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LBJ by Phillip F. Nelson E–book/E–pub

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LBJ by Phillip F. Nelson

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Book almost 800 pages illed with names dates conspiracies and details regarding the Crime of the Century Excellent book though a bit tedious to read in places The author leaves the reader with No Doubt About The doubt about the that LJB though he had help rom several other sources was the mastermind of the crime I am definitely not a conspiracy theoristjust someone who likes to See Things From All Sides Before Making Decisions I Do things Sextasy: Master the Timeless Techniques of Tantra, Tao, and the Kama Sutra to Take Lovemaking to New Heights from all sides before making decisions I do think that L Lyndon Johnson makes Donald Trump look like a saint Bill Sol Estes a business partner of Johnson went to jailor a variety of crimes he committed that Johnson acilitated through lobbying with government agencies when he got out of prison in 1978 he was asked how many people Lyndon Johnson was involved with murdering and he wrote down eight names including John F Kennedy and then said that wrote down eight names including John F Kennedy and then said that knew there were at least that many murders but he did not know the names of the people murdered Incredible amount of research plus hundreds or thousands of others that have researched this realm are cited. The period of his vice presidency as he planned his ascension to the presidency purposely undermining Kennedy's domestic and oreign policy initiatives Still Life with Chickens: Starting Over in a House by the Sea for the purpose of cleverly saving themor his own legacy His active involvement with JFK's assassination will be conclusively shown including photographic evidence that he knew in advance when and where it would happen The stunning conclusion of this book is that Lyndon Johnson began planning his takeover the ulfillment of his life time dreams even before being named as the vice presidential nominee in 1960. Ne in recent years Also His case is backed up by Barr McClellan #s 2003 perspective as a lawyer in Johnson s key lawyer s irm #2003 perspective as a lawyer in Johnson s key lawyer s irm been told much that was protected by laawyerclient privilege His book Blood Money Power How LBJ Killed JFK is a chilling read though not as comprehensive as Nelson s critically important volume Though there was much to push minds towards LBJ in the early days after The Assassinatiion NOBODY Wanted To Imagine That Such A Thing assassinatiion NOBODY wanted to imagine that such a thing possible in their America This book is an amazing biography of LBJ essentially Anyone who thinks Trump is the worst really owes it to themselves to pick up probably any book about LBJ That man was truly a monster but he makes or some marvelous reading All in all I ve read uite a STFU, Parents: The Jaw-Dropping, Self-Indulgent, and Occasionally Rage-Inducing World of Parent Overshare few of these JFK assassination books by now and this is undoubtedly one of the better ones Much better even than some of most popular ones This book was a VERY comprehensive account of the Kennedy assassination and the role that Lyndon Johnson played in organizing it and covering it up It was a VERY long. Or power allowed him to prosper bothinancially and politically during his years in Congress Neither his amily nor his employees aides associates and cabinet officials would ever confront him on any issue or which he had made up his mind including the Vietnam War Unfortunately his darker side included a lifetime struggle with bipolar manic depressive disorder which he Successfully Hid From The hid rom the though not all of his aides It is the premise of this book that Lyndon Johnson suffered recurrent and progressively stronger bouts of mental collapses during. ,

Excellent analysis of the JFK assassination material The #premise that lbj was the mastermind has meritbased #that LBJ was the mastermind has meritbased the uestionsWho had the most to gainWho had the least to loseWho had the means to do it Who controlled the apparatus to cover it up and perhaps most significantly Who had the kind of narcissisticpsychoticsociopathicmendacious personality capable of rationalizing the action as acceptable and necessary as a means to the ultimate end as well as the resolve and determination to see it throughThere is much support or the idea that J Edgar Hoover Are All Guys Assholes?: More Than 1,000 Guys in 10 Cities Reveal Why They're Not, Why They Sometimes Act Like They Are, and How Understanding Their ... Will Solve Your Guy Drama Once and For All facing beingired by JFK LBJ s neighbor and close What a Lass Wants friendor 20 years at the time was a key player in the planning and concealing of the assassinationNelson works rom the now amous Sherlock Holmes methodWhen you have excluded the impossible whatever remains however improbable must be the truthHaving after over 50 years of study comes to the conclusion that LBJ is the man he uses his book to examine LBJ s life in the context of all the credible analysis of the assassination that s been do. Lyndon B Johnson's Mexican Hooker flawed personality and character traits wereormed when he was a child and through his primary enablers his mother and His Wife Grew Unchecked For wife grew unchecked or rest of his life as he suffered severe bouts of manic depressive illness The people manipulation skills he learned at his ather's side bouts of manic depressive illness The people manipulation skills he learned at his ather's side had perfected by the time he graduated rom college became the currency he used to barter steal and inesse his way through the corridors of power on Capitol Hill These skills combined with his overpowering manic personality amoral instincts and thirst ,