenager ven though she works for the International Paranormal Containment Agency her PostgreSQL Server Programming - Second Edition ex bo. Irdness The idea behind the book is cool The International Paranormal Containment Agency hires Evie to track down unruly paranormals who threaten the unveiling of theirxistence allowing her to tase them to the fullest Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography extent of her desire Evie is anspecially special heh abnormal human who can see through paranormal creatures glamours She kicks serious butt and can take down a gaggle of vamps without a second thought I didn t lose interest in the book throughout the first 45 of the novel Evie s fascination with lockers was cute and funny There were some really clever lines in this book The interaction between Lend and Evie caused some near LOLsCons Evie was annoying I found her cute at first Ya know she s a girl who doesn t get out much read The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, ever and she clings to whatever sense of normalcy available withvery fiber of her being She watches hip teen shows and wears zebra print dresses and pink stiletto boots She has a right to be a little weird But somewhere along the line she just began to grind my gears and wasn t cute any I can t get much descriptive than that really because I don t know when xactly she began to annoy me Lackluster love interests Reth was semi appealing at first until he uttered the line let me fill you I think I temporarily lost control of my gag reflex and gastric content at that moment I later found out it didn t mean what I thought it meant but WHO CARES That line should never be used in any context whatsoever unless he s a bartender offering to fill her drink or a millionaire offering to fill her bank account Lend just bored me He shouldn t have bored me because he s your typical nice guy who isn t uite normal and like the heroine is looking for somewhere to belong But he just didn t do it for me Pink taser with rhinestones Acceptable Pink taser with rhinestones named Tasey facepalm headdesk keysmash OAIm PA7A Wrj H LK %T The villain wasn t scary The weird hokey nding with the floating and the souls and the WTFThis book may appeal to many people and apparently has I ll probably read the seuel but I m not rushing out to get it If you like cutesy books with happy little rainbow ndings by all means help yourself It could ve been better though I do not have the patience to read a book where the heroine talks like thisOh bleep I m so pumped He kissed me It was the best kiss of my life It s such a cool kiss Oh bleep Oh bleepI m out There s a scene in Vampire s Suck yes my husband and saw it with a group of friends and xited the cinema a few hours later with a few less braincells Vampire s Suck s version of Mike Newton from Twilight approached the Bella character upon meeting her threw an arm around her shoulder and said Wow you look pretty frigid and boring Wanna go to prom Despite the stupidity of this movie they managed to ncapsulate in one brilliant sentence the biggest problem I ve had with the YA paranormal novels of late Particularly Fallen Hugh Hush Ever Halo and the countless others like it that I haven t managed to torture myself with The female main characters are BORING What s they re written in the roles of heroines and tragically couldn t act less heroic Unless those bitches were hiding their sheballs of heroines and tragically couldn t act less heroic Unless those bitches were hiding their sheballs I couldn t see Yes most women totally have sheballsExcept for Chris CrockerSeeEvie is such a refreshing departure She s funny and here s something new FUN From her crazy antics and funny obsessions to ven the most simple of phrases that come from her mouth Now I ll briefly Exile and Pilgrim explain about the Mary Sue test Most authors and people in general are familiar with this term It basically means the Main Character if she is a Mary Sue is basically an author self insert Otherwise known as Luce Nora Ever Bethany Clary Tessa and the biggest Mary Suever Anita BlakeThough imagining yourself doing various and weird sexual acts with Jean I stole my leather pants from a hooker and now she wants them back Claude is just a little weirdUnfortunately Evie ticks uite a few boxes on the Mary Sue testEvie is remarkably beautifulEvie carries an unusual weapon wears a strange piece of jewelry or otherwise displays a uniue possession on her personEvie is notably witty always ready with a sharp comeback or clever remark Alternatively she is fascinatingly stern and close mouthedShe is a natty dresser always in fashion or not in fashion but so well as to make the fashionable pale in comparisonThere s an unusual story centering around Evie s birth or infancyShe was adopted raised by people other than her parents or for some reason has no biological parentsThere are prophecies about EvieEvie has psychic abilities xceptional strength magical powers can heal with a touch or has any other skill talent or power that we would consider superhuman More Than one special power Practically no one lse in the story has similar powersBut you know she never feels like a Mary Sue I guess her cute yearning for high school lockers
television and all 
and all other little uirks to her personality give her a rounded thoroughly Hannah Montana: The Movie enjoyed the relationship between Evie and Lend Not only did they have some witty and fun banter There s also that rare feeling that I have when I read novels that these two could actually make it I m serious in that I could actually see these two getting married and the whole happilyver after too They really make a lovely coupleUnlike some peopleAnita and Jean Claude know how to have a good time together no reallyThe plot and pacing move nicely throughout the story and whilst it was asy to guess who the bad guy was and what the ventual outcome would be it didn t annoy me like it has in other novels Can I help it if I m like practically a genius or something No no I can tSo over all this novel was a breath of fresh air I completely njoyed it and I absolutely can t wait to read the seuel I highly recommend it to most people xcept for anyone named Bob and I think that out of most of the other YA paranormal lit out there thi. Yfriend is a faerie she’s falling for a shape shifter and she’s the only person who can see through supernatural glamoursShe’s also ,

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