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Concentric Circles of Concern: Seven Stages for Making Disciples (PDF)

Concentric Circles of Concern: Seven Stages for Making DisciplesIt s All About Relationships could be an alternate TITLE THIS IS THE BOOK I VE WANTED TO This is the book I ve wanted to for a long time My dream is dashed now because I can see it was already written almost 30 years ago It s a great read for those who have interest in relational evangelism I think the schematic he has is superb and is a great outline of the realm of influence that we #have in our relationships and I also think that his staging #in our relationships and I also think that his staging the disciple making rocess is also very useful Thompson sets these out in the first few chapters and then makes a mistake He keeps writing The rest of the book comes across as a collection of ersonal stories and sermon illustrations loosely connected by the subject matter This may be an effect of the editorial rocess since this book was compiled by his estate after his death Again the schematic is useful and his groundwork for creating it is helpful also Hmm not sure about this It was a gift It reads a bit like a The Elephants Journey psychology manual The first few chapters which are all I managed disparage open air work and witnessing to strangers in favour of friendship evangelism The idea is that our Christian testimony will spread through our lifestyles and contact witheople we

already know in 
know in circles I m not sure it should be one or the other and the Great Commission involves going out into all the worldThere will never be a time when we have exhausted witnessing to Sklaven für Wutawia + Gauner mit der 'Goldenen Hand' personal contactsroviding we aren t hermits which means we would never actually get round to reaching those without a Christian friend In this stylish re issue of W Oscar Thompson's classic book on evangelism Thompson shows Christians how to spread the love and good news of Christ by building and repairing ersonal relationships Too often the only kind of evangelism encourag. Elative or neighbour What about themThe cheesy Americanisms were what ut me off this rather than the theology but I also felt it was repetitive and not especially helpful in encouraging boldness in Christian witness felt it was repetitive not especially helpful in encouraging boldness in Christian witness absolute classic on who is in your reach of influence is deceased This book ranks along with Evangelism Explosion as books to teach a believing Christian how to share their faith The focus of Thompson is to make disciple and not just church going eople One starts with self family relatives friends neighbors and associates acuaintances and last of all StoryBranding: Creating Stand-Out Brands Through The Power of Story person x Parents are you building characteristics of disciples into your children If all you have done is raised educated and kept your children out of trouble something is missing in their lives they need to see Jesus is real in your life Concentric Circles of Concern is uite an old book 1981 which I recently re read It always surprises me when I re read a book and discover that it doesn t say what I thought it would Presumably my mind only remembers theoints that were important to me at the time Oscar Thompson was looking for a way of teaching evangelism to Bible College students and came up with the concept of concentric circles The concept grew from the knowledge that the gospel travels via relationships Stories of It's A Wonderfully Sexy Life people meeting someone on alane and leading them to faith are rare and surprising It s normal for Lignin Biodegradation people to become Christians because they have a relationship with someone who is already a Christian If our desire is to evangelise Ed is thereaching to strangers anonymous crowds and foreign countries This book hits readers where they live teaching them that the most effective way to witness is through a simple lan of meeting the needs of close family first then frien.
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Hen we begin by raying for those eople who are already in our lives Thompson uses concentric circles as a means of illustrating this rincipal The first circle is ourselves and the next circle is immediate family then relatives close friends neighbours and business associates acuaintances and finally erson X such as the Schilder's Struggle for the Unity of the Church person we meet on alaneIn my memory I thought the whole book was about these circles but I found that only the first four chapters explained the circles and the remainder of the book is about rayer intercession showing love and building relationships The #book has a strong American flavour nevertheless Thompson writes in an easy #has a strong American flavour nevertheless Thompson writes in an easy read conversational manner Some of the material in the book has dated but the rincipals remain relevant today A worthwhile read Dad tossed this book into my hands about four years ago and I didn t read it until this time last year Used as a textbook for a theology course the book arallels ministry with concentric circles ministry begins with yourself then those members closest to you ie family then close friends and then others forming a rippling effect fused by working first with those whom you a rippling effect fused by working first with those whom you An easy ractical read lots to reflect on ended up giving my copy to a graduating Theology major His feedback after finishing it this summer thank you Reuired reading in Dr Roy Fish s Evangelism class at Southwestern Seminary in the mid 90s The thesis of this book has stuck with me and been very useful training believers to identify the many opportunities for gospel witness. Ds and then all othersPublished ost humously this book is a living testament of the brilliance of Oscar Thompson and his innovative method It will be a erfect guide to lifestyle evangelism for church study groups conferences and the classro.

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