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Eightened of course and this becomes an intrepid *trek for the reader himself as he mirrors exactly the plight of the newly blinded outrageously ambivalent protagonist *for the reader himself as he mirrors exactly the plight of the newly blinded outrageously ambivalent protagonist suffers under the most nefarious of circumstances The experience is at once disorientating ultimately fierce Nauseating even With great prose that s hard to forget or imitate I gather it would be a bitch to translate this into another language for it would lose all its magic its uniue vernacular of the 90 s Scottish lower classes This was one of the last handful of Booker winners that I had not read I must admit to having been deterred by its reputation as a difficult read and as it turned out such concerns were groundlessYes the book is mostly written in Glaswegian dialect but it is never at all hard to follow the antihero Sammy may be his own worst enemy but the tale of what happens when he wakes up blinded in a police cell is gripping and ultimately life affirming view spoiler even if very little is resolved hide spoiler Waiting rooms Ye go into this room where e wait Hoping s the same One of these days the cunts ll build entire fucking buildings just for that Official hoping rooms where Universals: An Opinionated Introduction (Focus Series) ye just go in and hope for whatever the fucke feel like hoping for One on every corner Course they had them already boozers Ye go in to hope and they sell Turtle Talk: A Beginner's Book of Logo ye a drink to help pass the time Ye see these cunts sitting there What re they there for They re hoping They re hoping for something The telly s rotten So they go out hoping for something better I m just away out for a pint hen be back in an hour You hoping the football ll come on soon Aye I hopee ll no be too long I ll no be no unless I meet some cunt I hope I don t How Late it Was How Late is about a Glaswegian man who having gone out and got drunk and ended up getting a beating from the police wakes up in a police cell to discover that he s gone blind It s written entirely in the *Scots dialect and in a stream of consciousness style with no breaks for different chapters It s *dialect and in a stream of consciousness style with no breaks for different chapters It s first person as told by the unfortunate Glaswegian Sammy but Sammy gets confused and sometimes switches to third per While I see some genius in this book I did not particularly enjoy reading it as it felt like a homework assignmentThe stream of consciousness writing style with a prodigious number of f words seemed a combination of the Sound and the Fury and Trainspotting The story is set in Glasgow and is a running commentary on a few days in the life of a Kiu young man Sammy who is a severe alcoholic and who is homeless some of the time and misses his girlfriend and tries to get her back to some extent He usually speaks about himself in the third person and he is also really good at getting his ass kicked so is hobbled by injuries I don t know if the protagonist is considered an anti hero but his life is pathetic so as a readerou certainly feel some empathy as his life arcs toward an inevitable demiseThis book is very heavy on Glasgow street dialect I was impressed that the author could put this all jargon down for 400 pages or so without using standard sentences One plus of the novel is that the reader knows from the first page where the story is headed so there are no plot gimmicks and the story stays true to itselfI can understand why someone might like the book but it wasn t for me This novel won the Man Booker Prize for Fiction some twenty ears ago. Kafkaesue red tape of the welfare bureaucracy Told in the utterly uncensored language of the Scottish working class this is a dark and subtly political parable of struggle and survival rich with irony and black humo. ,
Pposedly humor totally missed my funny bonesThe one that saved *This Book From Getting 1 Star Rating For Me Is *book from getting 1 star rating for me is Kafkaesue mood all throughout My take is that Kelman tried to show to the reader the true life of what is going on in the lives of the working class Scottish men For example when Sammy this book s main protagonist is filing for disability because he thinks that he has turned blind and when he truthfully says the reason that he was arrested and beaten by the police he was denied of the disability When examined by the physician he was also refused to be considered as blind I mean we the working class anywhere in the world are getting unfair treatment be it in the office in government offices like when we deal with social security salary tax and even with medical insuranceSammy s insensitivity and directionless life is not something that is foreign to me too I had a cousin before whose child had to stay in my parent s house because he spends all his money on alcohol because he felt that his marriage was on the brink of falling apart So to forget about his pain he turned to drinking It was no different from Sammy whose wife left him and his kid was distant from him I just don t know why men like them fall for alcohol instead of fixing what is broken because obviously as in the case of Sammy and even that of my cousin alcohol does not solve anything When they wake up the problem is still thereI have not read any of the novels that Kelman beat up in 1994 in the Booker race I have The Folding Star tbr though so I guess I need to pick that up soon I have read 1992 s winner The English Patient 4 stars and I thought that Ondaatje s a lot better than this I even prefer Kelman s 1992 novel my first by him another 1001 book Kieron Smith Boy 3 stars People try to stop e stop Politieke geschiedenis van België sinds 1830 ye doing things They dont allowe to live But Internationaal cartoonfestival Knokke-Heist. Cartoons 2003 ye ve got to live Ife cannay live L'enfant la sophrologie ye re as well dead What else cane do It would be good if somebody telt Bac courrier des concours des institutions europennes : Une mthodologie et un exercice avec corrig ye What waye were supposed to live They dont fucking tell Theorieboek Rijbewijs B ye that but they ve got nay answers there man no to thatin that fucking uestion know what I m saying it s just big silences that s what Contruire pas pas une pyramide fraisiers (Construction pas pas t. 1) ye fucking get big silences How no to live That s all they telle Fuck them all It s Silent Strength (Strength, you They dont change butou have to That s the fucking crack I started out with 4 starsI loved the language and the stream of consciousness style of writing it really intrigued me and I enjoyed reading the story I was whizzing through it so I guess I have to give Kelman credit for thatI couldn t wait to find out what actually happened on the Saturday night what happened to Helen I swore he must have killed her in a violent episode and he had become so traumatized he had mentally broken downor something to that affect I was desperate to know what illegal schemes Sammy was really hooked up into whether he would regain his eyesight whether the police *would pick him up again how Charlie was involved maybe Sammy would get bumped offmy mind frantically creating different *pick him up again how Charlie was involved maybe Sammy would get bumped offmy mind frantically creating different and I couldn t wait to discover itbut the pages kept turning Sammy was stumbling back and forth to the shops wandering around his apartment paranoid about his future drinking cups of tea smoking I got d Very few books can make a plateau styled plot like this one enticing What occurs when vision is impaired from page one of How Late it Was How Late Well the other senses are Ll badly beaten and he slowly discovers completely blind And things get worse his girlfriend disappears the police uestion him for a crime they won't name and his stab at disability compensation embroils him in the. If NJM Forms Government 1979: The Grenada Chronicles you have never been to Scotland then literature would haveou believe that it is the bleakest most soul destroying pit of blackened abject despair The cities are populated with grey skinned downtrodden gurners whose only options are alcoholism drugs or suicide The rivers Clyde Forth and Tay are not filled with water nay they are filled with the salty tears of Rangers Fans beaten housewives victims of police violence and neglected children Did Hadrian build his wall in 122 AD as a physical barrier to stem the tidal wave of depression moving down like some sort of unstoppable weather front from the north Possibly However I as an actual bonafide Scottish am here "to tell ou that this is not the case We can be "tell ou that this is not the case We can be cheery bunch honestHow Late it Was How Late is doesn t exactly paint a cheerful picture of life in working class Glasgow and the bleakness is further enhanced by the fact that we only come to know protagonist Sammy via his stream of consciousness outpourings which are variously angry confused and stoic Add into the mix the fact that this book is written in working class Scottish dialect will make it seem grimmer to some and possibly completely incomprehensible to others Sammy is not having a good *week In fact Sammy has the very good makings of a country and western ballad *In fact Sammy has the very good makings of a country and western ballad his hands His girlfriend has left him the polis have beaten him up causing possible permanent blindness he s got no giro and his friends think he is a grass Presumably if he had a dog then that would have died as well The book spans just over a week in the life of Sammy as he struggles to adjust to his loss of sight although he is surprisingly sanguine about it which was probably key in getting people to empathise with his plight I came to this with no preconceptions seriously I d never heard of it before but I had a vague inkling it was on the 1001 books to read before 69 Sex Positions. Essential Moves to Spice Up Your Sex Life (with illustrations) you die list so it was nice to pick it up and after the brief adjustment to grammar and vocab pause lite Cnt heavy become totally engrossed Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh was published oneear before Kelman s Booker Prize winning effort and so presumably Welsh deserves a little credit for paving the way and preparing people for the full frontal attack of an entire book written in Scottish dialect Check out my review of Morvern Callar if The Devil of Nanking you wish to learnerself Scotch before hand Pearl Ruled p53It s my mood I m sure it s my mood The dialect is actually really involving as a means to convey the character s emotional reality The structure of the narrative is beautifully used The 1994 Booker was well awarded indeedBut Sammy PoVman is working my nerve I cannay see is the precise moment where I justI can tI can not deal with this shithead one second I want to enter the book s reality with a truncheon and a hangover and just wail on this nasty ignorant testosterone poisoned public menace Maybe one daywho am I kidding I will not live long enough to voluntarily return to the company of this ghastly low class low brow shit A difficult read not because the narration is told via stream of consciousness of a 38 ear old drunkard and ex convict but because the language is that of a working class Scottish dialect that I am not familiar with I have no problem with difficult reads as I have read and liked the works of James Joyce and Samuel Beckett but they are written beautifully unlike this book of Kelman whose su. One Sunday morning in Glasgow shoplifting ex con Sammy awakens in an alley wearing another man's shoes and trying to remember his two day drinking binge He gets in a scrap with some soldiers and revives in a jail ce. .

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How Late It Was How Late A Novel