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I knew I needed to read this from front to back but that didn t make it any easier to get through Well for one of the first times not only did I feel stupid but I ated reading this Maybe that makes me a bad architecture student I think in general I m much better at reading fiction than non fiction but in this case the subject matter was pretty uninteresting mostly because I think I actually understood about 4% of the book It was a little sad because the book Cinque indagini romane per Rocco Schiavone (Il vicequestore Rocco Schiavone Vol. 6) has some great pictures of neat places with cool ideas that light up even when just placed side by side Every once in a while something would spark my interestunderstanding the foxes versusedgehogs the discussion of main street posing Ithaca against Disney etc My guess is that to get out of this one you would need a lot of time to look up each foreign concept or a pretty good backgr Wow I didn t think collages were that complicated to explain A fascinating read by a brilliant mind that doesn t dumb down Professor Astro Cat's Human Body Odyssey his thoughts at all Really lucky I ve been re reading philosophy andave a good vocabulary and a decent Squash Basics - How To Play Squash handle on artarchitecturearchitects Picked this book up when I was done a drafting program because I felt like Iad no idea what architecture was This didn t What Is a Googly?: The Mysteries of Cricket Explained help much but was a challenging read for the sake of itA review in the style of Colin RoweThe dude says which to carry onis sentences and paragraphs which means I started to play a game where I spot the word which which took me out of Of Magic and Mating New Canton Republic his arguments some of the time which meant iad to go back and re read whole pages which gave this tome the illusion of a literal literary witch unt which to "my mind made is arguments seem thin and rambling which meant I ad to go "mind made is arguments seem thin and rambling which meant I ad to go and re read for the 3rd time which made reading this book a slow processNot sure who the intended audience for this book is Graduate students in Urban Planning Kids in the 5th grade looking for words that might come up the 5th grade looking for words that might come up a spelling beeI don t think it is self indulgent this is actually ow the authors think and they are simply that focused on this one area Difficult to get through and not very fun As I m currently employed by one of the authors all I can say is terrific read timely important transformative no egregiously goofy punctuation usage anywhere Certainly this as to be the granddaddy of ever present one liner urban theory phras. This book is a critical reappraisal of contemporary theories of urban planning and design and of the role of. Collage CityAl design and total planning The middle three sections each Discuss An Idea Of Compromise In Order Combat The an idea compromise in order to combat the utopian visions discussed in the first section These compromises include looking both forward and backward balance between the planned and the unplanned and compromise between scientific reasoning and bricoleur architecture In the last section the authors bring together all of these compromises in the proposal of a city of collage An additional sixth section an Excurses comprised of examples of what pieces of a collage city might look "Like Neatly Ties Off "neatly ties off bookOverall Collage City is an influential book in the field of urban planning and architecture Rowe and Koetter s rejection of popular modern utopian visions steered urban planning in a new direction The proposals in Collage City are thoughtfully put forward and well backed up with examples Comparisons to other author s ideas and the thoughtful presentation of images further support the authors argument However at times the authors argument can be ard to follow due to long paragraph like sentences and foreign words and concepts If one can maneuver the complexity of Rowe and Koetter s writing they will find in Collage City a well supported argument against monocular modernist visions in favour of a flexible contextualized city of collage This is probably the most worthwhile book I ve ever read when it comes to understanding the current post modern debate surrounding cities Although it was written nearly 50 years ago it is no less valid today For anyone even vaguely interested in urban design planning and especially those involved in the CNU or UVF this book is a must for clarification of where current debate is stemming from And perhaps the collage city is still a valid idea although we must do something about that global village idiot Utopia as metaphos and Collage City as prescription these opposites involving the guarantees of both law and freedom should surely constitute the dialectic of the future rather than any total surrender either to scientific certainties or the simple vagaries of the ad oc The disintegration of modern architecture seems to call for such a strategy an enlightened pluralism seems to invite and possibly even common sense concurs You ave to keep looking up in a dictionary and keeping research otherwise it will be mass. And total design propose instead a collage city which can accommodate a whole range of utopias in miniature. Es Ecstacity Collision City Event "City EMERALD CITYMAYBE THAT ONE WAS ALREADY Citymaybe that one was already I do know the funny story "Emerald Citymaybe that one already around and I do know the funny story ow Rowe came to this title and concept but you ll Two Badges The Lives of Mona Ruiz have to come over bearing a twelve pack of fine domestic microbrews to get it out of me Having read Rowe s three volumes of As I Was Saying and being generally comfortable with architectural theory at an amateur level as a practising landscape architect I was optimistic about this book at the beginning and disappointed by the end Rowe will often reward your efforts in readingis text which reuires research or knowledge of other texts and understanding well known architectural sites with profound and meaningful insights on design or theory For whatever reason those seemed to be missing A Queen's Spy Plus The Tudor Heresy - Mercenary For Hire Series: Tudor Historical Fiction Novels - Adventure Fiction (Tudor Mystery Trials) here The Colin Rowe and Fred Koetter were both influential architects and theorists Rowe is known for making unconventional comparisons between cultural events and ideas a practice that is evident in Collage City Collage City was published in 1978 During the 20th century architecture and planning went through a shift Growth in cities skyrocketed after the 19th century industrial revolution and new models of cities began to be considered to deal with the effects of this growth One of these views was modernism which began to arise in the 1920s Rowe s uniue view onistory and Koetter s progressive work were influential in changing ow modern architecture and urban planning were viewed during that time Collage City is a critical re evaluation of the modernism movement Rowe and Koetter discuss the fallacies of the modernist movement and note that while Modernist utopian visions were influential they would ultimately result in uninhabitable cities Collage City rejects the utopian visions of total planning and total design and instead proposes a city of fragments a collage city Although the argument of Collage City can at times be difficult to discern in the thickness of the writing the argument is ultimately successful because of the large amount of examples comparisons and representations put forward by the authors to support their ideas The author s main arguments in Collage City revolve around the idea of compromise Following an introduction the book is divided into five sections The first section sets up the problem that the authors are addressing the modernist visions of tot. The architect planner in an urban context The authors rejecting the grand utopian visions of total planning.

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